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Canon is King of DSLR and Mirrorless Sales in Japan for 2018

Canon reigns supreme in both DSLR and mirrorless camera sales in Japan for 2018. And the results are somewhat staggering to behold. Image via Avinash Singh from In DSLRs, Canon enjoys a 57.4% market share in Japan according to PetaPixel. The King is then followed by Nikon and Ricoh which hold 39.3% and 3.1% of the DSLR market. For those of us that are not mathematically inclined, this means that a little more than every 2 out of 4 DSLR cameras sold in Japan come from Canon. As Peta...
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GoWild & Garmin Partner to Launch Activity Tracking Platform ~ VIDEO

GoWild_Fenix_5_Series_2 LOUISVILLE, KY -( GoWild, an outdoors activity tracking and social media platform, announces the launch of its new Garmin Connect IQ app. Through this integration, GoWild’s community members will have the ability to track and share robust digital stories, ranging from automated archery shot counts, miles hiked on hunts, scouting points of interest, and biometric data collected during any of these activities by using Connect IQ-enabled Garmin devices. Arch...
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5 Years On…The Death of the DSLR Revisited

A little over 5 years ago, we posted an article questioning whether the death of the DSLR had been greatly exaggerated. It was one of a raft of articles by various writers on various websites. Some were very much of the opinion the DSLR was dead, others thought it was absurd that mirrorless would be the future. All the articles were well reasoned, based in fact and created heated discussion within the community.   In our article, we looked at how smartphones had killed the compact camera market...
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The Best Tech Travel Organizers For All Your Cables And Small Gadgets

To keep all your cables, chargers, SD cards, batteries, and assorted extras from getting lost in the bottom of your bag, you need some sort of system to keep them organized. Let’s look at our favorites. Over the last few years, I’ve noticed a kind of cable creep happen to me. I used to be able to travel with my Nokia charger and that was about it. Now, it’s not surprising to see someone lugging around a plethora of USB cables, three charging bricks, an external battery pack, a computer charger,...
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The best travel cameras of 2019

Hitting the road or doing some globetrotting this year? Bring along the right camera to capture those once-in-a-lifetime vacation memories. Here's a list of some of our current favorites. The post The best travel cameras of 2019 appeared first on Digital Trends.
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128GB microSD cards for $18.99 might be today’s best deal

If you buy only one smartphone accessory today, well, it should probably be Anker's awesome 10W fast wireless charging stand, which is on sale right now at its best price yet. But if you buy two smartphone accessories today, the second one should definitely be the Silicon Power 128GB High Speed MicroSD Card. It's just as fast and reliable as microSD cards from big names like SanDisk and Samsung, but it's only $18.99 right now on Amazon. Here's more info from the product page: ...
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From point-and-shoot to DSLR and mirrorless, here’s how to choose a camera

Looking to buy a new camera? Our comprehensive camera guide for 2016 has answers to any camera or photography questions you might ask, whether in regards to pricing, image quality, or weatherproofing. The post From point-and-shoot to DSLR and mirrorless, here’s how to choose a camera appeared first on Digital Trends.
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An even Rebel-er Rebel...

When Canon introduced an inexpensive version of their EOS (Electro-Optical System) autofocus, auto-wind, auto-everything SLR cameras in North America back in 1990, they branded it the "Rebel" line. These are the ones that are marketed to Joe and Jane Consumer as a step up from point & shoot cameras.Wonders are promised if you will just step up to the SLR, with pictures of mom snapping beautiful pics of dance recitals and dad catching dramatic shots of birthday candles being blown out. (Of course...
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eYs3D and Lucid are teaming to release a handheld 3D camera

Virtual reality is — as many have learned the hard way — nothing without content. There are a number of solutions on the market at present, but many are unweildy and/or prohibitively expensive for  many content creators. Taiwanese 3D imaging company eYs3D announced this week that it’s teaming with Lucid to create the Axis, a hand-held solution for a fraction of the price of higher end systems. What, precisely that fraction is, however, remains to be seen, so we’re going to have to take the co...
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Nikon Z goes wide with new 14-30mm optics and Z6 filmmaker’s kit

The Nikon Z series can now shoot as wide as 14mm without a lens adapter. Today, Nikon launched the NIKKOR Z 14-30mm F/4 S mirrorless lens, which is lighter and smaller than the DSLR equivalent and can also accommodate lens filters. The post Nikon Z goes wide with new 14-30mm optics and Z6 filmmaker’s kit appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Why Cine Lenses Are Becoming More Popular

