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Face Time: 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe Drops the Towel

It seems potentially controversial front end treatments are today’s theme. After teasing its upcoming Santa Fe last week, Hyundai let it all out on Tuesday, debuting a wildly different fascia with which to temp buyers on the hunt for an “ultimate family adventure vehicle.” If you’re not up on your corporate marketing-speak, that’s how Hyundai […] The post Face Time: 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe Drops the Towel appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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An Abundance Mindset is the Makeover Your Presentation Desperately Needs

People gravitate toward speakers who include them in their narrative. These magnanimous presenters have a way of debuting their idea in such a way that their listeners don’t feel threatened by the change of which they speak. A presentation that takes ownership of risk while coming from a place of generosity starts with an abundance mindset. The opposite of an abundance mindset is a scarcity mindset. With a scarcity mindset, one believes there will never be enough, so they choose fear and competi...
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Bat-distraction: New Batmobile Photos Released

As the year pivots from frustrating lockdowns amid a terrifying pandemic to utter lawlessness in the streets, we’ve all probably been waking up on the wrong side of the bed on a daily basis. Today, your author roused himself feeling particularly bitter as he realized the sniffle from last night has evolved into something a […] The post Bat-distraction: New Batmobile Photos Released appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Pop-up Teeth Could Improve the Grip of Any Shoe

Boots with a thick tread are a must-have accessory for safely traversing ice and snow in the winter, but slipping hazards can exist anywhere, especially for people with mobility challenges. Researchers at MIT and Harvard University have developed a new material that could radically improve the grip on the bottom of a…Read more...
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The revolutionary art of Black Panthers graphic designer Emory Douglas, a short documentary

From 1967 through the 1980s, Emory Douglas was the Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party, the revolutionary social justice and political organization founded in Oakland, California. Douglas was the art director, designer, and primary artist for The Black Panther Newsletter and created the iconic Black Panther flyers, handouts, and posters. Hw work is as relevant, and as necessary, right now as it was 50 years ago. Art historian, artist, and professor Colette Gaiter referred to Do...
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Will the coronavirus bring back the corner store?

With more people working from home, the little variety store may thrive again.
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See Anything You Like? Next-generation Lexus IS Looms

I must make a confession. Of all the vehicles on the market today — a diverse crowd if there ever was one — no car’s rear end annoys me more than that of the Lexus IS. The brand’s sporty compact offering went in a controversial direction for its third generation, entering the 2014 model year […] The post See Anything You Like? Next-generation Lexus IS Looms appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Study finds only 12 percent of US workers want to stay home full-time

Gensler interviews thousands, finds most want to go back to the office.
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This DIY Face Shield Gives You an Excuse to Stress-Eat Gummy Bears

A quick peek at the news is probably all it takes to have you polishing off an entire bag of gummy bears, but a South Korean design studio has come up with a way to make you feel less guilt about all that stress-eating. It’s designed a 3D printed face shield that works with empty packaging to help protect you from…Read more...
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weeHouse architect and Plant Prefab launch new line of wee accessory dwelling units

There is a lot of history here, and a great future.
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Yes, websites really are starting to look more similar

Over the past few years, articles and blog posts have started to ask some version of the same question: “Why are all websites starting to look the same?"These posts usually point out some common design elements, from large images with superimposed text, to hamburger menus, which are those three horizontal lines that, when clicked, reveal a list of page options to choose from.My colleagues Bardia Doosti, David Crandall, Norman Su and I were studying the history of the web when we started to noti...
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Douglas Elliman launches new multimedia platform to showcase developments

The new platform called "Uniquely Yours" will feature week-long multimedia experiences of one or more of Douglas Elliman's conversion properties like The Towers at the Waldorf Astoria and The Residences at the West Hollywood Edition.
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In the future, the office will be like a coffee shop

Another way the coronavirus may change office design.
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In the future, the office will be a coffee shop

Another way the coronavirus may change office design.
Tags: Design, News

Waugh Thistleton propose mobile vaccine centers made from shipping containers

Does shipping container architecture make sense? Sometimes.
Tags: Design, News, Waugh Thistleton

Waugh Thistleton propose mobile vaccine centres made from shipping containers

Does shipping container architecture make sense? Sometimes
Tags: Design, News, Waugh Thistleton

Temporary hospital is built from wood blocks held together with metal velcro

Tye Farrow mixes up his wood and hospital design skills and adds a zipper.
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2021 Hyundai Santa Fe: Refresh Time Already

Hyundai apparently feels that boasting the freshest faces in the industry will help it woo the American buying public. With a full stable of crossovers now realized, it’s not a terrible strategy. Just two model years after its debut, the midsize Santa Fe crossover (which replaced the Santa Fe Sport and necessitated a name change […] The post 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe: Refresh Time Already appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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DRAWSHER quand la machine à laver devient meuble !

Repenser les objets du quotidien, une mission de chaque instant pour nos amis designers. Plus fonctionnel, plus écologique, plus harmonieux, plus rapide, plus efficace, plus accessible, mieux adaptés : le spectre est large et peut s’appliquer à bien objets et accessoires se trouvant autour de nous. Kikang Kim, jeune designer coréen nous présente son projet baptisé DRAWSHER, où il « augmente » la machine à laver que nous avons toutes et tous chez nous. Même forme, quasiment même fonctions depuis...
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Wilsonart Student Design Competition winners will change the way you look at laminate

Plastics on TreeHugger? Yes, if they are a good alternative to using endangered trees and virgin forests.
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California house opens to the outdoors

Why is this on TreeHugger?
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The Architecture of the Well-tempered Environment: a late review

There is much in Reyner Banham's 1969 classic that resonates today.
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The latest in-demand apartment feature is a Peloton room

Agents are beginning to market what may have been featured as small offices or hallways in the past as designated Peloton or workout areas with the shift to home exercise during the pandemic.
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New research raises more concerns about airborne transmission of COVID-19

One scientist says, "The world should face the reality."
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What does good thinking look like?

Earlier this week, I posted up the four images above on a twitter poll and on instagram, and asked the simple questions; A, B, C or D? No context, just that – of the four images, which would you choose. I’d said I’d explain a bit about it, but first though, what were the results? Twitter folks go for D, then A: A, B, C, or D?— John V Willshire (@willsh) May 20, 2020 Instagram folks are kinda similar, though it’s a much smaller sample size. The reactions, when people sent some additio...
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Coronavirus and the air conditioned nightmare

What happens when it gets really hot and the AC is blasting on full?
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Harnessing Hidden Complexity

As an expert in your field, of course you know each intricate detail about your idea or product. It can be difficult to distance yourself from the knowledge you possess. Understanding that the audience wants to know what you know is a great place to start. Just because you are an expert does not necessarily make you the best teacher. This is why professional athletes are not always effective coaches. Native speakers are not always the best foreign language teachers. The ability to take what you ...
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How to Refresh Your Home With Minimal Fuss

From reconsidering your lighting to upgrading your bedding, suggestions for making the space you’re isolating in feel new again.
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Will expanded patios save the restaurant business?

Cities around the world are having a look at it, but it will be a challenge.
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