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Turkey: 2018 FCPA Enforcement Actions And Highlights - ELIG Gürkaynak Attorneys-at-Law

In April 2018, the DOJ closed its investigation with regard to the Insurance Corporation of Barbados Limited
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Barr's Record On Mass Incarceration Comes Under Scrutiny In Confirmation Hearing

The heads of two influential national civil rights organizations challenged William Barr's suitability to be attorney general, citing his record in the early 1990s when he previously led the DOJ.(Image credit: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)
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United States: DOJ Gets Practical On Corporate Resolutions: Highlights From Rod Rosenstein's November 29th Comments On Individual Accountability - Arnold & Porter

In remarks at the American Conference Institute's FCPA conference on November 29, 2018, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced changes to the DOJ's policy concerning individual accountability for corporate wrongdoing.
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Hackers Broke Into An SEC Database and Made Millions From Inside Information, Says DOJ

Federal prosecutors unveiled charges in an international stock-trading scheme that involved hacking into the Securities and Exchange Commission's EDGAR corporate filing system. "The scheme allegedly netted $4.1 million for fraudsters from the U.S., Russia and Ukraine," reports CNBC. "Using 157 corporate earnings announcements, the group was able to execute trades on material nonpublic information. Most of those filings were 'test filings,' which corporations upload to the SEC's website." From th...
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Former DOJ Employee Weighs In On William Barr's Confirmation Hearing

NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with Jennifer Daskal, an associate law professor at American University and a former Justice Department employee, about William Barr's confirmation hearing.
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Barr: I’m Open To Reconsidering DOJ Refusal To Defend Obamacare In Lawsuit

Attorney general nominee William Barr said Tuesday that he would be open to reconsidering the Justice Department’s position on a lawsuit by Republican states attorneys general over Obamacare. Attorney General Sessions refused to defend Obamacare in court, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) noted during Barr’s confirmation hearing.  “Would you reverse the Justice Department’s position and defend the Affordable Care Act in court?” the senator asked. “That is a case that, if I am confirmed, I wou...
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Judge Keeps An Eye On SCOTUS As He Blocks Census Citizenship Question

U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman found himself in an extraordinary position as he handed down a decision Tuesday declaring illegal the Trump administration’s move to add a citizenship question to the census. As trial in the case was wrapping up in November, the Supreme Court announced it would hear arguments on a dispute in the case in February. More remarkable, still, is that the dispute — over a judge’s order the Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, who made the decision to add the question, sit...
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DOJ ‘Disappointed’ In Judge’s Decision Blocking Census Citizenship Question

The Justice Department issued a statement Tuesday that said it was “disappointed” with a federal judge’s decision to block the addition of a citizenship question to the 2020 census. “Our government is legally entitled to include a citizenship question on the census and people in the United States have a legal obligation to answer,” DOJ spokeswoman Kelly Laco said in the statement. The Census Bureau moved to add the question in 2018 at Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’s direction, and the Departm...
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What Barr Did (And Didn’t) Commit To On The Russia Probe, DOJ Independence

Tuesday’s confirmation hearing for Bill Barr focused on how the attorney general nominee would handle key issues related to the Russia probe and keep the Justice Department independent from president known to insert himself into the DOJ’s affairs. In his opening statement before the Senate Judiciary Committee and answers to lawmakers’ questions, Barr sought to assuage concerns he’ll act as a flunky to President Trump, committing to allow the Russia investigation to continue unimpeded and to p...
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Justice department plans to meet with cable association over Comcast-NBCUniversal merger

The Department of Justice contacted the American Cable Association in December to set up a meeting "in the new year," ACA chief executive Matt Polka told Business Insider. The ACA represents more than 700 small video and broadband providers nationwide and is calling for an investigation into Comcast's 2011 acquisition of NBCUniversal. Previous reporting by the New York Post stated that a formal civil investigative demand by the DOJ into Comcast had not been filed. The Department ...
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United States: Holiday Cheers And Jeers as DOJ Releases FY2018 Official Stats - Arnold & Porter

