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The best dumbphone gets Signal messaging

The Punkt MP02 (previously) is one of two or three premium-yet-minimalist phone handsets that actually work on post-2G cellular networks. And now it has Signal built-in, providing end-to-end voice encryption, free-Internet based calls and texts, group messages and voice dictation. — Read the rest
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Breaking smartphone addiction: 10 Designs to save us from electronic enslavement

I read a pretty scary statistic online, which outlines that the average person stares at their smartphone screen for a minimum of 3 hours a day. In fact, that number went from 0.3 hours to 3.3 hours between 2008 and 2017. Today, it’s anywhere between 4-6 hours, which is anywhere around 30% of the time we spend awake. That’s 30% of our waking life spent staring at pixels. Mike Elgan points out that if we spent that time reading books, we could literally read upward of 200 books PER YEAR.So how ex...
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Putting Light Phone to the Test: Disconnecting from the "pocket computer lifestyle" with this credit card-sized device

When it was announced in 2015, the concept behind the Kickstarter-funded Light Phone felt much like a breath of fresh air. Roughly the size of four stacked credit cards, the device proposed a mobile world free of internet, apps and even texting...... Continue Reading...
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Qualcomm 205 gives feature phones high-speed 3G LTE

Qualcomm's new Qualcomm 205 platform, which the company announced at a launch event in March, brings 4G LTE connectivity to low-end phones. It's expected to launch in the second quarter of 2017. The post Qualcomm 205 gives feature phones high-speed 3G LTE appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Gold Nokia 3310 with Putin's portrait on it

Nokia's resurrected 3310 is the dumbphone du jour, but it has two key flaws. First, the 2G radio bands it uses are insecure and being shut down by many telcos, meaning it might not work in your region. Second, the base model doesn't have a bas-relief portrait of Russian premier Vladimir Putin on it. Sadly, this feature is a $3,700 upgrade from Caviar, one of those design houses that supposedly has a classy European pedigree but is, in any case, now devoted entirely to making special editions ...
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Everything You Can (and Can't) Do With the New Nokia 3310

There’s been an intense debate in my head ever since Nokia introduced the new iteration of its classic 3310. Read more...
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Review: Punkt's MP01 is the ultimate minimalist dumbphone

Punkt's MP01 is a minimal treat for people wanting a simple but flawless phone—and willing to pay top dollar for a few details done very well. (more…)
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Nokia to resurrect classic dumbphone

Nokia's 3310 is said to be the most reliable phone ever made. It's a classic plastic-and-silicon brick from the turn of the century, long consigned to the recycling bin in the age of smartphones and tablets. But because people actually like and appreciate technology that works, as opposed to all the modern internet-of-shit frippery that doesn't, they're bringing it back. (more…)
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The Complete Guide to Breaking Your Smartphone Habit

Smartphones are magical. A device that’s small enough to fit in your pocket, allows you to instantly communicate with virtually anyone on earth, take breathtaking photos, and access humanity’s collected knowledge. Amazing! But like any magical implement, the smartphone’s power can be so consuming that all you want to do is stare into its comforting, glowing, little screen and cling to it like Gollum does his “Precious” in The Lord of the Rings. Unsurprisingly a growing number of people feel di...
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Six months with a dumbphone

A while back, I realized that something was amiss in my relationship with my telephone. Notifications, email, Facebook, Twitter… it all became a constant drain on on my attention, the internet following me around like a shadow. I just couldn't give it up! So I asked the readers of Boing Boing about the current situation with low-end dumbphones, in the hopes that something was out there that could do the things I needed to do (send texts and make calls) without having me permanently dripped to t...
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