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Subsidized Apple Watches for an Early Stroke Risk Detection Trial

Atrial fibrillation is the most common type of heart arrhythmia. If you have it, your chances of having a stroke are five times higher than average. Unfortunately, detecting atrial fibrillation typically requires that you notice something's amiss, and go see a doctor to confirm the condition with lab tests or imaging. And of course, by then it may be too late.Last year Apple did a study of 400,000 Apple-Watch-wearing subjects to see if their device could passively detect atrial fibrillation. Tur...
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Free CAD Files from Fancy Furniture and Interior Brands, to Populate Your Renderings

Want some CAD or BIM files of high-end furniture pieces and fixtures, to populate your high-end renderings? Italian company Syncronia has DWG and .3ds Max files from a long list of fancy brands (Alessi, Moroso, Axor, Hansgrohe, Missoni Home and others) that you can pull down for free. Add Axor bathrooms, Armani Casa wallpaper and Urquiola seating at whim.Here's a quick scan of the brands on offer:Check it out here.
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German-Designed Domestic Underground Storage System and Garbage Hideaway

If you've ever visited Germany you know that they love order, revere engineering, and take pride in keeping tidy homes. As a prime example of this, check out German manufacturer Wöhr's Underground Waste Lift, which lets you store untidy lawn equipment, garbage and recycling bins, and the odds and ends you don't want cluttering up your lawn, driveway or garage.The bi-level solution lets you stop the lift at either of the two levels, of course. I must say, I'm a sucker for crisp German copy: "The ...
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You Can Help NASA Design the Next Venus Rover

The last spacecraft to land on Venus was the Soviet Vega 2 in 1985. Many other missions have visited the planet, but due to it's "hellish landscape" where surface temperatures can exceed 840 degrees Fahrenheit and the surface pressure is 90 times that of Earth, only very few have been able to make contact. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory is designing missions that will be able to better survive on Venus—and they want your help. The JPL is currently running a public design challenge to develop "...
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Mercedes' New Push-Pull Steering Wheel So Effective, Formula 1 Bans it Almost Immediately

Here's an interesting bit of UI design: A push-pull steering wheel that confers a competitive advantage.Since the car was first invented, the steering wheel had a single job: To turn the front wheels. And with the exception of the tilt/telescoping feature used in modern cars to set ergonomic preferences, the only motion a steering wheel was capable of was rotating in one direction or the other.However, recent in-cockpit footage of Mercedes/AMG Petronas Motorsport driver Louis Hamilton revealed s...
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The Moorgen Smart Remote’s design is weirdly attractive… but why?

It may appear hostile, with the way it takes on this scaly armadillo-inspired aesthetic… but that hostility doesn’t translate to you wanting to avoid the Moorgen Smart Remote. It makes you curious, it makes you practically want to pet it. There’s something unexplainable about the Moorgen Smart Remote’s strange allure, but I’ll try my best to justify why I can’t stop staring at it!The smart remote was designed not for television, but rather for operating smart lights and curtains around the house...
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This adorable Italian electric trike can be driven with a car driving license

Embodying the spirit of the golden age of Italian automobile design, with clear cues from Vespa and Lambretta, this is the Microletta… an adorable 3-wheeled automobile that was designed to be the Microlino’s younger sister.The Microletta captures the joys of driving a scooter, with the stability associated with four-wheeled automobiles. It comes with two wheels at the front and one at the back, almost like a cross between a scooter and a Segway. This format was adopted to provide overall stabili...
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Airplane Economy Sleeping Pods

Air New Zealand is developing comfortable and affordable sleeping pods for their economy class air travellers. “Economy Skynest” designed by Air New Zealand for people who dreamed of sleeping and relaxing mid-flight. Your lie-flat dreams could come true. Bunk bed inspired sleeping pods will feature seatbelt, pillow, blanket, ear plugs, USB outlet, LED lights, and […]
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Rolls-Royce’s Whispers App Offers Customers Exclusive Experiences, Products And Each Other

Double-R owners engage with the brand and its partners through a luxurious new community platform Owners of a Rolls-Royce from 2003 onward now have access to their own online community, Whispers, that connects them to content, experiences and products, other owners and company employees. All owners are welcome to join, but if you sell your (only) Rolls you’ll have to give up your membership in the …
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Four Women-Run Italian Wine Brands and Their Signature Products

