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The Aer Travel Pack 2 Is Nearly Tech Backpack Perfection

 Backpacks, especially the larger kind, tend to be made either for cloths or computers but rarely both. There are plenty of smaller backpacks like the Swissgear Scansmart 1900 (my full review) that have plenty of pockets but good luck trying to fit an extra sweater in there. (Planes are COLD and airplane blankets never washed.) Aer’s Travel Pack 2 though is very close to perfection for digital nomads who carry an office on their back and has become the main carry-on bag I use. You can watch...
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The Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR camera gets a steep price cut at Walmart

Modern smartphones can snap pretty impressive pics, but if you want pro-quality photos, you need a dedicated digital camera. The Canon EOS Rebel T6 is one of the best entry-level DSLR cameras on the market, and it’s on sale right now for as low as $399. The post The Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR camera gets a steep price cut at Walmart appeared first on Digital Trends.
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This colorful camera kit replica is made entirely from paper

We have seen some interesting items inspired by photography gear, such as a chocolate Nikon camera or lens-inspired watches. A Seoul-based design studio DOTMOT has also found inspiration in photography. They have created a colorful replica of a photography kit, consisting of a DSLR, two interchangeable lenses and an external flash, and everything is carefully […] The post This colorful camera kit replica is made entirely from paper appeared first on DIY Photography.
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How to Pack For A Trek: The Ultimate Hiking Packing List

How should I pack for a hike? What should I pack for a multi-day trek? What is too much? And what is too little? How am I going to carry it all? Which hiking gear and essentials should I buy in advance and which can I buy on the ground? That's where this Ultimate Hiking Packing List comes in to answer all of those questions — and much more — to prepare you for your next adventure. After receiving numerous emails, queries and comments asking about hiking gear and how to pack for hikes and mu...
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New Tourist Attraction in Kuala Lumpur - Kwai Chai Hong

There is a new tourist attraction in Kuala Lumpur called Kwai Chai Hong, and it is found around Petaling Street or Chinatown in KL. For those of you who love heritage and street art, this is one of the highly recommended places to visit.  First of all, what is Kwai Chai Hong? Well, it is a little complicated to make a direct translation, but in English, it would simply be called Prankster Lane.This would be the most simplified and suitable name for this beautiful heritage place, but I have ...
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Thule’s Subterra 34L Backpack Tries To Blend Hiking Design With Tech Gear

 There are a lot of great electronics backpacks, an excellent choice of hiking bags, but few travel backpacks that blend the features of both. Thule’s Subterra 34L is a good attempt at doing so, giving travelers a large, empty front pocket with one dedicated for organization on the front. A high-quality backpack walking the line between travel styles, the Subterra 34L is a unique choice for select travelers. You can watch my full review in the video above or read on. Who’s This Bag For? Thu...
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Canon brings 4K video to its new EOS Rebel SL3 camera, but there’s a catch

Nearly two years after releasing the EOS Rebel SL2, Canon has announced the newest addition to its EOS line-up. Canon EOS Rebel SL3 is another affordable, tiny, and lightweight DSLR aimed particularly at those who are just starting out at photography and video. A big improvement over its predecessor is that it shoots 4K/24p, but […] The post Canon brings 4K video to its new EOS Rebel SL3 camera, but there’s a catch appeared first on DIY Photography.
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The Battle Of The Smartphone: Apple iPhone XS vs Samsung S10

Following Samsung’s recent launch of their new S10 range, it’s closest rivals are also Android operating system phones, which let’s face it wouldn’t make for a fascinating comparison. Therefore, the iPhone XS is the next best, out of the Android world, phone to compare it to at the moment as a successor for the S10 from Apple is still many months away. In light of that, here’s what you can expect from the new Galaxy S10 series against the iPhone XS and XS Max in three crucial categories. Design ...
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The Canon EOS Rebel SL3 is a DSLR masquerading as a mirrorless camera

Canon's newest DSLR is an entry-level model with impressive battery life and beginner-friendly features. But some of the SL3's key advantages over the SL2 are focused on live view operation, where a mirrorless camera would make more sense. The post The Canon EOS Rebel SL3 is a DSLR masquerading as a mirrorless camera appeared first on Digital Trends.
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How to shoot cinematic footage on the cheap even with an entry-level camera

