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Sephora's marketing chief on how she's bringing diversity to the company, what trends she's eyeing for 2022, and more

Sephora CMO Deborah Yeh.Sephora Sephora has prioritized DEI efforts including a minority-focused brand incubator. Its chief marketing officer Deborah Yeh has taken the lead on many of these efforts. Yeh discussed the business case for DEI, how being an executive of color informs her work, and more.  Visit Insider's Transforming Business homepage for more stories Sephora has taken steps to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion at the cosmetics retailer. Its chief marketing officer...
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True Diversity Is When White People Play Black People. Like Hamilton.

It's hip-hop. You wouldn't understand. Just do the diversity training, Hilary. The post True Diversity Is When White People Play Black People. Like Hamilton. appeared first on Above the Law.
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Google turns purple for International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Over one billion people worldwide have some form of disability: that’s one in seven. Many of those disabilities are invisible, while others can affect any of us at any time in our lives.Today, our offices in Zurich, London, Wroclaw and Munich, and the Hyperlink Bridge in Dublin that connects three Google buildings, will light up purple to celebrate International Day of People with Disabilities (IDPwD). We will also be arranging to light up a city monument in Nairobi, Kenya. This United Nations o...
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Cohen Ziffer Is A Small Firm With Biglaw Bonuses

Nothing says employee appreciation quite like more money.
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City spaces, pace bias, and the production of disability

How does our body shape our experience of living in a city? How do urban spaces support or undermine the well-being and agency of people with bodies of particular shapes and capacities? Most obviously, spaces may be inaccessible to wheelchair users or those with other kinds of limited mobility. But there are all sorts of other ways in which spaces can include or exclude those with different capacities. Deaf people need to be able to see one another to converse, so their ability to use spaces wit...
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Training the next generation of Android developers

Pictured left to right: Natalia Villalobos, Omoju Miller, Laura Markell and Kat KuanIn 2015, Developer Advocate Kat Kuan and I took a walk around the marshlands of Google’s Mountain View campus. We asked ourselves, “Why aren’t there more people of diverse backgrounds building apps for Android?” We noticed that the Android training content offered at the time assumed an intermediate level of programming experience, and decided to challenge that assumption. Was it possible to learn Android without...
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Pinterest puts $50 million into diversity programs and releases former employees from NDAs in a settlement with shareholders following harassment claims

Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann.REUTERS/Brendan McDermid Pinterest will invest $50 million into DEI initiatives as part of a settlement with its shareholders, the parties announced Wednesday. The company will also no longer enforce non-disclosure agreements when employees discuss mistreatment. The shareholders claimed Pinterest breached its fiduciary duty by failing to respond sufficiently to discrimination allegations. Pinterest is committing $50 million to diversity, equity, and inclusion refo...
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Transgender former Netflix employee drops labor complaint after resigning over Dave Chappelle controversy

B. Pagels-Minor, left, and Terra Field filed charges against Netflix with the National Labor Relations Union over the company's treatment of the Dave Chappelle controversy.B. Pagels-Minor & Terra Field/Linkedin Two transgender ex-Netflix employees dropped labor complaints against the company, the NY Post reported Tuesday. Terra Field, one of the employees, said in a blog post Monday she had resigned from Netflix. Field was at the center of worker protests over comedian Dave Chappelle'...
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A new literacy tool promoting inclusive LGBTQ+ language

Imagine living your truth, but not being able to tell anyone. That was my experience as a young queer person in small-town Alabama. Twenty years ago, nobody, including LGBTQ+ people, had the language we have today to talk about queerness or gender outside the binary. Coded language made it even more difficult to learn about the LGBTQ+ community, much less learn about myself. Even when I felt safe (mostly in anonymous chat rooms), I found it nearly impossible to talk about what I was going throug...
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Two professors are leveling the field in computing research

Editor’s note: This guest post is by Professors Maria Gini and Shana Watters from the University of Minnesota.Research is about opening up new worlds and systematically answering questions about their possibilities. But access to research opportunities, including computer science (CS) research, is not equitable: In Canada and the United States in 2020, resident students who identified as Black, Indigenous, Latino, women and intersections of these identities made up only 12.1% of CS Ph.D. enrollm...
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These 25 publishers want to know their communities

We can’t write about our communities without understanding them and being part of them. We don’t want to just parachute ourselves in and stick the microphone under their mouths, we really want to come at this as a way to serve them. Christelle Saint-Julien, journalist at La Converse The third North America Innovation Challenge has selected 25 projects out of 190 from Canada and the U.S. to receive a share of more than $3.2 million USD to help build their ideas that address the need for...
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Making DEI Everyone’s Business: Opportunities And Best Practices [Sponsored]

As part of its PD Appreciation Month series, PLI assembled a group of experienced leaders to discuss the influence of DEI on innovative business processes and best practices for collaboration.
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This Code Next student is paying it forward

As part of Google’s Code Next program, which brings computer science (CS) education to underrepresented communities in tech, student Gideon Buddenhagen took on a research project that would make a big impact. Through his research, he found that young students of color without financial resources don’t have the same access to technology, computer science education and mentors who look like them — opportunities that had a meaningful effect on Gideon’s own life. So for his final project with Code N...
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How we’re building for transgender communities

Understanding gender can be a lifelong journey for many folks. Coming out as trans or nonbinary can include a lot of changes, including the use of different pronouns or a different name, or physical changes. None of this is easy. Something as simple as seeing an old photo of yourself can be painful if it doesn’t match who you are now on your journey.We heard directly from members of the transgender, nonbinary, and gender expansive (GE) communites on this issue. To learn how we could help make re...
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Cómo estamos elevando la comunidades trans en nuestro productos

