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Jake Johnson and Omar Sy, Welcome Back to Jurassic World!

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Jake Johnson and Omar Sy, Welcome Back to Jurassic World! Good news, Jurassic World fans! After sitting out the sequel, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Jake Johnson and Omar Sy will return for the trilogy capper as Lowery Cruthers and Barry Sembene, per The Hollywood Reporter. The pair join returning cast members Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, as well as original Jurassic Park stars Laura Dern, Sam Neill, and Jeff Goldblum. RELATED: New Onward TV Spot Takes You On ...
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'Reaper of death' who fed on other dinosaurs discovered

Scientists in Canada discover a new species of dinosaur.The species is named Thanatotheristes degrootorum, which stands for "Reaper of Death"The dinosaur lived about 79 million years ago. A new dinosaur species was found in Alberta, Canada. Related to Tyrannosaurs, the Thanatotheristes degrootorum is the oldest dinosaur ever found in the country, roaming its lands about 79 millions years ago. The newly-discovered species, the first such find in the last 50 years, shares a lineage with the fea...
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Canada’s Newest Tyrannosaur Is Named for a ‘Reaper of Death’

The specimen is older than T. Rex and other famous members of its family, which could fill in this apex predator’s family tree.
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'Reaper of death': scientists discover new dinosaur species related to T rex

Species is thought to be the oldest member of the T rex family yet discovered in northern North AmericaScientists in Canada have announced the discovery of a new species of dinosaur closely related to Tyrannosaurus rex that strode the plain of North America about 80m years ago. Related: Dinosaurs had feathers ruffled by parasites, study finds Continue reading...
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I Want Jurassic World 3’s Animatronic Triceratops as a Pet

Colin Trevorrow, the Star Wars director who wasn’t, is currently hard at work for the production of Jurassic World 3, the third in a series of Jurassic Park revival films that, whatever you think of their quality, have produced some lush dino-riffic special effects. Read more...
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When Dinosaurs Left Tracks in a Land Consumed by Lava and Fire

Dozens of footprints left by dinosaurs and other creatures were left in what is now South Africa before the Gondwana supercontinent broke up.
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Carnivorous Dinosaur Discovered in Utah Was a True Jurassic Nightmare

One of the things that really bugs me about the Jurassic Park movies is the prominent role given to Tyrannosaurus rex—a dinosaur that didn’t appear until the ensuing Cretaceous period. I am therefore thrilled to learn about Allosaurus jimmadseni, a newly described apex predator that, unlike T. rex, actually lived…Read more...
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Cool Stuff: New Funko POPs for ‘Empire Strikes Back’, ‘American Psycho’, ‘Dinosaurs’, Marilyn Monroe & More

The London Toy Fair hosted a variety of reveals for upcoming merchandise from your favorite movies and TV shows, but no one had more reveals than Funko and the never-ending line of Funko POPs vinyl figures. The toy company had dozens of new figures to reveal from a wide variety of programming ranging from The Empire Strikes Back and the Harry Potter franchise to Murder, She Wrote, Dinosaurs, American Psycho and even a classic Marilyn Monroe. Check out some of our favorite forthcoming 2020 Funko...
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Meteorite or Volcano? New Clues to the Dinosaurs’ Demise

Twin calamities marked the end of the Cretaceous period, and scientists are presenting new evidence of which drove one of Earth’s great extinctions.
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New Research Casts Doubt on Theory That Volcanoes Caused Dinosaur Extinction

Scientists have new evidence in their quest to settle the longstanding debate about whether it was a gigantic meteorite or massive volcanic eruptions that triggered the mass extinction that wiped out the dinosaurs. Read more...
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The largest insect that ever lived, the Dragonfly-like Meganeuropsis, had a wingspan of 28"

The Dragonfly-like Meganeuropsis was a giant insect that plied the skies from the Late Carboniferous to the Late Permian, some 317 to 247 million years ago. It had a wingspan of some 28" with a body length of around 17." Meganisoptera is an extinct family of insects, all large and predatory and superficially like today’s odonatans, the dragonflies and damselflies. And the very largest of these was Meganeuropsis. It is known from two species, with the type species being the immense M.permiana. Me...
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Beware Tyrannosaurus Rex Teenagers and Their Growth Spurts

Fossils that some scientists thought to be a separate species were likely adolescent Tyrannosaurus rexes, a new study says.
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Smaller but Still Deadly: New Insights Into the Life of Teenage T. Rex

Tyrannosaurus rex was among the most fearsome carnivores to have ever lived, but this killer still had to endure an adolescent phase. Far from being awkward, however, these teenage titans managed to pack a tremendous punch prior to maturing into full-sized adults, as new research describes.Read more...
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Garjainia put the ‘hyper’ in ‘hypercarnivore’

