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Amazon decided to shut down HQ2 in New York but advertisers see no sign of the e-commerce giant slowing down its attack on Madison Avenue

Amazon won't move forward with its plan to build a campus in Long Island City, but that change doesn't seem to have impacted Amazon's advertising expansion plans. Amazon is hiring for 867 roles in New York, with 117 positions in sales and advertising, and agencies say they're hearing more and more from the e-commerce giant. Amazon also recently moved to a bigger office in the Hudson Yards neighborhood, indicating that it plans to continue hiring. Amazon's decision to pull the plug on its high...
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i.MX8M-driven Pico-ITX SBC features dual-DSP audio module

Estone is launching an “EMB-2238” Pico-ITX board for audio and voice control applications that runs Linux on an i.MX8M and offers a dual-DSP audio hub and DAC, 40-pin GPIO, and optional PoE and second GbE. Toledo, Ohio based Estone Technology (known for its former Habey brand) offers a variety of Linux-friendly Pico-ITX boards, including boards [[he]#8230[/he]]
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VCV Rack nears 1.0, new features, as software modular matures

VCV Rack, the open source platform for software modular, keeps blossoming. If what you were waiting for was more maturity and stability and integration, the current pipeline looks promising. Here’s a breakdown. Even with other software modulars on the scene, Rack stands out. Its model is unique – build a free, open source platform, and then build the business on adding commercial modules, supporting both the platform maker (VCV) and third parties (the module makers). That has opened up some ne...
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Acronyms of the digital world unpacked

Staying up to date with the jargon and lingo of one of the most rapidly changing landscapes in the world is a very difficult thing to do. Every time that you feel that you are on top of the latest technical speak, along come a whole new set of phrases and acronyms. The digital world, where advances and changes are happening at an extraordinarily rapid rate is one of the toughest places to stay up to speed with the lingo. It is a tough space to enter and it is a tough space to stay current. So, i...
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Ad-tech firm Criteo is facing an uphill battle after Apple and GDPR threatened to wipe out its revenue — but Amazon's rivalry with retailers could be a big bright spot

Criteo reported $2.3 billion in 2018 revenue, a 0.2% year-over-year increase while fourth-quarter revenue declined 1% year-over-year. Europe's GDPR law and Apple's stance on web tracking were massive challenges for the ad-tech firm in 2018 but CEO JB Rudelle said, "we feel that the worst is behind us." Amazon continues to ramp up its own programmatic-like ad network that competes with Criteo but Rudelle said that retailers are pushing back against Amazon's move into the space. 2018 was a toug...
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AT&T Consolidates its Open Programmatic Spend on the AppNexus DSP

Investments in premium technology for marketers to support AT&T brand advertising at-scale AT&T will be a first-mover for new capabilities to better engage consumers across screens New York – AT&T Communications* and Xandr, AT&T’s advertising business, today announced that AT&T will consolidate its programmatic advertising spend on the open exchange through Xandr’s Demand-Side Platform (DSP), the AppNexus […] The post AT&T Consolidates its Open Programmatic Spend on the AppNexus DSP appeared fir...
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Digital Growth Presentation Available

Last week the Integer Group partnered with Salsify as part of their Digital Growth Webinar Series for the Webinar “Maximizing Your Amazon Advertising Investment with Demand Side Platform." The webinar discussed: –How Demand Side Platform Provides Additional Tools over AMS–How to Take Early Advantage of DSP and Reach More Customers, Faster–How to Make DSP Part of a Comprehensive Amazon Merchandising Strategy Click here to download the presentation.
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Digital Growth Webinar Series

Today's shoppers are online shoppers and Amazon is a key destination for many. But reaching those shoppers is critical and takes some keen insight on digital advertising and strategy. Wondering how to achieve digital growth in 2019? The Integer Group has partnered with Salsify as part of their Digital Growth Webinar Series. Tune in on Thursday, February 7th at 1PM ET for the Webinar “Maximize Your Amazon Advertising Investment with Demand Side Platform,” featuring Aric Annear, Group Director eC...
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KRK’s get LCD screens in the next generation of studio monitors

KRK have unveiled they’re next line of studio speakers and they change the game with a visual equaliser. KRK are a popular name in studios and for good reason with over thirty years of experience creating high quality monitor speakers that don’t price out home studio engineers. Their ‘next generation’ of studio monitors introduce their most high-tech offering yet packed with surprising new features. The KRK Rokit G4 range introduces an LCD EQ on the back so you can use a visual graph wi...
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Mediasmart Launches Incremental Metrics for App Marketers

‘First self-serve solution to automate incremental metrics and provide insights into campaign impact’ mediasmart Mobile has launched new features which allow advertisers promoting their apps to estimate the incremental impact of their advertising campaigns, both when they run campaigns in mediasmart DSP and in other display mobile channels. Its new ‘Incremental Metrics’ offering uses a […] The post Mediasmart Launches Incremental Metrics for App Marketers appeared first on Ad Tech Daily.
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Music Distribution: Upfront Revenue vs. Revenue Sharing

