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Managing Your Business’ Online Presence

There was a time when local business owners didn’t need to worry much about the internet. It wasn’t until 20 or 30 years ago that many consumers even had access to the internet, and the early internet wasn’t too concerned with the local business landscape. When internet users took to search engines such as Google, they saw national results and big national businesses. And when customers wanted to use local services or find local stores, they still turned to old-fashioned phone books. Today, ...
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Interview with National Business Radio

Tim Peter, founder and president of Tim Peter & Associates, will be interviewed on National Business Radio FM on Thursday morning, January 24, at 11:16AM EST. The discussion will focus on how he’s built a successful consulting firm over the last eight years, how hotels and other businesses can use digital to successfully connect with their consumers, and where digital will take business in the coming years. You can listen live at If you’re looking to learn even more about how changin...
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Your Quick Guide to Digital Marketing in 2019

Digital marketing keeps evolving. From the days of keyword stuffing to a time when the very need for keyword optimization is being questioned, it’s been quite a ride already. 2019 won’t be any different. While the basics of how businesses get their names seen and messages heard on digital platforms might not change, certain details will. In this blog, we provide a quick guide on how to approach digital marketing throughout the year to stay ahead of your competition. Step 1: Understand what digi...
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Top Marketing Resources for CMOs in 2019

A seat at the executive table for marketers in the form of the CMO role has not come without costs. CMOs have half the tenure of CEOs and the spotlight is on marketing leadership like never before. While it’s undoubtedly a tough job, there's plenty of opportunity. More than 25% of CEOs at large publicly traded companies have a marketing background. A CMO title has become the ultimate goal for many marketers and those that make the grade have to continue working hard on advancing their knowled...
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3 Tips for Thriving in a Changing Market

Over the last few years, agents have enjoyed a period of soaring home prices, lower interest rates, and a historic housing shortage, creating the ideal market for home sellers, and business for the listing agents at your firm.
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How To Start Publishing From Scratch on Instagram

To start off with good standing, publish between 5 and 10 photos right after creating your account. This way you do not lose any opportunity and the first visitors that arrive at your profile will know what it is going and what kind of content you are going to publish. Instagram posts consist of: 1. Photo or Video (get attention). The image or video that you post is the main element and, therefore, the one that should attract the most followers. Post content that  draws the attention of the n...
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Growth Hacks To Take Your Content Marketing To The Next Level

by Prince Kapoor It can be difficult to develop a content marketing strategy that best suits your needs. Additionally, you will have to understand the type of audience your business caters to. It is also important to develop high-quality content for that audience. Ideally, content must be engaging, so that people get interested in reading and sharing them. The only drawback in this, otherwise perfect process, is that it is time-consuming. Plus, if one does not do it the right way, chances of ge...
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How Your Website Can Be Your Biggest Digital Strategy Opportunity

Building a website is easier than ever. It is the foundation of your digital strategy and is one of the most effective means of advertising your products. Lead Generation A website helps you generate leads while you are asleep. More than 80% of customers research a product online before purchasing it. This means that they visit Google and type the keywords related to the product, such as the ‘Best Casual Trousers.’ You can optimize your website in the search engines to boost the chances of par...
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How Local SEO Levels the Online Playing Field for SMEs and Corporations

Sponsored There’s no doubt that when it comes to business, corporations and large businesses can run circles around small and medium-sized businesses. A corporation has teams of marketers, designers, researchers, and business experts focused on creating the most profit for the least amount of expenses. A small business, on the other hand, is your local mom-and-pop store with one or two part-time employees not very knowledgeable on the products the store features. Larger companies generally have ...
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Automated Ad Buying Puts Banking Brands At Risk

Years of reputation building can go down the drain with just a few negative ad placements. Here's the downside to "programmatic" ad buys. The post Automated Ad Buying Puts Banking Brands At Risk appeared first on The Financial Brand.
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How to Choose a B2B Marketing Agency that Can Evolve with Your Needs

B2B brands’ marketing departments are constantly evolving. Over the past 10 years, marketing teams have undergone a seismic shift to accommodate changing technology, millennial consumers and employees, and to breakdown silos between marketing and the rest of the business. To keep pace with the changing marketplace, many B2B brands are working to find the perfect balance between growing out their in-house digital marketing team and partnering with an external digital marketing agency . ...
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20 Ways to Integrate Your Content Marketing and Boost Results

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Q&A With Aquare Founder Bogdan Stevanovic On How PR Is Becoming Increasingly Digital

“Times have changed. Press coverage used to be the be all and end all of PR, but today traditional PR is only one part of a campaign. So if you’re… Read more » The post Q&A With Aquare Founder Bogdan Stevanovic On How PR Is Becoming Increasingly Digital appeared first on
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Do I Need a Digital Marketing Strategy?

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[ADV] Best Strategies For Online Referrals In Digital Marketing

Innovation in digital marketing is not turbid or short-lived. It keeps innovating the digital society for better exposure. Strategic digital marketing is much awesome to create vast space for generating revenues and a lot of money earning scope. Use the best strategies for online referral program which expands the investment process to let the startup companies thrive with the solid arsenal to get success. In this regard, – online referrals for digital marketing can help...
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Two Key Marketing Opportunities Amid Stories of Fake Traffic and Fraudulent Metrics

“What you know you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.” — Morpheus, The Matrix ~~~~~ "How much of the internet is fake?" pondered the headline of a late-December New York Magazine feature , before answering its own question: "A lot actually." What followed was a systematic unpacking of that premise, via author Max Re...
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Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing: Which is Better in 2019?