A new analysis of fossils from the 1950s reveals an awesome predator. Pre-dating the dinosaurs, the erythrosuchids were voracious "hypercarnivores." Think terrifying crocodiles on steroids. None This shape of its head is the giveaway. The massive jaws — not to mention "steak-knife" teeth — endowed it with the capacity to eat pretty much anything. Or anyone. If you're wondering how Garjainia would fare against a Tyrannosaurus Rex, don't bother. The apex predator lived some 250 million years ago...
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What We Learned in Science News in 2019

Developments in science that we’re still thinking about at year’s end.
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WATCH: Dinosaurs traveled other parts of Milky Way than humans

A new video shows how life has evolved on Earth during the planet's most recent revolution around the Milky Way, also known as one galactic year.A galactic year is about 220 million years, and it was the beginning of the Jurassic period the last time Earth was at this point in its revolution.How will Earth look on its next galactic birthday? It's impossible to know for sure, but a few events seem inevitable. None It's been 200 million years since the dawn of the Jurassic period, the second of ...
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Security camera captures dinosaurs invading home

Aw, and they only took one piece each despite being terrifying dinosaurs. Home surveillance cameras get a lot of criticism around here, but no matter what horrible civil liberties implications there be, you can't tell me this isn't quality content. “Our Nest subscription was worth every penny,” says @macbryce. Our Nest subscription was worth every penny About the guy whose Nest caught the footage: Full-time professor and part-time indie game developer. Currently working on Brukel (brukelgam...
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Colorado Fossils Show How Mammals Raced to Fill Dinosaurs’ Void

An unusually rich trove found in Colorado reveals the world in which our mammalian forebears evolved into larger creatures.
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Incredible New Fossils Show How Quickly Mammals Took Over After Dinosaur Extinction

An absolute treasure trove of rare fossils has been uncovered in central Colorado. The collection reveals the stunning speed at which mammals emerged and diversified once the dinosaurs were gone.Read more...
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You can now enjoy a whiff of T. Rex's foul breath

Researchers at Chicago's Field Museum collaborated with fragrance chemists to recreate what is likely the foul odor of a T. Rex's breath. Now, museum visitors can push a button for an olfactory experience of the dinosaur age. The new sensory station is part of an exhibit centered around the most complete T. Rex skeleton ever discovered. From Atlas Obscura: They quickly gave up on imitating T. rex poop. Most of the commercially available synthetic feces scents are imitations of human waste, ...
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Black Panther’s Daniel Kaluuya Is Bringing a ‘Misunderstood’ Barney to the Big Screen

Barney is a dinosaur who we all know from TV, but now Mattel is bringing Barney & Friends to the big screen.Read more...
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Lego's New Dinosaur Fossils Turn Your Desk Into a Miniature Natural History Museum

You can claim to be interested in historical artifacts like pottery, suits of armor, and maybe even a mummy, but the most compelling reason to visit a museum, even as an adult, are the dinosaur fossils. If your hometown happens to be lacking in museums, however, Lego’s new Dinosaur Fossils set puts a small collection…Read more...
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Next big luxury design trend? Think dinosaur fossils

Homeowners are showing interest in dinosaur fossils as one-of-a-kind fixtures sure to spark interest and envy, or as part of their mission to establish private museums.
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The Veterinarian Will See Your Dinosaur Now

We asked a pet doctor how he’d treat the fossilized injuries found to have affected some of prehistory’s most fearsome reptiles.
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Seeing Red in the Fossil Record

A discovery in a fossilized mouse could help scientists work out the true colors of dinosaurs and other creatures from prehistory.
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Bedbugs sucked blood in the age of dinosaurs

Scientists originally thought bedbugs evolved on bats roughly 50 million years ago. New research used DNA to map the bedbug ancestry and found the species evolved as far back as the Cretaceous. The researchers hope that understanding how bedbugs evolve will help us curb their ability to spread and transmit diseases to people. None An international team of scientists have been on a quest. They have traveled to Africa, South America, and South East Asia. They have scaled cliff faces, explored shad...
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Trilobites: Dinosaur With Bat Wings Was More Than Legend

Chinese scientists first thought it was a prehistoric bird, until chipping away at the fossil revealed surprising features.
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Adorable Jurassic Dinosaur May Have Flown With Bat-Like Wings

During the Jurassic period, various dinosaurs experimented with different forms of powered flight. The discovery of a new dinosaur species in China suggests some of these pioneering flyers evolved webbed fingers and an elongated forelimb, allowing them to fly in a distinctly bat-like fashion.Read more...
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