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You Can Now Ride a Submarine To the Deepest Point On Earth

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bloomberg: For some, the ultimate adventure is up in the stars. (See: Musk, Branson, Bezos.) For Texas businessman Victor Vescovo, the trip of a lifetime is a dive to the deepest known point on our own planet, the bottom of the Marianas Trench. For $750,000 per person, Vescovo will take guests down 35,843 feet in Limiting Factor, his $37 million Triton 36,000/2 submarine, whose depth capacity is more than 100 times that of the typical superyacht submersib...
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‘Doctor Who’ Writers Russell T. Davies and Chris Chibnall Pen Prequels to Their Respective Runs

By its nature, Doctor Who is a show filled with gaps and holes — the series was off the air for 16 years between the time it was canceled in 1989 and revived for a modern audience in 2005 by Russell T. Davies. Even when it’s on the air, our favorite time-traveling alien is having countless off-screen adventures that we’ll never be privy to. The mystery of Doctor Who has allowed fans to fill those gaps with their own imaginations, or with the hundreds of audio book stories released by Big Finish...
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Trump Signs $2.2 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus Package

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump signed an unprecedented $2.2 trillion economic rescue package into law Friday, after swift and near-unanimous action by Congress this week to support businesses, rush resources to overburdened health care providers and help struggling families during the deepening coronavirus epidemic. Acting with unity and resolve unseen since the 9/11 attacks, Washington moved urgently to stem an economic free fall caused by widespread restrictions meant to slow the ...
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SpaceX to deliver cargo to NASA’s lunar Gateway station using a new ‘Dragon XL ‘ spacecraft

NASA has tapped SpaceX as the first provider of space-based logistics to deliver experiment materials, cargo and supplies to its lunar Gateway, the agency announced on Friday. This means SpaceX will be among the companies that NASA can turn to when it needs things shuttled via spaceship between Earth and this forthcoming platform, which will orbit the Moon and provide a staging ground for future crewed Moon missions. The contract means that SpaceX will play a key role in not only NASA’s...
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The long, wild story of the universe, in 5 eras

We're in the middle, or thereabouts, of the universe's Stelliferous era.If you think there's a lot going on out there now, the first era's drama makes things these days look pretty calm.Scientists attempt to understand the past and present by bringing together the last couple of centuries' major schools of thought. If you're fortunate enough to get yourself beneath a clear sky in a dark place on a moonless night, a gorgeous space-scape of stars waits. If you have binoculars and point them upwar...
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Hailing frequencies open, sir... America's Space Force hurls its first military comms satellite into Earth's orbit

Watch the Atlas V 551 rocket blast off Vid The US Space Force embarked on its first official mission on Thursday, launching a military communications satellite aboard an Atlas V 551 rocket from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.…
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In Earth's largest extinction, land animal die-offs began long before marine extinction

Because of poor dates for land fossils laid down before and after the mass extinction at the end of the Permian, paleontologists assumed that the terrestrial extinctions from Gondwana occurred at the same time as the better-documented marine extinctions. But a new study provides more precise dates for South African fossils and points to a long, perhaps 400,000-year period of extinction on land before the rapid marine extinction 252 million years ago.
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The Coronavirus Has Tied Us to Earth

Space missions around the world are on hold—a poignant reminder of how the pandemic has upended civilization.
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ULA successfully launches first U.S. Space Force payload

The United Launch Alliance (ULA) has completed its 134th successful launch, continuing its perfect track record with a mission today for the U.S. Space Force. This is the first ever dedicated mission for the Space Force, a new branch of the U.S. armed forces dedicated to the defense and protection of America’s strategic assets in space. The payload today was the sixth Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) satellite that has been deployed for U.S. defense customers, though the original five...
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ULA successfully launches first US Space Force payload

The United Launch Alliance (ULA) has completed its 134th successful launch, continuing its perfect track record with a mission today for the U.S. Space Force. This is the first-ever dedicated mission for the Space Force, a new branch of the U.S. armed forces dedicated to the defense and protection of America’s strategic assets in space. The payload today was the sixth Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) satellite that has been deployed for U.S. defense customers, though the original five...
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Space Force to Get the Hell Off of Earth