The second key takeaway is that DOJ was only able to post these mediocre numbers by the skin of its teeth.
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What Dems Should Demand From William Barr On Mueller And DOJ Independence

After nearly two years of an unprecedented frontal assault by President Trump on his own Justice Department, Senate Democrats have an opportunity this week to pin down attorney general nominee William Barr at his confirmation hearing Tuesday on the commitments he will make to protect the special counsel’s Russia probe and the historic independence of the department. “You want to hear the nominee say that the president is not above the law, that credible allegations will receive full review,” ...
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This Week: Manafort Gave Trump Poll Data To Russian, Mueller Report Coming

We may finally have a concrete deadline for the Mueller report. The findings the special counsel has dug up over the course of his months-long investigation will be ready to present to the Justice Department as soon as late February, according to new reporting out from NBC this week, though when or if those details will become public remains unclear. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who has overseen the Mueller case, reportedly hopes to stick around until that report is filed. That means ...
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Judge: Mueller Doesn’t Have To Explain Source Of Info Used For Action In Troll Case

Special counsel Robert Mueller won’t have to explain to a Russian company where he got information he used to take an unspecified “investigative action” — information that the company Concord Management had suggested was inappropriately obtained. U.S. District Judge Dabney Friedrich on Friday denied the request for an explanation by Concord, which believed the action could have been based on information it had shared with a DOJ lawyer that’s not supposed to be working with Mueller’s team. The...
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What, If Anything, has Congress Done to Curb Possession of “Bump Stocks?

Opinion What, If Anything, has Congress Done to Curb Possession of “Bump Stocks? New York – -( Apart from Trump’s rash, incorrigible action, what, if anything, has Congress done to curb possession of “bump stocks devices?” Curiously, Congress did attempt action to ban “bump stocks,” albeit unsuccessfully. On October 31, 2017, about one month after Paddock’s murderous assault on innocent Americans, Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA), sponsored a bill, called, “Closing the Bump-Stock Looph...
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There is no "mandate." And oh, by the way, Judge O'Connor didn't enjoin enforcement of any provision of the ACA, let alone "strike down" Obamacare in its entirety.

All the many critics are absolutely correct that Judge O’Connor’s severability analysis in his Affordable Care Act opinion yesterday is indefensible.  By focusing so intently on the severability argument, however, many of those critics concede (or assume) far too much at the front end, which is, if anything, even less defensible. The linchpin of O’Connor’s judgment—the part that triggers his severability analysis in the first place—is his conclusion that once the Affordable Care Act’s “shared r...
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History on Bump Stocks & More on The New ATF Ban

Opinion New York – -( The New ATF Rule: A Categorical Ban on Bump Stock Devices In the Federal Register, 83 FR 13442, the DOJ, through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), has proposed a rule change to the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), specifically, 27 CFR Parts 447, 478, and 479. The proposed Rule, reads: “The Department of Justice (Department) proposes to amend the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives regulations to clarify that ...
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United States: DOJ Updates Its Justice Manual To Include Section Limiting Use Of Guidance Documents In Litigation - Mintz

Nearly one year ago, on January 25, 2018, the Department of Justice's (DOJ) Regulatory Reform Task Force issued a memorandum entitled
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ADA: two gleams on a dark horizon

Ohio has passed a bill giving targets of ADA accessibility complaints a chance to fix the issue before becoming liable for attorneys’ fees, and a California state judge has ruled that the state’s jackpot Unruh Act does not cover website accessibility claims. Those are two bits of favorable news amid a lot of continued bad news, I argue in a new Cato post. Related: Domino’s argues before a Ninth Circuit panel in a web accessibility case [Kristina Launey, Seyfarth Shaw]: Domino’s argued, as a po...
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Attorney General Nominee Bill Barr reportedly to support FIRST STEP Act at coming hearing (and should be pressed on particulars)

