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Why Are So Many Talent Pools Underutilized and How Can Recruiters Tap Into Them?

  Spoiler alert: There’s a talent shortage in the world of work. And it’s pretty big. Ok, so that probably comes as no surprise to anybody who works in the staffing and recruiting industry. It seems like every day, we read new stories about how the number of open jobs exceeds the number of available […]
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Assume Competence for Women’s History Month

I am often told we don’t have enough women in the pipeline for tech jobs. Here’s my take on that: there are enough women in the pipeline—if you assume competence. What do I mean by “assume competence”? Let me give you an example. The Volleyball Example In September of  2018, men held almost 60% of the head coaching positions for Division I women’s volleyball teams. Women make up 100% of the athletes in women’s volleyball. Yet not even 50% of the coaches are women. There are...
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Student outreach and diversity: The state of the state

  to effectively recruit students and younger populations, there needs to be more to the story With the next wave of Generation Z getting ready to march down the aisle toward graduation, we need to talk about college recruiting in the real world. And not the “what happens when people stop being polite and start […]
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Topouzian Brings Economic Development Perspective to New MVCA Role

Ara Topouzian is a longtime Oakland County economic development official and a 2012 Kresge Artist Fellow recognized for his work playing a 76-string kanun harp in Armenian and world music bands. As of March 25, he’ll also be the new director of the Michigan Venture Capital Association, which works to advance the state’s VC ecosystem.Topouzian comes to the MVCA after six years of heading up the 700-member Troy Chamber of Commerce, where he says he worked to reinvent the organization and create p...
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Supporting people with disabilities: Be My Eyes and phone support now available

15 percent of the world’s population has some form of disability—that’s over 1 billion people. Last January, we introduced a dedicated Disability Support team available to help answer questions about assistive features and functionalities within Google products. Access to a Disability Support team—and specifically, video and phone support—was a popular request we heard from the community.Now, people with questions on assistive technology and/or accessibility features within Google’s products can...
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With Lookout, discover your surroundings with the help of AI

Whether it’s helping to detect cancer cells or drive our cars, artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly larger role in our lives. With Lookout, our goal is to use AI to provide more independence to the nearly 253 million people in the world who are blind or visually impaired.Now available to people with Pixel devices in the U.S. (in English only), Lookout helps those who are blind or have low vision identify information about their surroundings. It draws upon similar underlying technol...
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Morning Docket: 03.11.19

* According to House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), special counsel Robert Mueller is making “a mistake” by not putting President Trump under oath for in-person testimony, since “he's made plain in the past [that] he feels it's perfectly fine to lie to the public.” [NBC News] * Per his lawyer, Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann will be suing CNN for at least $250M because the news network was “probably more vicious in its direct attacks” than the Washington Post. [The Hill]...
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A VR series about women with the “courage to question”

Many of us who fight for women’s rights have the privilege of knowing mighty women and girls. They are the courageous ones--those who insist on and fight for a future where women and girls are free from violence and can live out their full potential. Most of these women’s rights defenders are not widely known, yet work tirelessly at grave risk to themselves and their families. But they are dogged. They are fearless. They are unbowed. They are leaders. And on this International Women's Day, we ce...
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Inspiring girls and women to pursue their career ambitions

Today is International Women’s Day, and this year’s theme, #BalanceforBetter, is all about achieving a gender-balanced world. If we’re going to achieve that, it’s important to know that boys and girls begin making pivotal decisions about their future at a very young age. But education options, career interests and gender stereotypes quickly begin to widen the gap between the ambitions of girls and their ability to pursue them. This trend often continues into adulthood (a 2018 McKinsey study indi...
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A look into one woman’s job at Google: opening doors for other women

