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New York Film Critics Circle Voting Begins, Full Winners List (Updating Live)

The New York Film Critics Circle (NYFCC) will begin announcing its winners on Friday morning, as one of the early critics groups to weigh in on awards season. The organization is made up of about 50 critics and journalists based in the East Coast, from publications that that include Time, Vanity Fair and Variety. Last […]
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ANNOUNCEMENT: New Impulsive Buy Reviewer Erin

Well this is exciting and slightly awkward. I get to introduce myself! Hello! My name is Erin, and I’m so bad at introductions that when they occur in person, whoever I’m meeting usually ends up thinking my name is Karen. I’m then faced with the difficult decision of correcting them or just pretending to be Karen for the rest of the time we know each other. Thankfully I’m a little better at writing than speaking, so that shouldn’t be a problem here. For as long as I can remember of my thirtyish ...
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Hunting and Fishing Like Adults

"Shooting in a private game preserve is but a dismal parody; the manliest and healthiest features of the sport are lost with the change of conditions." . . . . — Theodore Roosevelt, 1893The Indianapolis Star put together a long feature on deer farms that breed trophy bucks  for "guaranteed hunts".The ethics of "guaranteed hunts" has sparked considerable debate in the hunting community. I have my own opinion on the matter (surprise!), but let's  see if we can fence this debate in a bit. Someti...
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A private jet charter firm says it's seen more than 600 searches for flights out of South Africa since Omicron was identified

Wealthy travelers are searching for private jet flights out of South The newly-discovered Omicron variant of COVID-19 has the wealthy looking to leave South Africa.  Searches for private jet flights have increased to more than 600 inquires in one week's time for one company.  Only a select type of private jet can fly non-stop from South Africa to places like the East Coast of the US.  Southern Africa is among the latest COVID-19 hotspots following the detection of ...
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Confused Immigrants on a Wire

Birds on a wire. Starlings, of course.When out with the dogs in winter, we often see large flocks of starlings, often with cowbirds and blackbirds mixed in, winging down to settle on cut-over corn fields and soy rakes, huddled on the lee side of shed roofs, and even settling on roads in order to make use of the warmth radiating up from the black tarmac.Believe it or not, the more than 200 million European Starlings found in North America today are direct descendents of approximately 100 birds in...
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East Coast Herring Fishery Will Be Shut Down Until 2022

The East Coast herring fishing industry will be almost completely shut down for the rest of the year.
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I went on board the largest container ship to ever use an East Coast port and found a visual representation of American spending during the pandemic

Touring the Port of New York and New Jersey.Thomas Pallini/Insider The CMA CGM Marco Polo is the largest container ship to ever call the US East Coast. The Marco Polo is a visual representation of how much Americans purchased during the pandemic. Larger ships can call the Port of New York and New Jersey thanks to new infrastructure improvements. Ocean shipping has been thrust into the limelight during the shipping crisis as the public realizes the critical role of container ships in keeping...
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I went onboard the largest container ship to ever use an East Coast port and found a visual representation of American spending during the pandemic

Touring the Port of New York and New Jersey.Thomas Pallini/Insider The CMA CGM Marco Polo is the largest container ship to ever call the US East Coast. With a maximum capacity of 16,022 TEUs, Marco Polo is a visual representation of how much Americans purchased during the pandemic.  Larger ships are able to call the Port of New York and New Jersey thanks to recent infrastructure improvements.  Ocean shipping has been thrust into the limelight during the shipping crisis as the public now rea...
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Jeremy Renner Hopes To See Hawkeye Lead His Own Superhero Team In The MCU

Jeremy Renner is ready to take on a leadership role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His character, Clint Barton, is finally getting his own solo outing now in the Disney+ series "Hawkeye," which just dropped its first two episodes this week like a couple of gifts under the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center (one of the New York City locations that makes an appearance in the show).For Renner, the long-suffering MCU punching bag, it's been an adventure ten years in the making. However, given t...
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Ethanol supply chain issues could lead to shortages ahead of Thanksgiving

In Illinois, Reuters reports supply chain issues such as labor shortages and lack of rail cars are creating shortages of ethanol ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, one of the key driving seasons the year. Ethanol prices up more than 50% on the year at $2.20 per gallon despite record production yet East Coast stocks were at seven-year lows last week. Rail cars are taking up to 80 hours to return for refilling, causing the backlog.
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After confessing to a string of museum heists that went undetected for 50 years, a Montgomery County man will spend one day in jail

