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Former New York Times reporter breaks silence after being ousted amid racial slur controversy

Donald G. McNeil Jr., the star New York Times reporter who resigned amid uproar over his 2019 use of a racial slur, broke his silence on Monday, leveling criticism against some of the newspaper's top brass and offering his own explanation for the events that ended his decades-long career at the outlet.
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"The online publication Slate has suspended a well-known podcast host after he debated with colleagues over whether people who are not Black should be able to quote a racial slur..."

"... in some contexts. Mike Pesca, the host of 'The Gist,' a podcast on news and culture... made his argument during a conversation last week with colleagues on the interoffice messaging platform Slack. In a lengthy thread of messages, Slate staff members were discussing the resignation of Donald G. McNeil Jr., a reporter who said this month that he was resigning from The New York Times after he had used the slur during a discussion of racism while working as a guide on a student trip in 2019....
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"The parents of adventurous young meritocrats paid $5,490 (plus airfare) for two weeks studying 'Public Health and Development in the Andes.'"

"On that trip, the reporter, Donald G. McNeil Jr., got into a series of heated arguments with students, none of them Black, on the charged question of race. Their complaints would ultimately end his career as a high-profile public health reporter for The Times, and again put The Times at the center of the national argument over journalism and racism and labor.... The student at the center of this story is Sophie Shepherd, who isn’t among the teenagers who have spoken anonymously to other news or...
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The New York Post publishes the Bret Stephens column that the New York Times spiked.

It's not that Stephens, a regular NYT columnist, can or would just give the rejected column to another newspaper to publish. The Post tells us the column — which defends the NYT reporter who got ousted for saying the n-word — "circulated among Times staffers and others" and the Post got hold of it "from one of them, not Stephens himself." Presumably, the Post publishes it because it is newsworthy — not as an opinion on the news but because the spiking of it is news, so we need to see what it is....
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The New York Times said a senior reporter 'went too far' after he slammed Trump and said the CDC director should resign

The science reporter Donald G. McNeil Jr. had told CNN the US should stop blaming China for the coronavirus outbreak and start taking responsibility.
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The Big Picture

When I posted my COVID19 turning points one of mine – and one that many TPM Readers shared – was listening to New York Times science and health reporter Donald McNeil on The Daily podcast on February 27th clearly comparing COVID to the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic in which “not everybody died, but everybody knew somebody who died.” Here is McNeil talking to Christiane Amanpour about the federal response to the epidemic. There’s no new fact you won’t know. Or not many. But he puts the whole picture...
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CNN's Christiane Amanpour speaks with New York Tim...

CNN's Christiane Amanpour speaks with New York Times health and science reporter Donald G. McNeil Jr. about Dr. Anthony Fauci's Senate appearance.
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Your COVID19 Turning Points

I have been fascinated by your accounts of your own turning points in the onrush of the COVID19 Crisis. They fascinate me both as a lapsed historian and also because they refresh my memory of an abrupt historical transition that is still less than two months old. Back in early March again and again we were hearing that the key signal of transition and the onset of a crisis footing was the closure of schools. Most people are only casual consumers of news. It is difficult for even important news t...
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If coronavirus restrictions end prematurely, 'President Trump will have blood on his hands,' public health expert says

Donald Trump's bonkers Easter end-of-coronavirus-lockdown declaration makes no sense, but here he is repeating it again today. The president's comments could get people killed, and so could premature lifting of lockdown orders, say public health experts. Dr. Keith Martin, who heads the Consortium of Universities for Global Health, told a New York Times reporter that if restrictions are lifted too soon, “President Trump will have blood on his hands.” From reporting by Annie Karni and Donald G. ...
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Trump administration ends program to monitor animal diseases that could spread to humans (like Ebola)

Donald Trump's administration will end a federal program that monitors dangerous animal diseases that could spread to humans. This news alarms public health experts, and those who are concerned that America's adversaries, namely Russia, may be actively influencing the Trump administration to commit low-key acts of biological warfare on Americans. Never chalk up to foreign active measures campaigns what can be explained by idiocy, they say, but why not both? This is—was—@usaid's Predic...
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Measles cases in Europe quadruple amid vaccination resistance

The virus found its way into pockets of unvaccinated children all over the continent, from Romania to Britain. [Author: DONALD G. McNEIL Jr.]
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