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Scientists found a way to communicate with people while they're asleep and dreaming

Roos Koole/Getty Images In a new study, scientists found they could communicate with people who are lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is when a person is aware they are dreaming. The dreamers could answer yes-or-no questions and solve basic math problems while asleep. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Scientists have identified a new phenomenon they describe as "interactive dreaming" - when people experiencing deep sleep and lucid dreams are able to follow instructions,...
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New study: People who are dreaming can have rational conversations with those who are awake

If you ask a question of someone who is sleeping and they respond in a way that makes sense, you likely would think you had momentarily woken them. In reality, the person may still be in the middle of a dream at the same time they're interacting with you. — Read the rest
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Can We Dream Again?

This week, I had the privilege of being a part of some celebrations commemorating the life and legacy of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Also, for the first time, I participated in the The National Day of Racial Healing, and with February, aka Black History Month, right around the corner, I have been reflecting on being God’s voice in my sphere of influence. In elementary school, I remember being taught about Dr. King and his leadership in the movement to secure human rights for Black a...
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Making Plans For The Next Year

The time is approaching to take stock and make New Year’s Resolutions: make yourself promises and plans for the next year. Let’s summarize the year’s results ( результаты ) first. 2020 has been a crazy year. But finally, it is ending. After the holiday wishes ( пожелания ) this year, people invariably add, “I hope 2021 is a better year for all of us!” Image by iXimus from Pixabay On the other hand, 2020 wasn’t boring, was it? We managed to adapt to the new reality: working from home, h...
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One Dream that Came True in 2020

When we think back on 2020, it will be remembered as one of the most horrible years in American history; a once in a century pandemic, an economic depression, civil unrest around society inequalities and a contentious presidential election. But, despite these setbacks, I was fortunate enough for one of my decades long dreams to finally come true in 2020. If you have been around me for the last 15 years, you know my dream has always been to live in Scottsdale, Arizona. Whenever I visited here for...
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Virtual reality is effective training for lucid dreaming, according to scientific study

A lucid dream is one in which you're aware of the fact that you're dreaming and can often control what happens. It's a powerful skill to develop for the sake of fun but also as a way to enhance creativity and manage the psychological stressors of waking life. — Read the rest
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Crazy dreams help us make sense of our memories

If consolidating memories as we sleep is like machine learning, maybe dreams keep our "algorithms" on track.Machine learning is optimized by the injection of a certain amount of nonsense data.Maybe dreams are just weird enough to do the same for us as we sleep. For a while now, the leading theory about what we're doing when we dream is that we're sorting through our experiences of the last day or so, consolidating some stuff into memories for long-term storage, and discarding the rest. That doe...
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Will It Ever Be Possible to Share Dreams?

People say other people’s dreams are boring, but what if the problem is technology? As a sense-conveying device, human speech is subpar, prone to gaps, stutters and falsifications, intentional or otherwise. If you could just literally show someone your dreams—suck them out of your skull and toss them onto the nearest…
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New theory of why our dreams are so weird

Why are our dreams so weird? God knows they are! Scientists have never been quite sure why we dream, though. One common theory is we dream to help consolidate new memories; the idea seems to check out, because in experiments, if you interrupt people's dream-sleep, they can't as easily learn new things or remember new things. — Read the rest
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Incredible video: paragliding with a vulture to Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams"

Man.— Kris Tapley (@kristapley) October 14, 2020 All that's missing is the cran-raspberry juice. (Thanks, UPSO!)
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Mick Fleetwood recreates viral "Dreams" video of guy on longboard swigging cran-razz juice

@mickfleetwood @420doggface208 had it right. Dreams and Cranberry just hits different. #Dreams #CranberryDreams #FleetwoodMac ♬ Dreams (2004 Remaster) – Fleetwood Mac Last week, "stoned dad" Nathan Apodaca went viral on TikTok for swigging Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry juice while riding a longboard. — Read the rest
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It's Officially Trump Nightmare Season

For Allison, the nightmare is a recurring one.
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Are You Also Having the Mask Dream?