Thomas Gavin stole more than a dozen historic firearms from museums along the East Coast in the '60s and '70s. They sat in a barn on his estate unnoticed and largely unmissed for nearly 50 years. #firearms #eastcoast #thomasgavin #montgomerycounty
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I ate a day's worth of meals from Too Good To Go, here's how my first time using the app went

Too Good To Go I decided to eat a day's worth of meals from the app Too Good To Go, which tries to eliminate food waste. I ordered from Dunkin Donuts, Le Pain Quotidien, and a local sushi place called Sushi Capitol. I think the app is worth it when you want to occasionally treat yourself to food you may not typically get to eat. Living in Washington, DC makes the habit of eating out fairly expensive.I typically only dine out once a week and try to only spend an allotted amount when I do. ...
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Frontier Airlines will end service to 2 major airports in 2022

Frontier AirlinesCarlos Yudica Frontier Airlines is leaving Newark Liberty International Airport and Washington Dulles International Airport. The airline will end service to the two cities indefinitely in Q1 2022, citing high airport costs as the reason. Frontier's cited high-costs stem from the major redevelopment project going on at Newark Liberty. Frontier Airlines is ending service to two major cities on the East Coast in the first quarter of 2022, the company said in its Q3 earnings ...
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This California Wedding Paid Homage to the Couple’s East Coast Roots

You can't go wrong with an east coast meets west coast wedding design - it's truly the best of both worlds! Just take it from today's gorgeous couple who tied the knot at Cornerstone Gardens in Sonoma, CA. From sophisticated Nantucket-inspired fashion and fare, to airy northern california blooms and al fresco reception... together alongside CMG Weddings & Events and Flower Girl Em, the darling duo pulled off their dream wedding day, paying homage to both their West Coast venue and East Coast roo...
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It’s Turkey Trot Season Once Again

The post It’s Turkey Trot Season Once Again appeared first on iRunFar. Ever since I began distance running in the late 1980s, one of my favorite annual rituals has been to run a turkey trot on the U.S.’s Thanksgiving Day. This uniquely American tradition of running a race the morning of Thanksgiving has been part of the holiday season for as long as anyone can remember. And, since I’ve moved around a lot in my adult life, I’ve had the opportunity to run turkey trots in a host of different place...
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A History Making Lunar Eclipse Coming Tonight

Keep your eyes on the skies as tonight - November 18, 2021 - will present us with the longest partial lunar eclipse  in 600 years. What do eclipses mean astrologically? They are a time of foggy thinking where our emotions can cloud our decision making abilities. So don't sign any important papers or agree to any important matter until the eclipse has fully passed. Here is the report ---     Longest partial lunar eclipse in nearly 600 years coming tonight Doyle Ri...
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Indemnity Provision Prevails Over "Other Insurance" Clause

    The Second Circuit predicted that the New York appellate courts would find the contractual indemnity provision prevailed over the application of an "other insurance" provisions. Cent. S ur. Co. v. Metro. Transit Auth. , 2021 U.S. App. LEXIS 29860 (2nd Cir. Oct. 5,2021).      Long Island Railroad (LIRR) contracted with general contractor Rukh Enterprises, Inc. to complete a railroad bridge lead paint removal and repainting project on Metropolitan Transit Authority property. Rukh hired subco...
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Your First Startup Job

When Julisa Salas told me she wanted to join a startup, I was worried. Her background was not exactly typical for StartUpLand and I was concerned her search would end in disappointment. Julisa had been a liberal arts major (English Language and Literature) who secured her first job out of college at a large investment bank before returning to school for her MBA. Capable, smart and personable, she was also the type of candidate that most startups shy away from — no technical background, zero sta...
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At NYCxDESIGN: Concordic Furniture

I’m personally a creature of the Rocky Mountain West, and I’d have it no other way, but here’s one thing the East Coast has got on us: hardwoods. Concordic Planter The New England coastal forest and environs are both the inspiration and the fount of materials for designer Erik DeGiorgi and Concordic, a new furniture company founded by DeGiorgi on the principles of sustainability, local procurement, and local manufacture—in a word, harmony with the regional environment. Livvi Crede...
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'Potentially significant' storm could hit the East Coast Thanksgiving week

