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Social Network For Musicians' Drooble Song Reviews, Reviewed [Brian Hazard]

In this review of the song reviews section of the musician focused social media site Drooble, Brian Hazard of Color Theory provides a detailed breakdown of his experience using the site, kind of user feedback he received on his music, and whether the process as a whole was valuable to him as an artist. ______________________________ Guest post by Brian Hazard of Passive Promotion Drooble is a social network for musicians. Like Facebook, it has a news feed with comments ...
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How To Build Your Crowdfunding Team - A Musician's Guide

Ariel Hyatt's best selling book CROWDSTART is now a 3-part masterclass – Cyber PR LAB 9.  With leading crowdfunding service PledgeMusic at least temporarily offline, this must-read book excerpt and the course are more important than ever. By Ariel Hyatt of Cyber PR and the CROWSTART book and masterclass. While researching for this book, I came across many articles that gave the same advice on crowdfunding preparation that I already knew through my own experience, such as have an existi...
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Every Holiday Caroline Eriksson Makes Something Crazy Out Of Gingerbread

Every Christmas, artist Caroline Eriksson has made something amazing out of gingerbread. It started back in 2013 when she made an Optimus Prime for a gingerbread contest. Since then she’s made a Xenomorph, dragon and even Darth Vader! To create her gingerbread sculptures, Eriksson first builds an internal structure out of metal. The rest is simply gingerbread and melted sugar! For the curved areas... Source
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Twitter Stock ↑15.7% Tues. On Strong Revenue Growth, Mixed Monthly User Stats

UPDATE: The last monthly user stats that Twitter says it will ever share showed a social media channel struggling to grow. Twitter added monthly users for the first time in a year - 330 million monthly users vs. 321 million in the previous quarter. But that's still lower than the 336 million in the same quarter last year. Twitter had announced that they would no longer share monthly users stats.  The company's new  preferred metric - monetizable daily active users - were 134 million ...
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Kobalt's AWAL Expands Artist Marketing Team With VP Hire

AWAL, Kobalt’s red hot label services and recordings company, has hired Thomas Fiss as VP of Strategic Marketing, North America. Based in Los Angeles, Fiss will oversee multichannel marketing, which includes conceptualizing and producing content offerings and partner integrations for AWAL artists with brands, media outlets and others. "We are reimagining the construct and type of services artists and labels should have access to in the modern music industry,” said AWAL President, North Am...
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Snapchat Is Back (Sort Of) But investor Still Aren't Happy

Snapchat's user base is finally growing again, though not dramatically enough for investors. The social channel added 4 million daily active users last quarter, marking its first gain in a year. Snapchat now has 190 million DAUs, up from 186 million at the end of 2018. That was also 3 million more users than analysts were expecting, but down from the 191 million DAUs Snapchat had in the first quarter of last year. The company saw $320 million in revenue for the quarter, beating analysts e...
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Every DIY Project Will Require Three Trips to the Hardware Store

Some of you are naturally hardwired to excel at do-it-yourself home improvement projects. You revel in the chaos that is tearing up carpet, building a shed or knocking down a wall to achieve that coveted “open concept” layout.Read more...
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Twitter Stock Up 15.7% On Strong Revenue Growth But Weak Monthly User Stats

UPDATED 2: The last monthly user stats that Twitter says it will ever share showed a social media channel struggling to grow. Twitter added monthly users for the first time in a year - 330 million monthly users vs. 321 million in the previous quarter. But that's still lower than the 336 million in the same quarter last year. Twitter had announced that they would no longer share monthly users stats.  The company's new  preferred metric - monetizable daily active users - were 134 milli...
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How to Decide When to DIY and When to Hire a Professional

Last fall, my husband and I had a new fence installed in the backyard. It’s white cedar and the wood has dried out enough since it was installed that it’s time for us to stain and seal it before the weather starts to take its toll. The thing is, we really don’t want to do it.Read more...
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How to build a house out of shipping containers

Architecture hacker/maker Ben Uyeda of HomeMadeModern designed and built his house out of shipping containers in the high desert of Joshua Tree, California. And he documented the process in fascinating detail. How to Build A Shipping Container House (YouTube)
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The $15 DIY: The Hardware Store Clamp Light Improved

