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A Vietnamese-American Theatre Critic Finally Sees Her Stories Onstage — And Feels What She Had Barely Known Was Missing

“There is a line in The Scarlet Letter: ‘She had not known the weight, until she felt the freedom.’ I hadn’t known the weight of transposing myself into other people’s bodies until I no longer had to do it.” Diep Tran writes about Vietgone and Poor Yella Rednecks, the first two parts of a planned five-play cycle by Qui Nguyen about his family’s journey from Vietnam and settlement in the U.S. – American Theatre
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How Should TCG's Publication, American Theatre, Handle The Many MeToo Reports It Collected?

The magazine has never done investigative journalism, and it's been a bit overwhelmed by the number of serious, credible incidents it has heard about since senior editor Diep Tran asked for stories. "We opted to share with major news outlets the names of survivors, with their permission; these publications later produced high-profile news reports that […]
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Is This Really The Right Time For A Spate Of Male-Authored, Male-Directed Musicals About Subservient Women To Come To Broadway?

Diep Tran: "There is one question that has been lingering both for me and many other women in and around the theatre: If we're going to stage these retrograde works" - Pretty Woman, My Fair Lady, Carousel and Kiss Me, Kate are all on Broadway this season - "and 'reinvent' them for the 21st century, […]
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The 20 Most-Produced Playwrights Of 2017-18 (Excepting Shakespeare)

Editor Diep Tran: "This year, when I finished calculating the ... list for 2017-18, and saw who was at the top, I let out a laugh. 'Of course!' I exclaimed. I was not surprised by the name at the top; she had been on it last year, at No. 2, just under August Wilson. It […]
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Four Ways Theatre Critics Could Be Less Racist

Diep Tran: "We theatre journalists are a marginalized minority ourselves: overworked, underpaid, and constantly fighting to justify our existence. We’re not all that different from the artists we claim to love. And if we really love theatre, then we need to find a better way to talk about the diverse people who make it. Because right now, we—whose job […]
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'Ibsen Cross-Pollinated With The Marvel Cinematic Universe' - Only It's About Nigerian Immigrants

Diep Tran profiles actress/playwright Mfoniso Udofia and her "Ufot Cycle," a planned series of nine plays. (About two of them, the New York Times's Jesse Green wrote, "[they] offer a moving and powerful corrective to the notion that what immigrants leave behind is always awful, and that what they find is always worth the trip."
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How A Grass-Roots Movement Convinced Equity To Get Major Raises For Off-Broadway Actors

Diep Tran tells the story of #FairWageOnstage.
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How 'Cheap Eats' Affect The People Who Make And Serve The Food

Chef and restaurant owner Diep Tran talks about how "Cheap Eats" lists might be good for customers, but bad for underpaid and overworked restaurant workers.
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