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The Beginner’s Guide For Search Engine Optimization For SaaS

If you have an SaaS company and wish to grow and expand it sustainably with the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), then we have a perfect guide for you. In this guide, we’ll focus on educating you about what SEO has to offer you and your company.  But, before we jump into this, let’s learn a little about SEO.SEO is a practice that has been around for as long as search engines existed. Through SEO, one can increase the quantity of quality traffic to their website via organic results of sea...
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Nextiva Invests in Company with New Hires, Promotions and Partner Program

Nextiva just announced it made the largest channel investment in the company’s history with the launch the Nextiva Nexus Channel Partner Program. Moreover, the investment comes along with the addition of some key talent to VP positions along with the promotion of Cathryn Valladares to VP of Enterprise Solutions. The move by Nextiva highlights the importance of investing in both capital and talent to keep your company growing. Granted not many small businesses can make the same moves as Nextiva ...
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POWER PLAYERS: Meet the 15 execs at Mastercard driving an ambitious push into new businesses built on cybersecurity, data, and analytics

Mastercard is one of the world's largest payment networks, but it's increasingly looking outside of its bread-and-butter businesses of processing debit and credit-card transactions. Its card-related revenues are down as spending slowed amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to its second-quarter earnings. Beyond cards, Mastercard is looking for new revenue opportunities, especially when it comes to monetizing the wealth of data it has. Here are the 15 execs at Mastercard leading the charge a...
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Zillow president: Digital real estate experience isn’t a flash in the pan

Zillow President Jeremy Wacksman discussed the digital tailwinds of COVID-19 with Brendan Wallace, the managing partner and co-founder of Fifth Wall Ventures.
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Boost Your Next PR Campaign With the Help of Digital Marketing

By Holly Rollins It’s a no-brainer that professionals in America spend an incredible amount of time online, an average of 22.5 hours per week, according to the . The majority of our consumer base is online. The result? Digital marketing and PR has never been more important. Digital vs. traditional PR Traditional PR is all about working with journalists to have your business featured in newspapers and magazines. Before the dotcom boom, PR specialists and publicists’ goals focused on the number...
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Announcing MediaNama Talk: A policy roadmap for the future of news in a digital world; August 18 #Ad

For the second edition of our MediaNama Talks (details below) we have Akriti Gaur, Aniruddh Nigam and Sreyan Chatterjee presenting their work on a report that attempts to formulate a roadmap for legal reforms to facilitate the transition of high-quality print journalism into the era of digital communications in a manner that furthers the public good. You can register to attend this session, we are hosting this on August 18, 12 NOON (IST). The news industry today stands at a vital crossroads. The...
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Daily Crunch: Apple removes Fortnite from the App Store

Epic Games takes on Apple, Instagram fixes a security issue and Impossible Foods raises $200 million. This is your Daily Crunch for August 13, 2020. The big story: Apple removes Fortnite from the App Store The controversy over Apple’s App Store policies has expanded to include Epic Games and its hit title Fortnite. The company introduced a direct payment option for its in-game currency on mobile, leading Apple to remove the app for violating App Store rules. “Epic enabled a feature in it...
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Boost Your Next PR Campaign With the Help of Digital Marketing

By Holly Rollins It’s a no-brainer that professionals in America spend an incredible amount of time online, an average of 22.5 hours per week, according to the . The majority of our consumer base is online. The result? Digital marketing and PR has never been more important. Digital vs. traditional PR Traditional PR is all about working with journalists to have your business featured in newspapers and magazines. Before the dotcom boom, PR specialists and publicists’ goals focused on the number...
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Kohl’s Cardholder Deal! Kalorik 26-qt. Digital MAXX Air Fryer Oven only $153.99 (reg. $219.99) + $30 Kohl’s Cash

  If it’s time to upgrade to a larger air fryer, get this highly rated and HUGE 26 qt one for a steal today! At Kohl’s get 30% off for cardholders with code PLEASANT30 + Free Shipping with code AUGMVCFREE You will also earn $10 in Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent. This Kalorik 26-qt. Digital MAXX Air... Read More
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5G offers a very human competitive advantage in the future of work

How can we put the human back into our digital connections? As we settle into patterns of work-from-home and work-from-anywhere, the challenge becomes ever more acute.While we have seen and achieved obvious benefits for productivity, carbon footprint, work-life etc we have yet to understand the negative impact on ideation, inspiration and social communication.The office still holds the whip hand for all these. But many companies were already working around that - and intend to do so in the fu...
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August 11 Blu-ray, Digital and DVD Releases

BEGIN SLIDESHOW August 11 Blu-ray, Digital and DVD Releases Welcome to’s August 11 Blu-ray, Digital HD and DVD column! We’ve highlighted this week’s releases in detailed write-ups of different titles below! Click each highlighted title to purchase through Amazon! New Movies on Blu-ray/DVD The High Note When music superstar Grace is presented with a choice that could alter her career, her aspiring-music-producer assistant comes up with a plan that changes their lives fore...
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Judd Apatow, Pete Davidson Announce King of Staten Island Digital & Blu-ray Release!