With a minor tweak, a lamp from the hardware store is personalized—by way of color choice—and elevated. Easy, quick, and useful in every rooms, it’s the DIY every house needs. Photography by Alexa Hotz for Remodelista. Materials One Incandescent Clamp Light with an aluminum shade—sourced from your local hardware store or online at Home Depot for $9.31. Rust-Oleum Gloss Protective Enamel Spray Paint; I used Smoke Gray; about $4.28 at Lowe’s. Instructions Above: Step 1: Remove all labels...
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Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Songwriting • UK Festival • The Business Of Sync, Music Supervision • More

This week on MusicThinkTank, contributors shared articles on some unconventional tips for writing music, how the UK festival scene has evolved over time, what goes on behind the scenes of sync and music supervision, and more! Shaun Letang| How To Write A Song, 5 Unconventional Tips Jessica Higgins | The Evolution Of The UK Festival Scene Emma Griffiths | 7 Podcasts On The Business Of Sync & Music Supervision Sadi Khan | 7 Scientific Studies Prove Exercise Mak...
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12 Activities for Babies 12-18 Months

At this point, your little one may be standing, walking, and even running on their own. This opens up a whole new world for them to explore, and as their gross and fine motor skills are developing there are new activities that they can engage in! Check out some of these activities for babies 12-18 months we’ve listed below: DIY Object Permanence Box – With just a cardboard box, some tape, and a few balls or other small objects that you probably already have you can create this DIY Obj...
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80+ creative Easter egg decorating ideas: Your ultimate egg decorating resource!

For more than a decade now, so many of our writers have searched the web to compile the most creative Easter egg decorating ideas, from simple to wow, from traditional to modern, from designs for toddlers to designs for teens — and everything in between. And so, all in one place, we present your one-stop […]
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Passover roundup: Our favorite Passover recipes, kid crafts, and even a free printable Hamilton Haggadah

Happy first night of Passover, to our observant friends! And to the rest of you — well, here’s hoping you score a seder invite, because this is easily my favorite Jewish holiday. While Hanukkah gets most of the attention, Passover is a beautiful time to lie back, eat a ton, enjoy a leisurely dinner with […]
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“Serenade In Blood Minor”: Fascinating Horror Sculptures By Viktor Makov

Viktor Makov is the owner and sculptor of Monsterskaya studio based in Russia. He sculpts your favourite horror villians on everything from busts, phone cases, keyrings and so on. “I became a fan of horror when I was a little boy. My older brother usually watched horror movies and I would watch with him.I loved drawing monsters before I began school around the age of maybe 4 or 5 years old. Source
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20 DIY Porch and Garden Projects

If you’re looking for easy, inexpensive DIY porch and garden projects for the summer, you’ve come to the right place!    Summer is the perfect time for completing some fun projects.  Getting outside and working on projects is one of my favorite things about summer! I love to plant flowers, vegetables and just make our... Read On → The post 20 DIY Porch and Garden Projects appeared first on All Things Mamma.
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How-to video maker Jumprope launches to leapfrog YouTube

Sick of pausing and rewinding YouTube tutorials to replay that tricky part? Jumprope is a new instructional social network offering a powerful how-to video slideshow creation tool. Jumprope helps people make step-by-step guides to cooking, beauty, crafts, parenting and more using voice-overed looping GIFs for each phase. And creators can export their whole lesson for sharing on Instagram, YouTube, or wherever. Jumprope officially launches its iOS app today with plenty of how-tos for making ch...
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CD Baby Partners With Audible Magic To Identify Copyright Infringement

CD Baby has partnered with Audible Magic to identify content rights conflicts prior to delivery to Spotify, Apple Music and other digital service providers, ensuring that CD Baby remains a trusted distribution partner. CD Baby is currently one of a handful of distributors named as "preferred" partners by both Spotify and Apple Music When a CD Baby artist or label uploads a new music file, Audible Magic's RightsRx checks a registry of 30 million media assets. RightsRx then indicat...
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This DIY camera draws every photo you take on an Etch A Sketch