When you want to shoot a professional-looking video, gear isn’t essential, but we can’t deny that pro gear sure can come in handy. However, if you only have an entry-level DSLR or mirrorless camera, don’t let it discourage you from creating. In this video from Mark Bone, you’ll learn a few tricks on how to […] The post How to shoot cinematic footage on the cheap even with an entry-level camera appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Arri launches the Alexa Mini LF – “Large format” 4.5K cinema camera

While the photography crowd might laugh at Arri’s use of the term “large format” when we’re talking about a sensor only a hair larger than a “full frame” DSLR or mirrorless camera. When it comes to video, though, that is rather large. At 36.7 x 25.54mm, the sensor offers 4.5K (4448 x 3096) resolution and […] The post Arri launches the Alexa Mini LF – “Large format” 4.5K cinema camera appeared first on DIY Photography.
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A Galaxy S10 update might add the Pixel 3 feature people can’t stop talking about

Samsung's Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10+ were finally released earlier this month after nearly half a year of leaks and rumors built up all sorts of hype. Somehow, despite all that anticipation, Samsung's new flagship smartphones managed to deliver. Last year's Galaxy S9 phones were boring and disappointing in so many ways. They sported the same hardware design as their predecessors and they didn't introduce a single compelling new feature. Thankfully though, the Galaxy...
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Felicities of the Smartphone (Guest Post)

Words and pictures by Mark Power The TOP post from the other day, "The Most Amazing Thing About Photography Circa 2019," is a wonderful reflection on the growing acceptability of the cellphone camera. Mike's experiences with analog photography bought back a lot of memories because they exactly parallel my own experiences back in the day. Some time ago, I realized that everything I learned from doing analog photography has mostly disappeared from my conscious memory. A while ago, a student who h...
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Unique Ways to Capture Great Quality Videos

In today’s world, we capture videos and photos every now and then whether it is necessary or not. Actually, it has become one of the best hobbies right now. People use smartphones, camcorders, DSLR and so on to capture their best moments including wedding, parties, celebrations and the like. Apart from that, drones are also being used to record videos and capture your valuable photos. A drone can capture video footages and photos of those places where people cannot reach. So, you can capture mor...
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Making a music video on a budget

Since MTV broke in the 80’s music videos have become a massive part of artist’s careers. Being on a budget shouldn’t stop you making a great video. First off you want to think about the kind of video you want to make. If you have ideas about what you want for your video then you can look at how to approach that. If you’re totally lost for what your music video will be then look at collaborating with a creative. If you know any filmmakers or artists they could help you realise your potentia...
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Killing Themselves Softly With Complexification-Saturation

Just wanted to reiterate this. (I've said it before, here and there.) This is a renegade, outsider, beyond-the-pale, meta viewpoint, but... ...I still think the camera companies are killing themselves with complexity. It's easier to figure out a new computer than it is to figure out a new camera. A few mavens can do it; nobody will admit to not being able to do it; but here's what I think is happening: I think most buyers of high-end enthusiast-level interchangeable lens (IL) cameras bought one ...
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Huawei got caught passing off this professional image as a photo taken with its new flagship phone

Huawei tried to pass off a professional photo as an image taken with its new flagship phone, the P30, which will launch later this month. Images uploaded to Huawei's Weibo account seemed to show the P30's camera in action, but they were actually stock photos taken with a DSLR. Although Huawei did not explicitly say the images were taken with the P30 camera, it has since added a disclaimer. This is not the first time Huawei has been caught passing off pro-pics as mobile images. Huawei got caug...
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For a third time, Huawei is busted using stock DSLR photos to advertise their phone camera

Huawei was busted two times before for passing off DSLR photos as their smartphone camera images. Well, it has happened again. To show off camera capabilities of the latest P30 phone, Huawei used stock photos, as well as a photo from someone’s portfolio. Needless to say – all of them were taken with a DSLR. […] The post For a third time, Huawei is busted using stock DSLR photos to advertise their phone camera appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Mirrorless Camera – My Move to the Nikon Mirrorless Camera System

Ever since Sony released their first full-frame mirrorless camera in 2013 I have been wanting to make the switch from DSLR to mirrorless. But I did not want to switch to Sony, for a handful of reasons. Over the years I’ve tried a bunch of mirrorless cameras, both full frame and cropped: Leica M9, Sony A7II, Sony A7R, Fuji XT-1, and the Panasonic GH-5. Due to my dislike of all the mirrorless cameras I tried, I stuck with my Nikon D850 for video and still work. Until the Nikon Z series was rele...
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Dark and Dangerous