Once you've finished creating your music, its time to develop a strategy for how you want to release it. With so many digital distributors out, it picking one can be a difficult choice, something made more complicated by the decision of whether you want to pay an upfront fee, or allow the distributor to share your revenue. ____________________________ Guest post from After pushing your newest song past the finish line, it’s time for strategic action. Unleashing your latest and gre...
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'Flex is dead': Drivers claim Amazon Flex delivery jobs are disappearing (AMZN)

Some delivery workers say Amazon Flex jobs are drying up as Amazon relies more heavily on delivery service partners, or DSPs. "I think Flex is dead, to be honest," said Austin Jones, who has delivered packages for Amazon's Flex program for nearly two years, most recently in Oklahoma City. DSPs are contractors who hire and manage dozens of drivers on behalf of Amazon. Their drivers typically work 10-hour days, whereas Flex drivers work shorter, on-demand shifts that last two to four hours. "DSP...
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Big brands like Verizon and Toyota are backing Amazon's Freedive as the e-commerce giant pushes deeper into OTT advertising

Amazon recently launched its first foray into ad-supported video streaming with its IMDB Freedive service. Business Insider tracked 57 commercials on Freedive and found that 41 of them promote Amazon's products like Echo or Amazon Music. The remaining 16 ads come from a handful of big TV advertisers including Verizon, Geico and Toyota. Marketers said that they're interested in seeing how Freedive plays into Amazon's bigger play for OTT advertising. Amazon is moving into ad-supported streaming...
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Strymon’s Volante is a new, lush-sounding magnetic echo FX pedal

Strymon have already made a name for themselves in luxe effects hardware and pedals, including classic effects and reverbs like the BigSky. Volante moves into what’s likely to be hit territory – modeling magnetic tape loops and effects. There are three tools in one here: magnetic delay, spring reverb, and a tape-style looper. It basically takes a bunch of things you’d do in a studio (back when studios did stuff with tape) — and crams that into a little box. And it sounds great (Matt Piper h...
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D-Link thinks 5G will cut your cords forever

Network gear maker D-Link just announced a 5G router that sends high-speed Wi-Fi through your house without cables. The router, called the DWR-2010, should allow users to get massive speeds over 5G networks without running cable. Don’t expect to pick this up at the local Best Buy, however, as the 5G router will probably ship from wireless service providers. The DWR-2010 also offers customization options for service providers, making it suitable for deployment on a range of network configurations...
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Samsung Exynos Auto V9 to power next-gen Audi’s In-vehicle infotainment system

Samsung Electronics has announced that its first automotive-branded processor, Exynos Auto V9 will power Audi’s next-generation in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system, which is expected to make its debut by 2021. Exynos Auto V9 is an automotive processor designed for advanced IVI systems that display content on multiple displays, providing information that assists drivers and passengers for a safer vehicle experience. The Exynos Auto V9 is based on cutting-edge 8-nanometer (nm) process technolo...
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Amazon's 'complex' ad business may still confuse marketers, but it will push into video and display next year to grab ad dollars from Facebook and Google

Amazon is gradually taking on Facebook and Google's dominance in digital advertising. Observers expect Amazon to boost its video, display and search ad products in 2019 and possibly even launch a search engine to take on Google. Even big brands that don't sell their products on Amazon are spending more there on brand-building, but marketers say that the e-commerce platform is still difficult to understand. Amazon has long been an e-commerce giant, but it's quickly becoming a growing advertisi...
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Hands-on: Complex-1 puts West Coast-inspired modular in Reason

Propellerhead has unveiled a modular instrument add-on for Reason, Complex-1. It puts a patchable, West Coast-inspired synth inside the already patchable Reason environment – and it sounds fabulous. Complex-1 is a monophonic modular synth delivered as a Rack Extension, available now. What you get is a selection of modules, with a combination of Buchla- and Moog-inspired synths, and some twists from Propellerhead. You can patch these right on the front panel – not the back panel as you normally...
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The Evolution Of 3rd Party Playlists

While a lot of airtime and marketing energy is put into landing a track on an official playlist, less attention is given to thriving sub-industry of third-party playlisting, and how artists can use it to their advantage. ______________________ Guest post from AWAL AWAL's Decoded dismantles big topics into manageable insights for artists & teams.   Not much is said of the independent music obsessives, off-platform networks, and, yes, brands providing tasteful aggregation amidst end...
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Cherry Audio Voltage Modular: a full synth platform, open to developers

Hey, hardware modular – the computer is back. Cherry Audio’s Voltage Modular is another software modular platform. Its angle: be better for users — and now, easier and more open to developers, with a new free tool. Voltage Modular was shown at the beginning of the year, but its official release came in September – and now is when it’s really hitting its stride. Cherry Audio’s take certainly isn’t alone; see also, in particular, Softube Modular, the open source VCV Rack, and Reason’s Rack Ext...
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Mobile ad fraud continues to surge as scammers get smarter — with in-app fraud increasing by as much as 800% this year