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Judd Apatow, Pete Davidson Announce King of Staten Island Digital & Blu-ray Release! To celebrate the release of The King of Staten Island on Digital, filmmaker Judd Apatow and star Pete Davidson shared a new video announcing the news while revealing fans can expect hours of bonus content, including some deleted scenes. You can pre-order the Blu-ray edition, available on August 25, or order your Digital copy now here and check out the video below! PB...
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Tech sales and marketing salaries revealed: How much enterprise giants IBM, Oracle, Dell, Cisco, and VMware pay sales reps, managers, and consultants (ORCL, VMW, IBM, CSCO, DELL)

Sales and marketing are important roles in the enterprise tech market, especially with the fast-growing cloud computing trend. These sales and marketing jobs typically pay six-figure salaries. IBM hired technical sales leaders in California with salaries of $240,000. VMware hired a senior product line marketing manager in California with a salary of $240,000. Oracle hired a sales consulting manager in California with a salary of $140,000 to $207,000. Here's a survey of what Oracle, IBM, Dell,...
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Forecasting trends has to be the ultimate poison chalice in these uncertain times, but we’ve highlighted three major trends to weaponise your marketing strategy for the rest of 2020.It’s Christmas – but not as we know it According to the latest research Santa (ahem) will be buying his gifts differently this year. So, if your business relies on the gifting market or you just need a really good festive season to fill your bank balance, then this is one major trend it’s good to know. Pundits are pr...
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Weight Watchers WW Canada Offer: Join for $1 + Only $16/Month

Weight Watchers WW Canada has a good offer to help you get healthier and lose weight. Join for $1 + starting at only $16 a month! Join for $1 + starting at only $16 a month: Join with a discounted Starter Fee of only $1 (regularly $34.99), plus pay a discounted monthly fee of $16 when you purchase select Commitment Plans ($16/month for 12-Month Digital plan, $18/month for 6-Month Digital plan, and $20/month for 3-Month Digital plan or $34/month for 12-Month Virtual Workshop + Digital plan, $36/...
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From Brand Safety to Brand Suitability

Brand safety has been high on marketers’ agendas since the 2017 YouTube crisis, when some advertisers found their ads next to terrorist videos. Yet the blunt tool response that followed has brought its own problems.  Many brands started addressing brand safety with overly broad keyword blacklists that can penalize legitimate content and make it harder to find audiences, limiting reach and engagement. Tracy De Groose, CEO of UK Newsworks described the situation this way: “You might thin...
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New Release Review [Digital/VOD] - SPUTNIK

In 1983, a cosmonaut returns to Earth, unaware that his body is hosting an alien symbiote. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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The Predictable Recipe Of Branding

From an interview/podcast I just made with the great Chiara Covone on Marketing & Branding. Great discussion. Today we are going to talk about brands, brands from today and tomorrow. You worked with many well known brands over the years, in very different industries. What do you think all successful brands have in common? I agree with the definition of Professor Sharp, which is very clear in this respect. Successful brands usually command a vast market share, generated by mental an...
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Is It Too Late To Pandemic-Proof Your Business? 

by Lonny Kocina, CEO of Media Relations Agency and author of “The CEO’s Guide to Marketing: The Book Every Marketer Should Read Before Their Boss Does“ There are lessons to be learned from this current marketing environment. Not even the best prepared businesses could have planned for the economic fallout that is taking place during this pandemic. How should business owners and marketers respond? Is it too late to make effective changes to your marketing plan? There are still plenty of actions ...
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New Release Review [Digital] - YES, GOD, YES

A teenage girl struggles to supress her libido while on a Catholic school retreat. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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Why Should You Hire a Digital Growth Expert for Your Start-up Brand?

