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Best Practices for Successful Diversity Hiring

Best Practices for Successful Diversity Hiring What’s the secret to great hiring? Over the years, I’ve seen some great and some not so great hiring practices and processes. If you want to build a strong, high-performing, and diverse team (making the best hires), here are some ideas you should consider including in your hiring process. […]
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The Pandemic’s Equity Impact, Part 2: The CEO Opportunity

The Pandemic’s Equity Impact, Part 2: The CEO Opportunity This two-part series looks at the impact of the pandemic on women’s careers and workplace equity. Part one spotlights recent findings and recommendations. Part two offers actionable insights and practical advice for leaders.  The first part of this series leveraged research from the Rutgers Center for […]
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The prospect of a Trump memoir is already filling publishing workers with dread — and could lead to revolt

Donald Trump signs copies of his book, "Crippled America: How to Make Our Country Great Again," at Trump Tower on November 3, 2015, in New York. Greg Allen/Invision/AP Rumors around a Donald Trump presidential memoir, and which publishing house will buy it, are swirling. But many workers in publishing hope such a book won't be acquired. We spoke with 10 publishing workers, from lower-level employees to industry veterans, to understand how a Trump book would play out internally, and how its...
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Companies whose boards are entirely white men could be delisted from Nasdaq's US stock exchange under new proposals

Adena Friedman, Nasdaq CEO. Nasdaq Nasdaq has said that companies listed on its main US stock exchange should have two "diverse directors" on the board. If they don't, they could be delisted, it said, as first reported by The New York Times DealBook.  Under a proposal to be reviewed by the Securities and Exchange Commission, companies must have at least one woman director and one director who self-identifies as an underrepresented minority or LGBTQ+. Currently, three in four companies list...
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Learn to code with Grasshopper, now in Spanish

Ver abajo versión en españolSince Grasshopper launched in 2018, one million people have spent at least one hour learning to code through our app. That’s approximately 114 years spent learning the fundamentals of coding. We’ve also run a number of academic studies on the effectiveness of Grasshopper, and found two insights: after two weeks of use, students are more motivated to learn to code. And while women tend to start off their Grasshopper journey feeling a bit more unsure about learning to c...
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The Pandemic’s Equity Impact, Part 1: Increased Lifeload, Increased Support

The Pandemic’s Equity Impact, Part 1: Increased Lifeload, Increased Support This two-part series looks at the impact of the pandemic on women’s careers and workplace equity. Part one spotlights recent findings and recommendations, part two offers actionable insights and practical advice for leaders.  The topic of gender equity in the workforce is not new. The […]
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Texas Gets A New Tech Equity Program

By: Kasheef Wyzard and Michelle Ferguson Image: Dream Corps TECH Black Engineer Educators Let’s face it — we know the future is being written in code. Big Tech has shattered boundaries and made the previously impossible a new reality — but at the expense of Black and Brown talent. To be truly inclusive, our people must be the architects creating that future.That’s where we come in, Dream Corps TECH, formerly #YesWeCode, is a national program cultivating future leaders and entrepreneurs from un...
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Dream Corps TECH Town Hall powered by TGS

December 7th, 2020 7 PM EST/6 PM CSTAs the economy continues to go digital and high-tech, Black and Latinx communities are slowly tracking to gain equity in the tech space. At the same time, high-tech and Fortune 500 companies are struggling to hire and retain talented people of color.What if we could solve both problems at the same time? That is what Dream Corps TECH is all about, and it is also the focus of their inaugural TECH Town Hall powered by TGS on Dec 7 @ 7 PM EST/6 PM CST. Join this ...
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The Growing Power of the Hispanic Market

“Comprar, comprar y comprar.” This tagline from a 1980s TV commercial for a Mexican airline — which encouraged tourists to “shop, shop and shop” in the country — came to my mind recently when I read about Hispanic purchasing power in the United States. According to the University of Georgia’s 2019 “Multicultural Economy Report,” the $1.5 trillion Hispanic market is the largest ethnic market in the United States, and has risen by 212 percent, or $500 billion, since 2000. The U.S. Hispanic populat...
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Honoring Black Consciousness Day in Brazil

In Brazil, November 20 is Black Consciousness Day, or Dia da Consciência Negra in Portuguese, a public holiday celebrated in more than 830 cities around the country. It’s a tribute to Zumbi dos Palmares, the most prominent resistance leader against slavery and a symbol of the fight for freedom and recognition.In a country where more than half the population of 212 million people identify as Black, Brazilians celebrate this day to raise awareness about the history and the achievements of the Blac...
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How Project Guideline gave me the freedom to run solo

