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Best places to eat near Vatican City

There are a handful of religious sites around the world that every traveler should see, regardless of their beliefs or background. Vatican City is one of those. While you walk on the holy cobblestones, however, you’re far more likely to hear echoes of vendors barking “tickets” and “skip the line” than you are to hear angels singing soothing melodies. But if you know where to look, the Roman area around the Vatican offers secluded beauty, incredible food, and locations where you can take some ...
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Nordic road trip midnight sun

In the northern hemisphere, summer solstice officially kicks off the summer. For countries on this side of the world, the longest day of the year falls between June 21st and 23rd – but in the upper regions of Norway, Sweden, and Finland, the “longest day” lasts well more than a day. Here, the sun circles the sky, never dipping below the horizon for weeks on end. If you want to experience the white nights – to go on a hike, ski a slope, or just read a book outside in the middle of the night – ...
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