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LanzaJet launches to make renewable jet fuel a reality

Over a fifteen year stretch, LanzaTech has developed technologies that can turn carbon emissions into ethanol that can be used for chemicals and fuel. Today, the company announced the spinout of LanzaJet alongside its corporate partners Mitsui, Suncor, and All Nippon Airways, to bring sustainable aviation fuel to the commercial market. The new company has launched with commitments from the Japanese trading and investment company, Mitsui & Co. and Canadian oil and gas producer Suncor Energy to in...
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With $84 million in new cash, Commonwealth Fusion is on track for a demonstration fusion reactor by 2025

Commonwealth Fusion Systems closed on its latest $84 million in new funding two weeks ago. The U.S. was still very much in the lockdown phase and getting a deal done, especially a multi-million dollar investment in a new technology aiming to make commercial nuclear fusion a reality after decades of hype, was “an interesting thing” in the words of Commonwealth’s chief executive, Bob Mumgaard.  It was actually one time when the technical complexity of what Commonwealth Fusion is trying to achie...
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State requires U.S. Department of Energy to remove 10 buildings at contaminated Santa Susana Field Lab

The U.S. Department of Energy agreed on Tuesday, May 20, to remove 10 contaminated buildings at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory tucked away in the hills above the San Fernando and Simi valleys and used during the Cold War-era to test rocket systems and nuclear reactors. Under an agreement reached with the Department of Toxic Substances Control, the federal agency will remove the deteriorating buildings within the Radioactive Materials Handling Facility Complex, preventing a release of hazardou...
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Scientists break the link between a quantum material's spin and orbital states

Until now, electron spins and orbitals were thought to go hand in hand in a class of materials that's the cornerstone of modern information technology; you couldn't quickly change one without changing the other. But a study at the Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory shows that a pulse of laser light can dramatically change the spin state of one important class of materials while leaving its orbital state intact.
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GAO-20-373, Environmental Liabilities: DOE Needs to Better Plan for Post-Cleanup Challenges Facing Sites, May 13, 2020

The environmental liability of the Department of Energy's (DOE) Office of Legacy Management (LM) was estimated at $7.35 billion in fiscal year 2019 and, according to LM officials, is expected to...
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GAO-20-363, Hanford Waste Treatment Plant: DOE Is Pursuing Pretreatment Alternatives, but Its Strategy Is Unclear While Costs Continue to Rise, May 12, 2020

The Department of Energy's (DOE) Office of Environmental Management (EM) spent $752 million in fiscal years 2013 through 2018 on the pretreatment facility at the Hanford Site in Washington State....
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United States: D.C.'s Department Of Energy & Environment Proposes Major Changes To Flood Hazard Regulations - Holland & Knight

The Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE) in Washington, D.C., has announced its intent to propose significant changes to its flood hazard regulations at Title 20 DCMR Chapter 31.
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Vale Male: Big Changes at the BioEnergy Technologies Office

On Monday, we’ll wake up to the work of the bioeconomy, and something will be different. Johnathan Male, the Director of the BioEnergy Technologies Office at the U.S. Department of Energy, will not be at his desk. He’s off to another adventure which we hope to report on shortly. It was the Biomass program when he arrived, and BETO as he leaves, but every director places his stamp and in his many years at the helm Dr. Male has overseen the transformation of the world’s leading R&D program in the...
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Senior official cited by Trump is subject of investigation

The senior Department of Homeland Security official who was thrust into the spotlight by President Donald Trump to describe the effects of temperature on COVID-19 has been the subject of misconduct allegations for his previous government work. A Department of Energy Inspector General investigation was still pending Friday based on evidence submitted by a whistle-blower that William Bryan abused his government position with energy consulting work in Ukraine. It’s unclear if Trump was aware of t...
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An LA-led, public-private partnership pitches a $150B green infrastructure package to Congress

Representatives from the government and the utility managing the power of Los Angeles are proposing a sweeping infrastructure package worth roughly $150 billion centered on the broad electrification of transportation and industry. Drafted by the Los Angeles-based public-private Transportation Electrification Partnership, a collaboration between the Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti, Southern California Edison, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator, the...
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The Latest Developments on Powering Our World with Grass, Twigs, and Other Green Waste

By Michael Timko, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute Special to The Digest The sound of scraping your plate of un-eaten food is a familiar one to all of us. For most people in the U.S., this food winds up in the local landfill. In some locations, composting options are available. But, the food left on our plates is energy dense, rich in starches, lipids, and other components, all begging to be made into biofuels. After years of development, bioen...
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DOE extends deadline for Bio-Optimized technology applications

In Washington, D.C., the Department of Energy is extending the application deadlines for the “BOTTLE: Bio-Optimized Technologies to Keep Thermoplastics out of Landfills and the Environment” funding opportunity. The funding opportunity was announced on March 16, 2020, and will support high-impact R&D for developing new plastics that are capable of efficient recyclability and improving recycling strategies that can break down existing plastics into chemical building blocks that can be used to make...
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Story tips: Molding matter atom by atom and seeing inside uranium particles

Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory: Molding matter atom by atom and seeing inside uranium particles
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Trump and Putin Are All Talk on Oil Price Plunge

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- Well there’s a surprise. During a telephone conversation on Monday, Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin “agreed on the importance of stability in global energy markets.” However, it’s very unlikely either will go beyond extolling stability and waiting for (or pressuring) somebody else to do something about it.Trump, speaking at the White House Tuesday, talked of many meetings that are going to put this all right. He said Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Sal...
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SLAC structural biologist discovers a strange cavity in key tuberculosis protein

