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D&D's new Candlekeep Mysteries includes the first quest for adventurers in wheelchairs

Candlekeep Mysteries is an upcoming Dungeons & Dragons book featuring 17 new one-shot adventures, designed to be started and finished in a single 2-4 hour gaming session. Each of the quests begins with the discovery of a book that launches a mystery, and each one is written by a different creator or story designer, many of whom are working with Wizards of the Coast for the first time. — Read the rest
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‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Series Adaptation in the Works From ‘John Wick’ Writer

Derek Kolstad, writer for the “John Wick” franchise, will write and develop a series pitch based around the popular game “Dungeons & Dragons,” Variety has confirmed. The game, which features dice, a dungeon master and an active use of the imagination, has encouraged fans across the world to host game nights and weave inventive stories of […]
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‘Dungeons & Dragons’ TV Series in the Works With ‘John Wick’ Writer Derek Kolstad

Hollywood has been trying to get a new Dungeons & Dragons movie off the ground for a few years now, and now they’re throwing a TV show into the mix as well. A new report states that plans are in motion for a Dungeons & Dragons TV show with John Wick franchise writer Derek Kolstad tackling some of the scripts. This news comes on the heels of the announcement that Chris Pine was in talks to star in the Dungeons & Dragons movie. When Game of Thrones was on the air and a really big deal, there w...
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John Wick Creator Is Developing Dungeons & Dragons For TV

John Wick Creator Is Developing Dungeons & Dragons For TV Clearly, dragons are all the rage right now. Later this year, Paramount will finally roll tape on its long-gestating Dungeons & Dragons film reboot. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, Hasbro and eOne are looking to expand the franchise’s reach to the small screen as well. A new D&D TV series is currently in the works with John Wick screenwriter Derek Kolstad penning the script. The report doesn’t mention whether the series will ...
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Dungeons & Dragons' New Adventure Book Brings Fresh Voices to the Forgotten Realms

Typically, a Dungeons & Dragons adventure book is all about creating a world for your heroes to go on epic campaigns—detailing the vast settings of places like Eberron or Icewind Dale, or setting up cities like Waterdeep or even the Magic: The Gathering land of Ravnica. While its newest adventure revisits a classic D&D…Read more...
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Morning Docket: 01.12.20

* Pope Francis has changed church law to allow women slightly larger roles in church services. Maybe he was inspired by the movie On the Basis of Sex... [Washington Post] * An NYPD lawyer is under investigation for allegedly threatening to shoot another attorney in her unit. [New York Daily News] * A show based on the film The Lincoln Lawyer has been greenlit for a 10-episode run on Netflix. [Deadline] * A black lawyer claims he was racially profiled by law enforcement for not wearing a sui...
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How To Take Your Tabletop Dungeons & Dragons Game Online

COVID struck at the height of the resurgence of the tabletop role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, and while it’s not the worst aspect of a worldwide plague, nerds not being allowed to gather at the local hobby store and pretend to be elves really sucks. Luckily, though, with a little know-how, you can take the…Read more...
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Watch: The ‘Stranger Things’ Cast Get Festive While Playing Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons just got a whole lot stranger. Four cast members of Netflix’s hit sci-fi show Stranger Things sat down for a game of the tabletop RPG for a special actual play session, lead by Wizards of the Coast principal story designer Chris Perkins. Stranger Things stars David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, and Natalia Dyer participated in the session as a holiday gift to long-suffering fans, who have been waiting nearly two years for the next season of the Netflix show. They’l...
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Joe Manganiello Takes the Internet's Toughest and Most Fun Dungeons & Dragons Questions

Joe Manganiello is an actor and a huge nerd. He’s got one big love: Dungeons & Dragons. He’s very ready to talk about it, too. Read more...
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The Best Pop Culture We Caught Up On in 2020

It has been a year of weirdness, especially when it comes to wrangling the kinds of media we’ve been watching. Though there’s been new things to read, watch, listen to, and play, 2020 has seen many of us revisit familiar favorites as well as things we missed when they first came out. Here’s the media of years past…Read more...
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Dungeons & Dragons & Novels: Revisiting Vampire of the Mists