Comprender el género de uno mismo puede ser un proceso de toda la vida. Identificarse como trans o de género no binario puede implicar muchos cambios, incluido el uso de diferentes pronombres o un nombre distinto, o bien cambios físicos.Nada de esto es sencillo. Algo tan simple como ver una fotografía vieja de uno mismo puede ser doloroso si no coincide con quién uno es ahora.Recibimos testimonios directos de miembros de las comunidades transgénero, no binario y género expansivo (GE). Para obten...
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Building a more equitable workplace

When we established our racial equity commitments in June 2020, we started with a concerted focus on building equity with and for the Black community as part of our ongoing work to build a Google where everyone belongs. Over the past year, we’ve provided regular updates on our progress.Through this work, we've found new ways to support all groups who have historically been underrepresented in the tech industry, and to improve our products so they work better for everyone. Here’s a look at our la...
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Some organizations and leaders are trying to make coworking spaces more inclusive. Here's what they say needs to change.

Making coworking spaces more inclusive is about incorporating new voices and providing accommodations for all kinds of people. Shutterstock Coworking companies like The Wing have failed in building truly diverse and inclusive workspaces. Organizations like Coworking IDEA Project and the Haven Collection want to fix this problem. They're focused on working parents and creating small, achievable DEI goals for coworking leaders. When The Wing was founded in 2016, it was heralded as a symb...
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Honoring Indigenous communities around the world

Shekoli (hello)! Today, we kick off Native American Heritage Month in the U.S. I am a citizen of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin, or Onyota’a:ka, and I am thankful that I was able to grow up on my tribe’s reservation, which is on the ancestral lands of the Menominee Nation. I celebrate the resiliency of the Menominee, Oneida, and the 10 other tribal nations of Wisconsin, honor their sovereignty, and acknowledge their connection to the lands and waters of this state.My tribe is just one of the nea...
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Tech Bytes: spotlighting Black women engineers at Google

Earlier this year, Google’s Women Techmakers launched “Tech Bytes,” a series featuring Black women engineers and developers at Google. Tech Bytes supports our broader effort to spotlight Black women in tech by sharing their technical expertise, and creating a space for Black women in the industry to connect.For our latest episode of Tech Bytes, we sat down with Kendra Claiborne, an Application Engineer at YouTube, to learn more about her role and passion for technology.Tell us about your path to...
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Why DE&I Shouldn’t Be an Afterthought

PRSA’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee spoke with Natalia Flores, APR, president of Inspire PR in Charlotte, N.C., to discuss the current state of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) efforts in PR and how practitioners can avoid empty statements and generate authentic change in the profession. For nearly 20 years, Flores has developed communications strategies for brands, with an emphasis on multicultural markets. She has worked with clients such as Bojangles, Sherwin-Williams, Girls on the ...
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A Googler tells us how the world can show up for Afghans

In the early 1980s, Shahla Naimi’s mother arrived at a United States air force base in California as a refugee from Afghanistan. Weary from her journey, she was met by a group of volunteers who welcomed her to her new home. So began her new life in the United States.40 years later, Shahla – a Senior Program Manager at Google – found herself at a government facility in New Jersey where she partnered with the International Rescue Committee to welcome 9,000 Afghans who’d fled the recent Taliban tak...
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Supporting the first #ShareTheMicInCyber Fellowship

Keeping people safe online requires more than just advanced security technology, it requires people.Google’s security teams are made up of some of the world’s greatest hackers, developers and leaders. Day in and day out they work to keep our users and our Googlers information safe and secure.There is no one size fits all security practitioner and we believe that diversity is key to building effective security teams. As Cybersecurity Awareness Month comes to an end, I’m thrilled to announce that ...
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Top 20 Biglaw Firm Encourages Associates To Bill For Diversity Work And Community Service

Plus, it's donating $5 million to public interest fellowships focused on addressing racial, social, and economic justice issues.
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Top 30 Biglaw Firm Changes Billable Hours Policy To Include Bonus Credit For Up To 50 Hours Of Diversity Work

This firm truly cares about the diversity of its workforce.
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Reflections on Filipino American History Month

Understanding and celebrating my Filipino roots was an important part of my childhood, and my parents always encouraged me to experience my culture firsthand. I attended elementary school in the Philippines, where I learned to speak fluent Tagalog, joined thousands in the streets to advocate for justice, and witnessed the historic People Power Revolution. Watching Corazon Aquino become the Philippines’ first female president after 20 years of Ferdinand Marcos’ rule and experiencing a culture dee...
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Advancing public-private partnerships with #ShareTheMicInCyber

We know diverse security teams are more innovative, produce better products and enhance an organization's ability to defend against cyber threats.Today, cybersecurity practitioners across Google and industry are elevating the voices and expertise of Black security practitioners as part of .Amid increasingly sophisticated and dangerous ransomware and supply chain attacks on critical infrastructure and private sector entities, cybersecurity is a global imperative that requires new ways of thinkin...
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ICON 2021 Recap: Panelists on the State of DE&I in PR and Communications

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of 2018 (the most recent year for which data is available), the PR profession was 87.9 percent white, 8.3 percent African American, 5.7 percent Hispanic and 2.6 percent Asian. (By comparison, the overall U.S. population is 76.3 white, 18.5 percent Hispanic, 13.4 percent Black or African American, and 5.9 percent Asian, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.) “We all recognize the need to continuously improve DE&I representation” in all professio...
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With New Billable Hours Policy, Biglaw Firm Solidifies Commitment To Making Legal Profession More Inclusive

What is your firm doing to support DE&I within the legal profession?
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Biglaw Firm Affirms Its Commitment To Diversity & Inclusion With New Billable Hours Policy

The firm has also taken on several new and important DE&I initiatives.
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