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The Best TV Shows and Movies Coming to HBO Max This Month

Warner Bros. made headlines when it announced that Wonder Woman 1984 would simultaneously be heading to theaters and to HBO Max on Christmas Day this year. But while we’re excited to see Diana’s latest adventure, there are plenty of other TV shows and films arriving on the service this month to tide you over. Read on to discover our choices, and then see the entire list below. Best Films Coming to HBO Max This Month True Grit (2010) Hailee Steinfeld’s star-making performance is still pr...
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Princess Diana's royal wedding would look like this in 2020

Princess Diana's nuptials with Prince Charles in 1981 went down as one of the most...
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The Crown has slipped: how the Netflix epic captures our relationship with the royals

While the fourth series has come under fire for factual inaccuracy, it is just one of many series to reflect the royals long history of mythmaking‘Let’s get it over with,” sighs Prince Philip as he reluctantly prepares to venture towards a crowd of adoring subjects. On the one hand, this moment in The Crown has the ring of truth: realistically, why would members of the royal family be enthusiastic about meeting yet another mob of curtsying, awestruck plebs? It must be tremendously boring. And ye...
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Tips For Caring For Valuable Family Jewelry

Duchess Kate Middleton is wearing what, for many, is one of the most iconic jewelry pieces known to humankind: Princess Diana’s engagement ring – a stunning 12-carat Ceylon sapphire and diamond ring that was actually a catalog item. Interestingly enough, Prince Charles gifted Camilla Parker Bowles what many would deem a far more ‘meaningful’ gift – a family heirloom that had once belonged to one of Charles’s favorite relatives. This is a perfect instance of the different emotions...
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Princess Diana's butler Paul Burrell responds to divisive The Crown scenes

"That's what I saw behind closed doors."
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December 2020 Leadership Development Carnival

Welcome to the December 2020 Leadership Development Carnival! We’re excited to share posts from leadership experts from around the globe on the topics of communication, development, engagement, motivation, productivity, team building, and more. Communication Bernd Geropp provided One-on-One meetings: Why to do them and what questions to ask . Bernd shares: “ One-one-one meetings create trust: Why do you need them? What do you actually talk about and how often should you do one-on-ones? ” F...
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Fashion News Roundup: November 2020

A more size-inclusive line from Jason Wu, strong reactions to a coat shown on a TV show, and more news from the fashion trenches in November. Jason Wu is bringing out a more size-inclusive line – with sizes from 0-32 — in collaboration with QVC. People are reacting very strongly to the green coat that Nicole Kidman is wearing on TV show “The Undoing”. Former Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh has died at age 46. Prince Charles and Net-a-Porter have launched a sustainable fashion collection to support textil...
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Remembering the Massive Bombshells From Princess Diana's Intense 1995 BBC Interview

Princess Diana's sit-down that aired on the BBC's Panorama 25 years ago produced the infamous "there were three of us in this marriage"...
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15 photos show how Princess Diana and Prince Charles' relationship changed over time - Insider

Their marriage faced obstacles — including Charles' relationship with Camilla-Parker Bowles — from the very beginning.
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What Kristen Stewart Finds ‘Intimidating’ About Playing Princess Diana

Portraying one of the most famous and beloved public figures of all time sounds like a pretty daunting task.
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Prince Charles and Princess Diana Had a Significant Age Gap

The Princess of Wales's parents also shared the same age difference.
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Princess Diana gun controversy: Earl Spencer withdraws shotgun as The Crown sparks chaos

PRINCESS DIANA'S brother Earl Spencer has been forced to withdraw a shotgun he initially put up for auction over concerns his late...
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The Crown: Princess Diana’s Vienna Concorde Flight Gets Recreated

The Crown has been praised for depicting the drama of the royal family since its launch four years…
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Princess Diana was ‘traumatised after Prince Charless public insult

The infamous moment occurred before Prince Charles and Princess Diana were even married
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'The Crown' Season 4 fact check: Historian explains what really happened with Charles and Diana

Does the Queen have a favorite child? How bad was Charles and Diana's marriage? We asked a historian all about "The Crown" Season 4.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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8 major moments from Prince Charles and Princess Diana's marriage that 'The Crown' didn't show - Insider

Season 4 of "The Crown" covers the tumultuous marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, but it leaves out major events in their...
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Queen's former Press Secretary says Charles and Diana WERE in love

Speaking to True Royalty TV's The Royal Beat, the Queen's former Press Secretary Dickie Arbiter said the popular Netflix series should...
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"Behind the frustration with 'The Crown' is a recognition that, right or wrong, its version of the royal family is likely to serve as the go-to narrative for a generation of viewers..."