Welcome to Ravenloft, boils and ghouls! Where it’s always a dark and stormy night, where monsters are always under your bed, and your blood always curdles in horror—right before a vampire sucks it out. So what the hell is a gold elf from the Forgotten Realms doing here? Short answer: Not having a particularly fun time.Read more...
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Create your own fully-rendered CGI fantasy monsters with Google AI

The Google AI team just launched a new project called Chimera Painter, which uses a model trained on machine learning to transform basic digital Paintings of fantasy creatures into fully rendered CGI monsters. Or well, kind of. Here's how Google describes the project: Chimera Painter is a demo that lets you run wild by drawing out creature shapes that become fully fleshed out by our CreatureGAN machine learning model, which was trained on hundreds of thousands of 2D renders of 3D creatu...
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Dungeons & Dragons & Novels: Revisiting Streams of Silver

The famous Drow ranger Drizzt Do’Urden returns for his second adventure in the Icewind Dale trilogy! Is it better than The Crystal Shard? Is the premise directly lifted from The Hobbit? Will Drizzt continue being the greatest badass in the Forgotten Realms? Will a female character appear for more than four pages and…Read more...
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The Cast of Critical Role on Why They Love Roleplaying Games

Hand in hand with the meteoric resurgence of tabletop gaming in the past few years is the rise of the Actual Play show, as hundreds of thousands of fans watch or listen along to teams of hosts doing the actual gaming and storytelling for them. The biggest bang in all of that boom is perhaps Critical Role, and a new…Read more...
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Dungeon & Dragons & Novels: Revisiting Spellfire

In 1998, Ed Greenwood, creator of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, released his first novel in the giant, fantastical world he’d wrought (and his first published fiction, period). It’s hard to say what was more enticing to me back then: the amazing Clyde Caldwell cover art of a furious dracolich on the cover or…Read more...
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Five techniques for beginning miniature painters

In this Squidmar Miniatures video, Emil runs through five painting techniques he wished had been better emphasized when he was first learning. They are the basics (base coating, layering, dry brushing) and two slightly more advanced techniques (edge highlighting and wet blending).… Read the rest
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Hasbro PulseCon Coming This Week with ‘Star Wars’, Marvel, and ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ Reveals & More

This week will bring the first ever Hasbro PulseCon online for fans in the United States and Canada. It’s basically Hasbro’s virtual substitute for the lack of conventions available for them to announce the latest merchandise for properties like Star Wars, Marvel, Transformers, G.I. Joe, Power Rangers, Ghostbusters, Magic: The Gathering, and Dungeons & Dragons. The full schedule for the event unfolding on Friday and Saturday has been revealed, so check it out below and get ready for a bunch of ...
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How to use Roll20

Whether you have a dedicated adventuring party or are looking for a group, Roll20 makes playing and GMing TTRPGs like D&D and V:TM easy as defeating a flumph.
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Creators of Combat Wheelchair Miniatures on the Challenges of Pushing RPGs to a More Inclusive Future

There’s a popular saying in the cosplay community: “Cosplay is for everyone.” This expands to nerd culture as a whole, but sometimes fandoms need a boost. This is where designer Sara Thompson’s The Combat Wheelchair Dungeons & Dragons mod comes into play. io9 has an exclusive look at two miniatures created in tribute…Read more...
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How to launch and run a remote D&D game from quarantine, the Wirecutter way

Over at Wirecutter, my friend and colleague James Austin has a wonderful new guide that covers everything you need to run a remote/online Dungeons and Dragons campaign with your friends while still keeping a social distance from everything but goblins (it's always goblins). Most importantly, the article includes this wonderful passage: The real world is a pretty stressful place to exist in right now, but playing D&D with my family, even though we're stuck thousands of miles away from one anot...
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Metal Gear Solid Sees Another Delay and Trivial Pursuit Embraces Horror in Gaming News