The U.S. Space Force is scheduled to launch its first mission to space in a two-hour window beginning at 2:57 p.m. ET on Thursday from Cape Canaveral, sending a communications satellite into orbit aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket.Read more...
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‘The Magicians’ Lays the Groundwork for the Series Finale With a Musical Heist Episode

If you ever wanted to watch a musical version of an Oceans movies set in a hotel not unlike The Continental from John Wick: Chapter 2 , then look no further than this episode of The Magicians. We start “The Balls” in the gang’s New York City apartment, where Marina walks everyone else through the intricate plan they must enact in order to steal the World Seed from The Couple’s stronghold in the Nave Hotel.  I won’t go into many of the delightful details of the heist here (suffice...
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"Old gas blob from Uranus found in vintage Voyager 2 data"

Yes, that is actually's brilliant headline on this story about a new discovery from data collected in 1986 by NASA's intrepid spacecraft. When the probe neared Uranus (heh heh), it measured the planet's surrounding magnetic field. Recently, NASA scientists Gina DiBraccio and Daniel Gershman analyzing Voyager's old data found a "wobble" in Uranus's magnetosphere indicating a plasmoid, a bubble of plasma traveling away from the planet. From Scientists have studied the...
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2020 Extra Class study guide: E2A – Amateur radio in space: amateur satellites; orbital mechanics; frequencies and modes; satellite hardware; satellite operations

Making contacts via amateur satellites is a very popular amateur radio activity. There’s even an organization dedicated to launching and operating amateur radio satellites—AMSAT ( Perhaps the most important thing you need to know when trying to communicate via satellite is where the satellites are. One way to determine the location of a satellite at a given time is by using the Keplerian elements for the satellite. Keplerian elements are the parameters that define the orbit of a s...
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10 Apocalypse Movies to Watch With Happy (or at Least Not Totally Depressing) Endings

Current events notwithstanding, Hollywood rather adores imagining the apocalypse on the big screen. Many doomsday movies end with total destruction; that rogue planet is just gonna go ahead and vaporize Earth, or those zombies are just gonna take over forever. But sometimes, filmmakers do find little rays of sunshine…Read more...
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Paired with super telescopes, model Earths guide hunt for life

Cornell University astronomers have created five models representing key points from our planet's evolution, like chemical snapshots through Earth's own geologic epochs. The models will be spectral templates for astronomers to use in the approaching new era of powerful telescopes, and in the hunt for Earth-like planets in distant solar systems.
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‘Solar Opposites’ Trailer: ‘Rick and Morty’ Creator Puts Another Sci-Fi Spin on the Animated Family Sitcom

If Rick and Morty doesn’t have enough animated sci-fi insanity for you to sink your teeth into, series co-creator Justin Roiland and former head writer Mike McMahan have a whole new series that you’ll probably want to watch on Hulu in May. Solar Opposites is a new animated series following a group of aliens who barely escaped the destruction of their home world. Suddenly, they find themselves stranded on planet Earth, which they discover is a “human-infested craphole without a single redeeming ...
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Chris Chibnall's New Doctor Who Short Story Is a Deeper Glimpse Into Regeneration

The circumstances of the Thirteenth Doctor’s regeneration were particularly momentous because while she, like most Doctors before her, was able to regenerate just fine, moments later she was flung out of her ship above the Earth and left to fall to the planet’s surface as her TARDIS both exploded and…Read more...
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Hulu’s Solar Opposites Teaser From the Co-Creator of Rick and Morty

Hulu’s Solar Opposites Teaser From the Co-Creator of Rick and Morty Hulu has released the official teaser for the animated series Solar Opposites from Justin Roiland, the co-creator of Rick and Morty. Landing on the streamer on May 8, you can check out the teaser now below! RELATED: Animated Series Are Finding Creative Ways to Continue Production Solar Opposites centers around a team of four aliens who have escaped their exploding home world, only to crash land into a move-in ready home in su...
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Coronavirus Updates: Chinese Theaters to Re-Release ‘Avatar’ and ‘Avengers’; U.K. Studios Mull Whether to Close; Animated Series Going Strong

We’re several weeks into coronavirus (COVID-19) being declared a pandemic and having wide-reaching ramifications on the entertainment industry across the globe. But while China, which has managed to curb the virus’ spread, is starting to return to normal life and slowly open its movie theaters, the U.K. and the U.S. movie and TV industries are still getting hit hard. China to Re-Release ‘Avatar’ and the ‘Avengers’ Franchise to Boost Movie Theaters China opened its movie theaters for the fi...
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A former NASA programmer is using the skills he learned working with a space robot to change the way finance companies adopt new technology