On the days where enough has gone right in my tiny sliver of our grim shared reality to dredge up the now-nostalgic emotion of insouciance, I’ll make it a block or two from my apartment before realizing, oh right, the pandemic didn’t end, and I forgot a mask. I run back, embarrassed and deflated. This happens, on…Read more...
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Dreamcatcher is an A.I. that could help analyze the world’s dreams

What does A.I. dream analysis make of electric sheep?
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Watch the Journey Through Broken Dreams Film

Most of us grow up assuming our life will take a certain path. We’ll go to school, find a job, get married, start a family. But things don’t always go as planned. That was our story. And the Day of Discovery team have turned that story into a short film you can watch now FREE.
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I Had a Dream about Being Sexual Assaulted

I recently had a dream it start of with this man sitting across a table from me. For some reason I was very uneasy I was waiting for someone. Then this women comes in. She had blond hair and was wearing a suite I had short straight black hair and looked nothing like myself. So then the women with blond hair started asking a bunch of questions and the guy avoiding her question started playing with some cards making them appear then disappear like a magic trick. I remember the blond girl saying so...
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10 Years Later, Christopher Nolan's Inception Remains Magnificent

Somehow, 2010's Inception has suddenly become topical again—an idea that seems like it was mysteriously planted in our minds by Leonardo DiCaprio himself. In reality, though, people are talking about Christopher Nolan’s trippy hit for a few good reasons: the film has been a Netflix staple for all of 2020 (when lots of…Read more...
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Dreams’ PSVR addition is being used to show carbon footprint

The United Nations Environment Programme is behind the project
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Transits & Placements That Disrupt Your Sleep

Yesterday, I was talking to a gal with five planets and her angles in Fixed signs. She’s headed for a spectacular Uranus transit. I mentioned, she could expect to lose sleep during this transit. Uranus is called, “The Awakener”. Stupid … Read More...
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The Power of Passion and Perseverance with Angela Duckworth

You might know my next guest from her bestselling book Grit: The Power of Passion and Perserverance. Its sold millions of copies and stayed on the bestseller lists for hundreds of weeks. If you’re not familiar with her work, Angela is Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. She is the founder and CEO of Character Lab, a nonprofit whose mission is to advance scientific insights that help children thrive. Her TED talk is among the most-viewed of all time. If you’re...
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Tessa Thompson Will Use Dream Tech to Become the Ultimate Fencer in Balestra

Continue to give Tessa Thompson a sword, Hollywood. It’s the only way.Read more...
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Mike Birbiglia Talks About Fatherhood in His New Book

What happens when two people who can’t sleep have a baby who … also doesn’t sleep? Mike Birbiglia found out.
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Most Memorable Day of Life - KSLU Convocation - Getting my LLB Degree Certificate in hand :-)

With the most priced possession of life - L.LB Degree  A penace came to an end A tribute to Dad's dream Real push from a first friend Finally the feeling of complete This bit of paper is not just a degree It is an unforgotten vision Missing the man who seeded the dream and the woman who let me chase it too Amma, wish you were there at least Daddy,  I know you are smiling at me today Amidst the unbearable high of happiness I am longing earnestly for love from Appa to Shivaya...
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Is Coronavirus Making You Have Weird Dreams? Actually, Yes.

Because we all are. But know this: You can program your dreams.
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Why am I having weird dreams lately?

Because we all are. But know this: You can program your dreams.
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Not Sure if Something Is a Memory Or a Dream

Due to the virus I am stuck at home and this has caused me to think some about my relationship with home. Up until I left and went to college I always had panic attacks and suicidal thoughts, but then I moved to college and almost immediately the panic attacks became less frequent and I started to feel interested in the future and what my life could be (a feeling that I had never had before). But whenever I come back home the panic attacks come back and I lose all motivation (which is a little d...
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What do we hear when we dream?

While people talk a lot about what they see in their dreams, and the visual language of dreams is well-studied by psychologists, what we hear when dreaming is rarely discussed or scientifically explored. Recently though, researchers at Norway's Vestre Viken Hospital Trust and the University of Bergen conducted a small study to quantify the auditory experience of dreamers. Why? Because they wanted to "assess the relevance of dreaming as a model for psychosis." Throughout history, they write, psyc...
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I Had a Sex Dream About Eric Trump and Was So Disturbed I Called a Dream Expert

This morning, I woke up, and immediately went, holy fuck! My mind had taken me at some point during the night to a terrifying place, the stuff of nightmares—a place, likely in hell, where I had a sex dream featuring a smiling Eric Trump. Read more...
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Want Success? Start Now!

It all starts here for maximum achievement. “The greatest achievement was, at first, and for a time, but a dream,” as James Allen wrote. That dream then grew into a dominating thought or definite desire. What is your definite desire? That one thing that you want, that dominates your thoughts. You see, if you don’t have one, you need to find one. In order for us to live a full and abundant life, we must live with a purpose. A goal that is all consuming, that wakes us up in the morning and puts us...
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The best Dreams creations are still subject to copyright law

Takedown notices come to game, and creators can't stop them
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