Determined women drive some of the best wineries across the country Be it the groundbreaking 26th generation of a family business or a mother-daughter duo looking toward the future, women winemakers compose only a fraction of the Italian wine industry. One of the world’s most prestigious winemaking nations, Italy‘s beautiful vineyards and historic wineries produce liquid of great acclaim. That said, it’s also a destination …
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Wood waste strengthens recycled concrete, new study finds

Research from the University of Tokyo’s Institute of Industrial Science has revealed that discarded concrete can be strengthened with the addition of wood waste. This pioneering technique promises to be an environmentally friendly way to enhance concrete structures while simultaneously reducing construction costs and curtailing carbon emissions. It is hoped that this groundbreaking new method will help make better use of old concrete and any waste plant or wood materials. With traditional method...
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Natural Leather High Top Sneaker

Made in collaboration with LA-based sculptor Bradley Duncan, Koio’s newest sneaker release comes in an all-natural leather hue accompanied by leather laces, a translucent outsole, and a sculptural adornment on the tongue. “His refined expressions demonstrate the enormous strength of both minimalist tradition and time-honored craftsmanship,” the brand explains of Duncan’s work in relation to the sneaker’s overall appearance. The lines formed here are clean …
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An airline pilot designed the world’s most efficient travel luggage

Necessity is perhaps the best sort of design brief. If you want to solve a problem, ask for insights for someone plagued by the problem the most. In 1987, Robert Plath, a Northwest Airlines pilot revolutionized how we travel by simply adding a pair of wheels to his luggage. Decades later, strolleys are practically a norm, and anyone who physically lifts heavy bags is looked at as a luddite. If you want to innovate and create the best sort of luggage for travel, the best way is to talk to someo...
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Lianne La Havas: Bittersweet

Lianne La Havas returns with “Bittersweet,” her first release of new material in five years. The soulful track acts as a reminder of La Havas’ powerful vocal capabilities, intoxicating songwriting and the underlying emotional pull of their harmonious mission. It’s a first taste of the British singer/songwriter’s forthcoming studio effort and will likely leave fans hoping for more.
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Hydroelectric art gallery will generate enough wave power to be 100% self-sustaining

London-based architect Margot Krasojevic has just unveiled a futuristic art gallery that runs on hydroelectric power. Slated for the coastal Russian region of Sochi, the Hydroelectric Sculpture Gallery will harness enough wave energy to not only be 100% self-sufficient, but it will also be able to channel surplus energy back into the grid, powering around 200 nearby houses and businesses as a result. The art gallery will be located on Sochi’s coastline, where it will use the exceptionally stron...
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How to design your next album artwork

Outside of technical requirements, your coverart needs to be eye catching and consistent with the music connected. While the industry standard program to jump to is Photoshop, there are plenty of free tools online to help you design something unique that stands-out with no graphic design experience. Canva have many dedicated templates for album covers. This can be great for designing your cover or promotional material for your social pages. Another useful site to checkout is Unsplash. Unsp...
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The 2020 iPad Pro may have an iPhone-style 3-lens camera… Is Apple’s brand of innovation predictable?

Let’s for a second look past these renders and consider the place they come from. Created by Steve H. McFly (better known by his Twitter moniker OnLeaks), these are the renders that best describe what the upcoming iPad Pro may look like. The tablet is due for a version update in Apple’s springtime keynote in 2020, and these renders are a result of informed insider leaks… they aren’t a fan-made concept like the circular Apple Smartwatch we covered a few days ago.Over the past few years, these lea...
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The Amazing Polestar Precept Concept Car

The Amazing Polestar Precept Concept Car abduzeedoFeb 27, 2020 Electric cars are the future, at least that’s what it looks like from all the amazing electric car companies and models being announced. I am a fan and the desire of having a Tesla keeps coming and going. Now Polestar announces this amazing concept car, the Polestar Precept and boy it’s a thing of beauty. Tiago Aiello shared some images on his Behance profile and I was blown away. Maybe I will ho...
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Ivory Ella raises $96K to help animals affected by the Australian wildfires

Lifestyle brand Ivory Ella recently announced a generous donation of over $96,000 to Animals Australia, an animal protection organization giving aid to wildlife displaced and injured from the devastating bushfires that ravaged the country from September 2019 to February 2020. After the news broke about the bushfires in Australia and the heartbreaking effects on wildlife, Ivory Ella decided to slightly shift its platform to include an Australia Wildlife Rescue collection of organic cotton T-shirt...
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Autonomous Draper Drone to detect microplastics in the water