This effective new Reuters article, headlined "Tough-on-crime record trails U.S. attorney general nominee into Senate hearings," reports on how the new AG-nominee's record on criminal justice issues and recent developments could intersect at next week's confirmation hearings. Here are the details: President Donald Trump’s nominee for U.S. attorney general is expected to tell a Senate panel next week that he supports a new law easing prison sentences for some criminals, even though he advocated ...
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United States: DOJ Implements 2018 Granston Memo On False Claims Act - Duane Morris LLP

In early 2018, the U.S. Department of Justice announced a new policy encouraging prosecutors handling False Claims Act (FCA)
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Rod Rosenstein to Leave Justice Department After AG Confirmation Quote: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will resign after the U.S. Senate confirms Attorney General nominee Bill Barr, multiple sources confirm. Mr. Barr was nominated after Attorney General Jeff Sessions was fired following the 2018 midterm elections. Mr. Rosenstein, who appointed and oversaw the special counsel investigation conducted by Robert Mueller, allegedly wants to ensure a smooth transition. T...
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Jason Chaffetz: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's departure from the DOJ can't come soon enough

'Fox News @ Night' panel responds to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's expected departure from the Department of Justice to coincide with the confirmation of William Barr as the next attorney general.
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Reports: Rosenstein Leaving DOJ After New Attorney General Confirmed

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will reportedly leave the Trump administration as soon as attorney general nominee William Barr is confirmed. According to multiple reports, Rosenstein has informed President Trump of his upcoming departure after a tumultuous tenure at the Justice Department. Barr’s confirmation hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee will kick off next week on January 15.
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United States: DOJ Implements Granston Memo: Motions To Dismiss Filed In 11 False Claims Act Cases - Duane Morris LLP

In early 2018, the U.S. Department of Justice announced a new policy encouraging prosecutors handling False Claims Act (FCA) cases to seek dismissal of qui tam complaints that threaten the government's interests.
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Unpacking the "Transgender in the Military" Cases

As many Balkinization readers may know, a few weeks ago the Solicitor General filed petitions for certiorari “before judgment” with the Supreme Court in three cases (Nos. 18-676, 677, 678) challenging then-Secretary of Defense Mattis’s new policy regarding transgender service-members.  In each of the cases a district court preliminarily enjoined DOD from implementing the new policy.  On Friday, however, a D.C. Circuit panel in one of the cases (consisting of Judges Griffith, Wilkins and Williams...
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DOJ, Largely Shut Down, Nonetheless Issued Statements On Southern Border Cases

The department's public affairs apparatus is mostly idle for lack of funding, but that didn't stop it from making announcements in support of the administration's messaging about immigrants.(Image credit: J. David Ake/AP)
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Tuesday round-up

Today the Supreme Court will hear oral argument in two cases. The first is Herrera v. Wyoming, which asks whether the Crow Tribe retains treaty rights to hunt on land in Wyoming’s Bighorn National Forest. Gregory Ablavsky previewed the case for this blog. Cecilia Bruni and Trevor O’Bryan have a preview at Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute. At Bloomberg Law, Jordan Rubin reports that this is “the third high court clash this term asking the justices to parse an old treaty’s modern e...
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Sources: DOJ blaming delay in scheduling Whitaker's Hill appearance on shutdown

The Justice Department has been in ongoing talks with Capitol Hill about a date for acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker to appear before the House Judiciary Committee, according to a sources familiar with the discussions. But Whitaker has yet to agree to a date -- raising the possibility that Democrats may try to force him to appear with a subpoena.
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Um, Who the Heck's Running the DOJ's Twitter Account Right Now?

Like at most federal agencies, the Justice Department’s social media accounts went dark two weeks ago when the partial government shutdown began. The employees who distribute news and work to keep the public informed of the department’s activities via Twitter and Facebook were sent home on furlough, none serving…Read more...
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