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Q&A: How Mitzi Okou Founded Where Are the Black Designers? to Promote Diversity and Equity

Where are the Black designers? We know they exist, but where are they in design agencies and companies that push culture forward, in places that influence the world and how we live or use products? This question, posed by Maurice Cherry in a SXSW Interactive presentation in 2015, has resurfaced in light of the racial...
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Jony Ive Will Bring Accessible, Relevant, Incredibly Powerful, Personal, Fluid, and Refined Design Sensibilities to…Airbnb

Jony Ive is a mythic figure in gadget design. He’s the mastermind behind the aesthetic of Apple’s most iconic products, and is internet famous for his Gwyneth Paltrow-esque descriptive phrasing. He’s also got pretty good taste in shoes. Last year, he consciously uncoupled from Apple, and now, Ive is apparently…Read more...
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Books: British Gardens (2)

If you thought for a moment that you would never need another book on Sissinghurst, well ... just think again. In this new book, Sissinghurst: The Dream Garden (Frances Lincoln, 2020), author Tim Richardson offers a fresh perspective and new insights into one of the most famous gardens in the... [Author: Jane Berger]
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5 Ways to Prepare for Your Next Zoom Call

Virtual meetings require a different kind of preparation. While an in-person meeting may require a simple pad of paper, a pen and a prompt arrival, the virtual aspect requires further consideration. Maybe you have found a groove that works for you and have nestled comfortably into your routine. However, if you find yourself scrambling with last minute arrangements before each call, perhaps it’s time to revisit your strategy. Let’s talk about some basic tips to ensure your baseline is set for suc...
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Gertrude lampe à poser par Gabriele Panciera

« Bonjour Gertrude, enchanté !  » Les présentations maintenant faites, Gabriele Panciera, jeune designer italien basé du côté de Milan lève le voile sur l’histoire de son projet… Résolument rétro, ce modèle de lampe à poser, lampe de table ou de chevet nous transporte quelques années en arrières, au coeur de l’Italie en nous offrant certaines références religieuses… On remarque assez rapidement sa ligne, nous renvoyant à la silhouette des nonnes délicatement épurée… Pour être parfaitement exa...
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What if good movies were old books

Designer Matt Stevens likes to render his favorite films as if they were old books: "Not a best of list, just movies I love. These illustrations are available in a self-published book for sale here. Individual prints can be purchased here. — Read the rest
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Airbnb recruits ex-Apple design honcho Jony Ive

Next time you stay in an Airbnb you better expect some aluminium sides, some polished and laminated leathers, and, potentially, the most innovative flat you’ve ever stayed in. That’s right people, Airbnb has brought on Jony Ive, the ex-Chief Head of Design at Apple. If you’re unfamiliar with Jony Ive, he’s the man behind lots of your favorite things. He left Apple last year after almost 30 years at the company. During that time, he oversaw the development of almost any modern Apple product or se...
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Airbnb is joining forces with iconic ex-Apple design chief Jony Ive

Jony Ive led Apple's design team from 1996 to 2019, playing a key role in product launches like the iMac, iPhone, and Apple Watch. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky said in a blog post Wednesday that the company is partnering with former Apple design chief Jony Ive. "We have made the decision to work together through a multi-year relationship to design the next generation of Airbnb products and services," Chesky said. Ive led Apple through major product launches like...
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Apple’s former design guru Jony Ive gets into bed with Airbnb

The man who helped create some of Apple’s most iconic products is teaming up with online accommodation service Airbnb to help design its future products and services.
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Design Systems, Part 1 • Introduction

Series Introduction This is a series about Design Systems and Design System Initiatives. While User Interface (“UI”) Designers and User Experience (“UX”) Researchers may find this series beneficial, it’s been authored for a different audience—business leaders. People in leadership positions are generally those who green light a Design System Initiative. With that authority comes accountability for allocated resources, schedules, and results. The stakes are high for such leaders. They expe...
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This off-grid office under construction in Europe is designed to float in case sea levels rise, completely negating the effects of climate change

Powerhouse Company floating office. Powerhouse Company A design studio created the world's largest floating office in Rotterdam. The office is made of wood and uses solar panels for energy. Designers call it "climate resilient," because it is designed to float in case of rising sea levels.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Dutch design studio Powerhouse Company is creating a massive floating office for a Rotterdam NGO. The office is a way for the Global Center on Adaptat...
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Understanding Negative Space

When designing a slide, negative space is one of those elements that are critical to consider. But what is negative space, and how does it impact a slide? Understanding how the elements of spatial awareness impact user experience can be challenging. Ultimately, the trick is to naturally draw the eye toward an element of choice. There are three important factors to keep in mind when designing: 1- Teach your eye to see the negative space just as much as the subject matter. Let’s first define neg...
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Reconnecting to Your “Why”

One of the founding pillars of motivation is purpose. According to Simon Sinek, “Everyone has a WHY—it is the purpose, cause or belief that drives every one of us.” It is from this driving force we find ourselves able to connect with the world at large. Likely, this is the very reason you are giving a presentation in the first place. It may be a stepping stone on your way, or your life’s work. Reconnecting to your “why” is a great place to start when feeling motivationally stuck. Whether craftin...
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Zac Posen Headlines New Education Series for Stacey Bendet’s Creatively Job Platform

Stacey Bendet’s new job platform Creatively is now offering free educational programming. Celebrity fashion designer Zac Posen headlines the series, which kicks off on Oct. 19, with a class in draping on Oct. 27. Creatively, which is free, allows members to use its portfolio tools to showcase their work and find jobs and internships. The […]
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In the Age of Authenticity, What Role Does Design Play in Presidential Campaign Branding?

