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Mischa Barton on success, paparazzi and survival: ‘I’m not broken’

As party girl Marissa in The OC, Barton found fame at a time when young female stars were being hounded by the press. She talks about strength, resilience and her battle against revenge pornFor some actors, the roles they have played stick to them like shadows, long after they should have been left behind. Just ask Mischa Barton. It is 15 years since she starred as Marissa Cooper in the teen drama The OC, and yet still she can’t shake her off. When Barton appeared in the reality show The Hills i...
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Nathan Lane & More Join Joaquin Phoenix in Ari Aster’s Disappointment Blvd.

(Photo by Bruce Glikas/WireImage via Getty Images) Deadline brings word that Emmy nominees Nathan Lane (The Producers, Modern Family, The Birdcage) and Patti LuPone (Frasier, Hollywood, Witness) along with Oscar nominee Amy Ryan (Gone Baby Gone, Birdman, The Office) and Kylie Rogers (Home Before Dark, Yellowstone) are joining Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix (Joker, Gladiator, The Master) in Ari Aster’s next A24 feature Disappointment Blvd. RELATED: Disappointment Blvd.: Joaquin Phoenix to Star in ...
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Jack Huston to Lead & Write The Count of Monte Cristo Adaptation

(Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage via Getty Images) According to Deadline, Constantin Film is currently in the process of developing a new adaptation of Alexandre Dumas’ classic French novel The Count of Monte Cristo, which centers around a man seeking revenge for his wrongful imprisonment. Jack Huston (Fargo, American Hustle, Boardwalk Empire) has been tapped for the leading role of Nicolas Cristo. Huston is also set to pen the adaptation, with Into the Badlands filmmaker Stephen Fung attached...
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A Fourth ‘Before’ Movie Was in the Works With Richard Linklater, But Julie Delpy Turned It Down

The films in Richard Linklater‘s Before romantic drama trilogy were released nine years apart, and the most recent entry, Before Midnight, came out in 2013. So if that established pattern were to continue, the fourth Before movie should come out in 2022 – but unless something completely unexpected happens, audiences may have seen the end of Jesse and Céline. Julie Delpy, one of the co-writers and co-stars of this unconventional franchise, revealed that she said no to Linklater when he approache...
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Respect Featurette Shows Jennifer Hudson’s Transformation Into Aretha Franklin

BEGIN SLIDESHOW A brand new Respect featurette for MGM’s forthcoming Aretha Franklin biopic drama has been released, which is scheduled to arrive in theaters on Friday, August 13. The video features interviews from director Liesl Tommy, Forest Whitaker, Mary J. Blige, and more as they talked about the process of how Jennifer Hudson transformed into the legendary singer including learning how to play piano and getting a movement coach. Hudson was personally hand-picked by Franklin, who was i...
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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Novel Trailer Reveals New Footage

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Sony Pictures has released the book trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming novelization of his award-winning 2019 movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which is scheduled to launch on Tuesday, June 29. The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: A Novel will first be published as a Harper Perennial mass market paperback, alongside an e-book and digital audio edition. A deluxe hardcover edition is expected to be released later this year. You can now pre-order the paperback edition ...
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The Mysterious Benedict Society TV Spot Debuts Ahead of Disney+ Premiere

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Disney+ has announced that their newest coming-of-age adventure series The Mysterious Benedict Society will officially make its premiere this Friday, June 25, with the first two episodes. This announcement also came with the release of a new TV spot and character posters, which you can check out in the gallery below, highlighting Emmy-winning actor Tony Hale’s dual roles as twin brothers-turned-enemies Mr. Benedict and L.D. Curtain. The upcoming Disney+ series marks Hale’s f...
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‘Last Film Show’ Review: An Indian Boy Discovers the Magic of Movies in a Timeless Ode to Cinema [Tribeca]

In Last Film Show, nine-year-old Samay (guileless newcomer Bhavin Rabari) stares wide-eyed at the screen in his dingy local theater, a whirlwind of magnificent images and Bollywood stars flashing before his eyes — Hrithik Roshan rides in on a horse, his clothes billowing behind him; Shah Rukh Khan stares down a gang of miscreants; Deepika Padukone kneels over an ornamental dish. It’s as if a light turns on inside his head as Samay stares at the screen, and he raises his hand as if to catch the ...
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‘Stranger Things’ Star David Harbour Teases a “Definite Ending” for the Series

The inevitable ending of Netflix’s sci-fi juggernaut Stranger Things has been the subject of tons of speculation over the past several years. Now actor David Harbour, who plays Hawkins’ police chief Jim Hopper, is adding a bit more fuel to the fire. In a new interview with Collider, Harbour was asked how the upcoming fourth season of the show compares to the previous seasons, and his answer included a tease about the ending. “I mean, it’s bigger, that’s the first thing,” he said. “In scope, i...
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Eden’s Zero Bests More Foes & Frees Slaves