Out of all businesses, 83% claim digital marketing works for them. When it comes to traditional marketing vs digital marketing, which is better? People think traditional marketing works better than online marketing. It’s still easier to determine your ROI (return on investment) with digital marketing. Here’s what you should know about digital marketing vs traditional […] The post Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing: Which is Better in 2019? appeared first on Blogging Tips.
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Google Online Safety Roadshow

This Google’s video series gives a nice bite-sized overview of many important online safety topics including thinking before you share, protecting your stuff, knowing and using your settings properly, avoiding scams, and being positive. Tip #1: Think before you share Tip #2: Protect Your Stuff Tip #3: Know & Use Your Settings Tips #4: Avoid Scams Tips #5: Be Positive! The post appeared first on Dubai Digital Marketing Training &...
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3 Ways to Collect Quality Contacts Base for Blogger Outreach

You published five posts in February, zero in March, three in April. Does it sound like a proper guest blogging strategy? Well, clearly it doesn’t. The main idea of guest blogging is consistency and regularity. Since there are so many other bloggers and services, you risk being forgotten too soon because of such gaps. If you want to start doing real content marketing, you’ll have to plan up to 10 publications per month. And here is where the biggest problem appears: the lack of quality platf...
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12 Marketing Experts Reveal How to Crush Your Competition in 2019

p With the new year in full swing, my wonderful colleagues — the marketing experts here at Convince & Convert — came up with 23 ideas for making your marketing and customer experience AMAZING in 2019. In no particular order, here are our favorite recommendations for making 2019 your best year yet. These are the things that not many companies are doing well, but if you do, you will be sure to crush your competition this year. Let’s go! Jay Baer, Founder, Convince & Convert 1. Leverage artificia...
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How Financial Marketers Can Bridge the ‘Digital Trust Gap’

Financial marketers need to think 'right-brain' and tap people's emotions with a strategy that combines automation and personalization. The post How Financial Marketers Can Bridge the ‘Digital Trust Gap’ appeared first on The Financial Brand.
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What You Need to Know About Types of Video Captions

Way back in 1983, I got my first caption decoder. It was a box about the size of two stacked DVD players. (As shown in header photo from Smithsonian.) Whenever I recorded TV shows, the captions burned into the video. That means I could take the tape and watch the show on any player and […]
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10 Incredible Digital Marketing Strategies to Put Your Hotel on the Map

by Robert Clough 35% of American families will go on at least one vacation during any given year. Given that the total American population is over 300 million, that represents a ton of opportunities for your hotel to book guests. The bullish economy we've been enjoying as of late has created a lot of competition in the hotel niche though... Buildings are going up faster than during previous years. Deals are getting better. Guests have more choices. Amidst that increased clutter, how can y...
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Should I Fire My Digital Marketing Agency? A Case Study

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3 Content Strategy Lessons from Seattle Interactive Conference

Recently, the team from Portent attended the latest installment of Seattle Interactive Conference, a fantastic digital conference just down the block from our shiny new home office. Thousands of attendees flocked to downtown Seattle and listened to dozens of speakers share their insights about the digital marketing landscape. (Portent’s own Tim Mehta spoke at SIC about friction in UX and how it affects a user’s journey.) As with any conference, some talks were riveting and others just missed the...
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Top 5 Pros and Cons Of The WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg Editor

One of the world’s best CMSs, WordPress, is being used by about 33% websites on the internet. Recently, a new update for WordPress, known as WordPress 5.0 “Bebo” was rolled out on 27 November 2018 along with its new editor, Gutenberg. While the standard editor worked fine, modern functionalities were still missing. Content creators, at present, thrive for a refreshing experience on the CMS, which is why WordPress launched the new editorial system. Redefining the process of website crea...
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BIGLIST of 50 Top Marketing Blogs for 2019 – Martech Edition

The post BIGLIST of 50 Top Marketing Blogs for 2019 – Martech Edition appeared first on Online Marketing Blog - TopRank®.
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The Role of Digital Marketing in Growing Your SME

Small and medium businesses have their work cut out for them when it comes to keeping up with larger competitors. Fortunately, technology and digitalization have made it easier to stay in the game. By using smart digital marketing techniques, a SME can grow their business significantly, especially when compared to relying solely on traditional advertising.                                                                                                                                    Credit: Ph...
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9 Ways Financial Marketers Can Get Content Marketing Right

Financial marketers need to create content that people actually want to read. But to pull this off, they must first understand their pain points. The post 9 Ways Financial Marketers Can Get Content Marketing Right appeared first on The Financial Brand.
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3 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About SEO

They say be innovative. They say be original. They say be yourself. That’s great and for some people, it’s the only way to succeed. In fact, Jeff Bezos said in an interview that all attempts to copy competitors with products kind of failed for Amazon. He claimed that they only ever succeeded when they invented entirely new solutions. However, what might be true for Jeff Bezos and Amazon, might not be the case for everyone. Remember the saying, keep your friends close and your enemies closer? The...
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