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O’Reilly joins Graycliff Partners

Graycliff Partners LP said May 21 that Brian O’Reilly has joined its credit team as a managing director. O’Reilly co-founded CVC Credit Partners’ U.S. middle market lending platform. PRESS RELEASE GRAYCLIFF EXPANDS CREDIT TEAM; ADDS BRIAN O’REILLY AS MANAGING DIRECTOR Graycliff Partners LP today announced the expansion of its credit team with the addition of Brian O’Reilly as Managing Director. Mr. O’Reilly, former Managing Director at CVC Credit Partners, will be responsible for sourcing and ev...
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Could better tests help reverse the rise of drug-resistant infections?

Faster, more accurate tests for drug-resistant infections are hailed as a promising tool in the fight against antibiotic resistance, so much so that the US and Britain are offering millions in prize money for their development. A modeling study led by Duke University game theorist David McAdams shows that better tests could, in theory, change the game and put drug-resistant bacteria at a reproductive disadvantage relative to more easily-treated strains -- but with a caveat.
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The (A.I.) Doctor Will See You Now

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/GettyYou’ve done it before: Perhaps you have a weird rash or feel a little strange, something beyond the usual flu or back pain. You Google it, becoming part of the 75 million Americans who use WebMD each month to check symptoms, rule out conditions, or to go down a hypochondriacal rabbit hole (unsurprisingly, “cyberchondria” is a real thing).According to a BMJ study, online symptom-checking websites provide accurate diagnoses roughly half the time, amountin...
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Bills seek special consent for pelvic exams under anesthesia

Savanah Harshbarger estimates she performed as many as 10 pelvic exams last year on patients before gynecologic surgeries, feeling for fibroid tumors or other abnormalities. The Duke University medical student said the experience was a revelation. “It’s pretty empowering to know this is something you can detect with a gloved hand instead of needing an […]
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Outdoor Updates: Soldier survives after falling into an active volcano

Soldier survives after falling into an active volcano A solider visiting Hawaii Volcanoes National Park hopped a metal safety barrier to get a better look inside of Kilauea volcano, one of the world’s most active volcanoes. As he peered over the rim of the volcano the ground collapsed beneath him and he fell 70 feet, landing on a narrow ledge inside of the volcano. The man got lucky—had he missed the ledge he would have fallen 300 feet into the caldera. Another visitor witnessed the fall an...
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Meketa expands employee ownership team

Meketa, an investment consulting and advisory firm, has expanded its employee ownership team to 13 new shareholders. Among them are Lisa Bacon, Sarah Bernstein, Colin Bebee, Gustavo Bikkesbakker, Brandon Colón, Aaron Lally and Ryan Lobdell. PRESS RELEASE BOSTON, May 6, 2019 – Meketa Investment Group (Meketa), a global investment consulting and advisory firm, is pleased to announce it has expanded its employee ownership to include 13 new shareholders. Lisa Bacon, Sarah Bernstein, Colin Bebee, Gus...
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There's one characteristic the best leaders in the world have, but most people are uncomfortable talking about it: love

A common trait the world's best leaders exhibit is love, says billionaire philanthropist Melinda Gates.  The same can be true of workplace managers who create loving environments and empathize with their staff, Gates told Business Insider US Editor-in-Chief Alyson Shontell. Gates described how she created a positive work environment during her time as a manager at Microsoft. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The world's greatest leaders, from Marin Luther King Jr. to Nelson ...
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Shipwrecks off NC coast harbor tropical migrants

Shipwrecks and sunken structures off the North Carolina coast may act as stepping stones for tropical fish searching for favorable habitats at or beyond the edge of their normal geographic range. A study co-led by Duke University scientists finds these fishes prefer artificial reefs over natural ones and suggests linked networks of these human-made structures could be used to aid the survival of the ecologically and economically important species.
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HarbourVest recruits Mendiratta as MD

