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DJI Air 2S packs massive 1″ camera sensor into a tiny drone, adds real obstacle avoidance

DJI has long been known as a leader in drone technology. The Air 2S only reinforces that reputation with a slew of upgrades to make your drone footage stand out among the rest. DJI says it has improved both the flight experience and the footage and photography features. According to DJI, the Air 2S is […] The post DJI Air 2S packs massive 1″ camera sensor into a tiny drone, adds real obstacle avoidance appeared first on Bikerumor.
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DJI's Upgraded Mavic Air 2S Has a Much Larger Camera Sensor

DJI’s Mavic Air 2 drone already offers a great balance of price and performance, but with the new Mavic Air 2S, DJI is revamping its latest quadcopter with a way bigger camera sensor. Read more...
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DJI Air 2S enters pro territory with its one-inch camera sensor and 5.4K video

Now positioned as a flagship drone, the DJI Air 2S, which features a one-inch camera sensor, offers better quality from the start
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DJI Air 2S Review: Superb results without the work

Get the best results the first time around. That's exactly what the DJI Air 2S delivers with its new camera.
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DJI releases the Air 2S drone that’s packed with an impressive camera and incredible range

DJI just updated one of its most popular drones, and I’m pleased to report the new features improve an already good product. The new $999 Air 2S packs an impressive image sensor, range, and object tracking/sensing technology that makes it an easy recommendation for anyone looking for a portable prosumer drone. I’ve been testing the drone for the last week, but poor weather prevented me from constructing a full review at this time. Look for that next week. The DJI Air 2, released (and reviewed) i...
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DJI could drop a new drone this week, here’s what to expect

DJI is expected to unveil its latest drone this week, the Air 2S. But how will it improve on the Mavic Air 2 that it's replacing?
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Watch this breathtaking drone video of a volcanic eruption

Aerial filmmaker Stefan Forster has created an extraordinary piece of work that captures the breathtaking beauty of a volcanic eruption.
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The best smartphone gimbals for 2021

Smartphone cameras are more impressive than ever before, but shaky video can ruin it. Check out the best gimbals to maximize your mobile photos and videos.
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DJI FPV Review: A powerful drone for serious pilots

It's agile, speedy, and opens a new dimension of capturing unique video.
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Watch the new DJI FPV drone whiz between trees (until it doesn’t)

Watch what happened when an experienced drone pilot put the new DJI FPV drone through its paces by flying it through a forest.
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I crashed the DJI FPV drone the first time I took it for a spin

The DJI FPV drone is a beast that can only be tamed by seasoned pilots. I thought I was worthy, but I crashed it on my first test flight.
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Flying DJI's First FPV Drone Is an Exhilarating but Imperfect Experience

DJI is widely known for its commercial drones that are easy to use and friendly to newcomers, as well as for its content creation features for vlogs and even cinematography. With its new first-person view drone, DJI wanted to make a splash in the drone-flying community with a quad that toes the line. The DJI FPV…Read more...
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DJI FPV drone accelerates faster than a Tesla Model S. Yeah, it’s that quick

The new DJI FPV drone is an all-in-one FPV solution for those looking to take their drone game to the next level.
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DJI launches an all-in-one FPV drone system

DJI has flirted with FPV goggles before, of course. The company got on the burgeoning FPV movement with the launch of its DJI Goggles back in 2016. It was a logical extension for the company that controls around 70% of the drone market, at last count, and a push toward a more mainstream experience for what has largely been the realm of hobbyists. Today, it takes another important step toward conquering that market with the launch of DJI FPV. The simply named new drone model is aimed at offering ...
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How to watch DJI unveil its new FPV drone live online today

Drone giant DJI will unveil its latest quadcopter during a livestreamed event on Tuesday, March 2. Here's how you can watch.
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How to watch DJI unveil its new FPV drone live online on Tuesday

Drone giant DJI will unveil its latest quadcopter during a livestreamed event on Tuesday, March 2. Here's how you can watch.
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Tesla’s China rival Xpeng to use lidar sensors from DJI affiliate Livox

The battle is heating up between Tesla and its Chinese challenger Xpeng as the latter makes clearer its stance on the future of autonomous driving. Over the weekend, Xpeng, which counts Xiaomi and Alibaba among its investors, announced that it will be using lidar sensors from Livox, a startup with closes ties to the Chinese drone giant DJI. The choice of remote sensing technology lidar and a Chinese supplier reflects the complexities of the U.S.-China tech war. Tesla has accused Xpeng of inte...
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DJI says products will remain on sale after being added to US ‘entity list’

