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How to Spring Clean Your Online Accounts Now That You're Stuck at Home

Being isolated at home means you have more time to set up your Animal Crossing island and binge on Disney Plus, but it’s also a good opportunity to accomplish some of the digital chores you’ve been putting off. Your online safety, device security, and peace of mind could depend on it.Read more...
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Create Multiple Virtual Desktops to Separate Your Work and Personal Life

Multitasking and information overload go hand in hand, particularly when you have dozens of windows, tabs, and apps open at once on a desktop. Getting actual work done can be tricky. But Windows, macOS and Chrome OS actually have built-in tools to clear up some of this congestion, and you probably don’t even know they…Read more...
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How to Access All Your Files When You Have to Work From Home

Many of us are now working from home for the time being, which can be both challenging and invigorating. But it can also be a pain when you have multiple devices. Read more...
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Why You Need a VPN and How to Choose One

The benefits of virtual private networks, or VPNs, are well-documented: They keep you safer on public wi-fi and help you access content not usually available in your region, among other useful . There are now dozens and dozens of VPN options to choose from, which can make it difficult to decide which one is the best…Read more...
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How to Get Your Android Phone Working As Seamlessly with Windows as iPhones Work with Macs

One of the benefits of going all-in on Apple hardware is that everything works so seamlessly (most of the time): Photos from your iPhone appear on your Mac, you can switch between the desktop and mobile when working on documents, video calls can be made from anywhere, and so on. A similar sort of integration can be…Read more...
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How to view your Spotify play history

With Spotify on desktop, you can easily see your track-by-track history or a breakdown of all the artists, albums and playlists you’ve listened to recently. Here’s how. Head to the ‘Play Queue’ icon in the bottom right corner. Switch from ‘QUEUE’ to ‘HISTORY’. This will show you a list of your last 50 played tracks. To see a breakdown of recent artists, albums and playlists you’ve played, Spotify gives you a ‘Recently Played’ playlist. Click here to find and remove con...
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Focus Better with Multiple Desktops

Using multiple desktops can be a great way to organize your work, and keep you focused on the task at hand. Focus Better with Multiple Desktops from Ask Leo!. Get the newsletter:
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Profiles Are Your Browser's Powerful Hidden Feature, and Here's How to Use Them

You may think you know your browser pretty well at this stage, but there’s one very powerful feature that doesn’t get a lot of attention, and that you might have overlooked: User profiles. If you’re on Chrome, Edge or Firefox, they can make a real difference to how you get your web browsing done.Read more...
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Help! I Bumped My PC and Now It Won't Turn On

Your laptop computer is a delicate beast. It can take a pounding, perhaps even a dropping, up to a certain point. It might survive a fall from the desk without a scratch, but bumping it with something heavy in just the right way, at just the right time, could end it all. Read more...
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How to Video Capture Everything That Happens on Your Computer Screen

Being able to record your computer screen can be useful for all kinds of reasons—from streaming your gaming exploits to the world, to showing your parents how to turn on their antivirus software—and there are numerous ways of going about it. These are the top software and hardware options to consider.Read more...
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How to clear ‘Recently Played’ in your Spotify library

Sometimes you want a clean slate and we’ll show you just how simple it is to refresh your Recently Played songs on Spotify. Rediscovering an early played track, playlist or podcast on Spotify, via your ‘Recently Played’ list, can be a useful feature if you were unable to save or favourite it at the time. However, if you’d like to avoid clutter, reorganise your library, or hide your listening habits from potential snoops on your Spotify account, simply follow these steps to clearing con...
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How to Switch Over to Microsoft Edge Now That It's Actually Good

In case you haven’t heard, Microsoft Edge is back: The rebooted, revamped, and rebuilt program is now based on the same Chromium engine as Google Chrome and a variety of other browsers, and Microsoft has taken the opportunity to streamline and tidy up the application at the same time. Here’s how to give it a trial…Read more...
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How to Build Alternative, Better, Social Media Feeds

If you can scroll through your social media feeds without coming across at least a handful of posts you’d rather not have seen, consider yourself in the minority. Most of us deal with this on a near-daily basis. But mass unfollowing people—friends, colleagues, family members—isn’t always an option. We’re here to tell…Read more...
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The Amazon Website Is a Clunky Mess—Here's How to Make It Suck Less

For an enterprise as big and as dominant as Amazon is, you would expect its website to be maybe a little bit more polished and easier to navigate—as it is, it feels like 20 years’ worth of bits of web code bolted rather haphazardly together. While we wait for Amazon to do a ground-up revamp, here’s how to make your…Read more...
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Sure Looks Like Apple Is Still Selling This iMac from 2006