Editor's Note: At Google Research, we’re interested in exploring how technology can help improve people’s daily lives and experiences. So it’s been an incredible opportunity to work with Thomas Panek, avid runner and President & CEO of Guiding Eyes for the Blind, to apply computer vision for something important in his everyday life: independent exercise. Project Guideline is an early-stage research project that leverages on-device machine learning to allow Thomas to use a phone, headphones and a...
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An anti-racist's dictionary: 19 words on race, gender, and diversity you should know

Nationwide protests in the wake of the killing of George Floyd have ushered in a new era in corporate America. AP Photo/John Minchillo Conversations on race, power, and privilege are happening in homes and offices around the US. As a reporter who covers diversity and inclusion, I thought it would be helpful to compile and define some of the most common words and phrases I hear when speaking with my sources. Here are 19 terms you should know, from "allyship" to "intersectionality" to "white...
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A call to advance women entrepreneurs

When I joined Google more than a decade ago, I was one of the only working mothers at Google Tokyo. I spoke with other women at the office, and was surprised to find that for many of my female colleagues, the cultural stigma of being a working mom was still hard to overcome, even at a company as supportive as Google. I was especially struck by conversations with younger women who had yet to start families, but who had already decided that when the time came, work and family would be too hard to ...
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Introducing Google News Initiative Conversations

This year, the way many of us work has changed dramatically. We’ve gone from lunch meetings and large networking conferences to meeting virtually from our makeshift home offices. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly upended a lot of this, but that doesn’t mean sharing ideas is on hold, too. That’s especially true for the Google News Initiative team; our commitment to helping journalism thrive is still just as strong. That’s why we’ve launched Google News Initiative Conversations, a new video seri...
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With digital skills, a college grad reached her American dream

Today's post comes from Kimberly Paulissaint, a graduate of COOP, a Google partner with the mission to overcome underemployment by equipping first-generation and minority college graduates with digital skills. When I was 12, my mother and I immigrated to the United States from Haiti to pursue better education and increased opportunity. Although I entered junior high school without knowing any English, I studied very hard and graduated as valedictorian, mostly due to my love for the world’s un...
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How we're supporting the transgender community

I log onto work, with my long black hair down and my nails freshly painted red. I keep my pronouns (they/them) visible on my email signature, my company profile and for a time even on my shirt. Joining my first meeting, I immediately hear: “David, he’s here!” I wince, I correct my colleague and continue to increase awareness of who I am in my gender identity. As I’m a first-generation Salvadoran American who’s gender nonconforming (GNC), it’s important to me to create spaces for allies to educat...
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Salesforce was supposed to become a diversity role model. Here's why its Office of Equality has struggled to move the needle.

(L to R) Tony Prophet, Salesforce chief equality and recruiting officer and Marc Benioff, Salesforce CEO and cofounder Steve Jennings/Getty Images, Kimberly White/Getty Images Salesforce is known as a leader on social change, exemplified by hiring Tony Prophet as its first ever chief equality office in 2016. There's no clear roadmap for businesses to follow when changing diversity and progress is often slow, but in four years, Salesforce's diversity numbers have barely budged.  Business In...
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The CEO of New York's WNBA team gives her best advice for anyone who wants to take the next big step in their career

Keia Clarke, CEO of WNBA's The Liberty, shared her top career advice. The Liberty The CEO of the WNBA's The New York Liberty team, Keia Clarke shared her top career advice: Don't be afraid to apply for a job you're not 100% sure you're qualified for.  She said women need to hear this advice because they are less likely to apply for jobs for which they feel underqualified.  Indeed, LinkedIn research shows women are 16% less likely to apply to a job than men after looking at it. Women ar...
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What veterans can bring to the business world

2019 Google for Startups networking event for Veterans and Military Spouses at the American Underground in Durham, NC. Photo by Erin Bell of Bull City Photography.For veterans, the transition from military life to the workforce can be tricky. I know how crucial it is to offer support, because I’ve been there myself. It's not that I doubted my abilities, but after eight years as a Navy officer, I quite literally did not know what my options were in the professional world. Kevin Ryan Th...
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Veterans Day 2020: How to Improve Your Veteran Recruiting Efforts