"... particularly young ones, who do not remember the 1980s, let alone the more distant events covered in earlier seasons. 'They’ll watch it and think this is the way it was,' said Dickie Arbiter, who served as a press secretary to the queen from 1988 to 2000. He took issue with parts of the plot, including a scene in which aides to Charles question Diana about whether she is mentally stable enough to travel alone to New York City. 'I was actually at that meeting,' Mr. Arbiter said. 'No courtier...
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Prince Harry's Response to Reports That He's Ruining Princess Diana's Legacy

A source close to Prince Harry responded to rumors that he is not supportive of Prince William and therefore not supportive of Princess...
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Australian Government Proposes Content Quotas for International Platforms – Global Bulletin

In today’s Global Bulletin, streamers face potential content quotas in Australia, Leonine hires former Red Arrow exec Nina Etspueler, Channel 4 commissions a second Diana doc and Tallinn’s industry section announces its winners. QUOTA Global platforms facing imminent local production quotas across Europe could be looking at a similar situation in Australia, where new proposed […]
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Lush Jewel Toned Wedding With Late Night Tacos

Diana and Rob’s lush jewel toned wedding is living proof that the best things in life involve tacos. Well, tacos, modern metallics and a whole lot of flowers! Brittany Jean Photography captured all these lovely details and more in the enchanting gallery below. You’re sure to pause at every single frame! With a strong presence… Lush Jewel Toned Wedding With Late Night Tacos - Ruffled
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Princess Diana flashes a cheeky grin in rare bikini photos

Unearthed photos shows her aboard a luxury yacht with trusted fashion designer pals.
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British-only passport holders barred from playing Prince William in new film

Casting notice for a biopic starring Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana stipulates that British-European passport holders need not apply for the role of her sonBritish actors will be barred from auditioning to play Prince William in a forthcoming film, because of new restrictions introduced after the country separates from the EU in January.A new casting notice asking for boys aged between nine and 12 years old, who could conceivably play William at age 11, stipulates that only European passport ...
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Prince Charles and Camilla turn off Twitter comments after 'The Crown'

“Money can buy you fancy clothes and jewelry, but not DIANA’s class or charm or magnetic presence. You can never replace her in a...
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Charles Spencer offers sympathy to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Princess Diana's brother Charles Spencer offered his sympathy to his nephew Prince...
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Princess Diana's brother Earl Spencer speaks out on 'appalling' BBC Panorama scandal

Diana's brother Earl Spencer was left 'appalled' at what happened behind the scenes regarding her BBC interview in 1995 and at 'who knew...
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Princess Diana's Real-Life "Uptown Girl" Dance Partner Opens Up: "We Brought the House Down"

"I was shaking in the wings. What if she doesn’t like it? What if I dropped the future Queen of England?"
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Auf Staffel 5 von The Crown müssen wir jetzt lange warten

Achtung: Es folgen Spoiler zur vierten Staffel von The Crown! Das Finale von Staffel 4 fühlte sich definitiv an wie ein Abschied – von den Achtzigern, von Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson), von sämtlichem Mitgefühl für Prinz Charles. In vielerlei Hinsicht war die zehnte und letzte Folge der Staffel aber nur der Anfang von etwas Neuem; und da sich die Serie immer mehr dem Hier und Jetzt nähert, wissen wir auch, was da auf uns zukommt. Konkret erwarten uns in Staffel 5 nämlich die 1990...
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The Crown Season 4 Episode 9 and Episode 10 Recap

The Crown Season 4 Episode 9 and Episode 10 Recap In the previous episode of Netflix’s The Crown, Princess Margaret learned of family members who her mother kept secret, and Elizabeth dismissed her press secretary for writing a scandalous article. In The Crown Season 4 Episode 9, a deadly avalanche pushed Charles and Diana to work on their marriage, and in The Crown Season 4 Episode 10, Thatcher faced a political challenge. Trying While on a ski trip, Charles got caught up in avalanche tha...
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Rare photo of original bridesmaid dress worn at Charles and Diana's wedding surfaces

With a renewed interest in Prince Charles and Princess Diana's marriage thanks to The...
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