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Dinosaur for sale

This is Stan, one of the most complete T. rex fossils ever excavated. And now, it can be yours! This 67-million-year-old beast, measuring 37' x 13' x 6', will be on the auction block at Christie's on October 6. It's expected to sell for as much as $8 million. The last comparable sale was in… Read More
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Auction of Unusually Complete T. Rex Skeleton Could Smash Sales Record

On October 6, Christie’s will be auctioning off Stan—one of the most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeletons ever found. The skeleton could fetch a record price at the auction, with estimates as high as $8 million.Read more...
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Climate crisis 233m years ago reshaped life on Earth, say scientists

Volcanic eruptions drove global heating, causing mass extinctions and ushering in dinosaur eraA mass extinction event sparked by a sudden shift in climate more than 200m years ago reshaped life on Earth and ushered in the age of the dinosaurs, scientists claim.An international team reviewed geological evidence and the fossil record and found that enormous volcanic eruptions in what is now western Canada coincided with a global loss of plants and animals. Continue reading...
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Rock study may have just revealed cause of Triassic mass extinction

A new study suggests that the mass extinction that gave dinosaurs the evolutionary upper hand was caused by oceanic oxygen deprivation. Using ratios of sulfur isotopes, researchers could estimate changes in ocean oxygen levels in ancient seas. The authors suggest a similar mechanism as that which can cause dead zones in oceans today caused a mass extinction. Living on Earth isn't always easy. The fossil record is littered with enough mass extinction events to have once made theories that they o...
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Fossil turduckens are in the news again

Fossils found within other fossils happen when an animal dies with its undigested prey inside. Cases generally involve prehistoric fish and reptiles, as they tend to swallow prey whole. Scientists working in China have reported finding a thalattosaur inside the stomach of an ichthyosaur species called a guizhouichthyosaurus. This was surprising, because scientists believed there were no megapredators eating other predators at the time. When Ryosuke Motani, a paleontologist at the University o...
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Use This Map to Find Out Which Dinosaurs Lived in Your Area

Like many children, I went through a dinosaur phase. The idea that instead of people, these giant lizard monsters roamed the earth both terrified and intrigued me. So when my teacher told us that dinosaurs lived in our area too, I needed to find out more. This primarily involved digging holes in the woods looking for…Read more...
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How to Weigh a Dinosaur

It’s pretty great talking to a kid midway through their dinosaur phase. They almost definitely know more dino facts and stats than you do, but they also have a lot of unanswerable questions about what happened to the creatures before they went extinct. It makes sense: it’s kind of hard to imagine something of that…Read more...
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Fossil reveals 'cute' baby dinosaur's skull features

Researchers have uncovered what the facial features of a baby titanosaurus embryo looked like using cutting-edge imaging technology.This in the first-ever discovery of a 3D embryonic titanosaurian sauropod skull.The embryo reveals that titanosaur babies had binocularly focused vision in the front of the head rather than on each side, retracted openings on their snout, and a single horn in the front of their head. Researchers have uncovered what the facial features of a baby titanosaurus looked...
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3,000-pound Triceratops skull unearthed in South Dakota

The triceratops skull was first discovered in 2019, but was excavated over the summer of 2020.It was discovered in the South Dakota Badlands, an area where the Triceratops roamed some 66 million years ago.Studying dinosaurs helps scientists better understand the evolution of all life on Earth. David Schmidt, a geology professor at Westminster College, had just arrived in the South Dakota Badlands in summer 2019 with a group of students for a fossil dig when he received a call from the National ...
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Unhatched Dinosaur Egg Reveals the Surprising Face of a Baby Sauropod

A rare egg fossil containing an unhatched dinosaur suggests baby sauropods were not miniaturized versions of the four-legged, long-necked behemoths we all know and love, exhibiting a unique set of physical characteristics that included a little rhino-like horn.Read more...
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Some Incredible Jurassic Park Movie-Making Memorabilia Is Going Up for Auction Next Week

