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Scott Adams plays with the idea of a deeper, darker conspiracy about the Charlottesville incident.

I wonder why we haven't sifted through these ideas before. Why were the people who marched — the supposed Nazis and white supremacists — never identified and interviewed in the press? They were visible and unmasked in clear video. Who were they? Adams observes that they were nice looking, well dressed young people, not the sort of people you'd ordinarily picture as Klansman. Why did they do something openly that would ruin their own future? But then they were not pursued in the media. Isn't that...
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How to find all the Black Lives Matter murals in Madison.

An excellent presentation of information using Google maps — here — marking the location of the murals with clickable icons to display a photo of the mural.I got to that via "‘Crisis of expression and creativity:’ Mapping downtown Madison's Black Lives Matter murals" (Capital Times). Excerpt from the article:When businesses boarded up their storefronts in the wake of ongoing protests against racism and police brutality, Karin Wolf of the Madison Arts Commission was tasked with finding a way to r...
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"Whose story is being told with this monument? The hierarchy is very evident. White commander out front; Black soldiers in the background. It’s the first thing you see...."

"It’s not enough to just see the piece. You have to go deeper. There’s so much not told, but the monument is so moving that it can lead you to those things, if you’re curious."Said L’Merchie Frazier, the education director at the nearby Museum of African American History in Boston, quoted in "Black soldiers monument faces scrutiny amid racial reckoning/Amid the national reckoning on racism, an unlikely monument is facing scrutiny: a Boston memorial to a famed Civil War unit made up of Black sold...
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"Police arrested two women Monday accused of beating a state senator as he tried to take video of a crowd that had torn down statues during a protest over racial injustice...."

"Police arrested Samantha R. Hamer, 26, and Kerida E. O'Reilly, 33, on suspicion of being parties to the crimes of substantial battery and robbery with use of force. They were both in custody Monday night, according to online records from the Dane County jail. The attacks occurred on a chaotic night in Madison in which a Molotov cocktail was hurled into a government office and two statues on the Capitol grounds were torn down. One was of Col. Hans Christian Heg, an abolitionist who died in the C...
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"A majority of Americans support the Black Lives Matter movement... But the public generally opposes calls to shift some police funding to social services or remove statues of Confederate generals or presidents who enslaved people..."

"... a Washington Post-ABC News poll finds.... Americans’ confidence in police appears shaken after a wave of national protests following Floyd’s killing. Compared with 2014, fewer Americans say they are confident that police are adequately trained to avoid using excessive force. Meanwhile, more people say recent police killings of black people are 'a sign of broader problems' in police conduct. The share of Americans saying that black people and other minorities do not receive equal treatment i...
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"What is Goya in the Latino community? It’s an icon, a statue. The left wants to destroy all icons."

Said Alexander Otaola, "a Cuban-American in Florida with 105,000 followers on Instagram," quoted in "How Buying Beans Became a Political Statement/The boycott and counter-boycott of Goya comes as the major political parties seek to energize Hispanic support ahead of the 2020 election" (NYT).The Goya chief executive of Goya, Robert Unanue, appeared at the White House rollout of the the "Hispanic Prosperity Initiative" and said "We’re all truly blessed at the same time to have a leader like Presid...
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"A quirky wooden sculpture of US First Lady Melania Trump is reported to have been set on fire near her hometown in Slovenia, prompting its removal."

"... The sculpture of Mrs Trump, which could be described as only bearing a crude likeness to the US first lady, was carved out of a tree trunk on the outskirts of Sevnica, her hometown in central Slovenia. The statue, which depicts Mrs Trump dressed in a blue coat similar to one she wore to her husband's inauguration and with a club-like hand gesturing to the sky, received mixed reviews when it was erected in July 2019. Some residents branded the statue a "disgrace", complaining it looked more ...
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"Completed in 537 AD, Hagia Sophia stood for nearly a millennium at the heart of the Christian world...."

