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Daily Design Inspiration

Daily Design Inspiration AoiroStudio Feb 21, 2018 Part of the Daily Design Inspiration series that started it all on Abduzeedo. This is where you'll find the most interesting things/finds/work curated by one of us to simply inspire your day. Furthermore, it's an opportunity to feature work from more designers, photographers, and artists in general that we haven't had the chance to write or feature about in the past. For this Daily we are selecting in p...
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The Essential Mockup Templates Bundle – Just $29

Mockup templates are one of the best and most memorable ways to showcase your creative work. They help you present your work in an eye-catching and beautiful way making sure your work always stands out from the crowd. Mockup templates are the perfect way to achieve maximum impact without having to spend hours of time and money on photoshoots, editing, tweaking and everything else required for work of this caliber. The designers in this bundle have done this for you, providing you with thousands ...
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Your pocketable pixel playground

The Dotti is cute, but more importantly, it’s versatile. In fact, it’s so versatile it’s capable of being used for a dizzyingly large variety of things. Outwardly, this box is an array of lights that can light up to notify you when you get… well… notifications, but it’s much more than that. It’s a canvas, that allows you to not just create your own art within its 8X8 framework, you can even pair multiple Dottis together to make a larger canvas for you to draw on.The Dotti comes with a few tric...
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Tree Branch Animals

Incredible sculptures of beautiful animals crafted out of metal tree branches. Tree branch animals made by talented Korean sculptor DongHyun Kang. Also check out: Sliced Metal Sculptures
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TriBeCa's Hydroponic Wonderland of Herbs and Spices, Farm.One: An urban vertical farm producing rare ingredients for some of NYC's best restaurants

There's one window into TriBeCa's Farm.One, a series of hydroponic vertical gardens producing greens for some of NYC's best restaurants. That window, however, faces into the building and walking by it gives reason to pause. There, just beyond the glass...... Continue Reading...
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This EDC is your key to freedom

Introduce one, just one Evade Clip into any kidnapping movie and its outcome would be completely different. That’s because, just as its name suggests, the Evade Clip was designed to let you escape from virtually any scenario. Tied up by ropes? The Stainless Steel blade will cut through the toughest paracords. Trapped in a car? The clip comes with a carbide tip that can shatter most glass panes with a single strike. Locked in/out of a place? The Carbide rod will literally cut through metal padl...
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5 Ways to Improve UX Design and Boost Your Conversions

UX design, or user experience design, is one of the most important things to optimize if you want your website to convert visitors into customers. There is no getting around it: if you want people to perform specific actions on your website, you need to ensure that they have a smooth and effortless experience when they land on your webpage. Simply driving traffic to your website through social media and SEO is not enough. Poor UX designcan be akin to walking into a coffee shop with decades-old c...
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Translucent 'hugging' towers could help clean Hong Kong's air pollution

Architect Suraksha Acharya from Midori Architects has proposed a pair of ultra-green translucent towers for the Hong Kong skyline. The futuristic Aero Hive skyscrapers are clad in an organic facade interspersed with greenery that leads up to the towers’ expansive open-air rooftop gardens. The concept is based on creating an iconic symbol of sustainable design for the city – a unique highrise designed to adapt to the challenges of the local climate and reduce CO2 emissions in the area. Acharya’s...
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Chandeliers from the future!

A silver winner of the LG OLED Design Competition, the Versailles Chandelier by Alexandre Boucher mixes history with the future. It uses flexible OLED technology to create a chandelier that visually stays true to its roots, mimicking the overall silhouette, but rather than using bulbs to illuminate the massive lighting fixture (and glass/crystals to disperse the light), the Versailles Chandelier lights up itself, thanks to the properties of OLEDs.Fit to be seen in any palace ballroom, the Versai...
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Designs for Better Boozing: Hip Flask With a Built-In Collapsible Shot Glass

A hip flask is a great way to tote booze around, but nothing makes you look like more of a degenerate than when you purse your lips to wrap them around that tiny spout. To sip your swill with class, what you need is one of these: The one in the video is Jameson-branded, so we assume they ordered up a bunch and handed them out at the company Christmas party. But you needn't work for them to get one; these are sold on Amazon under the BarMe brand.I like that the product copy describes the fla...
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The Beecosystem: A Modular Indoor Honeybee Hive With Outdoor Commuting Tube

Ant farms are lame because the ants don't really do much, other than walk around showing off how much weight they can carry. Wouldn't you rather have an indoor beehive, where you can see the little buggers making honey? "I sure would," you say, "but I don't want to get stung everytime I let them out." Of course you don't! That's why entrepreneur Michael Zaengle developed the Beecosystem. This hexagonal-shaped viewing case features a transparent tube that "vents" outside of your window for ing...
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Safehaven Marine's Bad-Ass Rescue/Military Boat is Uncapsizable, Fast and Lethal

The UK's Safehaven Marine makes specialty watercraft for SAR (search and rescue) and military applications, and their latest design is like something out of a spy movie: The XSV 17 Thunder Child, kitted out with stealth technology that makes it nearly invisible on radar, night vision camera systems, HyperSpike acoustic devices that you blast to deter opponents, a gyroscopically-stabilized remote controlled 12.7mm machine gun that pops up out of watertight hatches, two 1,000-horsepower Caterpilla...
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A' Design Awards & Competition: Last Call for Entries