Can great creative and professional branding and design win an election? In 2008, many designers said yes--but in 2016 Donald Trump proved that less polished design can have a power of its own to unite voters behind a cause when it is unified with reflexive messaging. These two campaigns--Barack Obama's in 2008 and Trump's in...
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10 Plunge-Ready Celebrity Pools Where We’d Love to Lounge

Fall may be in full swing, but we’re still thinking about lazy days of poolside lounging — ideally with a cocktail or two in hand. And, even though they’ve become an icon of wealth and luxury that reflect the latest design trends or an interest in health and fitness, that wasn’t always the case. Swimming […]
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Letting a little light in

There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in Leonard Cohen First of all, thank you to everyone who’s said nice things about this new website. And more crucially, perhaps, to those with more suggestions on how to make it clearer still. Thankfully, the design is built for iteration, and so all suggestions, improvements and comments are welcome. The purpose behind redesigning the site is to create a space that naturally helps expand on the ideas that I’ve been pulling togethe...
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Leveraging Presentation Notes

How do you use the presentation notes section in your slide software of choice? Some presenters choose to have text-heavy slides, leaving little to no need for presentation notes. Others keep their presentation notes heavily scripted. While it is important to have a general idea of what you are going to say during each slide, we think there may be a better way to utilize that helpful little box below. We want to challenge you to go through an exercise that may push you outside of your comfort zo...
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Quino obituary

Argentinian creator of Mafalda, Latin America’s most famous strip cartoon characterShe is a stumpy six-year old girl with a mop of black hair, innocent-looking saucer eyes and a broad smile. Like little girls everywhere, she asks awkward questions. Of her mother, busy doing the washing: “What would you be if you had a life?” Of her father: “How come in the family of man everyone wants to be the father?” The little girl is Mafalda, the creation of the Argentinian cartoonist Joaquín Salvador Lavad...
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Denmark’s Utopian Garden City Built Entirely in Circles: See Astounding Aerial Views of Brøndby Haveby

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Henry Do (@henry_do) on Aug 21, 2019 at 9:02am PDT This unusual form, more of which you can see in Do’s drone photos at Lonely Planet, suits the long-established Danish cabin culture, according to which every city-dwelling Dane with the means buys a smaller second home in the countryside as a retreat. (Though the houses in Brøndby Haveby are owned, the gardens a...
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Mycons makes it easy to create and buy custom icons for your iOS homescreen

A new app called Mycons, launched today, is tapping into the iOS 14 homescreen customization trend by making it easier for anyone, including non-designers, to quickly create their own custom icons, as well as shop premade icon-and-wallpaper packs from designers. With the release of iOS 14 in mid-September, millions of users began to take advantage of new functionality like iOS widgets to customize their iPhone homescreens. As a part of this trend, users also rediscovered how to use Apple’s Short...
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Mycons makes it easy to create and buy custom icons for your iOS home screen

A new app called Mycons launched today and is tapping into the iOS 14 home screen customization trend by making it easier for anyone, including non-designers, to quickly create their own custom icons, as well as shop premade icon-and-wallpaper packs from designers. With the release of iOS 14 in mid-September, millions of users began to take advantage of new functionality like iOS widgets to customize their iPhone home screens. As a part of this trend, users also rediscovered how to use Apple’s S...
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Upcoming elections too much to bear? Why not ‘live under a rock’?

If the pandemic and upcoming elections are stressing you out, maybe it's time to consider literally living under a rock with a promo deal from
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Choosing a Color Palette

Deciding on a color palette is one of the earliest steps in the creative process. It helps the presentation take shape, granting your deck visual direction. Once decided, the color palette syncs the information on the page with the design direction in a beautiful, cohesive format. Before exploring color schemes, it’s important to ask yourself these three exploratory questions: 1-Is there a specific set of brand standard colors to adhere to? If so, should those standards be strict, or can the col...
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Indigenous Peoples’ Day: the latest US billboard project to send a message

Across the US, artist-designed billboards are set to send an important message to coincide with an important day of remembranceMany might know today as Columbus Day, which celebrates the Italian explorer’s arrival to America in 1492. But to many others, today is Indigenous Peoples’ Day, a counter-event that honors Native Americans whose lives were destroyed by colonial rule.Indigenous Peoples’ Day has been celebrated since it was first introduced in 1977 at an indigenous conference but took over...
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Make Your Presentation SMART!

Chances are, if you work in a corporate setting, you have likely heard of SMART goal-setting. SMART is an acronym that helps you remember the attributes your goals should possess for maximum impact. While this works well for short and long term goals, it can also work for your presentation. Often, we have a lot of data to wade through, and deciding which data to represent, how to fit it in, where, and when can slow us down. I’ve found this SMART model to translate well to the presentation space....
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It’s a small world after all: Average apartment shrank 9.7% since 2010

Centrally located, small and more affordable living spaces dominated the past decade, according to new data released by RCLCO Real Estate Advisors.
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Books: Great Gardens of NY & CT

Whenever we visit gardens, what we see is just a snapshot in time. We're left wondering what the garden might look like at other times of the year. Some years ago, when I visited Innisfree, I vowed to go back in another season ... and still haven't made it. But... [Author: Jane Berger]
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Property at George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate asks $60M — Alexandria’s priciest listing ever

Mount Vernon's 16,000-square-foot River View estate combines history with modern amenities on the banks of the Potomac River.
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Google just released plans for a massive new 79-acre campus in San Jose — see how it could look

Google San Jose campus. Google Google just released renderings of a proposed new campus it hopes to build in San Jose, called Downtown West. Unlike other Google campuses, the San Jose location would be mixed-use and open to the public. The 79-acre area plan includes housing, office space, and nature areas, and is a major move by Google at a time when companies are rethinking office space needs in light of the pandemic forcing the workforce to work remotely. Visit Business Insider's homepag...
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