Jurassic Park ushered in a new era of digital visual effects in Hollywood, but did you know the filmmakers originally planned to bring the movie’s dinosaurs to life using stop-motion animation? Twenty-seven years after the film’s release, some of the incredibly rare puppets used to create Jurassic Park’s earliest dino…Read more...
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Rare fossil depicting battle sheds light on ancient ant

A fossil of a prehistoric ant hunting has recently been discovered. Fossilization is rare, so depictions of activities like hunting are hard to come by. Other fossils show us how dinosaurs hunted, fought, and died. Any animal with the name "hell ant" is going to be freaky. Now, thanks to a one-in-a-million chance find, we know how exactly how strange the hell ant was.The infernally named insect has been extinct since the cretaceous period and has long puzzled paleontologists with its curiously s...
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Don't hike in the woods wearing sandals.

That's the central message in "Joyce Carol Oates’ foot photo is freaking everyone out."“So important to wear proper hiking shoes,” the National Book Award winner tweeted, sharing a graphic close-up of her foot. “Never/ever walk in the woods in sandals. the instep of my left foot this morning--poison ivy? poison oak? must’ve stepped in something...”Bonus JCO tweet at that link:So barbaric that this should still be allowed... No conservation laws in effect wherever this is?
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‘Terror Crocodile’ the Size of a Bus Fed on Dinosaurs, Study Says

The monster animal, more closely related to American alligators than modern crocodiles, had teeth the size of bananas and a strange enlarged snout.
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Dinosaurs suffered from cancer, study confirms

The fibula was originally discovered in 1989, though at the time scientists believed the damaged bone had been fractured.After reanalyzing the bone, and comparing it with fibulas from a human and another dinosaur, a team of scientists confirmed that the dinosaur suffered from the bone cancer osteosarcoma.The study shows how modern techniques can help scientists learn about the ancient origins of diseases. An interdisciplinary team of scientists has confirmed for the first time that dinosaurs su...
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This adult-sized giant armored bionic T-Rex skin suit can be yours for just $7500

  From the listing on Etsy: Once your gig this 6 meters giant armored bionic skin T-Rex costume your visitors will encounter the more powerful T-Rex than any monster previously. This adult-size Alpha rex suit has a rare and elusive clownfish skin that has light armor on its head, neck, spine. What's more of this Dino costume equipped with mounted Gatling guns with safe water bullets and nerf gun load with soft sponge bullets. this T-Rex suit is armed to the teeth with weaponry. Inside of the ...
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Doctors diagnose cancer in dinosaur

A group of scientists diagnosed advanced cancer in a dinosaur that lived more than 75 million years ago. The Centrosaurus suffered from a bone cancer that also afflicts humans. The researchers from the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and McMaster University used high-resolution medical imaging and microscopy to analyze cells from a bone. While the cancer was advanced, the scientists believe that the location of the fossils indicate it was killed by a flood rather than the disease. From the journal Sc...
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In a First, Paleontologists Identify Cancer in a Dinosaur Fossil

A re-analysis of a shin bone belonging to a horned dinosaur from the Cretaceous period has revealed signs of a malignant tumor, in what’s considered a first for dinosaur paleontology.Read more...
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Paleontologists Identify Cancer in a Dinosaur Fossil for the First Time

A re-analysis of a shin bone belonging to a horned dinosaur from the Cretaceous period has revealed signs of a malignant tumor, in what’s considered a first for dinosaur paleontology.Read more...
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Roar! This Bronze T-Rex Clock Costs $27,000

When it comes to wacky clocks nobody can hold a candle to MB&F. The company, which makes $100K watches alongside things like this wild mechanical T-rex thing, teamed up with movement maker L’Épée and design house Massena LAB to create a $27,000 desk trinket that looks like something out of Half-Life 2.Read more...
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A catastrophic asteroid shower hit Earth & moon 800 million years ago

