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Division of Assets: Living Together While Waiting for Divorce to Be Finalized

My question involves a marriage in the state of: California
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Divorce: Lawyer Won't Help with an Interstate Divorce

My question involves a marriage in the state of: NY I posted a couple months ago and got some great information here so I am in need of some more advice. My husband and I were married in NY where he still resides but I currently live in CA and since I've been here close to a month I've met the residency requirement here. I want to file for a divorce and my lawyer keeps telling me that due to CA not having jurisdiction over my husband I can't file here in CA. But then when asking here I was told...
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Attorney Sent To Jail For ‘Unprofessional And Intimidating’ Behavior

The judge didn't take kindly to his nonsense.
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Breaking Up Isn’t Hard To Do… Lawyers Made An App For That!

New platform seeks to deliver a modified DIY experience for divorce.
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What Do We Do with an ‘Almost Stalker’?

From Canada: Since 2011 my husband has been contacted by his abusive ex girlfriend periodically every 6 months to a year. It’s either nasty, creepy, or she acts like she wants to be a friend. It’s usually emails or friend requests from fake accounts, no matter if we respond or block her or not she keeps intruding randomly and it is distressing.She has stayed just within the law to be considered an annoyance or else we would get a restraining order. I am wondering if it would be alright to tell h...
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How To Determine The Value Of A Small Business 

Property division is often a problematic issue of a divorce process. Along with child custody and alimony, this part of divorce determines important terms which influence a whole further life of the former spouses. The emotional side of the distribution of the property raises issues like confidence in the future, desire to defend personal interests, the clash of different points of view on what justice is, and so on. Sometimes, even the couples which initially had an intention to dissolve the m...
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Issues in Dysfunctional Family

My parents have been divorced for 19 years. I grew up with my mother and grandma in her house. During my childhood, my grandma would tell me horrible things about my father such as that he abandoned me, that he doesn’t care about me, etc. which resulted in me not having any kind of relationship with my father up until my late teen years when we started rebuilding it. He and my mother don’t talk and she is convinced that my father wants to turn me against her and this is the reason for many terri...
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It’s OVER!!! Wendy Williams (Finally) Files For Divorce From Kevin Hunter…

A while back I posted a ‘not so blind’ item about a popular talk show host who had been consulting attorneys about divorcing her attorney (click HERE if you missed that). Welp… apparently the rumors were true as Wendy Williams has finally served her husband with divorce papers early this morning. Details below… (more…) Related Posts In Case You Missed It: Toya Wright & Reginae Carter Dish Dirt w/Wendy Williams… [VIDEO]Wendy Williams’ Husband Breaks Silence Regarding Williams’ ‘Relapse’ An...
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7 Considerations When Leaving Your Marriage, Part Two

This is Part Two in a series, to read Part One click here. In the last article I highlighted three important considerations to think about before leaving your marriage: Be sure, be kind, and the guilt you might experience about leaving. These three considerations are very much about you and your internal dialogue and in this post, we’ll see how the next stages are very much influenced by those around us. You’re Going to Be Seen as the Bad Person: Your partner (and Children) will see yo...
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What Do I Do When My Mom Is Cheating?

From a teen in the U.S.: My mum had cheated on my dad twice before ;my dad knows about one time she cheated. my dad has cheated on her too once. I think he is okay with it , my mum has told me about this after a longer time. I stay with her now and dad stays in another state , few months back I had checked my mum’s text accidentally and I felt like she’s again having an affair I had asked her to open about her relationship if she ever had any but she said no at that time. Recently I checked some...
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Spouse’s Disturbing Behavior

Been married about 10mth. We’ve known each other 10 years, mostly not together as he is from overseas. He moved to the US and we got married recently. Seemed a bit homesick and perhaps depressed after a few months, but that’s it. Recently he started not coming home. It started small. He was late from work or school, didn’t text or respond to texts or calls. Then he just wouldn’t come home until next day and wouldn’t say or would just say be home late and ignore any follow-up question. After the ...
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Jeff Bezos’ Ex-Wife Will Get Nearly $36 Billion in Biggest Divorce Settlement Ever

MacKenzie Bezos, the now former wife of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, is now the richest ex-wife in history after walking away from her marriage with almost $36 billion.Their agreement states that of his Amazon stock, while MacKenzie will get a 4% stake in the company worth about $35.6 billion and will make her the third-biggest shareholder.MacKenzie has also agreed to give Jeff all of her interests in the Washington Post and Jeff’s space exploration company, Blue Origin, in addition to 75% of their ...
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"Of course, this makes MacKenzie far richer than Trump, so he will doubtlessly start tweeting mean things about her."

"That'd be hurting Donnie... a woman 36 times more billionairess than he is." "Eat your envy, Donald. Separately, they’re net worth is more than yours." "Hey, Donald...MacKinseys settlement is at least sixteen times your net worth. Have a nice day."Those are 4 different commenters at "Jeff Bezos, in divorce settlement, retains 75 percent of the Amazon stock he held with his now ex-wife MacKenzie/MacKenzie Bezos’s stake will be worth roughly $36 billion, making her one of the wealthiest women in ...
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Jeff Bezos, Amazon C.E.O., and MacKenzie Bezos Finalize Divorce Details

Mr. Bezos will keep 75 percent of the couple’s stock in Amazon, and all of their ownership of The Washington Post and Blue Origin space company, Ms. Bezos wrote.
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4 Signs Your Marriage Needs Work