Do you know what cine lenses are? I’ll assume you’ve heard of them — cine lenses, or cinematography lenses, are now commonly discussed within general photography, no longer relegated to the exclusive province of filmmakers. The bigger question, however, may be why cine lenses have become so popular with those who don’t consider themselves to be solely filmmakers or videographers. The answer won’t come as much of a surprise, but let’s first take a quick look at some of the important difference...
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How to take the best photographs of Chichen Itza

It’s dark outside the four-wheel drive, Mexico’s highways are quiet at 4am, there’s just us and a few passing cars on the road for the two and a bit hour drive. The sky hasn’t started to lighten as we hop out of the car, stretch our legs and slowly walk into the park. Passing through the empty entrance gates and closed ticket counters, we feel our way over gravel and the occasional tree root, the glow of a phone lighting the way. Suddenly we stop, and our guides make it even darker – we’re told ...
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Sunday Support Group: OC/OL/OY (and Mike's Camera Decision)

From time to time I suggest little exercises—well, okay, sometimes some big ones too—for people to consider. I love learning, and learners naturally teach. One of those exercises was called OC/OL/OY—one camera, one lens, one year. Here's a description of it on PetaPixel*.'s January...time for resolutions...which I am notoriously bad at keeping...and I'm thinking...well, that maybe I should take my own advice and do a OC/OL/OY. I've actually done a OC/OL/OY before, several times. Mainly b...
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How to take better portrait mode photos on any phone

Ah, portrait mode. Ever since Huawei pioneered the depth-sensing tech and Apple ran with it, it seems every other Instagram photo has that faux-DSLR look. Unfortunately, our smartphones aren’t exactly perfect at imitating the shallow depth of field of a real large-sensor camera, so it’s important to help the tiny sensors out when we can. And even when things do go right, there are some basic photography tips can help you make the most of your images. That’s what I’m here for; I’ve amassed some b...
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Six Things You Should Do After Getting Your First Camera

So, you were lucky enough to receive the gift that sat atop your wishlist: your first “real” camera. I’m not making a personal distinction about what’s a legitimate camera and what isn’t, but when people talk about getting their first real camera they usually mean a mirrorless or DSLR body that can accept different lenses. The thing about getting your first real camera is that mixed in with all the excitement is a tinge of anxiety — you’re about to step into a new dimension, but you don’t r...
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Lumapod, Trépied Modulable Multifonctions pour iPhone (video)

Réinventer le très classique trépied pour smartphones et autres appareils photo de type DSLR afin de le rendre plus compact et multifonctions, c’est ce qu’ont réussi à faire les designers du Lumapod. Trépied à tout faire Conçu par l’entreprise autrichienne éponyme et financé en moins d’une semaine à plus d’un demi-million d’euros sur IndieGogo, Lumapod est le trépied qu’il manquait aux amateurs comme aux professionnels de la photo qui vont pouvoir profiter d’un accessoire polyvalent. Compact, lé...
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Camera Sensor Cleaning – Aurora Camera Care Kit Review

How to clean the camera sensor whether its a cropped or full frame DSLR or mirrorless digital camera. In this video, I share my thoughts on the Aurora Camera Care Kit. The kit includes camera sensor cleaning swabs, both wet and dry. Enough to clean your camera a handful of times. It also includes two sets of cleaning clothes, both wet and dry, to clean all of your lenses twice. Camera cleaning is easy with this kit. This is a camera cleaning kit review and mini lens cleaning tutorial and camera ...
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Shooting a Car with a Polarizer Changed My Life

Photography for me has always been nothing more than a hobby, so it was never a high priority for me to get the best and most professional gear. As a kid, I tooled around on an old Polaroid camera and some point-and-shoots. I got my first DSLR—a Canon T3i Rebel—for Christmas in 2011. I traded up to a 6D a few years…Read more...
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Staples Canada Deals: 50% Off Powerbank Charging Kit + $75 Off Lexar 128 GB Memory Card + Clearance Event + More!

