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Stefano Boeri will revitalize Genoa with sustainable energy-producing urban design

A Stefano Boeri Architetti-led design team has won a competition to design a new urban project to transform the Polcevera valley in Genoa, Italy into a beacon of sustainability. Titled “The Polcevera Park and The Red Circle,” the urban regeneration scheme will include a series of parks beneath the new Renzo Piano-designed bridge that will replace the Morandi Bridge that collapsed on August 14, 2018 — a tragedy that killed 43 people. In addition to revitalizing the area and memorializing the rece...
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Google’s Pixel 4 could have looked like the Nexus 6P

Google's Pixel 4 is here, and we've known what it would look like for months. Now, the design team has shared photos showing off concepts and what it could have looked like.
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A Great Example of Better Data Visualization: This Voting Map GIF

Done properly, the art of data visualization can be an incredibly powerful tool for educating people. It allows us to understand things that would otherwise be ungraspable due to their sheer complexity.Done improperly, data visualization can be incredibly misleading. It's important that we have talented and hopefully unbiased (I know, what are the odds) designers presenting the information. As one example of how bad data visualization can mislead, take a look at this map below. What you're seein...
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Design Job: Jump on This Project Designing Snowboard Boots for Vimana Snowboards

We are looking for a shoe designer with former experience in snowboard boot design. We have a single boot project with a tight deadline and after that to moving forward with designing our new line. The shoe designer should have some snowboard boot design experience. View the full design job here
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Engineers Develop a Hyper-Compressible Material Using Artificial Intelligence

You may not realize that among more conventional applications of artificial intelligence like apps and search engines, emerging technologies are transforming yet another unexpected area of design: materials. A fascinating new material study released by Delft University is showing how machine learning may upend our assumptions of how materials are capable of behaving.The Delft study, led by assistant professor of materials science and engineering Miguel Bessa, has developed a new meta material th...
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Could You Imagine Earning an Industrial Design Degree Online?

Like many design schools, the Rochester Institute of Technology offers degrees in both Industrial Design and Architecture. Unlike most design schools, however, R.I.T. recently announced they're rolling out a Masters of Architecture degree program…online.They're not alone. In fact, according to the Guide to Online Schools, "Online architecture degrees are available at the bachelor's, master's, and certificate levels." The site lists 31 accredited schools offering such degrees.Which begs the quest...

Public Furniture That Makes a Statement: Snøhetta and Vestre's Peace Bench, a/k/a "The Best Weapon"

Yes, I reflexively almost put this into the Design Roast, before reading up on the intent of the design. This is the Peace Bench, designed by Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta and manufactured by Vestre, a company that bills themselves as the first carbon-neutral outdoor furniture manufacturer.To be honest, from a practical standpoint the design makes no sense to me. The anodized aluminum bench is over 21 feet (6.5 meters) long, yet appears to seat only two. Furthermore, physics presumably in...
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Creative Recycled Paper Decor for the Artful Home

I was reminded of the clever recycled paper art Amy Gibson of Colorstory Designs in Tulsa, Oklahoma creates when I came across her vivid feed on Instagram. I first featured her Etsy shop in 2011 and... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] [Author: Ann Martin]
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Joy Crookes (feat. Jafaris): Early

With a video filmed in her grandmother’s house in Dublin, Joy Crookes’ “Early” depicts a love story doomed or destined to last—depending on how you listen. Aside from Crookes’ soulful delivery, Dublin-based rapper Jafaris contributes a catchy verse and harmonizes with the singer on the chorus. But the pair admits that they “wrote this song called ‘Early’ when were both experiencing the opposite ends of …
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Renewable energy surpasses fossil fuels in the UK