Eden’s Zero has resolved its current conflict with its 11th airing, the capable Shiki managing to fell two familiar evildoers and a sexy new robotic female antagonist who gives watchers a bit of service. The ravishing Rebecca also manages to help out as she saves more slaves: Omake:
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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sotsu Promising a Bloodbath

Yet another PV has teased the continuation of the new Higurashi series, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sotsu, the anime looking to deliver plenty of heartfelt moments as well as a heaping amount of indescribably over-the-top scenes of violence and blood, which may end up turning out unintentionally humorous, like the last season. The new […]
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The Handmaid’s Tale season four review – hope at last in the most harrowing show on TV

Elisabeth Moss has always made this impressive if horrifying TV. But as the new series turns June into queen of the rebels, it has a shot of new lifeI am not sure if “enjoyment” is quite the right word in relation to watching The Handmaid’s Tale (Channel 4). It has been, at various points over the last three seasons, either a harrowing slog or an extremely harrowing slog. But at its best, it is impressive, inventive drama that pushes unfamiliar buttons with great skill. It had a magnificent, hau...
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Shadows House Growing Ever More Concerning

Shadows House has continued where it left off as the main master characters try to bring their servants back to their senses, leading to scenes of violence and more heartfelt moments that will undoubtedly have watchers curious how the plot will play out from this point. Omake:
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Fionn Whitehead: We’re Encouraged to Repress Our Feelings & Emotions

Fionn Whitehead stars alongside Leyna Bloom in Port Authority, a romantic drama set in New York City. Whitehead’s character, Paul, moves to the city for a new start and quickly finds himself attracted to the mysterious Wye (Bloom), who is part of the city’s ballroom scene. RELATED: Interview: Fionn Whitehead on Port Authority’s Script, Working With Leyna Bloom ComingSoon spoke to Whitehead about the film’s depiction of the NYC ballroom scene, which was quite personal for Bloom, and Whitehead fo...
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Youjo Senki Anime Returning to Win the War With Second Season

Little girl warmonger anime Youjo Senki is bringing back its magic-fueled action as a second anime season has been announced, certain to have many excited to see more of the protagonist’s cruelty as she attempts to defy an otherworldly being. The trailer for the anime is rather uneventful as it contains mostly talking: All the […]
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David Schwimmer: ‘I was a roller-skating waiter for seven years’

The actor, 54, on childhood activism, studying drama at Oxford, bringing up his daughter and learning to fight the good fightMy parents are my heroes. I marvel how they were able to work as young lawyers while keeping family as a priority. They raised my sister and me with a hyper-awareness of justice, equality and gay rights. I have memories of protesting on picket lines. It really informed my worldview and perspective.I wanted to be a surgeon. I was fascinated by the human body: I knew everyth...
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David Schwimmer: ‘I was a roller-skating waiter’

The actor, 54, on childhood activism, studying drama at Oxford, bringing up his daughter and learning to fight the good fightMy parents are my heroes. I marvel how they were able to work as young lawyers while keeping family as a priority. They raised my sister and me with a hyper-awareness of justice, equality and gay rights. I have memories of protesting on picket lines. It really informed my worldview and perspective.I wanted to be a surgeon. I was fascinated by the human body: I knew everyth...
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SSSS.DYNAZENON Ending Goes Out With a Bang

SSSS.DYNAZENON has unleashed one final life or death mecha battle for its concluding episode as the characters predictably seize victory, ending on some more (somewhat) happy slice-of-life scenes as the main “couple” of the series wear some spooky costumes. Omake:
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AJ Michalka Joins Showtime’s Ray Donovan Feature-Length Film

(Photo by Rachel Luna/WireImage via Getty Images) AJ Michalka (The Goldbergs, Schooled, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power) has joined the cast of Showtime’s upcoming Ray Donovan follow-up movie, according to Deadline. Michalka is set to portray the younger version of Abby Donovan (previously played by Paula Malcomson) in the feature-length film. RELATED: J.J. Abrams to Executive Produce Four-Part UFO Docuseries Leading star Liev Schreiber returns in the titular role for the movie, which picks ...
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Netflix in Talks to Continue Manifest Following NBC Cancellation

Following the recent cancellation of the sci-fi drama Manifest at NBC, Deadline brings word that Netflix is currently in talks with Manifest studio Warner Bros. TV to pick up the series. The streamer reportedly became the best possible destination for the canceled series after the first two seasons debuted on Netflix last week and climbed to the top spot in the U.S. The streamer is “evaluating the viability and financials” of possibly continuing the series. Creator Jeff Rake, who has a six-seas...
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The CW’s Walker 1.15 Promo: Four Stones In Hand

The CW has released the official promo for Walker Episode 1.15 titled “Four Stones In Hand,” featuring Cordell landing into some trouble after turning in his badge but seemingly finding himself unable to stay away from crime-solving. The episode will air on Thursday, June 24, and will be available to stream on The CW app and the following day. Written by Paula Sabbaga and directed by Tessa Blake, the official synopsis for the episode reads: “Micki’s (Lindsey Morgan) real mother, Merced...
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Sam Rechner Lands Key Role in Spielberg’s Semi-Autobiographical Film