HarbourVest Partners has named Vinay Mendiratta as a managing director. Previously, he was head of wealth management sales at Adams Street Partners. PRESS RELEASE BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HarbourVest Partners, a global private markets asset manager, today announced that Vinay Mendiratta has joined the firm as a Managing Director. Based in Boston, Mr. Mendiratta will focus on business development with distribution partners in the US to help private clients achieve their private markets objectives. ...
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Meet the Xconomy Awards San Diego Digital Trailblazer Finalists

San Diego’s prowess in computer science, medical devices, and life sciences makes it a natural hub of innovative digital health companies. The finalists in the Digital Trailblazer category of the Xconomy Awards San Diego highlight the wide variety of healthtech ideas emanating from local startups and big companies alike, ranging from virtual coaches for physical therapy patients, to experimental software designed to address Alzheimer’s symptoms.Here are brief profiles of the finalists.This is p...
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Duke University acquires the archives of Charles N Brown, founder of Locus Magazine

Charlie ("Charles N") Brown was the force behind Locus Magazine (previously) until his death in 2009; he hired me to be a columnist for the magazine in 2006 and I've been writing for them ever since. Charlie was such a prolific collector you could be forgiven for calling him a hoarder (the distinction is always hard to make!) and his archive contained some of the great rarities of science fiction. That collection is now in the hands of Duke University's David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manu...
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In Jones the Giants Trust, Even if Few Others Do

Who is Daniel Jones? That was the question at the N.F.L. draft Thursday night. The answer will determine whether he and the man who selected him have a future with the Giants.
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In Daniel Jones the Giants Trust, Even if Few Others Do

Who is Jones? All answers about the Duke quarterback will determine whether he and the man who selected him in the N.F.L. draft on Thursday have a future with the Giants.
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Melinda Gates reveals the secret to a strong marriage and the surprisingly simple answer to the world's toughest problem

Melinda Gates is the cochair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which has committed over $45 billion to help solve some of the world's toughest problems. Melinda Gates believes the ultimate problem that needs solving is poverty. Poverty leads to all sorts of problems, including childhood mortality. And after 20 years in the field, Gates believes the best solution is to empower women. Gender equality is key. That means having balanced relationships where both partners split the work load...
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Devil rays may have unknown birthing zone

The discovery of dozens of pregnant giant devil rays tangled in fishing nets in a village along Mexico's Gulf of California could mean the endangered species has a previously unknown birthing zone in nearby waters, a Duke University study suggests. If more research confirms the possibility, the zone should be protected and placed off limits to fishing during times each spring when pregnant rays migrate there.
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Duke University researchers develop robotic system that sniffs ethanol leaks

In North Carolina, engineers at Duke University are developing a smart robotic system for sniffing out pollution hotspots and sources of toxic leaks. Their approach enables a robot to incorporate complex calculations of airflows in confined spaces made on the fly, rather than simply guide the robot to ‘follow its nose’. Their approach combines physics-based models of the source identification problem with path planning algorithms for robotics in a feedback loop. The robots take measurements of c...
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Sand tiger sharks return to shipwrecks off N.C. coast

A study co-led by Duke University reveals shipwrecks off North Carolina's coast are important habitats for sand tiger sharks, whose population plummeted in the 1980 and 1990s. Photos taken months and even years apart by scuba divers show female sand tiger sharks returning to the same shipwrecks. The photos were uploaded to the citizen-science program Spot A Shark USA which used specialized software to ID the sharks.
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5-star forward Hurt commits to Duke

Five-star forward and top 2019 recruiting target Matthew Hurt committed to play basketball at Duke University on Friday afternoon.
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Researchers find fossil in desk drawer of ancient giant 'lion' that roamed 20 million years ago in Kenya

A giant lion with enormous fangs that roamed the Kenyan savannah more than 20 million years ago was one of the largest ever meat-eating mammals, researchers said on Thursday A team from Ohio University found the lower jaw, teeth and other bones of a new species, Simbakubwa kutokaafrika - Swahili for “big African lion” -  in 2010 in a desk drawer in Nairobi museum.   They calculated the predator would have weighed up to 1,500 kilogrammes and could have fed upon the elephant-like creatures that li...
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Researchers discover ancient giant 'lion' in Kenya