"In 1453, Mehmed II conquered Constantinople, and although his troops plundered what they could carry, the building was saved and turned into a mosque. For 500 years it was the venerated center of the Muslim Ottoman Empire.... Minarets were added, and later the great Ottoman architect Sinan built massive buttresses to prevent the walls from buckling under the weight of the dome, which was damaged in earthquakes. With the fall of the Ottoman Empire... Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of the modern ...
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I need to "live-blog" my reading of Trump's 4th of July speech.

Here's the transcript from what was called the “Salute to America” at the White House yesterday. As I said in the previous post, I think Trump went big introducing a strong campaign theme this weekend, setting himself up in opposition to the protesters who've been ripping down statues, and I looked at Biden's 4th-of-July speech — speechlet — and judged it to be smack dab in the middle of a continuum that runs from Trump to the statue topplers.Yesterday, I "live-blogged" my reading of Trump's Jul...
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This morning at 5:55, I paid my respects to the empty plinth of the Hans Christian Heg statue.

I didn't insert the flags — only took the photograph. Notice the bent up portion of the bronze in back. That damage occurred when the statue was attacked last week:The memorial statue was beheaded and thrown in Lake Monona by rioters, incensed by the arrest of a member of Black Lives Matter as demonstrations in Madison turned violent in June 2020,[5][6] despite it being of a Union soldier and abolitionist.... On the morning of 24 June, someone painted "Fire Matt Kenny" on the base of the Heg s...
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"These iconoclasts appeared on the Capitol Square to cover over the hate graffiti inspired by the fire bombers, looters, and window smashers."

"Their target was the WI Veterans Museum on W. Mifflin Street, which had been vandalized by the Free Yeshua Musa/Mayor Satya anarchists. The message of this motley group ran counter to the anarchists who toppled the statues of Freedom Fighter Hans Christian Heg, who gave his life fighting slavery and secession, and of Miss Forward, exemplar of strong womanhood 20 years before female suffragism. Or the beatdown of State Sen. Tim Carpenter, D-Milwaukee. Or the fire bombing of the City County Build...
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"The iconoclasm is good for us. It’s a great political issue for the president."

Said an anonymous "senior [Trump] campaign official," quoted in by Josh Dawsey (WaPo). The "crime blotter" material in question is the vandalism aimed at public statues and monuments. And, yes, it makes sense for the Trump campaign to see this as a good issue for them, but they didn't start the unrest and destruction. It strikes me as unfair to say that he's "stoking" any kind of "war," when the protests and attendant violence arose out of police actions in particular cities (cities run by Dem...
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"This is the moment for a Rooseveltian approach to the U.K. The country has gone through a profound shock. But in those moments, you have the opportunity to change, and to do things better."

Said Boris Johnson, quoted in "A Surprising Role Model Emerges for Boris Johnson: F.D.R./The British prime minister, trying to regroup in the coronavirus pandemic, wants to bury Thatcherism and embark on a program of ambitious public works" (NYT).Mr. Johnson is a Conservative populist who ran on a platform of pulling Britain out of the European Union and had, until now, modeled himself on Roosevelt’s wartime ally, Winston Churchill....One of [Johnson's] closest advisers, Michael Gove, recently [...
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"Bret, you’re the perfect Biden pitchman. Really, you deserve a statue."

Said Gail Collins to Bret Stephens in "Is Statue-Toppling a Monumental Error?/Where you place yourself along the vanguard-to-vandals spectrum says a lot about how you see the past — and the future" (NYT).Here's Stephens's perfect pitch:If Bernie Sanders had been the nominee, I’d be writing in someone’s name.... But the idea that a Biden presidency would be a threat to the Republic is laughable: It would be a return to politics as we used to know it before the proverbial sacking of Rome.My pitch ...
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"Why are you fighting me?"

“Why are you protecting it?!”BLM activist gets into a verbal exchange with an older black guy who was speaking up against tearing the statue down.#emancipationstatue— Sagnik Basu (@_sagnikbasu) June 27, 2020 [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"Just because he was anti-slavery doesn’t mean he was pro-Black" — UW-Madison students demanding the beloved Lincoln statue be extracted from its place of honor in the center of campus.