About A' Design Award & Competition A' Design Award & Competition, the world's leading international annual juried competition for design, is wrapping up the entry period for its next cycle. Every year, projects that focus on innovation, technology, design and creativity are awarded with the A' Design Award. Designers worldwide are called to take part in the accolades by entering their best works, projects and products. Enter your designs by February 28 here. Judging Process Entries will b...
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[Author: Kjell Varvin]
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Multiple dog foods recalled due to contamination with euthanasia drug

If you feed your doggo and puppers foods made by the J.M. Smucker company (and the list is long), you are definitely going to want to read this. The company has recalled several brands of food because they are contaminated with a drug used to euthanize pets. In case you are thinking to yourself, “haven’t I heard this before?” – yes, you have. A different company had the exact same issue last year. The FDA states that a small amount of pentobarbital was found in foods like Gravy Train, Kibbles ‘...
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International Tiny House competition results are....interesting

Not coming soon from a modular company near you
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A Sculptural Twist on the Speaker

This has gotta be one of the most beautiful and bizarre standalone speakers we’ve ever seen! It explores using narrow, rolled strips of beech wood to create coil based shapes – a technique that’s been used in decorative items and light fixtures for ages. While the dangling spiral shape is what’s most apparent, the tighter coil at the top is perfectly structured for pure sound delivery.It produce a uniquely clear and soft tone with little distortion. The clear acrylic cylinder gives users a windo...
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How farming with rocks could improve global food security

Scientists at the University of Sheffield have learned that farming with crushed silicate rocks mixed into the soil could improve global food security, increase crop yields, promote soil health, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. “Human societies have long known that volcanic plains are fertile, ideal places for growing crops without adverse human health effects,” study lead author David Beerling told, “but until now there has been little consideration for how adding further rocks to...
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ListenUp: Alexis Taylor: Beautiful Thing

Captivating but eerie, the choreographed travel of two individuals down suburban streets leads to a clandestine meeting. This is the crux of "Beautiful Thing," a new video for the latest solo track from Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip. Taylor's forthcoming...... Continue Reading...
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Operæ: Independent Design Fair

The eighth edition of Operæ gathers the public and the experts around projects focused on materials as well as on processes and craft techniques. read more
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Behold these remarkably delicate dandelion seed sculptures

Yusuke Aonuma created these amazing symmetrical sculptures by arranging dandelion achenes, the technical term for individual bits of wispy white dandelion fluff. (more…)
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Link About It: "Black Panther" Pays Homage to Several African Cultures

Marvel's "Black Panther" costume designers Ruth Carter and Hannah Beachler pay homage to several African cultures through their work in the film. It was a process aided by extensive research. The film's primary (and fictional) location, Wakanda is...... Continue Reading...
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Buy: Line Miner XM Harmony Fade Goggles

Made with Oakley’s latest Prizm lens, the Line Miner XM Harmony Fade goggles enhance cyan and red to help best distinguish snow contrast in a stark landscape of white. The goggle shape has classic stylings, but features excellent peripheral vision...... Continue Reading...
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Snow motif cheese cake design

A branding and a new product design project by nendo for Flanders Co. Ltd. a firm based in Kushiro ,   Hokkaido  that  specializes  in manufacturing and selling of confectioneries.  Hokkaido is located in the north of Japan and is renowned for its dairy farming and the production of its  milk  and dairy products.  The brand was named  “ N ”  taken  from the word   “ north ”   and the logo was kept to a minimal with just a  triangle  tha...
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Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski wants her party to talk about climate change

Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), the senior senator from her state and the chairwoman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, wants her party to start talking about climate change. During an address to the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners’ Winter Policy Summit, Murkowski even went so far as to urge Republicans to actually use the words “climate change.” “We have to not be afraid to use terms that some might say, that’s politically charged,” Murkowski said...
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Brand Identity for the 2018 Adobe Summit

Brand Identity for the 2018 Adobe Summit abduzeedo Feb 20, 2018 Angela Fisher shared a beautiful brand identity project that she worked on for the 2018 Adobe Summit which it is a celebration of Experience Makers. The project is simply awesome and we had to feature it here on ABDZ, especially because Angela was kind to post quite a few details about the process.  "Maker" by definition is a person who create; form; shape. Based on the theme, the event id...
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Minimalist Web Design for ZIPL

Minimalist Web Design for ZIPL abduzeedo Feb 20, 2018 If you are a fan of minimalism and web design we got you cover. Well, it is not that we are just featuring minimalist web sites, but there is a trend on the topic and we can see tons of great examples. I said this a few times, I would really like to see how these sites would work in real life. But for inspiration, they are awesome. This one is for ZIPL v 3.0 - it was created and shared by Alexander ...
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This snowball vending machine is the worst thing we have ever shown on TreeHugger

It isn't frugal, it comes in disposable plastic, it takes what was a traditional northern craft and turns it into mass-produced identical spheres with no individuality. Words fail.
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Hedgehog highways make London friendlier for the adorable spiny mammals

Urban areas don’t tend to be too kind to hedgehogs. Their numbers are declining in Britain, however some people are trying to help. Enter Michel Birkenwald, a jeweler Atlas Obscura described as “one of London’s most enthusiastic engineers of infrastructure for animals.” Birkenwald builds hedgehog highways — and they’re pretty darn adorable. Hedgehogs have declined by around 50 percent in the UK and by one third in urban areas, according to Emily Wilson of hedgehog advocacy group Hedgehog Stree...
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Meet George, a modern renovated 1950s micro-apartment

An existing, cramped apartment is transformed into a lighter, larger living space.
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