In a first for the United Kingdom, wind turbines, solar panels and other renewable energy sources have generated more electricity than their fossil fuel counterparts of coal and natural gas. This significant milestone confirms that since the Industrial Revolution began and the U.K.’s first power plant was established in 1882, zero-carbon energy has finally generated more clean terawatt hours. This is thanks to the decreasing cost of renewable energy, making alternative power sources a more feasi...
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NYC’s Il Fiorista Focuses on a Blossoming Community and Bouquets

The recently opened NoMad restaurant emphasizes the emotional and medicinal properties of flowers While new restaurants open every day in NYC, Il Fiorista looks a little different. The venue’s window-facing high-top table hosts bountiful bouquets, a circular surface displays individual stems for made-to-order arrangements, and a near floor-to-ceiling wall-mounted display offers dozens of home decor products for sale. And beyond all of these blooms lies …
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A pocket-friendly DIY cardboard drum kit to kickstart your music production journey!

“Starting music production can be quite confusing and intimidating. Gears can get expensive. You don’t even know if you’ll be good at it yet to make a serious commitment. What do I need exactly? Which audio workstation software to use? How do I start performing? I mean, what do DJs actually even do?!” These are some of the issues that the guys at Rhythmo know music novices face. They know things can be confusing. Hence, they created the Beatbox.Beatbox is a build-it-yourself MIDI controller dr...
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Golden State bans hotel mini-toiletries in effort to minimize waste

To reduce the impact of plastic waste pollution, California banned hotel and lodging use and distribution of travel-size plastic toiletries. No longer will miniature personal care products like shampoos, conditioners and liquid bath soaps be part of the amenities package. The proliferation of single-use plastics has devastated the environment and is overwhelming landfills. To minimize the single-use plastic footprint, the Golden State shall phase out toiletry bottles from all lodging accommodati...
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How to see these six fascinating animals in the wild while aiding in their conservation

If you’re going to travel, travel responsibly. The best way to show animals that you love them is by respecting their habitats and aiding in the conservation of their species. Here’s how to ethically view six animals in their natural habitats in ways that benefit them rather than disturb them. Sharks on Viti Levu, Fiji There are hundreds of different species of sharks who call earth’s waters home, and a trip to Fiji will give you the chance to see at least eight of them in their natural habi...
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A wearable 4K Action Camera that was designed to fit around the contour of your head

The Cambox V4 Pro literally sits where your metaphorical third eye would be, capturing your world through your unique point of view. Its ergonomic and lightweight design, crafted specially for PoV action filming, puts it on a pedestal above most cameras because the Cambox V4 Pro fits right around your forehead, underneath your visor. The Cambox V4 Pro is compatible with all helmets and peaks, and films from a perspective that is much closer to your eye level, allowing you to capture your bike ...
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Behind Eliud Kipchoge’s Record Run

Though Eliud Kipchoge’s record-breaking marathon run in Vienna will not count as an official world record, his feat is proof that a sub-two-hour marathon is possible—under almost perfect conditions. In a video for Wired, sport psychologist Michael Joyner explains just how Kipchoge did it. From the way he followed in his pacers’ draft and ran a course with minimal hills, to the carbon plate-imbedded sneakers …
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Old bus is converted into a mobile greenhouse to teach students about sustainable eating habits

Sometimes, a little hands-on education goes a very long way when it comes to instilling sustainable and healthy eating habits in children. Parents in New Jersey are rejoicing thanks to a refurbished bus that is on a mission to educate young students on a variety of food education issues, from better eating habits to urban gardening. Designed by Tessellate Studio, the Mobile Food Lab is a 300-square-foot bus that has been customized with a built-in greenhouse, classroom science lab and art exhibi...
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Google’s designers show off Pixel 4 concepts and what it could have been

Google's Pixel 4 is here, and we've known what it would look like for months. Now, the design team has shared photos showing off concepts and what it could have looked like.
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Stunning Vintage Photos Of British Football Fans From The 1900s To 1940s