A giant lion with enormous fangs that roamed the Kenyan savannah more than 20 million years ago was one of the largest ever meat-eating mammals, researchers said Thursday. A team unearthed the lower jaw, teeth and other bones of a new species, Simbakubwa kutokaafrika -- Swahili for "big African lion". "Based on its massive teeth, Simbakubwa was a specialised hyper-carnivore that was significantly larger than the modern lion and possibly larger than a polar bear," said Matthew Borths, from Duke...
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When the physics say 'don't follow your nose'

Engineers at Duke University are developing a smart robotic system for sniffing out pollution hotspots and sources of toxic leaks. Their approach enables a robot to incorporate calculations made on the fly to account for the complex airflows of confined spaces rather than simply 'following its nose.'
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'Partly Alive': Scientists Revive Cells in Brains From Dead Pigs

In a study that raises profound questions about the line between life and death, researchers have restored some cellular activity to brains removed from slaughtered pigs. From a report: The brains did not regain anything resembling consciousness: There were no signs indicating coordinated electrical signaling, necessary for higher functions like awareness and intelligence. But in an experimental treatment, blood vessels in the pigs' brains began functioning, flowing with a blood substitute, and ...
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Scientists report new approach to reduce or prevent renal fibrosis

Renal fibrosis, the abnormal accumulation of fibrotic material within the kidney, hinders kidney function and may lead to eventual renal failure. Using genetically altered mice, researchers from Duke University investigated the mechanisms of interaction between the T cells, angiotensin receptors (AT1), and macrophages to understand their role in impeding renal fibrosis. A report in The American Journal of Pathology, published by Elsevier, suggests that selectively activating AT1 receptors on T c...
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Leona Maguire accepts Special Exemption to KPMG Women's PGA Championship

Leona Maguire Leona Maguire of Ireland has accepted a special exemption to compete in the 2019 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship, June 18 – 23, at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska, Minnesota.Maguire turned professional in June of 2018 after playing collegiately at Duke University, where she was a four-time First-Team All-American and two-time ANNIKA National Player of the Year a...
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Study: Socialism turns people into liars

Study: Socialism turns people into liars Socialism’s appeal is largely moral, not economic – not just because it doesn’t work economically, but because few people find economics compelling. Among their exaggerated claims, socialists argue that redistribution of wealth will create more moral people, not merely better living conditions. “We must develop among Soviet people Communist morality,” said Nikita Khrushchev in 1959, “at the foundation of which lie …...
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Engineering 'hairpins' increases CRISPR accuracy

Biomedical engineers at Duke University have developed a method for improving the accuracy of the CRISPR genome editing technology by an average of 50-fold. The approach adds a short tail to the guide RNA that folds back and binds onto itself, creating a 'lock' that can only be undone by the targeted DNA sequence.
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AI-based technique traces the shapes of active neurons faster than a human can

Biomedical engineers at Duke University have developed an automated process that can trace the shapes of active neurons as accurately as human researchers can, but in a fraction of the time.
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Tiny light-up barcodes identify molecules by their twinkling

An imaging technique developed at Duke University could make it possible to peer inside cells and watch dozens of different molecules at once -- by labeling them with short strands of light-up DNA that blink on and off with their own unique rhythm. Though they're all the same color, the technique makes it possible to distinguish as many as 56 types by their twinkling, more cheaply than traditional methods and without fading over time.
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Artificial intelligence singles out neurons faster than a human can

Biomedical engineers at Duke University have developed an automated process that can track and map active neurons as accurately as a human can, but in a fraction of the time. This new technique, based on a deep learning algorithm, addresses a critical roadblock in neuron analysis, allowing researchers to rapidly gather and process neuronal signals for real-time behavioral studies.
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Former FBI chief to talk Trump, threats at Duke University

DURHAM, N.C. (AP) — The fired FBI acting director promoting a new book highly critical of President Donald Trump will discuss the threats facing the United States during an appearance in North Carolina. Andrew McCabe will speak Tuesday at Duke University on topics from his newly released book about how the FBI protects America now. […]
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