Restock the office for the new year with Staples Canada. Shop online today and take advantage of some awesome deals: Save up to 70% off Boxing Week Deals (Ends tonight, Jan. 1, 2019) Clearance Event Save up to 50% off Select Printers NEW 2019 Planners & Calendars NEW Daily Deals Today only save 50% off MFLASH 5000mAh Mobile IOS Powerbank Charging Kit (MFKTR1001CBACCH) now $24.99 This Lexar Professional 633X SDHC/SDX UHS-I, 128 GB, Memory Card is on sale for only $34.99 (original $109.99) as ...
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5 Things I Hate About Vlogging

There’s a common misconception that many people have. They assume that should you be so lucky as to do what you love for a living, you actually love every minute of it. That’s simply not the case. The truth is that the high times are what make the low times worth it. Sometimes, you just have to put up with what you hate so you can continue doing what you love. And that’s kind of the relationship I have with my vlog on YouTube. I’ve been keeping up with a weekly vlog on YouTube since late 2016. I...
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My product launch wishlist for Instagram, Twitter, Uber and more

‘Twas the night before Xmas, and all through the house, not a feature was stirring from the designer’s mouse . . . Not Twitter! Not Uber, Not Apple or Pinterest! On Facebook! On Snapchat! On Lyft or on Insta! . . . From the sidelines I ask you to flex your code’s might. Happy Xmas to all if you make these apps right. Instagram See More Like This – A button on feed posts that when tapped inserts a burst of similar posts before the timeline continues. Want to see more fashion, sunsets, selfie...
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10 Tips for Taking Better Christmas Photos

Christmas and holiday parties mean getting lots of family and friends together. And getting the family together usually means lots and lots of pictures! Here are some of our favorite tips for taking better photos this holiday. You might use a tiny digital camera, your smartphone, or a DSLR. It doesn’t matter, because the principals of photography are pretty similar regardless of the equipment you’re using. With these few tips, you can improve your family photos, and have the perfect Christmas ...
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Nikon D5500 and D7200 officially discontinued

The Nikon D5500 and D7200 have officially been discontinued. Both cameras are currently listed as “old” on the official Nikon Japan website, and they will not be produced any longer. Both the Nikon D5500 and the D7200 were launched in 2015. According to DxO, the D7200 was, at the time, the best APS-C camera they’d […] The post Nikon D5500 and D7200 officially discontinued appeared first on DIY Photography.
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The best DSLR cameras you can buy

The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase. Photography enthusiasts still love their trusty DSLR cameras. During our testing and research, the Nikon D850 stood out with its impressive image quality. The best part? This powerful camera is relatively easy to use. The digital camera market is in the midst of a significant change. Smartphone cameras are taking control of the lo...
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This device backs up DSLR photos using 4G and works as a wireless tether

What if you could back up your photos as you shoot, instead of at home? The Cambuddy Plus is an accessory that uses 4G and high-speed Wi-Fi to automatically back up photos to a cloud service. The post This device backs up DSLR photos using 4G and works as a wireless tether appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Why this filmmaker still uses an 8-year-old DSLR

2018 has been pretty exciting when it comes to photo gear. While many photographers and filmmakers are upgrading or completely switching systems, some prefer using their old gear for years. Filmmaker Darious Britt has used a Canon 60D for eight years now, even though there are so many better cameras now available in the market. […] The post Why this filmmaker still uses an 8-year-old DSLR appeared first on DIY Photography.
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The inside story behind the All-View Display on the Honor View20

On Monday, Huawei’s mobile sub-brand Honor announced the upcoming View20 smartphone at a packed-out event in the middle of Hong Kong. This device is exciting for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it comes with a 48MP rear camera, which, according to the company, takes shots that can rival the quality you’d get from a DSLR camera. But perhaps most exciting of all, it ditches the dreaded notch entirely. Unlike the approaches found in the Vivo Nex and the Honor Magic 2, the forthcoming Honor View 20 ha...
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8 Strategies To Improve Your Flower Photography

Flower photography is a whimsical art form that anyone can embrace. Flowers are everywhere around us – they are in our garden, beside the street, in our community parks, and, of course, out in the wild. Really, spend any time outside and you will have come across a variety of flowers and they can be an interesting subject to photograph. Flower photography can be done in a variety of ways, using different types of lenses and from different perspectives. Flowers are so colourful and add beauty to ...
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The best mirrorless cameras you can buy

The   Insider Picks   team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase. Mirrorless cameras may be smaller than DSLRs, but they give you many of the same benefits, including great image quality, fast performance levels, and versatility in interchangeable lenses. Based on research and testing, the best mirrorless camera is the retro-looking Fujifilm X-T20 with its great price and excellent image quality...
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A Review Of The Year 2018 From Jason Row

As the shutter curtain slowly closes on 2018, we look back on this year as being the one when the shutter curtain became obsolete. The year 2018 will be remembered as a vintage one for mainly the right reasons.   Mirrorless came of age, phones got better and better, and the choice of lenses on all systems is now beyond compare. As the festive season approaches and we all slow down a little, let’s take a look back at some of the seminal moments of 2018 The Cameras There is going to be no doubt...
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