Nobody goes into a marriage thinking about the day it might end. Despite your expectations of a life spent together, the fact is that divorce is all too common. Despite the best intentions and hopes, not all marriages last a lifetime, and that means being aware of the signs that your relationship is not going to work out for the future. The earlier that you recognize the signs of a failing marriage, the easier and faster it will be to resolve issues before it’s late. If you recognize a...
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Why Divorce May Hurt Wealthier Kids’ Education the Most, According to a New Study

It has long been known that children whose parents split up have lower educational prospects than those whose parents stay together. But a new UCLA study found that divorce does not affect all children equally. Somewhat counterintuitively, the study suggests that divorce shortens the academic career of kids from stable families more than it does…
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Singer Monica Files For Divorce From Shannon Brown…

It’s official. Singer/reality star Monica Brown and her former NBA husband Shannon Brown are parting ways. Over the past year, the couple has been plagued with several rumors of marital strife. [FLASHBACK: Monica Shuts Down Separation Rumors With Birthday Post… ] Well it seems that Monica has finally decided to call it quits on the marriage, filing for divorce after almost 9 years of wedded bliss. Details below… (more…) Related Posts RUMOR CONTROL: Monica Brown is NOT Pregnant…Monica Hos...
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Helping Your Kids Through The Divorce Process

Getting divorced is an awful experience and if there are kids involved then it becomes infinitely more difficult. As a solicitor that specialises in family law I have seen this happen on numerous occasions and there is very rarely a time when things go ‘well’. What is most important during the divorce however is not the feelings of the parents, at least not primarily, but rather the wellbeing of the children. Unlike the adults, the children of divorce had no part to play in the separation of the...
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Divorce: Custody of Autistic Kid

My question involves a marriage in the state of: CA My marriage is 18 years old and we have had trouble from the start due to his family. We have an autistic son. Two years ago, behind my back, he took our son to see his sister and his distant cousin. This wouldn't have been so bad (aside from the fact that his family hates me) had it not been for the fact that cousin also has a non-verbal and severely autistic son who has never communicated until the cousin began to use a method called Rapid P...
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Men’s Rights Firm Teases ‘Hot New Girlfriend’ In Ad Somebody Thought Was Cool

They should call themselves 'The Firm For Fragile Men.'
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Husband Walked Out on Me

please help me know what to do…This argument was so stupid and I may have just lost my husband forever because of it. We were watching a TV show, and in the show a male character was sleeping in a hotel bed with a woman that was not his wife and I mentioned something like “wow, I hate that every male character has to cheat.” Well, my husband replied with “that’s not cheating” and I kind of freaked out a bit and asked him how that’s not cheating (I have been cheated on in the past by a man that’s...
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CoParenter helps divorced parents settle disputes using AI and human mediation

A former judge and family law educator has teamed up with tech entrepreneurs to launch an app they hope will help divorced parents better manage their co-parenting disputes, communications, shared calendar and other decisions within a single platform. The app, called coParenter, aims to be more comprehensive than its competitors, while also leveraging a combination of AI technology and on-demand human interaction to help co-parents navigate high-conflict situations. The idea for coParenter emerg...
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coParenter helps divorced parents settle disputes using A.I. and human mediation

A former judge and family law educator has teamed up with tech entrepreneurs to launch an app they hope will help divorced parents better manage their co-parenting disputes, communications, shared calendar, and other decisions within a single platform. The app, called coParenter, aims to be more comprehensive than its competitors, while also leveraging a combination of A.I. technology and on-demand human interaction to help co-parents navigate high-conflict situations. The idea for coParenter em...
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Spousal Support and Alimony: Motion to Terminate Alimony: How to Cite Length of Support in Motion

My question involves a marriage in the state of: California Hi, I'm trying to write a motion to terminate spousal support (not child support, we don't have children). For it, I need to quote the relevant family code laws. My marriage was 7 years, so the support period should be 3.5 years as far as I have read, but there is no law that specifies this (checking the California Family Code). When citing it, what is it called? Is it precedent or what? It might not fly well if I mention that "ever...
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Division of Assets: How Does Equitable Distribution Work with Prior Assets in a Second Marriage

My question involves a marriage in the state of: Pennsylvania If two people get married, both bring assets into a second marriage. If one has, for example, a house co-owned with his/her previous spouse and that gets sold during the second marriage, it's considered a previous asset, correct? So then if the second marriage turns to divorce in an equitable distribution state like PA, DE, NJ, how is that done, for example, if the return from that previous sold home is in a joint account with the sec...
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U.S. Woman Mired in Saudi Arabia Is Granted Legal Saudi Residency

Bethany Vierra’s case showed how the kingdom’s rules can restrict women, and how the authorities can intervene if they choose.
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Is My Marriage Worth Saving?

From the U.S.: I’m married to a man who has locked me out of the house at least 8 times. I was packing my things, he threw an object out the door in my direction and I had to get 4 stitches. He said he just threw it and wasn’t aiming. He has called me horrible names. He easily and quickly gets mad, cusses, and likes to belittle. He never accepts responsibility for anything. He used to be a drunk until he was arrested for DUI. Now, he doesn’t drink as much, but is still emotionally abusive. I’m h...
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Ties: My Stepson, the Owl and Me

The owl became a beacon of hope: a kindred spirit, with feathers, to narrow the valley between us. Without the owl, we were just two strangers, brought together in the shadow of divorce.
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American Woman, Divorced From Saudi Husband, Is Trapped in Saudi Arabia

Under the kingdom’s guardianship laws, Bethany Vierra cannot use her bank account, leave the country or travel with her daughter unless her ex-husband agrees.
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