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US Secret Service Creates New Cyber Fraud Task Force

The U.S. Secret Service announced the creation of the Cyber Fraud Task Force (CFTF) after the merger of its Financial Crimes Task Forces (FCTFs) and Electronic Crimes Task Forces (ECTFs) into a single unified network. Bleeping Computer reports: CFTF's main goal is to investigate and defend American individuals and businesses from a wide range of cyber-enabled financial crimes, from business email compromise (BEC) scams and ransomware attacks to data breaches and the illegal sale of stolen person...
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Homeland Security Turns to Defending Statues Amid Questions Over Priorities

The current leaders of the Department of Homeland Security have proved adept at following President Trump’s lead. Their latest target: guarding monuments and memorials.
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Homeland Security gets new role under Trump monument order

Protesters who have clashed with authorities in the Pacific Northwest are not just confronting local police. The Department of Homeland Security has deployed officers in tactical gear from around the country, and from more than a half-dozen federal law enforcement agencies and departments, to Portland, Oregon, as part of a surge aimed at what a senior official said were people taking advantage of demonstrations over the police killing of George Floyd to engage in violence and vandalism. “Once ...
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QAnon Candidate Marjorie Greene Accuses Runoff Competitor Of Defamation

Marjorie Greene, a Republican candidate in Georgia’s 14th district and outspoken supporter of the QAnon conspiracy theory, lawyered up Wednesday to accuse her opponent of defamation.  Greene is facing John Cowan, a neurosurgeon, in an August 11 runoff. Neither of the candidates cleared 50 percent of the vote in the first round back in June, but Greene came out decidedly ahead.  Cowan put out an attack ad on Wednesday accusing Greene of aiding illegal immigration by refusing to use E-Veri...
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America can’t eat without farmworkers

Under the clear blue sky here in the Central Valley, our farmworkers are continuing to practice social distancing on the job. In the fields, they’re working no less than six feet apart. We hold regular “tailgate meetings” before shifts, to discuss food safety and COVID-19 prevention. Although our workers are still showing up to work day after day, a serious worker shortage looms. The majority of those who are picking crops are migrant workers who came to California to provide for their families....
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United States: ICE Gives The Cold Shoulder To Foreign Students - Seyfarth Shaw LLP

This blog was updated on July 8th to reflect the Harvard and MIT lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
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Sellers on Amazon US must display name, address on seller page from Sep 1

To help make customers “informed shopping decisions”, from September 1, 2020, Amazon US will show the seller’s business name and address on their Seller Profile page, the company announced on Wednesday. For individuals, the page will show their individual name and address. Sellers were already required to give this information to Amazon, now they have to display it for the customers as well. Sellers can choose to add more information if they so wish but Amazon has advised them to not ...
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UC System Set To Sue Government Over Rule Barring International Students

(CBS13) — The University of California system is set to sue the federal government over new rules that bar international students from staying in the United States if they attend universities that offer online-only instruction as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The lawsuit comes days after the U.S. Department of Homeland Security directed Immigration and Customs Enforcement to bar international students from staying in the country. UC system will follow Harvard and MIT in filing a lawsuit ...
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Harvard and MIT Sue ICE Over Policy of Deporting Students Forced Into Online Classes

Harvard and MIT have swiftly filed a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, following ICE’s surprise Monday announcement that the agency may deport international students if they don’t attend class in person. It’s a spectacularly on-brand counter-offensive via…Read more...
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MIT, Harvard Sue Admin Over Plans To Boot Int’l Students With All-Online Course Loads

Harvard and MIT sued the Trump administration on Wednesday, arguing that a rule change barring international students from taking an all-online course load would have disastrous effects. Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced the rule Monday with just weeks to go before college students begin the fall semester. And, since many colleges have transitioned to an all- or mostly-online classes, thousands of visa-holding students could be forced to quickly transfer to schools holdin...
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Top Pence Aide Says Efforts To Make Her ‘More Compassionate’ In Child Separation Crisis ‘Didn’t Work’