Microplastic pollution is everywhere, but its size — less than five millimeters in length — makes the threat almost invisible to the naked eye. That’s why Cambridge-based research and development lab Draper has teamed up with the Environmental Protection Agency and design firm Sprout Studios to create the Draper Drone, a concept for an autonomous underwater vehicle that implements Draper’s portable microplastics sensor. Engineered to rapidly count, measure the size of and determine the material ...
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Spotify tries making its app easier to use in latest update

After recently tweaking its design to better showcast podcasts, Spotify today announced it’s giving its entire mobile experience a refreshed look-and-feel. Starting initially with the iOS app, both Spotify Free and Premium users will notice the app has a more consistent, streamlined look, new in-app icons, changes to how cover art displays, and more. The new app has a simpler, universal Shuffle Play button which now saves you a click by letting you tap once to start shuffling songs and playing t...
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Reintroducing the Eurasian Lynx to Scotland

The Eurasian lynx is so-called because it has been found in forests that stretch from Europe to central Asia, thus distinguishing it as the widest-ranging cat on our planet. Despite this, the species disappeared from Great Britain during the Middle Ages due to habitat loss and excessive hunting, according to the Journal of Quaternary Science. Now British scientists, spearheaded by the conservation group Lynx UK Trust, are pushing to have the Eurasian lynx reintroduced into the British Isles, esp...
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Herman Miller and Logitech G Collaborate on Gaming Furniture

Herman Miller might be best known for producing the acclaimed designs of Charles and Ray Eames (among many others), but the company continues to bring its skilled eye into new—and unexpected—spaces. Through a partnership with Logitech G, Herman Miller will produce seating for esports and gaming scenarios, fusing feedback from athletes and gamers with research done in tandem by the two parties. “We’re excited to combine …
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Air New Zealand’s Lie-Flat Beds for Economy Travel

A development that may benefit many passengers on long-haul flights, Air New Zealand has filed patent and trademark applications for a lie-flat sleeping pod prototype designed for economy-class travelers. Referred to as the Economy Skynest, it’s structured like stacked bunk beds. The airline will determine whether or not to proceed with the concept in 2021, after it has assessed the needs of its Auckland–New York …
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This Retired Cabinet Maker Goes Viral For Making Broken And Weird Furniture That Belongs In Disney Movies

Woodworking is a tough skill to master. It requires plenty of patience, knowledge, the right tools, and, of course, lots of practice. Once you can get a hold of the basics, you’re ready to bring the weirdest creations of your imagination to life. And it doesn’t matter whether you just enjoy looking at intricately made wood items or you’re interested in learning the craft yourself—you’ll appreciate... Source
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Singaporean Artist Has Been Drawing Comics To Inspire And Uplift People In The Time Of The COVID-19 Situation

While some responded to the COVID-19 situation with dread and panic, artist Josef Lee chose to keep calm and carry on making art. Specifically, art to uplift the public and inspire people to love their neighbours in this time of gloom. Since the virus started spreading worldwide, Lee has created and shared 11 illustrations on the COVID-19 situation on his Instagram and the encouraging images have... Source
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Atmospheric carbon dioxide at highest level in 3 million years

Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are now at the highest level they’ve been since the Pilocene Era, 3 million years ago, when giant camels roamed arid land above the Arctic Circle. According to a new National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) report, in 2018, the global average carbon dioxide amount reached a record high of 407.4 parts per million (ppm). NOAA points a finger directly at humans, noting that the atmospheric carbon dioxide has increased about 100 times faster annu...
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Photographer Tobias Hägg Captures Inspiring Photographs Of The Ocean Seen From Above

Tobias Hagg is a Swedish photographer and videographer. He realizes different photographic series of his adventures and explorations with a unique approach. By gaining height on an environment, it offers a new perspective of the world around us. With remarkable aesthetics, the transmission of emotion is ensured in his photographs. His series “The Ocean” is about one of our greatest riches. Source
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QOTD: Looking for a Legacy?

No, this question has nothing to do with a certain Subaru; rather, it’s a call to gaze into the past while still keeping an eye on the present. Retro styling cues, little design nods to a model’s heritage, are common in the auto industry, but the practice normally takes a one-size-fits-all approach. In other words, […] The post QOTD: Looking for a Legacy? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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