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'Battlefield 6' will be available for last-gen game consoles

EA is building 'Battlefield 6' with PS5 and Xbox Series X in mind, but it will still play on last-generation consoles..
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Sanlo raises $3.5M to help apps and games gain access to financial insights and capital

Having a great idea for an app or game is one thing, but scaling it to become a successful business is quite another. A new fintech startup called Sanlo aims to help. The company, which is today announcing an oversubscribed $3.5 million seed round, offers small to medium-sized game and app companies access to tools to manage their finances and capital to fuel their growth. To be clear, Sanlo is not an investor that’s taking an equity stake in the apps and games it finances. Instead, it’s offerin...
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Indie developers are changing the definition of cinematic in video games

The word cinematic has long been associated with big-budget video games. Indie developers are challenging that idea.
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EA acquires Super Mega Baseball studio as it doubles down on sports games

EA acquired Metalhead Studios, the developer behind the Super Mega Baseball games.
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Titanfall 2 Sets PC Player Record Five Years After Release

2016’s Titanfall 2 is turning out to be a slow burn when it comes to attracting fans. Receiving huge critical acclaim when it released, the game faced stiff competition from that year’s Battlefield and Call of Duty titles and underperformed when it came to sales. Developers Respawn Entertainment went on to great success with free-to-play battle royale Apex Legends, a game set in the same universe as the Titanfall campaigns. The developer has continued to drop connections to the older games in n...
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Titanfall 2 goes free-to-play this weekend as fans flock to 5-year-old shooter

Titanfall 2 is going free to play this weekend as fans of the series revitalize the 2016 shooter.
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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order gets a next-gen version this summer

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is getting a next-gen version this summer.
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Diablo Immortal paves the way for EA and Activision’s mobile gaming expansion

Mobile gaming is big business, and games like Battlefield Mobile and Diablo Immortal will highlight how the world was wrong to ignore its rise in the East.
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Facebook's Oculus, EA and Respawn Win Game Industry's First Oscar for 'Colette' Documentary Short

Facebook just won its first Oscar. From a report: "Colette," from the social giant's Oculus Studios and EA's Respawn Entertainment game studio, picked up the trophy for documentary short subject Sunday at the 93rd Academy Awards. It's also the first project from the game industry to win an Oscar. The 25-minute film follows former French Resistance member Colette Marin-Catherine as she travels to Germany for the first time in 74 years. "Colette" was created for the World War II-set VR video game ...
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Apex Legends studio Respawn Entertainment makes history with Oscar win

Respawn Entertainment became the first game studio to win an Oscar thanks to Colette.
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Apex Legends’ Arenas mode turns the game into Counter Strike — and it’s great

Apex Legends is getting its biggest change yet, a new mode that effectively turns the game into Counter Strike.
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Battlefield comes to mobile devices in 2022, Battlefield 6 reveal coming ‘soon’

The Battlefield series is getting a mobile adaptation in 2022. Developer DICE also say that news on the next main installment is coming soon.
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Hail to the Chief (of Staff)

James Baker, at left, is considered to be the most effective White House Chief of Staff in history, [1] a notable accomplishment given how many otherwise talented people are perceived to have failed in the role. [2] Most of my clients are CEOs, most of them have executive assistants, and a theme in my practice is helping clients make the best use of this support. [3] But a number of clients are also opting to hire a Chief of Staff, and given how widely the job description can vary, it's use...
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Japanese Apex Legends Players Banned for Saying “Nigero”

EA, the publisher of Apex Legends, has tried to take their awful reputation to new heights as they have decided to temporarily ban some Japanese players for saying “nigero”, despite it being an actual Japanese word and not the racial slur (“nigger”) the publisher wishes it was. Screenshots were shared online of players being handed […]
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Video puts you in the cockpit of a Navy Prowler on a low-level flight through the Cascade Mountains

An EA-6B Prowler out of Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, March 1, 2016. US Marine Corps/Cpl. Neysa Huertas Quinones This is what it looks like to fly an EA-6B Prowler on the Visual Route 1355 low-level military training route in Washington state. VR 1355 is known as the "million-dollar ride" for its scenic views and the fun and "aggressive" flying that can be done on it. See more stories on Insider's business page. The last US Marine Corps EA-6B Prowler squadron, Marine Tactical ...
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Australia: Making an enterprise agreement – what to tell employees before the vote - Holding Redlich

Before an employer can request employees approve a proposed EA, the employer must comply with pre-approval requirements.
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News Post: Gulf