Apple products are notoriously expensive, but this is just ridiculous. Apparently, Apple’s website is still listing the 2006 iMac 17-inch 1.83-GHz Intel Core 2 Duo for around $1,000—depending on where you’re trying to buy from. Read more...
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How to Share Internet Between Your Devices When You're Away From Home

In an ideal world, you’ll connect all of your devices up to fast, free-flowing wifi wherever you happen to be, but away from home you’ll often run into restrictions: Maybe only a certain number of devices can be connected per user, or maybe wired Ethernet access is free but wifi comes at a premium.
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How to Make Sure You Return to a Tidy Inbox After the Holidays

If you’re lucky, the holiday season means a few days away from work and the office—but the soothing, calming effect of that break can be quickly undone when you return to an inbox overflowing with hundreds of emails. Before you head off to spend some time with friends and family, here’s how to make sure you come back…Read more...
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12 Things to Do to Your Friends' and Family's Tech to Get Them to Stop Bothering You

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: The time when you get to tackle a year’s worth of tech troubles in just one visit to the home of a relative. If you’re the designated IT expert in your branch of the family, here’s how to pass on the most useful advice in the quickest time possible, so you can get back to…Read more...
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How to Watch Apple TV+ If You Haven't Got an Apple TV

The trusty Apple TV box is the most obvious device for watching Apple TV+ on—but if you don’t have one of the black boxes, then there are other ways to tune into The Morning Show, The Servant, For All Mankind, Dickinson and all the other shows Apple is pumping out. Here’s how to watch Apple TV+ (almost) everywhere.Read more...
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The best 4K PC gaming build for under $1,000

Think you can make a 4K gaming PC build for under $1,000? We know you can. That's why we've put together a list of great components which can help you get started on the road to ultra HD gaming.
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How to Set Up a Second Google Account and How To Use It

A Google account gives you access to a host of apps, covering email, maps, cloud storage, music, movies, productivity tools and more—and you don’t have to settle for just one account. Whether you’ve been given a second account for work or want a second one for personal use, here’s how to get it set up and integrated…Read more...
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The Best Music Streaming Services If You Don't Want to Pay a Dime

Chances are you’re already signed up for at least one music streaming service, but if you’re not willing nor able to pay a subscription fee for your listening, what are the options open to you? Several streaming platforms let you listen for free, with a few ads and restrictions, so we’ve rounded up what each of the…Read more...
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Why Your Web Browser is Running Slowly and How to Fix It

We do just about everything inside a browser nowadays—stream movies, write essays, chat with friends, edit photos—and serious slowdowns inside this key bit of software can have a serious impact on how much we get done. With that in mind, these are the reasons that your browser is slowing down, and what you can do to…Read more...
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How to Figure Out What's Inside Your Desktop or Laptop PC

Windows: If you built your PC, odds are good that you know what’s in it. Or, at least, you have a general idea—and might only need a refresher about specific model numbers from time to time. If you bought a prebuilt desktop or laptop, you’ve probably long since forgotten what’s inside. Don’t worry, though; it’s not …Read more...
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Intel’s Core i5 Comet Lake-S CPU spotted in SiSoftware database

An Intel Core i5 processor was recently spotted in SiSoftware's SANDRA database, and it's possibly a Comet Lake-S CPU packing six cores and 12 threads.
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The 25 Apple Arcade Games That Make It Worth the Money

Out of all the subscription bundles that Apple has pushed out in its recent lurch towards being a services company, it’s the $5-a-month Apple Arcade one that makes the most sense—a ton of exclusive games for mobile and desktop, all for one flat fee. Just how good a deal Apple Arcade ends up depending on the games.…Read more...
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The 20 Apple Arcade Games That Make It Worth the Money

Out of all the subscription bundles that Apple has pushed out in its recent lurch towards being a services company, it’s the $5-a-month Apple Arcade one that makes the most sense—a ton of exclusive games for mobile and desktop, all for one flat fee. Just how good a deal Apple Arcade ends up depending on the games.…Read more...
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How Can You Keep Your Old Desktop PC Running Well?

When your desktop PC is aging, but you don’t have the heart (or the budget) to replace it, there’s still plenty you can do to give it a long, fulfilling life. In this week’s tech-support column at Lifehacker, we’re taking a question from a reader who wants to know what they should put on their maintenance checklist…Read more...
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CORSAIR Announces New Models of CORSAIR ONE and CORSAIR ONE PRO Desktops

CORSAIR, a world leader in PC gaming peripherals and enthusiast components, today announced the availability of several new models of its signature CORSAIR ONE family of gaming PCs. The post CORSAIR Announces New Models of CORSAIR ONE and CORSAIR ONE PRO Desktops appeared first on
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Intel denies claims that 10nm on desktop is dead

The latest rumor sees Intel ignoring 10nm desktop processors altogether and launching chips based on 7nm process technology in 2022. They could be based on Intel's Ocean Cove core design.
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