How to Improve Your Veteran Recruiting Efforts Believe it or not, we’re well into Q4 2020. What a year this has been. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these (dare I say it?) unprecedented times. From this point forward, this will be a COVID-free zone. I know we can all use a […]
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An Open Letter To ‘Liberal’ Law Professors

Are you Liberal? I’m not convinced just because you voted for Biden.
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Celebrate your achievements with #IamRemarkable Week

Many of us struggle when it comes to talking about our own accomplishments. It can be an especially difficult subject for women and members of underrepresented groups.Cultural and gender modesty norms, combined with widespread impostor syndrome, often prevent people from acknowledging their remarkable attributes and expressing their achievements. This holds back individuals, organizations and companies everywhere. A Google initiative, #IamRemarkable, is challenging this status quo by helping spa...
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[PODCAST] Storytelling about TalentNow with Summer Crenshaw

Storytelling about TalentNow with Summer Crenshaw Welcome to the Use Case Podcast, episode 33. This week we have storytelling about TalentNow with Summer Crenshaw. During this episode, Summer and I talk about how practitioners make the business case or the use case for purchasing TalentNow. Summer is an expert in all things related to the contingent workforce space. Her […]
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Women aren’t safe online. Merve Isler wants to change that

In February, Şeyma Yıldız was killed by her own father in Ankara, Turkey because she had posted what he thought were “inappropriate images” online. Sadly, the 16-year-old’s story is not an outlier: According to the country’s police data, 81 women were killed in domestic violence incidents this past May. Googler Merve Isler lives in Turkey and leads Google’s Women Techmakers efforts in the region. And it’s stories like Şeyma’s that remind her why she does this work. “Yes, the Women Techmakers pro...
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Introducing the EventMB Black Event Business Directory

Diversifying event partnerships is one way to join the world-wide call to action to support the Black community in the fight to end systemic racism. Here is a curated list of 50 Black-owned businesses to diversify your partner and supplier portfolio.  Making the conscious decision to support Black-owned businesses is the first step event professionals […] The post Introducing the EventMB Black Event Business Directory by Keneisha Williams appeared first on
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New Simulation Course Aims to Show the Impact of Housing Bias

REALTOR® Sandra A. Butler has watched the national discourse on race in recent months spark positive discussions among her peers about the role they can play in protecting consumers from fair housing violations. “With everything that has happened in this country, it seems like it’s taken a totally different focus since George Floyd was killed,” Butler says, referencing Floyd’s death in Minneapolis. “It’s more apparent and more urgent since all of the racial unrest happened this year. “The fair h...
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We’re All Responsible for Diversity and Inclusion

We’re all responsible for Diversity and Inclusion! When we hear the terms diversity and inclusion, what comes to mind? Who do we think is responsible for diversity, inclusion, and company culture? HR, Recruiting, Talent Acquisition? Yes, they do play a critical role in identifying, attracting, engaging, recruiting, retaining, and developing diverse talent. They help shape […]
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Meet the former social media manager for luxury fashion brands like Prada and Barney's who's launching a new virtual mentorship program for Black professionals

Candace Marie Stewart is a social media strategist in the luxury fashion space, an adjunct professor at the Parsons School Of Design, and the founder of Black in Corporate. Hunter Abrams Candace Marie Stewart spent some 10 years in the corporate world before starting her own social media consultancy for luxury fashion brands.  Over the course of her career, she encountered systemic racism. Specifically, she recalled having to work harder than her white colleagues for the same recognition a...
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Pandemic’s impact disproportionately reduced VC funding for female founders

The last few quarters did not play out as as expected for venture capitalists or entrepreneurs; instead of a pandemic-fueled recession that cauterized the flow of private investment into startups, the economic shifts brought on by COVID-19 have given many companies a tailwind. Venture capitalists ramped up their spend in Q2 and Q3, pushing private investment totals higher as software demand shot up as work went remote, e-commerce boomed and schools shuttered. The Exchange explores startups, mar...
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The tools that help me work from home with Dyslexia

Years ago, I wrote something that received some surprising criticism. I’m dyslexic, and I decided to post an update without using any of the writing tools I typically use, just to show people how useful they are. Despite the fact that I introduced the post by explaining it was an example of how challenging writing can be for someone with dyslexia, someone responded by pointing out all my spelling and grammar mistakes. Thankfully, most people understood my message: Yes, dyslexia can make some thi...
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