So, you’re just starting your new brand and you want to make a dramatic online presence. If you want to make this work, I’m about to warn you about the trap almost every start-up falls into when they approach digital marketing. Digital marketing might seem remarkably simple at first glance. You might be tempted to take this on yourself to save costs, perfectly understandable if you’re bootstrapping. Another common and half-hearted approach involves hiring a social media intern to start churning ...
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The 4 Ps that will power up your social performance

Very few organizations exist to post things on social media. We use social media to reach an audience that can help us achieve our goals. Your social performance – how well you use your social media channels to engage your target audience — is important. If you have high levels of audience engagement, your channels can play an essential role in achieving your goals. So how do you achieve high social performance? We’re glad you asked! Here are 4 Ps we use to guide our efforts at achieving high so...
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Amazon US spend $XX get $YY credit - Aug 5-12

Amazon US is at it again with the "Spend $XX, get $YY credit" thing. This looks totally similar to the last few times they have done this. Sometimes this offer has showed up in my email and sometimes as a banner ad. This time it showed up as a banner ad. The amounts sometimes seem to vary by person - this time, for me, it's $8 credit for $30 purchase, which is more than a 25% credit. This works great for me, since I'll have no trouble making the purchases (I have a couple of expensive non-...
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As e-commerce accelerates, fintech startups raised record $100M rounds in Q2

Reading headlines here and there, one might assume that venture capital interest in fintech startups is setting records every quarter. After all: didn’t Robinhood raise $280 million and $320 million more this year? Stripe raised $600 million just a few minutes ago, and wasn’t it Monzo that raised £60 million a few weeks back? Oh, and Hippo raised $150 million the other day. And what about that huge Plaid exit earlier in the year and Chime’s jillion dollars that came right before 2019 ended? T...
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The best deals on PlayStation 4 consoles, controllers, and games right now — including $20 off 'Persona 5 Royal'

  Sony's PlayStation 4 has dominated the video game industry since it launched in November 2013, and deals on consoles, games, and accessories are frequently offered. Though the PlayStation 5 is due out in late 2020, Sony says it plans to continue supporting the PS4 for years to come thanks to its huge install base. The PlayStation 4 still has plenty of new games on the way, and you can find lots of great discounts on PS4 classics, even with a new console generation on the horizon. Right now,...
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The best deals on Xbox One consoles, controllers, and games right now — including $49 off 'Rage 2'

  The Xbox One X is still the most powerful video game console on the market, and Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox One games will be playable on its upcoming Xbox Series X as well. Low cost subscription services, like Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass, also bring tons of value and affordable games to the Xbox One. Below, we've compiled the best deals on Xbox consoles, games, accessories, and subscriptions. Right now, "Rage 2" is on sale for $10.99, which is $49 off its regular price. Microsoft d...
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‘The King of Staten Island’ Hits Blu-ray in August, Watch a Clip About Pete Davidson’s Personal Comedy

The King of Staten Island was intended to be released in theaters this summer, but Universal Pictures and director Judd Apatow thought it was better to release the movie on Premium VOD rather than waiting for movie theaters to reopen. Unfortunately, that means what should have been Pete Davidson‘s big screen breakthrough only ended up on the small screen. Thankfully, a new featurette teasing the movie’s arrival on Blu-ray dives into how personal and important this story was to the Saturday Nigh...
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Brand Moves for Tuesday August 4

Twenty-three weeks ago, when the gravity of the situation became clear, we started daily reporting on how brands were dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. What’s now becoming clear is that the current climate is one of near-perpetual disruption. So we made the decision to keep on telling the stories of inspiring brand leadership and strategy amid the latest crises in an anxious world. Our goal remains the same: to provide an up-to-the-minute source of information, inspiration and insight on brand ...
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Serialized fiction startup Radish raises $63.2M from SoftBank and Kakao

Radish is announcing that it has raised $63.2 million in new funding. Breaking up book-length stories into smaller chapters that are released over days or weeks is an idea that was popularized in the 19th century, and startups have been trying to revive it for at least the past decade. Still, this round represents a major step up in funding, not just for Radish (which only raised around $5 million previously), but also compared to other startups in a relatively nascent market. (Digital fiction s...
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Digitised credits to AI: Tech-related provisions in National Education Policy 2020

The National Education Policy 2020, which was released on July 29, had a number of tech-related proposals, including promoting artificial intelligence, starting from including it in the education curriculum, to making funds available for research in the area. The policy also proposed to create an Academic Bank of Credit (ABC) to digitally store academic credits earned by students from various recognised institutes of higher education, so that these institutes can award degrees to students after ...
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