When I first talked to Elise Birkhofer, it was 5pm, the last phone call of the day. My energy was low and my feet were dragging—but that changed the moment I met Elise, whose enthusiasm is palpable (she described herself as “equally exhausted and inspired,” but I could only sense the inspired part). She was in Australia for a gathering of Google women from Asia Pacific, who stepped away from their jobs for a couple of days to meet other women at the company, talk about shared challenges and the ...
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10 Diversity & Inclusion Events You Won’t Want To Miss At SXSW

South by Southwest has been intentional about ensuring their programming features speakers from diverse backgrounds. It’s a big priority in Austin and at Capital Factory, too. Here are some of our favorite D&I events you should check out during SXSW! Preston James, Marcus Stroud, Ugwem I. Eneyo, Edward Madongorere and Marcus Carey discuss the difficulties founders of color face while fundraising at Capital Factory’s Black in Tech Summit. 1) [email protected] Time: Thursday, March 7 — Monday, March 1...
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Searches for "Black girl magic” are on the rise

As Black History Month comes to a close and we look toward International Women’s Day, people are searching for “Black girl magic” more than ever before. Searches hit an all-time high in February of this year.To me, “Black girl magic” is an empowering phrase that celebrates the achievements, beauty and irrepressibility of Black women and girls. The phrase is appropriate for moments both big and small, and ignites the internal spark that motivates both personal and professional achievements.As bla...
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Recruitment of Women: Rethinking Gender Diversity

What a surprising surge in women executive hires reveals about companies’ reactive approach to gender diversity. In the last quarter of 2017, we saw a significant uptick in the number of female senior executives hired by U.S. companies. This wasn’t just a blip in the hiring data, it was a massive spike. Scout recruiters placed […]
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How retention helps make Google more representative

My mother was the first African American bank teller in my hometown in North Carolina in the 1960s. As you can imagine, this came with a lot of challenges. Team lunches and office holiday parties were sometimes hosted at racially segregated restaurants where they wouldn't serve my mother, and customers refused to work with her because of the color of her skin. Though these experiences were disconcerting for her, she stayed at the bank for more than 20 years where she progressed her career, helpe...
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Daraiha Greene wants everyone to see themselves in tech

Tech companies like Google create products for the whole world. But when employees don’t reflect the diversity of the global population their products serve, that lack of diversity can be discouraging for people who don’t look like the stereotype of a tech worker.Googlers like Daraiha Greene are pushing for more diverse representation of people who work in tech, whether it’s in the media, in the business world or at events across the country. That way, the next generation will be inspired to pur...
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To help make Google more inclusive, I had to understand my journey

I was born to a black father and a white mother in 1967, and at that time, it was illegal for them to get married. That changed two months after I was born, in June of that year, courtesy of the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision in Loving v. Virginia.Throughout my life, from a childhood in Texas to a career in computer science, I have faced discrimination in ways both seen and unseen. Now at Google, I strive to make my team, and the products we create, inclusive and welcoming to everyone. But b...
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Diverse Startups Do Better: How To Make Yours More Inclusive At Any Stage

“Decades of research by organizational scientists, psychologists, sociologists, economists and demographers show that socially diverse groups (that is, those with a diversity of race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation) are more innovative than homogeneous groups.” —Scientific American, “How Diversity Makes Us Smarter” “Our latest research finds that companies in the top quartile for gender or racial and ethnic diversity are more likely to have financial returns above their national indus...
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5 Diversity Action Items For Law Firms

Diversifying the legal profession literally requires changing the face of your workforce.
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The Journey of Us: A Voyage through Black History

Like Black history itself, my journey contains multitudes. It began in New York City, where I grew up during the rise of the civil rights movement. The social politics of the time didn’t encourage me—a woman of color--to pursue a career in science, technology or math. But thankfully my father did. He built me my first chemistry set, encouraging me to build, create and fix things even as my childhood lab experiments went awry.This empowerment pushed me to earn a PhD, land my first job at AT&T Bel...
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Get in the Sandbox: Googlers are teaming up with local tech talent