A group of Everton supporters outside St Paul’s Cathedral, London, before making their way to Crystal Palace for the FA Cup final between Everton and Newcastle United, which Everton won 1-0. (Photo by Topical Press Agency/Getty Images). 1906 Football fans find a novel way of watching the Burnley vs Liverpool FA Cup Final at Crystal Palace in south London. Burnley won 1-0. Source
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Adorable German Shorthair Assumes Many Different Looks And Poses In Whimsical Photo Series

A rather adorable German shorthaired pointer makes a comeback as it assumes many different looks and poses other than that of just being a regular pooch. The dog’s master once again puts on all sorts of costumes and props on the obedient dog, using a variety of homemade outfits and then posts the images on Instagram. More: Source
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Beautiful Branding Work for Adobe 99U Conference

Beautiful Branding Work for Adobe 99U Conference abduzeedoOct 15, 2019 Mark Brooks shared a truly beautiful branding and visual identity project on Behance. It was the project for the wildly popular Adobe 99U Conference.  The Adobe 99U Conference is a live experience that inspires creatives to supercharge your work and make your ideas happen. It’s an evBent where you can hear from a diverse group of thinkers and doers in a series of main stage talks over two...

House of Donuts Playful Visual Identity System

House of Donuts Playful Visual Identity System abduzeedoOct 15, 2019 Donuts, oh donuts! It’s hard to resist the temptation of those little fried pieces of dough. To make things even harder Mariana Font and César Romero created a colorful and fun visual identity for House of Donuts. By playing with typography, colors and pattern they created a beautiful system that is playful but super modern and elegant. I personally love the packaging and printed materials. ...

People From Around The World Edited These Man And Woman Headshots To Look Trendy In Their Country

Have you ever wondered what you might look like and dress like if you lived in a different part of the world? The way you look now is almost certainly influenced by the culture and trends of where you live, even if you would hardly class yourself as a dedicated follower of fashion. To find out how differently people all around the world style themselves, Groom+Style sent generic headshots of a man...
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Multiple award-winning design firm Bould needs an Industrial Designer!

Bould Design is a strategic partner for bringing highly functional, beautiful and successful products to life through a professional, user-centric design process. Their focus on function, simplicity, quality, and character has achieved outstanding results for clients ranging from stealth mode startups to diversified multi-nationals. They also have several awards to their names including multiple Red Dot Design Awards in 2018 and a couple of IDEA Gold Awards through the years. Apply now to be a p...
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Inside adidas’ MakerLab With Three Emerging Designers

Helen Kirkum, Alex Nash and Shun Hirose discuss their collaborative sneakers, and what it's like to be a part of every step of the process The adidas‘ MakerLab is essentially a hub for all of the brand’s ideations—those released and those archived. Within the walls of the previously inaccessible studio space, there are endless swatches of fabrics, space for sketching and crafting, a wealth of …
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Silly Sushi Nigiri

This plush, smiley sushi toy measures four by seven inches and has passed all ASTM (aka American Society for Testing and Materials) requirements, so is safe for kids aged 12 months and older. With its prawn topping, fluffy white rice body and corduroy feet, this friendly little creature can be paired with a California of Maki roll.
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Coca-Cola using recycled marine plastic waste in it’s latest bottle is an inspiration for FMCGs!

In 2019, the need for sustainability, recycling, and eco-friendly products has reached an all-time high. With the advanced technology that is available nowadays, letting your carbon print run amok is simply not an option anymore. And it seems like Coca-Cola has decided to hop onto the wagon as well! In 2018, a Greenpeace report showed that Coca-Cola was found to be the world’s largest corporate plastic polluter. The report consisted of a survey of 239 cleanups in 42 countries, across six conti...
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Books: Designing a Masterpiece

If you haven't seen the Monk's Garden at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, you need to plan a trip there to experience a masterpiece of mystery that will spur you to contemplate the design for months to come. In Designing a Garden: Monk's Garden at the Isabella Stewart... [Author: Jane Berger]
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