We’ve seen our fair share of unique DIY cameras powered by Raspberry Pie, and the latest one is coming from a self-taught programmer Martin Fitzpatrick. He has created a camera that’s basically a hacked Etch A Sketch. He named it Etch-a-Snap, and it will turn your photos into quite precise Etch A Sketch drawings. Etch-a-Snap […] The post This DIY camera draws every photo you take on an Etch A Sketch appeared first on DIY Photography.
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It took six months to create these ultra large 3D wet plates

Austrian photographer Markus Hofstätter has published plenty of interesting wet plate projects. In his latest project, he brings together large format wet plates and stereo 3D photos. This was Markus’ most time-consuming project so far. It took him working six months to finish it, the first three just modifying his camera so it can take […] The post It took six months to create these ultra large 3D wet plates appeared first on DIY Photography.
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8 fun, easy Easter egg ideas for toddlers and preschoolers. Big kids shouldn’t have all the fun!

Let’s talk about easy Easter egg ideas for toddlers, like mine. Because dyeing eggs with traditional techniques for this age group can be a risky proposition. Adorable? Yes. Liable to require hours of steam cleaning the carpet? Also yes. While we’ve covered some great Easter egg ideas for tweens and teens this year, I happen to […]
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Bunny Pom Pom Wreath DIY

I thought I had my stash of Easter decorations all set for the year until I was browsing around a craft store and saw a little pom pom bunny ear wreath and thought, “Uh oh … that’s pretty cute!” The one I saw at the store was rather small and I like to do bigger wreaths on my front door, so I decided to DIY my own version to add a little more Easter flair to the front porch. Here’s what I did!  Supplies: –wire wreath frame (in whatever size you want!) –thicker white or cream yarn (I used 3 pac...
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Vevo Uses A Simple Tactic To Increase Music Video Views and You Should Too

Major label owned music video platform Vevo has discovered a simple tactic that leads to an average double digit improvement in engagement. This tactic works particularly well for videos released years ago, many of which were getting lost within YouTube’s massive and always growing catalog. What is Vevo's secret sauce?  Improve the thumbnail that represents each video.  Tell the story of the video with a brighter and more eye catching image and the results can be dramatic, repor...
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Donut Bar Ideas with Facebook Marketplace

Thank you Facebook Marketplace for sponsoring this post. There’s something for everyone!Recently, we had the chance to design and style our very own donut bar. And oh. my. goodness! What a fun time we had. Perfect for bridal showers, wedding favors, and beyond - there's nothing we're not loving about this sweet, interactive party idea.And so naturally, when it came time to host a recent bridal shower for a dear friend of ours, we instantly thought of this creative DIY idea. Right off the bat, we...
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My guide to building a personal makerspace/workshop at home

I have a new piece on Better Humans exploring some of the main considerations when planning, designing, and outfitting your own home shop or personal makerspace. In the piece, I talk about the benefits of a public makerspace/hackerspace, namely high-end and cutting edge tools that many consumers still can't afford (3D printers, CNC machines, laser cutters, electronics equipment) and the learning and community aspects of joining such a space. But for those who would rather work alone, many of the...
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How To Successfully Submit To Music Blogs, Magazines, Radio

So often when submitting their music to a magazine or music blog, artists fail to do their research and follow proper protocol, with the result that their work ends up being rejected. In such a competitive field, it is essential that artists do the proper leg work to set themselves up for success. ______________________ In this most recent post on MusicThinkTank, Tracy Arbon breaks down proper procedure for submitting your music to promotional gatekeepers. "If blogs don’t have a si...
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Staying In Love With The Craft Of Songwriting

As with so many creative arts, songwriting can often be an incredibly frustrating experience, and it can be easy for you to lose your inspiration and forget your love of the craft when compositional process grinds to a halt. Here we look at how to rekindle the fire and maintain your love of songwriting. ______________________________ In this most recent post to MusicThinkTank, Caleb J. Murphy looks at how songwriters can maintain their love of the craft, even when faced with creative ro...
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Russian inventor’s prototype cosmonaut weapons discovered

While cleaning the garage of inherited property, various outlandish looking homemade firearms were discovered by a man from Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia. All appear to show the skill of a highly dedicated and imaginative individual. Homemade ammunition appears to have been utilized going by the presence of a tub containing various crimped blank rounds and nail […] Read More … The post Russian inventor’s prototype cosmonaut weapons discovered appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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