In-app fraud was the fastest-growing ad fraud issue in 2018, according to verification company DoubleVerify. The company uncovered a sophisticated app-spoofing fraud scheme this past summer involving 85 apps and five developers. More recently, popular apps in the Google Play Store were discovered to contain malicious code used for ad fraud, BuzzFeed News reported. However, industry players are trying to come together to tackle the issue. Ad fraud remains rampant, continuing to eat into an inc...
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A Marketer’s Intro to Advertising on Amazon

Part of my role as a Client Partner at Portent is to stay up-to-date with marketing platforms and channels so I may determine which ones to recommend to my clients. Recently, I’ve focused on learning as much as I can about advertising through Amazon . Amazon’s expansion and transformation are intriguing. The twenty-year-old company’s growth from an online bookstore to a publicly traded empire currently valued at over $995 billion is fascinating. Since Amazon’s CEO and founder, Jeff Be...
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Strategic Due Diligence of Emerging Technologies for the Advanced Bioeconomy

Doug Rivers Bob Kodrzycki By Bob Kodrzycki, Ph.D., Principal Encompass Biotech LLC and Doug Rivers, Ph.D., Member, Lee Enterprises Consulting Inc. Special to The Digest Investing in Emerging Biotechnology The advanced bioeconomy is a hot topic these days for technology developers and investors alike. The bioecomony itself is not new; humans have been using biogenic resources and processes since the beginning of time. It’s the use of the most recent improvements that put the “advanced” in th...
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How Create Music Group Located $60M In Unclaimed Revenue For Artists, Labels In Three Years

Here Dana Feldman looks at how Los Angeles-based company Create Music Group has been able able to impact the online streaming economy in artists' favor by tracking down $60 million dollars in unclaimed streaming revenue. _______________________ By Dana Feldman. This article originally appeared on In just three years, Los Angeles-based Create Music Group has changed the online music streaming game. What started as a YouTube monetization company, collecting revenue on behalf...
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How To Use Shopify And Single Music To Sell Direct To Fans

[UPDATED] Driving fans to an artist's site only to redirect them elsewhere to purchase a download or t-shirt means lost revenue and a chance to capture valuable fan and marketing data. The reams of a growing number of major and indie artists are building their own  __________________________ Guest post from Single You drive traffic to your website. Why do you send fans elsewhere to download your music? Not only are you giving DSP’s a cut of your revenue, you’re also missin...
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How To Use Shopify And Simple Music To Sell Direct To Fans

Driving fans to an artist's site only to redirect them elsewhere to purchase a download or t-shirt means lost revenue and a chance to capture valuable fan and marketing data. The reams of a growing number of major and indie artists are building their own  __________________________ Guest post from Single You drive traffic to your website. Why do you send fans elsewhere to download your music? Not only are you giving DSP’s a cut of your revenue, you’re also missing out on d...
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Media measurement giants are under fire and they’re betting on digital marketing talent to win over clients

Nielsen just hired ex-IBM exec David Kenny as CEO after Comscore brought on 360i chairman Bryan Wiener as its chief executive earlier this year. Clients hope the CEOs will bring a customer-centric approach to companies that traditionally have been research-focused. Ultimately, these new CEOs need to solve the mess that is TV measurement as viewing gets more fragmented. At stake is the future of TV ad revenue. The media measurement giants Nielsen and Comscore have hired big shots from the digi...
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Here are the top home theater deals this Cyber Monday 2018

Cyber Monday has brought with it a bunch of incredible deals on Home Theater speaker systems that will transform your TV into a cinema-style experience. Here are the greatest offers we have found for you to choose from. Sony ST5000 7.1.2ch 800W Dolby Atmos Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer – $1,198 (20% off) Feel the sound come alive all around you with our flagship sound bar featuring Dolby Atmos 3D surround sound with 7.1.2 channels. Maintain quality from source to screen with the late...
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What you need to know in advertising today

Facebook's advertising platform suffered from a major outage. The company's Ads Manager, its tool that lets users create advertisements on its social network, crashed on Tuesday, leaving would-be advertisers unable to create new ad campaigns just days before Thanksgiving and crucial Black Friday sales. The outage is unusual in its duration; and when the story was written, the system has been down for more than eight hours, one source who buys ads on the platform told Business Insider. Click here...
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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Just writing to all non hams and Technicians to encourage you all to get you General or Extra upgrade. Nothing is more satisfying than sitting in your basement and communicating, with ease, with someone three states or an ocean away. The price on some very sophisticated radios has never been so reasonable. I have an Icom 746 Pro, that has been discontinued, and the DSP still amazes me. For less than $1500 you can purchase a high quality hf radio, power supply, and a multiband wire antenna. http...
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