Thanksgiving is just over a week away, but holiday travel will start as early as Friday for some.
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A 'potentially significant' storm could hit the East Coast with rain and snow during the busy Thanksgiving travel week

A significant storm has the potential to disrupt travel plans for people from the Midwest to the Northeast during arguably one of the busiest times of the year to travel.
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Air Cargo Is Suddenly Affordable Relative To Ocean Shipping

AskWaves explains how the gap between air and ocean freight transport has narrowed during the pandemic. From the report: The air rate from China to the U.S. West Coast during the first week of November was about $14 per kilogram, double what it was a year ago, according to the Freightos Air Index. Shipping by air to the East Coast cost about $13, also twice as much as in 2020. [...] Air is usually the mode of last resort, limited to perishables and high-value goods with margins that can cover th...
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Wonderfully Wet in Western North Carolina

A few weekends ago I met up with a few of my East Coast fixed line fishing friends for a little getaway in the hills of Western North Carolina. This escape had been planned for quite some time, and in the days leading up to the rendezvous, the chatter in our text messaging group was indicating that everyone was very excited. I was too. Fishing with friends on "new-to-me" water... with nights in frankly an upscale cabin (with its own trout stream in the backyard)... it doesn't get much better t...
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I Dream of Julie

Here in Hollywood, we have many theories about how to get material into the right hands. An old film school friend once told me if you're convinced you have a great screenplay, toss it out the window on the freeway to make sure. His name was Greg, and he had been a successful musician, touring the world with any number of jazz legends before setting his sights on screenwriting. Like me, he had been living a dream life, just not his dream. Having stumbled into our earlier creative successes, we f...
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Sail away with author Margaret Atwood on the Atlantic Canada Explorer voyage photo If you're a fervid fan of author Margaret Atwood, come springtime you'll have an opportunity to go out to sea with the internationally acclaimed author.  Adventure Canada, a travel company headquartered in Missisauga, Ontario, has invited Atwood to be a special  guest on the  Atlantic Canada Explorer  voyage. This isn't Atwood's first time at sea with Adventure Canada, having traveled with them numerous times since 2001 as a staff member and special guest.  The 12-...
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Goldbelly lets you send food gifts from famous restaurants all over the country - it's also great for ordering a holiday meal

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky You can order food from iconic eateries all over the US via Goldbelly, and it delivers nationwide. We've sent bagels, lobster, pizza, and cupcakes to loved ones and always had a good experience. Read more about how Insider Reviews tests kitchen products and food here. The offerings on Goldbelly include dishes from James Beard award winning chefs, like this chicken an...
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The 15 Best Amazon Prime Original Series

Amazon Prime was not the first streamer to produce original content, but over the years it has developed a solid block of programming that can go toe-to-toe against anyone else in the game. Since 2013, when the first original shows began to stream on Amazon Prime, its reputation has only risen. In the beginning, many of Amazon's shows were underrated gems that flew under the radar, struggling to compete with the larger efforts from network and cable television, to say nothing of competitors like...
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Census: Maryland Grows in Diversity, but Inequality Persists

The state is now the most racially diverse on the East Coast, according to census data. But segregation and inequality complicate the picture.
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DoJ Arrests Hacker Involved With REvil Group That Stole Apple's MacBook Pro Schematics

The United States Justice Department today announced that it has arrested Ukrainian Yaroslav Vasinskyi for his involvement with REvil, a group that executed ransomware attacks against businesses and government entities in the United States. REvil in April targeted Apple supplier Quanta Computer and stole schematics of the design of the 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro models that were later released in October. The schematics unveiled MacBook Pro features like additional ports and the design of the...
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A year after a crippling fire, one of the Coast Guard's most important ships is on a rare trip around North America

US Coast Guard icebreaker Healy in the Arctic Ocean, August 31, 2009. US Coast Guard/Petty Officer Patrick Kelley Last year, US Coast Guard icebreaker Healy was crippled by a fire in one of its propulsion motors. After replacing that motor, Healy is on a rare trip through the Northwest Passage and around North America. The trip comes as climate change and geopolitical competition make the Arctic increasingly busy. In August 2020, the US Coast Guard icebreaker Healy was forced to return to ...
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