Welcome back to Gaming Shelf, io9's column all about board games and tabletop roleplaying games. In this latest edition, we’ve got a board game about gods celebrating the wonder of dinosaurs, some awesome roleplaying dice inlaid with (fake) mosquitos, and another delay for one of IDW’s most anticipated games. Check it…Read more...
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Company makes beautiful RPG miniatures of characters in wheel chairs

As someone who spent years needing the assistance of a wheel chair, seeing these miniatures made me very happy. It's wonderful to think of special needs kids (and adults) being able to see characters they can relate to, whether they choose to roleplay that way or not. I love the attention to detail in the designs of the wheel chairs.The minis are available as downloadable STL files for 3D printing or as resin/metal casts. 25% of the sales of these minis goes to support work with the physically c...
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The RPG and Wargame Supply Sourcebook

Jim Kelly, he of The Tabletop Engineer and Bexim's Bazaar magazine, has launched another new monthly publication, The RPG and Wargame Supply Sourcebook. The idea is to create a one-stop resource guide to those largely small/indie companies making and selling miniatures, gaming terrain, RPG materials, modeling tools and supplies, and other gaming-related products and services. The monthly guides will also include the latest game-related Kickstarters, 3D printables, and more. There will even b...
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Racial traits in D&D are pretty problematic. "Ancestry & Culture" is a great homebrew solution.

Dungeons & Dragons is great. It also, unfortunately, has long-fed into the inherently colonialist tropes that have long dominated the fantasy genre. Wizards of the Coast has recently made some strides to disentangle their tabletop role playing games from these harmful stereotypes — things like the essential racial traits of Orcs, which peg them as dark-skinned savages that are inherently evil and dumb. This is a great step. But the folks at Arcanist Press have taken it even further by introdu...
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Umbrella Academy Does Card Battles, and D&D Gets a Board Game in Gaming News

Welcome back to Gaming Shelf, io9's column all about board games and tabletop roleplaying games. Gen Con Online has come and gone, along with San Diego Comic-Con—but they weren’t the only sources of games announcements this time around. We’ve got a new card game about The Umbrella Academy, along with a tabletop…Read more...
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D&D's Culturally Sensitive Strahd Revamp Is Here, But It'll Cost You [Updated]

Over the years, Wizards of the Coast has received justified criticism for its use of racist tropes in Dungeons & Dragons. One target of that concern was the Vistani people, part of the game’s Ravenloft setting, seen in modules such as the Curse of Strahd, a story about a Dracula-type villain which features the Vistani…Read more...
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D&D's Culturally Sensitive Strahd Revamp Is Here, But It'll Cost You

Over the years, Wizards of the Coast has received justified criticism for its use of racist tropes in Dungeons & Dragons. One target of that concern was the Vistani people, part of the game’s Ravenloft setting, seen in modules such as the Curse of Strahd, a story about a Dracula-type villain which features the Vistani…Read more...
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Dig these spectacular Druidic Dice for playing Dungeons & Dragons and other board games

Gorgeous! Follow @druidic_dice on Instagram, , and visit the Druidicdiceshop if this amazing shot of artisanal gaming dice excites you as much as it does me.
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The Adventure Zone TV Show May Feature a New Voice Cast

The novel coronavirus pandemic may have slowed down television production across the world, but animation is one area where things are still happening. The McElroy brothers are hard at work on the pilot for Peacock’s The Adventure Zone animated series—a show that may come with a few surprises, including a potential…Read more...
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Download these free D&D character sheets designed to help players with dyslexia

Redditor Inuyasharuls is a Dungeon Master who runs campaigns for several players with dyslexia. With help from another Redditor and gamer, Axelle123, they created this colorful character sheet alternative, using Comic Sans instead of the standard font found on D&D materials, to make life easier for everyone. Or, well, maybe not everyone, but still for some people. As they explained on Reddit: They're not for everyone, we definitely customized them to our games. We changed the "experience points...
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