Katie Miller, Vice President Mike Pence’s press secretary, casually admitted to having zero empathy for the thousands of migrant children who suffered under the Trump administration’s infamous family separation policy at the border in 2018, according to NBC News reporter Jacob Soboroff. In his new book, titled “Separated: Inside an American Tragedy,” Soboroff recounts a jaw-dropping conversation with Miller, who was serving as deputy press secretary for the Department of Homeland Security at ...
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FPC, FPF Argue Secret Government Watchlist is Unconstitutional

Department Of Homeland Security U.S.A. –-( Today, Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) and Firearms Policy Foundation (FPF) announced their filing of an amicus brief in the important Fourth Circuit case of Elhady v. Kable, detailing the numerous rights violations inherent in the unconstitutional Terrorism Screening Database, also known as the ‘terrorist watchlist’, including how it threatens the right to keep and bear arms. The brief is available online at “These secret...
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Dozens Of Lobbyists With Ties To Trump Secure Billions In Federal Coronavirus Aid

WASHINGTON (AP) — Forty lobbyists with ties to President Donald Trump helped clients secure more than $10 billion in federal coronavirus aid, among them five former administration officials whose work potentially violates Trump’s own ethics policy, according to a report. The lobbyists identified Monday by the watchdog group Public Citizen either worked in the Trump executive branch, served on his campaign, were part of the committee that raised money for inaugural festivities or were part of his...
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Overwhelmed Southern California transferring coronavirus patients to Bay Area hospitals

The calls have been relentless. This patient needed to be flown by plane to the Bay Area for care — did he have a crew? That patient was awaiting transfer by helicopter to Santa Barbara for treatment. Could they swing it? “Everyone’s tired because this has been going on for so long,” said Sergio Cardenas, a longtime flight nurse who now serves as Reach Air Medical Services’ program director in Imperial County, a swath of agricultural land wedged into the southeast corner of the state against Mex...
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Trump’s leadership tested in time of fear, pandemic

By JONATHAN LEMIRE and CALVIN WOODWARD | Associated Press WASHINGTON — Not long after noon on Feb. 6, President Donald Trump strode into the elegant East Room of the White House. The night before, his impeachment trial had ended with acquittal in the Republican-controlled Senate. It was time to gloat and settle scores. “It was evil,” Trump said of the attempt to end his presidency. “It was corrupt. It was dirty cops. It was leakers and liars.” It was also soon forgotten. On Feb. 6, in California...
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Homeland Security Chief: To Attack Our Monuments Is To Attack America ~ VIDEO

Opinion: U.S. Department of Homeland SecurityActing Secretary Chad Wolf Op-Ed Homeland Security Chief: To Attack Our Monuments Is To Attack America: George Washington Statue iStock-TonyBaggett USA –  -( This weekend, we celebrate the birth of the greatest enterprise in the history of mankind, the United States of America, and our ancestors’ brave decision to fight for their freedom from British oppression. That fight was led by George Washington, but sadly, the mobs of violent...
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He Built a Privately Funded Border Wall. It’s Already at Risk of Falling Down if Not Fixed.

This story first appeared at ProPublica and was co-published with the Texas Tribune. ProPublica is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative newsroom. Sign up for The Big Story newsletter to receive stories like this one in your inbox. Tommy Fisher billed his new privately funded border wall as the future of deterrence, a quick-to-build steel fortress that spans 3 miles in one of the busiest Border Patrol sectors. Unlike a generation of wall builders before him, he said he figured out how to buil...
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Interim Stat Pack for October Term 2019

With the 2019-2020 Supreme Court term coming to a close, the discussion among court-watchers continues to focus on Chief Justice John Roberts’ decision-making. Much has been made of his siding with the more liberal justices in striking down a Louisiana abortion law in June Medical Services LLC v. Russo and upholding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (at least temporarily) in Department of Homeland Security v. Regents of the University of California. Roberts’ positions in these c...
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Harvard Grad Says She Was Fired from Deloitte Job for Threatening ‘All Lives Matter’ Supporters

A recent Harvard graduate who threatened to “stab” anyone who told her “all lives matter” has been fired from her job, she announced in a tearful video.Claira Janover, who said in a viral but since-deleted TikTok post that she would “stab” those with “the nerve” to say “all lives matter,” posted several tearful videos explaining that her new employer, Deloitte, had fired her.“I know this is what Trump supporters wanted because standing up for Black Lives Matter put me in a place online to be see...
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Department of Homeland Security to safeguard US monuments

