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Watch a bus do a u-turn on a busy highway

According to Digg, this bus driver in China realized he wouldn't make it through a toll plaza so he pulled a u-ey. I think he actually wanted to grab a killer parking spot on the other side of the road.
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Baby dream of driving / À deux doigts de m’agacer…

THE ORIGINAL? Honda Motorbikes –  2001 “Everyone’s born dreaming of a Honda” Agency : DM9 DDB Sao paulo (Brazil) LESS ORIGINAL Honda Motorbikes –   2019 “The power of love” Agency : Made in Space (Spain) [Author: Joe La Pompe]
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Do you understand right-of-way?

Here's an interesting tidbit: the law doesn't give you the right of way; instead, it dictates when you have to yield it. Do you know what to do at a four-way stop, in a roundabout, or if there aren't any traffic signals? Find out in my "How It Works" column at the National Post ( [Author: Jil McIntosh]
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Test Drive: 2019 Ford F-150 Raptor

Off-roading in Utah, the truck offers impressive performance and comfort During our test drive of the 2019 Ford Raptor, we got airborne in a truck that tips the scales at nearly three tons. Perhaps even more astounding is that when the vehicle’s four wheels touched back to earth, the sensation was akin to landing on a mattress. With confidence soaring, we circled a dirt track …
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Today's rant: When you're turning right, LOOK to the right!

If your head turns to the right, you should be turning it that way, every time you make a right-hand turn. And far too many drivers don't, and so far too many pedestrians and cyclists get hurt. See what I'm talking about in my rant over at AutoTrader. [Author: Jil McIntosh]
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Test Drive: 2020 Porsche 911

We get behind the wheel and see how the brand is improving an icon There’s no tougher design mandate than keeping something the same while simultaneously making it better. That has been the mission of Porsche for decades: to keep 911 purists happy while making the car faster, safer, and more comfortable. Ferdinand Porsche penned the design for the vehicle in the early 1960s and one wonders if …
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Man who clung to the hood of a car as it drove for miles up to 70 mph says, "He kept going fast, slow, fast, slow, to get me to slide off."

Video at NBC News, where you can see the man looking straight into the window at the driver and yelling, "Stop the car, stop the car."Police told NBC Boston that Richard Kamrowski, 65, jumped onto the hood of a white Infiniti SUV that belonged to Mark Fitzgerald, 37, after a verbal altercation over a minor traffic accident on Interstate 90 about 20 miles west of Boston.Fitzgerald apparently had enough of the two men’s confrontation at some point after their collision and attempted to drive away,...
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Test Drive: Mercedes-Benz G550 is an Uncompromised Reinvention of a Cult Classic

Putting the all-new G-Wagen through the paces in the SoCal desert “Make sure all of your change is out of your pocket because it will be, eventually,” Matt Bowerman, product manager for Mercedes-Benz’s classic off-roader, the G-Class, says right before we pile in to drive three hours from San Diego to Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area in Borrego Springs, California. “It’s like a flying …
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Test Drive: Volvo V60 is the Goldilocks Wagon

Shrinking the V90 design, but maintaining its integrity Wagon enthusiasts will rejoice when Volvo’s latest model hits dealerships this year, especially now that there’s more of it to enjoy. The 2019 Volvo V60 mid-size wagon flaunts a significantly larger footprint than the outgoing version. Measuring nearly five inches longer, the second-generation model gets two more inches of legroom and a larger trunk that can accommodate …
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Spotify launches Car View on Android to make using its app less dangerous behind the wheel

Spotify is making it easier to use its streaming app in the car, when the phone is connected to the vehicle over Bluetooth. The company today confirmed the launch of a new feature called “Car View,” which is a simplified version of the service’s Now Playing screen that includes larger fonts, bigger buttons, and no distractions from album art. In Car View, you’re only shown the track title and artist, so you can read the screen with just a glance. The site 9to5Google was the first to spot the ...
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Driving to the Arctic Circle in Mazda SUVs

Conquering threatening terrain and a race against time to experience this remote corner of the world A car in our caravan of Mazdas careened into a snow drift, the sun wouldn’t emerge for another 30 days, and we were still hours from Inuvik—the last Canadian city before the banks of the world’s northernmost ocean. Welcome to the Arctic Circle. Temperature: -22 Fahrenheit. The Mazda CX-5 …
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California gets last-minute REAL ID extension

California narrowly averted a major crisis for travelers taking to the sky this year after the Department of Homeland Security granted it a last-minute extension to meet REAL ID requirements, despite the government shutdown. If California hadn’t received the extension and homeland security hadn’t officially certified it met the REAL ID requirements, it would have forced the state’s residents to present a passport for all air travel beginning Jan. 22. That’s a big change from the October 2020 dea...
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Hear Me Out: You Need a USB Charger and Phone Mount Just For Rental Cars

You always usually remember your charging cables, wall chargers, and battery packs whenever you pack for a trip. But there are two tiny tech essentials that, if you’re like me, you almost never remember to bring: A USB car charger, and a smartphone car mount for use in a rental car. So here’s my modest proposal: Buy…Read more...
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Winter Driving 101: The Complete Guide To Staying Safe & Ready

This winter driving guide includes:  How to respond during an emergency. Driving tips that will help keep you and your family safe. A comprehensive checklist for getting your vehicle “winterized.” Seven simple DIY maintenance items to watch during the winter. What to place in your emergency kit, including something we all overlook. How states are implementing new technology to help keep you safe when you travel. Winter Driving 101: The Complete Guide To Staying Safe & Ready Driving during t...
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Feature: What Driving Can Teach Us About Living