I'm reading the news report at Channel 3000 with near disbelief. This is not like the Lincoln statue in Washington D.C. that's been deemed problematic because he's looming over the figure of a slave like he's such a big shot "Emancipator."This is a lone, seated figure that has presided over Bascom Mall for decades and is inscribed on the hearts of those who have spent time — as I did for more than 30 years — at Wisconsin's beautiful university. I've taken many photographs of the statue, but I'll...
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Did mainstream media just make a decision to downplay the protests? Was there some poll? Did the ratings come in?

Did the events in Madison, Wisconsin — with the toppling of a statue to the abstraction of progress and a statute of an antislavery hero — suddenly wake everyone up to the downside of encouraging chaos? I'm looking at The NYT and The Washington Post, and all the top stories are about Covid19 — the big story that the protests had overcome and submerged. Covid is back with a vengeance.On the WaPo home page, the "above the fold" area is full of Covid19 headlines. Then there are a few things about t...
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WATCH: Two statues pulled down in Madison in Wisconsin during overnight protests.— NBC News (@NBCNews) June 24, 2020 [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"God has honored us in the Islamic State to remove all of these idols and statues worshiped instead of Allah in the past days."

"Whenever we seize a piece of land, we will remove signs of idolatry and spread monotheism."Statements from a video I blogged in 2015.This was horrifyingly brutish to me at the time, but it feels lofty compared to what is happening in the United States in 2020. [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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"Protesters attempted to topple a bronze statue of former president Andrew Jackson in a park next to the White House on Monday night but were thwarted when police intervened."

"The scene unfolded dramatically as hundreds of demonstrators protesting police brutality locked arms around the statue in Lafayette Square shortly before 8 p.m., while chanting, 'Hey, hey, ho, ho, Andrew Jackson’s got to go.' Inside the metal pickets surrounding the statue, a smaller group — some clad in black with goggles, helmets and gas masks — scaled the statue and draped ropes around the seventh president astride a horse. Someone scrawled 'killer' in black on the pedestal below.... In a ch...
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"I want to see you brave and manly and I also want to see you gentle and tender."

Words from Theodore Roosevelt, firmly attached to a wall near the entrance of the Museum of Natural History, photographed by me in 2007, and dug up this morning on the occasion of the news that the TR statue will be removed from its sublime place of prominence in front of the museum.The NYT reports:[T]he museum’s president, Ellen V. Futter... made clear that the museum’s decision was based on the statue itself — namely its “hierarchical composition”—- and not on Roosevelt, whom the museum contin...
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"'chunk" and 'chunks' two posts down. Lot of chunk-ing this morning. How often has that word appeared in your posts over the years?"

TML writes in the comments to a post that begins with the Trump quote "So they take over a big chunk of a city called Seattle."The other post is about a city that "voted to name a park for a 1970 explosion that rained chunks of rotting whale flesh on curious bystanders." So how often has "chunk" come up over the 16 years of this blog? Oh, maybe 50 or 100, but the most interesting thing is that one time, back in 2015, it came up twice in one day and I made it the word of the day:"Chunk" is the wo...
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"Is it me, or do we seem to have a problem with sculpture today? I don’t mean contemporary sculpture..."

"... whose fashionable stars (see Koons, Murakami et alia) pander to our appetite for spectacle and whatever’s new. I don’t mean ancient or even non-Western sculpture, either. I mean traditional European sculpture — celebrities like Bernini and Rodin aside — and American sculpture, too: the enormous universe of stuff we come across in churches and parks, at memorials and in museums like the Bode. The stuff Barnett Newman, the Abstract Expressionist painter, notoriously derided as objects we bump...
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Toppling Albert Pike... "Why are the cops letting this happen?"

Beyond pathetic. Why are the cops letting this happen? — Andrew Sullivan (@sullydish) June 20, 2020 I had to ask who was Albert Pike. Here's Wikipedia:In 1861, Pike penned the lyrics to "Dixie to Arms!" At the beginning of the war, Pike was appointed as Confederate envoy to Native American nations. In this capacity he negotiated several treaties, one of the most important being with Cherokee chief John Ross, which was concluded in 1861. At the time, Ross agreed to suppo...
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