The federal agency that was created to improve the nation’s response to terrorism announced Wednesday that it will be adding the protection of statues and monuments to its mission. Acting U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf says the agency has established a task force to protect historic landmarks against vandalism and destruction from “violent anarchists and rioters" around the nation. Wolf said DHS personnel would be deployed over the Fourth of July weekend to protect la...
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Trump administration sends out teams to guard monuments on July 4th weekend

President Donald Trump's administration has put special law enforcement teams in place to protect monuments it believes could be vandalized by protesters over the 4th of July holiday weekend, the Department of Homeland Security announced on Wednesday. It also did not say exactly which memorials would be guarded or whether specific threats were made. Trump this year will view fireworks celebrating U.S. independence at the Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota.
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Homeland Security establishes task force to protect monuments, memorials and statues

The Department of Homeland Security announced a new task force Wednesday centered on protecting "American monuments, memorials and statues."
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DHS announces 'Task Force to Protect American Monuments, Memorials, and Statues'

The United States government is doing more today to protect old statues honoring racists than it is to protect living human beings from coronavirus. This just in, from the Department of Homeland Security. No, it's not a hoax. DHS Announces New Task Force to Protect American Monuments, Memorials, and Statues Release Date: July 1, 2020 WASHINGTON— Today, Acting Secretary of Homeland Security, Chad F. Wolf, announced the establishment of the DHS Protecting American Communities Task Force (PACT), ...
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Leaked documents show how police used social media and private Slack channels to track George Floyd protesters

Leaked documents show how law enforcement has kept tabs on demonstrators since anti-police-brutality protests first broke out after the death of George Floyd, a Black man who died in police custody. Police exchanged protesters' Twitter handles, monitored protest plans in private Slack and Telegram channels, and kept lists of people who responded to protest events on Facebook, the documents show. Records also show law enforcement focusing heavily on perceived threats against officers' lives pos...
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Facebook bans hundreds of groups and accounts linked to the far-right boogaloo movement

Facebook has banned a network of hundreds of Facebook accounts, groups, and pages associated with the far-right "boogaloo" movement from its platform. In a statement, Facebook called the network a "violent" and "dangerous organization." It said the specific network of hundreds of groups and accounts it banned on its platform was distinct from the broader amorphous boogaloo movement because the former "actively seeks to commit violence." The social media giant said it removed 220 Facebook accou...
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FEMA Ordered $10.2 Million in COVID-19 Testing Kits It’s Now Warning States Not to Use

The faulty lab equipment sold by a company whose owner has faced fraud allegations is being investigated by the Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general.
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Supreme Court declines to take up border wall case

The Supreme Court declined to take up a case Monday over the use of waivers by the Department of Homeland Security to speed up the construction of barriers along the US-Mexico border.
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Monday round-up

Amy Howe reports for this blog that on Friday the court denied a request that it revive a lower court ruling allowing any Texas voter to vote by absentee ballot without an excuse for the 2020 election cycle; her post originally appeared at Howe on the Court. For , Adam Liptak reports that “[t]he Texas Democratic Party and several voters had urged the court to reinstate a federal trial judge’s injunction requiring state officials to allow all voters, and not just those who are 65 or older, to su...
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Thriving Outside: How Landscaping Businesses Are Navigating COVID-19

COVID-19 has been financially devastating for many small businesses, and many won’t reopen when the pandemic ends. Despite these challenges, though, there are at least a few businesses that are thriving, and landscaping companies are among them.  Landscaping companies are doing well for two key reasons. First, operators are being called on by people who are stuck at home and doing more yard work as a result; people have the time and motivation to work on their yards. Second, since landsc...
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Reportedly duped into becoming international drug mule, 76-year-old Virginia man lingers in Spanish jail

By ERIC TUCKER | Associated Press WASHINGTON — Victor Stemberger wasn’t about to ignore the emails inviting him into a multimillion-dollar business opportunity, so he pitched himself as perfect for the job. In a way he was — but for all the wrong reasons. The 76-year-old Virginia man, whose family says he has cognitive issues, accepted the offer and boasted of his credentials as “an experienced businessman who does what he says he will do, and executes flawlessly, according to plan.” He apparent...
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