Tycho: EA wants back into simulated golf but I guess I don't care. I mean… here's the thing. Reviews of PGA Tour 2k1 are generally like "The golf is good, but everything around it isn't super polished." On balance, I think I probably agree with that. I have played the game for a hundred hours, and I was never especially attracted to their career or MyPlayer customization. Where it excels is in the simulation of Golf. This, combined with the course creator and a community that has ...
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It Takes Two review: Teamwork makes the dream work

It Takes Two is a landmark co-op adventure with varied gameplay, thoughtful multiplayer, and a charming story.
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EA Sports distances itself from David Dobrik in light of a rape allegation against a former Vlog Squad member

EA Sports has distanced itself from David Dobrik amid controversies. David Dobrik / Vlog Squad David Dobrik's Vlog Squad is embroiled in controversy following an Insider investigation. EA Sports, which once gave Dobrik a Lamborghini, said it has no future plans to work with him. The statement comes after SeatGeek, a major Dobrik sponsor, said it would review their partnership. See more stories on Insider's business page. The company that once gifted David Dobrik a brand new Lamborg...
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Tiger Woods signed a contract with the publisher of 'Grand Theft Auto' for a new series of golf video games

Golf superstar Tiger Woods. AP Photo/Lee Jin-man Golf superstar Tiger Woods has a new series of golf video games in the works. Woods signed a long-term contract with the publisher of "Grand Theft Auto," Take Two Interactive. His name and likeness are exclusive to the new games, leaving EA's golf games without a big name. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Golf superstar Tiger Woods is the face of a new series of golf video games, but this time they're being pu...
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Facebook Gets First-Ever Oscar Nomination for ‘Colette’ Documentary Short

Facebook is officially in the running for an Academy Award. The social giant’s Oculus virtual-reality group, together with EA’s Respawn Entertainment, co-produced “Colette,” a documentary short created as part of VR video game “Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond.” On Monday, the film received an Oscar nomination for documentary short subject. The 24-minute film from […]
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Roblox's $45 Billion IPO Values User-Created Game Platform Higher Than EA

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Yesterday, Roblox made good on its plans to go public, with employees and previous investors selling hundreds of millions of shares in a direct listing on the New York Stock Exchange. In a private funding round in January, those shares were worth $45. When the market closed Wednesday, they were selling at $69.50, a price that valued Roblox Corp. as a whole at $45.3 billion (as of this writing, Roblox Corp.'s stock price peaked at $77.30 and ...
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EA opens probe into claims that staff are selling rare FIFA 21 Ultimate Team cards

EA is looking into allegations within its community that some employees are selling rare FIFA 21 Ultimate Team cards for cash.
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The Navy was able to deliver an F-35 engine to an aircraft carrier at sea for the first time

Sailors load an F-35C Lightning II power module onto a CMV-22B Osprey aboard Navy nuclear aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson, February 11, 2021. US Navy/MCS Seaman Jeffrey Kempton The Navy conducted its first successful replenishment-at-sea with an F-35 power module in February, delivering it to the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson. This capability improves the Navy's carrier strike capability and allows the Marine Corps to provide its own close air support and inland strike capability. Visi...
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Electronic Arts & Bioware Cancel Anthem Rework Plans

Publisher Electronic Arts and developer Bioware have now officially canceled the rework on Anthem, which was originally announced at the beginning of last year. The restructuring of what was supposed to be Anthem NEXT was canceled due to the impact the Covid-19 pandemic had on the team’s productivity. The full announcement from BioWare’s official blog: […]
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Electronic Arts Cancels 'Gaia' Game After Years in Development

Video game publisher Electronic Arts has canceled a game that was in development at its Montreal office for nearly six years, Bloomberg reported Thursday, citing people familiar with the matter. From a report: The game, code named Gaia, was first hinted at in 2015, but was never officially announced or given a title. Since then, EA executives have released a drip feed of information, sharing tidbits every few years on what it described as a brand new franchise. Last summer in a video showcasing ...
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Anthem’s demise might be the final nail in the looter shooter genre’s coffin

Anthem's untimely end could be the final nail in a gaming subgenre that big studios have struggled to crack for years.
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BioWare and EA cancel Anthem ‘Next’ redesign

BioWare and EA end work on ‘Anthem Next’
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Anthem Development Ceases, BioWare to Focus on Dragon Age, Mass Effect - IGN

EA chief studios officer Laura Miele reflected on the game's shuttering, saying that the company "believed in Anthem every step of the way."
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The best weapons in Battlefield 5

As of Summer 2020, Battlefield 5 will not be receiving any further updates. Here are the best weapons to use for each class in Battlefield 5's multiplayer.
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