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Debord and Wolman—Détournement

Guy Debord and Gil J Wolman "A User's Guide to Détournement" (1956) in Situationist International Anthology (2006) trans. and ed. Ken Knabb pp. 14-21 It is not just returning to the past which is reactionary; even "modern" cultural objectives are ultimately reactionary since they depend on ideological formulations of a past society that has prolonged its death agony to the present. The only historically justified tactic is extremist innovation. (14) Unfortunately it is not only our various und...
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Détournement as Resistance to Ownership of the Commons

McKenzie Wark The Beach Beneath the Street (2011) pp.40-41—Détournement as resistance to ownership of the commons The only problem I have with this is that it deprives the person making the reclamation of the transformative struggle which comes with striving for a unique, original accomplishment. Perhaps wholesale appropriations are crucial for their potential to remind collective society of its collective aspects; but the perpetrator has, as I take Debord to have said repeatedly, not accomplish...
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Vincent Kaufmann on Détournement

Kaufmann/Bononno, Guy Debord It's true that détournement is also based on a technique of dissimulation, if we insist on using the term, even though it would be more correct to speak of it as a ruse or feint. But it is at the very least problematic to attribute such a technique to the practice—considered shameful or inadmissable— of autobiography, a larvatus prodeo to which no more than a handful of self-proclaimed scholars hold the key. Reading Debord is not like a game of Trivial Pursuit, and...
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Détourn or Deform?

"A Maximum of Openness: Jacqueline de Jong in conversation with Karen Kurczynski" in Expect Anything Fear Nothing (2011) ed. Rasmussen and Jakobsen p. 195 JdJ: ... If you look at it, you can see that I printed it in the smallest font possible so that no one could read it. And it was on purpose. I was already at that moment not very happy with the guys in Drakabygget, mainly Thorsen, I must say. The Drakabygget people were making détournements of articles of mine, such as "Gog and Magog," in thei...
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Détournement and the Form-Content Binary

Anselm Jappe Guy Debord (1993) trans. Donald Nicholson-Smith (1999) ...Debord's whole conception of society is founded on détournement: all the elements needed for a free life are already at hand, both culturally and technologically speaking; they have merely to be modified as to their meanings, and organized differently. (61) In other words, nothing is new under the sun; but does that truism point to the Timelessness of what we've always had, or to its changeability via being "modified as to [i...
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Lipstick Traces—Détournement Is Quick, You Are Slow

Greil Marcus Lipstick Traces: A Secret History of the Twentieth Century (1989) [My notes say:] p. 403—"On its own page, "The Cathars Were Right" is funnier and more ominous than I can make it. My translation is slow and détournement is always quick—a new world in a double take, in the blink of an eye." Even as a skeptic, I can probably grant this much as far as it goes. In fact the quickness angle suggests an unassailable test for the skeptic to deploy in making an empirical or anecdotal study o...
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Karen Kurczynski—Détournement and Sexual Objectification

Kurczynski, The Art and Politics of Asger Jorn p. 186—in an endnote Baum ["The Sex of the Situationist International", 2008] defends the SI's use of erotic images of women as critical détournements. I would argue that those images fail to accomplish the SI's critical goals, however, because even out of context they continue to function as heterosexist images of the female body as passive object of desire. Without yet having read Baum's article, I'm predisposed to agree with KK's assessment here....
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postcards showing a hidden truth / Greetings from copycat land

THE ORIGINAL? Amnesty International – 2017 “The cities that welcome tourists, mistreat immigrants” Click the image to enlarge Agency : Young & Rubicam Santiago (Chile) LESS ORIGINAL Change the ref association – 2021 “The american shamecards collection” Click the image to enlarge Source : Ad Forum Agency : Mullen Lowe, Boston (USA) [Author: Joe La Pompe]
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Hijacked logotype & breast cancer / Deux idées à touche touche?

THE ORIGINAL? Breast Cancer foundation – 2014 “If only you checked your breasts as often” Agency : DDB (Singapore) LESS ORIGINAL Honda – Breast Cancer Awareness –   2019 “Touch Yourself” Source : Agency : Made in Space (Spain) [Author: Joe La Pompe]
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Devalued advertising idea? / Une idée quelque peu dévaluée?

THE ORIGINAL? AAUW #TheNew10 – 2016 Wage inequalities awareness – Women’s Day Source : EPICA GOLD, CLIOS BRONZE Agency : Rethink, Toronto/LA (Canada/USA) LESS ORIGINAL Scotia bank Perú “Billetes Mujer” – 2018 Wage inequalities awareness – Women’s Day Source : Codigo Agency : Wunderman Phantasia (Peru) [Author: Joe La Pompe]
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Mobile Phone Anachronism / Une copie qui manque de noblesse?

THE ORIGINAL? Livraria cultura Multimedia Store – 2017 “ The latest smartphones are here ” Source : Agency : Candy Shop Curitiba (Brazil) LESS ORIGINAL Davivienda Bank– 2018 “Anyone can live in the future” Source : Agency : Leo Burnett Bogota (Colombia) [Author: Joe La Pompe]
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