When you think of a tech hub, what comes to mind? While Silicon Valley might be one of the most well-known, there’s tech growth happening across the globe--in places you might not expect, like Baltimore, Nashville, Raleigh, Bucharest, Miami, Birmingham or Detroit.  As a native of Detroit, I’ve always been proud of my hometown and the things invented there: the automotive assembly line, the Motown sound and deep dish pan pizza. Now that I’ve worked at Google in San Francisco for 11 years, I’m eve...
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Awful Advice On How To Show Companies That Your Law Firm Is ‘Diverse’

Pushing all minority associates into the same practice area isn't a good look.
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Empower the Disabled Workforce To fill the Talent Gap

  “When you live for a strong purpose, then hard work isn’t an option. It’s a necessity.”~ Steve Pavlina A caveat to the title; “with a few adjustments.”  I didn’t want this to be about another “Diversity and Inclusion” initiative and how it benefits companies and contributes to the bottom line (it does).  The benefits […]
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A fresh pair of eyes: Doing diversity right

  “60 percent of employers surveyed believe there’s a direct financial impact on the business when an organization is competitive in diversity.” You know the photo. A group of hands, disembodied from their owners, showing a variety of different skin tones, grouped together, sometimes grasped, sometimes raised excitedly, intended to illustrate “diversity.” It’s supposed to […]
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Inspired to move: Celebrating dance and Black History Month

My love for dance started in my youth when I took ballet lessons in Colorado. Like the other ballerinas, I’d slip on my satin slippers, wrap my ballet skirt on and glide across the wood floors to the beat of the music. Though unlike the other dancers, I was one of the only black girls in class.Luckily, that didn’t stop me from coming back again and again—ballet enthralled me. I didn’t exactly exude the talent of an emerging prima ballerina. I wasn’t a dance prodigy, and my father would lovingly ...
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How do we measure Representative Population Recruiting?

How do we measure Representative Population Recruiting? We know by now that even with the best intentions, diversity doesn’t just spontaneously happen. It requires a concerted effort on the part of the hiring organization, with buy-in from recruiters up to executive leadership. Even then, seeing an increase takes time, money and patience. So with diversity […]
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Recruiting Neurodiversity: How Dyslexic and Autistic Minds Can Move Your Business Forward

Image by A good friend from my home country of Scotland always struggled to keep up with his peers in school. But he also succeeded where most people would have failed. Early on in his career as an engineer, he designed and built a huge dome — essentially a projection screen stretched over curved pieces […]
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The Journey of Us: Celebrating Black History’s movers and changemakers

In 1806, a 9-year-old girl named Isabella was taken from her parents, placed on a slave auction block, and sold along with a flock of sheep for $100. At a time of almost no choices for black women like her, Isabella later chose the name we know her by today: Sojourner Truth. “Sojourn” means to journey; to live somewhere temporarily. As slaves, African-Americans always “lived temporarily,” never knowing when all family ties would be severed on the next auction block.A traveling advocate, separate...
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Representative Population Recruiting in College

  Want to recruit better in college and university environments? Of course. We all do. That’s the next wave of talent for organizations, right? But most of the approaches that we’ve been using in university recruiting for the last 15-20 years are flawed, and social media has probably muddied the water even more there. While […]
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Detroit Trends in 2018? More Traction, Diversity, and Collaboration

Editor’s note: This is part of a series of posts sharing thoughts from industry and technology leaders about 2018 trends.A few trends come to mind that continue to shape and define the startup ecosystem in Detroit:—Marketplaces continue to evolve and attract funding (initial and follow-on), and gain traction that has to be recognized and respected. A great example of that success for us here in the ecosystem is StockX and its success in 2018. Founders and early-stage startup companies continue t...
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Jobs For All Now! Some Truths About Diversity and Inclusion

  “People are tired of talking about D&I, frustrated by the lack of results and overwhelmed by the number of issues to be addressed.” That’s downright abysmal – and frankly, disheartening. For a long time, diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives took a backseat to other business priorities. Companies claimed to have their reasons, valid or not, […]
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