Researchers from the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have discovered a strange new feature of a protein that’s thought to be important in the development of tuberculosis: The protein contains a “huge” interior pocket, the likes of which has never before been seen, that appears capable of passing a wide range of other molecules into the bacterial cell.
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IBM, Amazon, Google and Microsoft partner with White House to provide compute resources for COVID-19 research

During today’s White House coronavirus task force press conference, President Trump announced the launch of a new public/private consortium to “unleash the power of American supercomputing resources.” The members of this consortium are the White House, the Department of Energy and IBM . Other companies, including Google, Amazon and Microsoft, as well as a number of academic institutions, are also “contributing lots of different things,” the president said. While Trump’s comments were character...
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Coronavirus In America: Trump Declares COVID-19 Pandemic National Emergency

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump announced Friday that he is declaring the coronavirus pandemic a national emergency, as Washington struggles with providing Americans with relief and officials race to slow the spread of the outbreak. Speaking from the Rose Garden, Trump said, “I am officially declaring a national emergency.” He said it would free up as much as $50 billion for state and local governments to respond to the outbreak. Trump also waived interest on federally held student loan...
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Rigetti Computing took a $71 million down round, because quantum computing is hard

The $71 million in financing that quantum computing technology developer Rigetti Computing recently raised came at a significant cut to the company’s valuation, according to several sources with knowledge of the company. The company declined to comment on its valuation or the recent round of funding it secured. Rigetti is one of a handful of startups attempting to make quantum computing commercially viable. It’s a vitally important emerging technology with implications for national security and ...
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Terahertz radiation technique opens a new door for studying atomic behavior

Researchers from the Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have made a promising new advance for the lab's high-speed 'electron camera' that could allow them to 'film' tiny, ultrafast motions of protons and electrons in chemical reactions that have never been seen before.
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Uncle Sam's nuke stockpile-simulating souped-super El Capitan set to hit TWO exa-FLOPS, take crown as world's fastest machine in 2023

Department of Energy turns to HPE, AMD to flesh out monster The US Department of Energy has revealed a few more details about the supercomputer it has commissioned to simulate and study America's stockpile of nuclear weapons. This is the machine that is set to be the world's fastest publicly known super, and is expected to be 10 times more powerful than today's biggest beasts.…
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‘Sigh’: EPA Officials Were Flabbergasted By Trump’s Toilet Rant

EPA officials couldn’t help but be baffled by President Trump’s unwieldy rant about toilets during a small business roundtable at the White House in December. According to an NBC News report Thursday, the top EPA official overseeing the agency’s WaterSense program couldn’t believe how Trump complained about how “people are flushing toilets 10 times, 15 times, as opposed to once” and “end up using more water” during the roundtable. Trump suddenly pivoted to his toilet rant after addressing a de...
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Researchers overcome the space between protons and neutrons to study heart of matter

Nuclear physicists have entered a new era for probing the strongest force in the universe at its very heart with a novel method of accessing the space between protons and neutrons in dense environments. The research, which was carried out at the Department of Energy's Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, has been published in the journal Nature and opens the door for more precision studies of the strongest part of the strong nuclear force and the structure of neutron stars.
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179D Tax Deduction Allocated from Government Buildings

On December 20, 2019, the President signed legislation reviving the Section 179D energy efficient commercial building tax deduction and while much has been written about the much needed boost to green building, little has been said about the enormous benefits available from government owned buildings. The § 179D federal tax deduction was brought back from the dead. This was Congress’ tax extenders bill bringing back to life expired tax provisions. This post will not consider the extended tax bre...
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Navarro Hunting ‘Anonymous’ Writer To Get In Good With Trump: ‘Suspects Are Everywhere’

Though Peter Navarro is director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy in name, he’s been spending considerable time “hunting” the administration official who wrote the anonymous New York Times op-ed in September 2018 and the book, “A Warning.” On CNN’s New Day Friday, Navarro said it’s a “vocation” and that there are “suspects everywhere.” His amateur sleuthing has already cost one official her job, as Victoria Coates left the National Security Council for the Department of Energy. ...
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What the Trump Defense Budget Gets Wrong About the Future of War

The massive 2021 Department of Defense budget that the White House sent to Congress clocks in at $740.5 billion, with $705.4 billion earmarked for the Pentagon – the remainder to the Department of Energy and other government agencies for national security projects. As always, the preparation of the request to Congress was a long and tortuous project, spearheaded by the Secretary of Defense and his team through an interminable series of reviews. Each of the services fought hard for its share...
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New insights may guide design of light-sensitive proteins with desired properties

A team of scientists from the Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University has gained insight into how electric fields affect the way energy from light drives molecular motion and transformation in a protein commonly used in biological imaging.
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How electric fields affect a molecular twist within light-sensitive proteins

A team of scientists from the Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University has gained insight into how electric fields affect the way energy from light drives molecular motion and transformation in a protein commonly used in biological imaging.
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University of Botswana commissions biodiesel processing unit

In Botswana, the University of Botswana Biodiesel Research Unit in the Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) has commissioned a biodiesel processing unit, designed to produce 380 liters of biodiesel per batch from different feedstock. The biodiesel production is a joint research project between the University of Botswana, Department of Agricultural Research and the Department of Energy in the Ministry of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security, who are the project spons...
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United States: Department Of Energy Moves Forward On Its New Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program - Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP

DOE is seeking information to shape its solicitation to issue awards to demonstrate two advanced nuclear reactors.
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Trump's 2021 Budget Drowns Science Agencies in Red Ink, Again

It's another sea of red ink for federal research funding programs in President Donald Trump's latest budget proposal. The 2021 budget request to Congress released today calls for deep, often double-digit cuts to R&D spending at major science agencies. From a report: At the same time, the president wants to put more money into a handful of areas -- notably artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum information science (QIS) -- to create the new technology needed for what the budget request calls "i...
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