A new study examined data on lunar craters to gain a better understanding of ancient impact events on Earth.Although scientists know of some ancient impacts on Earth, weather and erosion makes it hard to study impacts that occurred beyond 600 million years ago.Studying craters on the moon can provide some clues. Since Earth formed 4.5 billion years ago, it's been bombarded by countless asteroids, meteors and other space objects. We know of some of the major incidents. The Chicxulub impact crate...
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Time to Build Your Own Jurassic Park Because Someone Is Auctioning 50+ Life-Size Animatronic Dinos

Gather the coins in your couch cushions and whatever’s left of your Trump bucks. On August 6, 2020, you can bid for over 50 life-size animatronic dinosaurs on AbleAuction. This is not a drill. I repeat: this is not a drill.Read more...
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50 life-size animatronic robot dinosaurs are going up for auction

I found this listing on AbleAuction for, "Over 50 life size animatronic dinosaurs inc. T-Rex, Brontosaurus and Raptors; plus hundreds of fossils, animatronic equipment, lighting, speakers and more." So of course, I had to know more. While the auction house won't say where, exactly, these delightful leviathans came from, the Vancouver Sun reports that, "the Vancouver-based Experiential Media Group (Canada) Corp. went into voluntary bankruptcy on May 5, 2020 and KPMG was appointed trustee." The ar...
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Why everyone's talking about the new PALM SPRINGS movie

Back in January, the new movie Palm Springs broke a record for the highest sale at the Sundance Film Festival — by exactly 69 cents. We should have seen that as an omen. The movie began streaming on Hulu this past Friday, July 10th, and in less than a week, it has an 84% on MetaCritic and a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. Those are some impressively high accolades for any movie, but especially for a RomCom by a first-time director starring Andy Samberg. But, in my humble opinion, the film deserves it...
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What to Do At Home This Week

See the Mona Lisa, up your baking skills and get some answers to your salacious questions about dinosaurs.
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How to View 3D Dinosaurs in Your Own Home

Remember when we told you that you could view 3D animals in your own home using Google and a smartphone? Well, now you can do the same thing with your favorite Jurassic World dinosaurs, such as the velociraptor above who visited my sun porch today. Read more...
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Dinosaur bone? Meteorite? These men's wedding bands are a real break from boredom.

Manly Bands was founded in 2016 to provide better options and customer service in men's wedding bands. Unique materials include antler, dinosaur bones, meteorite, tungsten, and whiskey barrels. The company donates a portion of profits to charity every month. Johnathan Ruggiero needed a wedding band. As a bigger guy he had trouble finding one to fit his size 17 finger. Then he ran into another issue: His wedding was in a few weeks. He never realized you should take care of this a few months out...
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Dinosaurs wiped out by asteroid, not volcanoes, researchers say

Study says surge in volcanic activity could not have caused Cretaceous/Paleogene extinction eventA 66m-year-old murder mystery has finally been solved, researchers say, revealing an enormous asteroid struck the killer blow for the dinosaurs.The Cretaceous/Paleogeneextinction event resulted in about 75% of plants and animals – including non-avian dinosaurs – being wiped out. But the driving cause of the catastrophe has been a topic of hot debate. Continue reading...
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Largest known soft-shell reptile egg discovered in Antarctica

A new article from Nature describes the discovery of a 100-million-year-old fossilized reptile egg with a soft, leathery shell that's nearly a foot long. It's the second-largest egg fossil ever discovered (after the egg of the elephant bird, which had a hard shell about five times thicker), and also the first such discovery made on the continent of Antarctica. As National Geographic summarizes: The 68-million-year-old egg, called Antarcticoolithus bradyi, is the first fossil egg ever found in An...
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Life Hatched From Soft Eggs, Some a Foot Long, in Dinosaur Era

A football-size egg from Antarctica and baby dinosaurs from Mongolia and Argentina shine new light on ancient reptile reproduction.
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