The financial services industry has seen rapid changes over the past five years, with new fintech startups and legacy institutions offering a wide range of novel products and services. Many of those offerings rely on cloud platforms and software as a service, such as that designed by Berlin-based Mambu, which has a team of 200 spread across offices from Singapore to Miami. Mambu CEO and former NASA software engineer Eugene Danilkis told Business Insider how his global team — and the platform i...
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In one or two of Thesigers footsteps part I

The Economists front cover this week shows the Earth with a shop sign hanging over it CLOSED. In this bizarre new world of daily or morethandaily new restrictions on our movements wherever we live it seems odd that a month ago we could t
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Scientists get first look at cause of 'slow motion' earthquakes

An international team of scientists has for the first time identified the conditions deep below the Earth's surface that lead to the triggering of so-called 'slow motion' earthquakes.
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4 astronauts reveal their secrets to surviving months of isolation with other people

As the coronavirus has spread around the globe, millions of people are under lockdown orders that could stretch deep into 2020. NASA astronauts routinely live and work in confined spaces for months, and in some cases more than a year. Given the new and potentially difficult circumstances for those unaccustomed to home confinement, astronauts have weighed in with scores of tips. Most say good communication is vital, as is controlling the amount of time you work and respecting the roles and diff...
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Life Is Thriving 2,600 Feet Beneath the Seafloor

You won’t see many living things above the ocean surface hundreds of miles southeast of Madagascar—an albatross or the occasional fishing vessel may break up the hours of solitude. But beneath the surface, lava from Earth’s mantle has uplifted a long, underwater mountain range with a flat top extending 5 kilometers…Read more...
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NASA: No, that UFO plainly seen in our space observatory footage isn't a UFO

NASA's STEREO (Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory) research platform consists of two orbiting spacecraft that collect stereoscopic data about the sun and the eruptions of magnetized plasma during coronal mass ejections (CMEs). Last month, UFO buffs spotted a strange object in data acquired by STEREO, specifically what appears to be a wheel-shaped UFO. The footage made the rounds online (example above) spurring NASA to explain the anomaly. Turns out, it's... Venus. Bummer. From NASA: ...
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Tarotscopes That Slay: New moon in Aries

I am writing this to you from my at-home sanctuary that my husband and I lovingly call the “spirit room”. It’s just the second bedroom in our tiny two-bedroom Los Angeles bungalow but it’s also a vortex for healing and love. I am gazing out the window at the bougainvillea in full bloom, creeping along the dark green fence that separates me from my neighbor. If I lean a little to the left I can see the giant cactus that I planted from a trimming my friend Michelle gave me years ago. The sky is a...
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Kingdom of Frost Explores How Frozen Landscapes Shaped Humanity

Growing up in the Norwegian Arctic—one of the coldest places on Earth—journalist Bjørn Vassnes became fascinated with the natural sciences. Today, he pens a science column for one of Norway’s most popular daily newspapers and hosts the television science program Schrödingers katt (Schrödinger’s cat) on the Norwegian…Read more...
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UK’s Horror Channel Plans Classic Sci-Fi Weekend in April

UK’s Horror Channel plans Classic Sci-Fi Weekend in April The UK’s Horror Channel is celebrating the Sci-fi B-Movie with a Classic Sci-Fi Weekend, featuring the channel premieres of mutant octopus-rampaging It Came From Beneath the Sea, Fred F. Sears’ saucer-invading caper Earth vs the Flying Saucers, Sears’ rampaging alien bird yarn The Giant Claw, Jack Arnold’s thought-provoking classic The Incredible Shrinking Man, and Nathan Juran’s Ray Harryhausen-inspired 20 Million Miles to Earth. Broa...
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Need help with a gummy crumb???

Need help with a gummy crumb??? Submitted by AFemaleTroll on March 23, 2020 - 3:02pm. spring.jpg So after taking a break from sourdough for a while and working on improving my regular French bread skills, I figured that I was ready to tackle a basic sourdough again and avoid the gummy crumb that's plagued me since I've started. I used Maurizio Leo's "Beginner Sourdough Recipe" ( but ended up adding one mor...
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