Yesterday the U.S. Department of Commerce included DJI among the 77 new entries on its ‘entity list.’ Precisely what this means for the company’s future in the States remains uncertain, but it has since responded to TechCrunch’s request for comment. “DJI is disappointed in the U.S. Department of Commerce’s decision,” a spokesperson for the drone giant tells TechCrunch. “Customers in America can continue to buy and use DJI products normally. DJI remains committed to developing the industry’s m...
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DJI added to U.S. trade blacklist. Will drone sales be grounded?

Chinese drone manufacturer DJI has been added to the Department of Commerce's Entity List, meaning U.S. companies are forbidden from doing business with it.
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Drone Giant DJI Added to U.S. Blacklist

The U.S. Commerce Department on Friday added drone maker DJI to its “Entity List,” effectively banning U.S. companies from doing business with the China-based firm.Read more...
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DJI added to Commerce Department ‘entity list’

Following numerous reports that the U.S. government was seeking to crack down on DJI, the Department of Commerce today will be adding the drone giant to its “Entity List.”  Reuters and Drone DJ have issued early reporting based on a conference call with a state official. The full list of 77 impacted companies is available here. The news comes as a pretty massive blow to DJI. The 14-year-old Chinese company has been an utterly dominant force in the drone category. Here in the States, it comman...
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The DJI Mini 2 Is a Great Step Up

As a wannabe cinematographer who salivates over gorgeous aerial shots from directors like Denis Villeneuve, drones are just damn fun to film with and fly. But I’ve been on a hunt for the drone for me and my artistic aspirations (and if I can save a few bucks, that would be great too). Drones are either cheap, flimsy,…Read more...
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Sony looks set to fly into drone market to take on the mighty DJI

Sony looks set to enter the drone market with a brand called "Airpeak," with the first machines possibly launching in the spring of 2021.
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DJI’s pint-sized Mavic Mini gets camera and connection upgrades

We dug DJI’s Mavic Mini when the drone arrived last year. As Matt noted in his review, “It packs everything critical to be a quality drone. It has a good camera, good range and a good controller. It holds up well in the wind and is quick enough to be fun.” Today, DJI improves two of those things with the arrival of the Mini 2. The new version, which hits retail today, is more refinement than redefinition. This is one of those cases where that’s perfectly fine, as the first release was a solid...
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DJI Mini 2 review: Same compact size, more confidence flying

The DJI Mini 2 boasts boasts 4K video capture and upgraded motors while continuing to fly under the FAA radar.
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DJI Mini 2 gets upgraded with 4K video, OcuSync tech, and stronger motors

The DJI Mini 2 has everything people wanted from the original, boasting proper 4K video recording, stronger motors, and more. Oh yeah, it's still 249 grams.
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DJI’s tiny Pocket 2 gimbal camera launches with big improvements

DJI's second-generation Pocket gimbal camera comes with a slew of improvements that could catch the eye of serious vloggers.
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DJI’s clever little Pocket gimbal gets refreshed with improved video

It’s been nearly two years since DJI released the original Osmo Pocket. Honestly, the little gimbal is one of the most delightful products from a company that makes a lot of them. As — at best — an amateur smartphone photographer, I enjoyed my time with the product and am pretty psyched to get a little hands-on time with the sequel. The new product streamlines the name a bit, dropping the “Osmo” to become, simply, the DJI Pocket 2. Like its predecessor, it works as both a standalone camera, o...
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DJI’s Pocket 2 gimbal is an extremely fun way to grab impressive smartphone shots

The Pocket 2 is the kind of device that makes me wish I got out a bit more. I’ve been testing it out for a few days, and, while it’s done a reasonably good job making my life look a bit more interesting, there’s only so much such a little device can do during this lockdown. That’s no fault of DJI’s of course. There’s only so much that can be done — and at the end of the day, a camera can only really work with the content you give it. Even so, I’ve enjoyed my time with the product. As I did with ...
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Osmo Pocket 2 is coming this week. Here’s what it could look like

Compact and convenient, DJI’s Osmo Pocket gimbal camera generated a lot of interest when it launched in 2018. An updated design is launching this week.
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