How we respond to the rules of the road offers insight into being human.
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Florida driver caught by cops for using James Bond-style license plate

A driver from Orange County Florida was dinged by the cops for using a very slick-looking device to obscure his license plate while using a toll road. It would have been the perfect crime, except for one thing: when the driver worked his license plate magic, he failed to notice that there was a police car rolling right up on his back bumper.
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Best of CH 2018: Cars + Tech

Electric innovation, computational photography, smarter homes and much more from the year Innovation is oftentimes at the center of a topic we deem worthy of exploring and writing about. Whether it’s brand new or an inventive update, we pay close attention to advances in cars and tech—whether it affects our daily lives or is an abstract, but fascinating concept. We understand that not all our readers …
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Best of CH 2018: Most Popular

From sustainable living to tech upgrades and enduring motorcycle brands, our most-read articles this year Like each year in COOL HUNTING’s history, 2018 offered an immensely varied collection of content—from Escher wallpaper to hydroponic vertical gardens, Apple Watch upgrades, sustainable architecture and beyond. With this in mind, it’s always fascinating to explore our analytics at the end of the year and find what resonated most with …
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SoftBank Vision Fund Pours $500M Into Cambridge Mobile Telematics

Last month, Xconomy asked tech CEOs what $100 million in venture capital can buy. How about $500 million?Cambridge Mobile Telematics said Wednesday morning it has pulled in half a billion dollars in an investment from—you guessed it—the SoftBank Vision Fund. That’s Japan-based SoftBank Group’s reportedly $100 billion fund that has made waves in the venture capital world by cutting massive checks to companies across a variety of sectors.Now, the fund has thrown its weight behind Cambridge Mobile...
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Somewhere in Hungary...

Aerial view: [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Test Drive: 2019 BMW 3 Series

We take the revamped next-generation 330i through Portugal’s dramatic Algarve region Skirting along the craggily cliffs in the next generation of BMW’s most important car right now—the 3 Series—the wild Atlantic surf pounds the rocks and picturesque coves below. In a few months, this region of Portugal will be flooded with sun-seekers splayed along its beaches, but at the moment, we have its roads to ourselves. …
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How You Hold the Steering Wheel Could Seriously Injure You in a Crash

Last year I learned to drive again after a 10-year break. I was surprised how dramatically cars had evolved in that period; I learned to be way lighter on the gas and brake, and whenever I used a rear-view camera to park, I felt like I was cheating. I didn’t learn this: it’s no longer ideal to hold your steering wheel…Read more...
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The Way You Hold Your Steering Wheel Could Seriously Injure You in a Crash

Last year I learned to drive again after a 10-year break. I was surprised how dramatically cars had evolved in that period; I learned to be way lighter on the gas and brake, and whenever I used a rear-view camera to park, I felt like I was cheating. I didn’t learn this: it’s no longer ideal to hold your steering wheel…Read more...
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Driving Joy Rekindled, High Above L.A.

There are many things I don’t like about Los Angeles. The traffic, the cost of doing just about anything, the traffic, the sprawl, the traffic, the oversaturation of chain fast-food restaurants and billboards, the traffic. However, there is one thing that makes me rethink my living situation. One thing that tempts me to move to […] The post Driving Joy Rekindled, High Above L.A. appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Test Drive: 2019 Audi e-tron

Why it matters that their first production electric vehicle looks and feels like the car you're used to driving The idea that the near-future will be radically different from the present might be false. Yes, we’ll see progress and innovation, however broad acceptance of new technologies only really occurs when they’re delivered in a familiar format, and only when these semi-cloaked new technologies are widely …
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Waymo’s First Commercial Self-driving Service Launches in Phoenix

We’ve arrived. It’s officially #TheFuture. After years of talk within the auto industry, Waymo says it will become the first company to offer a commercial taxi service using autonomous vehicles when the program launches in Arizona today. Called Waymo One, the Google subsidiary plans to offer the first batch of rides to the 400 individuals who […] The post Waymo’s First Commercial Self-driving Service Launches in Phoenix appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Electrifying Design from Audi’s e-Tron GT Concept Car

First impressions of the battery-powered vehicle from the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show Audi design boss Marc Lichte prefers to clear his head on the deck of a boat in the Baltic Sea, but when he’s in the studio, he must imagine himself behind the wheel of an electric car. Unveiled at the LA Auto Show last week, one such car is the German luxury brand’s …
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Notes: Sunrise to Sunset GT

The first time behind the wheel of a McLaren is a euphoric adventure West Hollywood’s Sunset GT is an ambitious gathering of ludicrous machinery in the heart of a town where ludicrous is the name of the game. Every second Sunday morning (from 9AM to 11AM), Sunset Plaza is full of supercars, hypercars, classics and more—and too many auto enthusiasts to count. I’ve been to countless …
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All-wheel drive and four-wheel drive explained

Winter's here and, like clockwork, everyone's started driving like idiots. If you recently bought a vehicle with part-time four wheel drive, four wheel drive, all wheel drive or anything else in between, this might be a good time to brush up on what your ride's good for and what you should avoid. Look no further than this video. Unless you really want to. If so, you'd do well to spend some time reading this story by Jalopnik.
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