(Photo by Kate Williams Photography) Up-and-coming Australian actor Sam Rechner (Ruby’s Choice, The Wilds) has landed a key role in Steven Spielberg’s upcoming semi-autobiographical film. Rechner will play a high school classmate of the young, aspiring filmmaker at the center of the story. Principal photography is scheduled to begin in July near Los Angeles, with a release planned for 2022. RELATED: Julia Butters Joins Amblin Biopic Inspired by Steven Spielberg’s Childhood The project will also...
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‘Joe Bell’ Trailer: It’s Up to Mark Wahlberg to End Bullying Forever

After premiering at the 2020 Toronto International Film Festival, the anti-bullying drama Joe Bell is finally coming to theaters this year. Once titled Good Joe Bell, the movie tells the true story of Oregonian father Joe Bell (Mark Wahlberg) ,who pays tribute to his gay teenage son Jadin (Reid Miller) by embarking on a self-reflective walk across America to speak his heart to heartland citizens about the real and terrifying costs of bullying. Watch the Joe Bell trailer below. Joe Bell Trail...
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Joe Bell Trailer: Mark Wahlberg Stars in Biopic Drama

Roadside Attractions has released the official Joe Bell trailer for Reinaldo Marcus Green’s upcoming biographical drama, centering around a true father-and-son story about acceptance and redemption. The film is scheduled to make its debut in theaters on Friday, July 23. Its current release date will see the Mark Wahlberg-led drama going up against three major competitors in the form of Paramount Pictures’ action G.I. Joe spinoff Snake Eyes, Universal Pictures’ M. Night Shyamalan-directed thrill...
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The Walking Dead Season 11 Synopsis & New Photos Revealed

BEGIN SLIDESHOW As part of AMC’s “11 Weeks of Reveals until Season 11” of The Walking Dead, the network has revealed the official Season 11 synopsis along with four new photos, which you can check out in the gallery below! The series will return on Sunday, August 22 at 9:00 p.m. ET. RELATED: The Walking Dead Season 11 Set Photo Reveals First Look at Mercer Previously on The Walking Dead, our survivors confronted past demons and combated new threats, with friendships and relationships suffer...
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Netflix Drama Grand Army Canceled After One Season

Netflix has officially canceled the drama series Grand Army after just one season, according to a report from Deadline.   RELATED: Netflix’s Fear Street Trilogy: R.L. Stine Adaptations Receive R-Rating The series, which was loosely based on Katie Cappiello’s 2013 play Slut, revolved around five students at one of the largest public high schools in Brooklyn, New York. The series explored the students as they strived to succeed, survive, wild out, and break free in a chaotic world around them. ...
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NEON’s Pig Trailer: Nicolas Cage Desperately Searches For His Titular Pet

NEON has released the official trailer for their upcoming drama film titled Pig, starring Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage as a truffle hunter. The film is slated to hit the theaters on Friday, July 16, which pits Pig against a mix of high-profile and independent features including Space Jam: A New Legacy, and Escape Room: Tournament of Champions as well as Die in a Gunfight and Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain. The video, which you can check out below, begins with Cage’s character in...
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‘Pig’ Trailer: Nicolas Cage Wants His Kidnapped Pig Back

Someone stole Nicolas Cage‘s prize foraging pig, and he’s not going to stand for it. That’s the premise of Pig, and while that sounds like a John Wick-style movie with a pig standing in for a dog, the Pig trailer hints at something much different. Sure, that premise is inherently amusing – Nic Cage hunting down pig kidnappers – but it looks like writer-director Michael Sarnoski has created something far more subtle and introspective than you might expect. Watch the Pig trailer below. Pig Tr...
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Sarah Polley’s ‘Women Talking’ Adds Rooney Mara, Claire Foy and More Alongside Frances McDormand

Writer/director Sarah Polley is directing an adaptation of Miriam Toews’ bestselling novel Women Talking, which now has an extensive cast complete with seasoned actors, as well as some fresh faces. MGM’s Orion Pictures and Plan B Entertainment have cast Claire Foy, Jessie Buckley, Rooney Mara, and Ben Whishaw alongside powerhouse Frances McDormand, who joined the film last year. Newcomers August Winter, Liv McNeil, and Kate Hallett are also filling out the cast with their feature film debuts. ...
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‘Belle’ Trailer: Mamoru Hosoda Follows Up ‘Mirai’ With Another Anime Film About a Furry Husband

There are a few things that appear in almost every Mamoru Hosoda movie: a stirring examination of parenthood, a bittersweet romance, and a furry husband. Hosoda, the filmmaker behind 2018’s Oscar-nominated Mirai and anime masterpieces like The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Wolf Children, is back to his old tricks with Belle, a digital spin on Beauty and the Beast that returns to Hosoda’s urban vision of the internet that he first explored in Digimon and Summer Wars — but with a new furry husb...
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