I came back to Santiago the morning after International Women’s Day. The march must have been something, the walls of buildings all along La Alameda were covered with hundreds of graffiti and posters. A special attention was paid to churches and Catholic universities, with slogans such as “legalize abortion,” “kill your rapist,” “get pedophiles out” and “we are the voice of those who have none.” And then I stumbled upon three men perched on ladders painting over graffiti. Obviously, they were hi...
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5 incredibly useful photography accessories

This was originally written and published for Photofocus. The article is republished here with search engines blocked and canonical set to the original published article. It is here for archival purposes and so my community can find it too. As photographers, we often find ourselves faced with endless choices of gadgets and gizmos that could aid in our artwork. Today I want to share a few items that you could find useful in your camera bag, closet or drawer. These items might not be useful ...
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DPTH simulates fake bokeh and depth of field effects with any phone

While the fake depth of field look on smartphones might not be everybody’s cup of tea, they’re definitely very popular. And while they’ve improved in quality and believability a lot over the last few years, they’re still not quite as good as you can get with a real large sensor camera like a DSLR or […] The post DPTH simulates fake bokeh and depth of field effects with any phone appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Camcorder for Filmmaking: Everything You Need to Know

With your camcorder , you can do more except just taking normal videos of your choices. It is also good to capture images. You r life’s important and exciting moments can be captured with a camcorder if it is up to the mark. There are high – quality camcorders available out there in the market by which you can film as well. But filming with your camcorder is not as easy as you are thinking right a way . Your camcorder can be used for filming , but you a...
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Avec Tadaa SLR Mettez un DSLR dans votre iPhone (gratuit)

Transformer l’iPhone en un véritable DSLR non pas en termes d’apparence, mais plutôt en fonctionnalités, c’est ce que nous propose Menschmaschine avec
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Buying your first camera can be extremely exciting. But at the same time it can be very overwhelming because there are so many different types of cameras out there these days. Not only do you have to worry about the cameras, but you also will be needing some accessories. If you were on the look out for a complete guide to buying a camera, you have come to the right place because we will cover everything right to the confusing letters you see on the camera that no one really knows what they are f...
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4 Effective Tactics to Sell Your Property Listing in a Buyer’s Market: Tips for Real Estate Agents

After several years of steady growth, the real estate market is showing signs of another downturn: an oversupply of available properties, stagnating prices, and increasing “days on market” are some of the signs that we are shifting to a buyer’s market. Are you a real estate agent who has taken on several listings and has been working for weeks or months to get them sold? After a long period with no results, your sellers are likely to start calling you. Why hasn’t their property sold? What are yo...
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Lomography's Focus? Blurring the Line Between Professional and Casual Photography  

The Lomogon lens fits DSLR and SLR cameras and is suitable for wide-angle or portrait photography. Daniel Schaefer was the youngest member of Los Angeles's Magic Castle, a private magicians' club with an exclusive guest list and a strict dress code. He knew some sleight of hand, but he spent more of his time there taking photographs, mostly using affordable vintage cameras instead of expensive new equipment. "I was 15, 16 years old, shooting a bunch of the other young magicians backstage gett...
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Light is expanding from smartphone cameras to self-driving cars

This year’s MWC has been very much the beginning of a new phase for Light . Until now, the Palo Alto startup has been best know for its 16-lens DSLR competitor, an utterly fascinating, if not particularly practical device. At this week’s show, however, we’re seeing a wholly different side of the company, one focused on partnerships. The event has seen the company announce three big ones — Nokia device maker HMD, Chinese handset company Xiaomi and Sony, whose component manufacturing divis...
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What Is SD Express and How Much Faster Is It?

SD Association SD cards are about to get bigger and faster. The new SD Express standard will increase the maximum capacity and speed significantly. SD Express cards are backward compatible with your current hardware, but you’ll need new hardware for maximum speeds. SD Cards Are Reaching Their Current Limits Since we use SD and microSD cards in 3D cameras, action cameras, ever more powerful smartphones, DSLR cameras, tablets, video game consoles, and even cars, there are ever-increasing d...
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Xiaomi partners with Light for advanced computational imaging solutions for smartphones

Light and Xiaomi Corporation have announced an agreement to jointly develop and market new imaging solutions for smartphones. The partnership will see Light bring together its advanced computational imaging technology with Xiaomi’s high-end smartphone devices. This agreement will enable both the companies to bring to market multi-camera smart devices with DSLR-level capabilities. Light has recently inked a deal with Sony for multi-camera application for smartphones with four or more cameras. ...
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