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I'm Cocktail Book Author and Bar Manager Jeffrey Morgenthaler, and This Is How I Eat

Jeffrey Morgenthaler has made a lot of drinks. Though I’m sure he hates the phrase “celebrity bartender,” there’s no denying that his methods and cocktails are famous, nor can you deny that they’re really, really good. In addition to being very good at alcohol, Jeff is also very good at food, and was nice enough to…Read more...
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When—and How—Should You 'Track' Your Newborn?

We got a question last week from a reader asking us about the best apps for tracking newborn feedings and diaper changes. To which my initial response was, “Apps? I used a yellow legal pad.” But then I remembered that was eight years ago, which might as well be 50 years as far as technology for new parents is…Read more...
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Encourage Healthy Habits With a Snack Drawer 

Every day after school, it’s the same scene in my house: My son asks for a snack, I offer up an idea (usually starting with what he chose yesterday or the day before), which he promptly turns down. He might come back to it a few minutes later, after I’ve exhausted all other possibilities, but he never says yes to the…Read more...
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I'm Samin Nosrat, Host and Executive Producer of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, and This Is How I Eat

In the world of food media, Samin Nosrat is a palate cleanser. Though she is a fount of cooking knowledge and wisdom, neither her award winning book nor her Netflix show ever feel prescriptive. Instead, she invites the reader or viewer to learn about, eat and enjoy food, all while radiating joy and warmth. Keeping in…Read more...
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Atlas Obscura’s Thoughtful “Bugsgiving” Takeaways

One may not be aware that the Thursday before Thanksgiving happens to be “Bugsgiving.” Writer Ella Morton dove into the holiday, at a 10-course banquet in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, spearheaded by chefs Joseph Yoon and David George Gordon and part of the Brooklyn Bugs Festival. The edible insects were aplenty—as are her insights. From lotus chips with scorpions to pear salad with Changbai ants and so much more, Morton explored …
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Diners use chest-mounted robot arms to feed each other in unusual social experiment

Researchers at Melbourne, Australia's RMIT University devised these bizarre "third arm" chest-mounted"robots to experiment with what they call "playful eating." For science. Video below. From RMIT University's Exertion Games Lab: In this experience, all three arms (the person’s own two arms and the “third” arm, the robotic arm) are used for feeding oneself and the other person. The robotic arm (third arm) is attached to the body via a vest. We playfully subverted the functioning of the robo...
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Review: Real Food Kids Will Love – Great Gift Ideas

There is absolutely no need to panic this Christmas. Books make great gift ideas in case you didn’t already realise because just about every taste is satisfied between the covers of a book. Today’s, non-fiction title is a book that kids and adults alike will find an absolute treat. Cooking is a perennial, not to … Continue reading Review: Real Food Kids Will Love – Great Gift Ideas The post Review: Real Food Kids Will Love – Great Gift Ideas appeared first on The Boomerang Books Blog.
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Word of Mouth: Copenhagen

We explore the Danish capital through the lens of the creative minds at MoMA Design Store Exploring the world in search of beautiful items may be a dream job for most, but it’s real life for members of the MoMA Design Store team. The team’s collective goal is to find items that are functional, inventive, modern and beautiful. In every city they visit they explore cultural …
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My Life on the Road: Headed to Texas - chicken and booze in Bozeman

We left Claresholm after eating a continental breakfast of terrible coffee and decent muffins. The hotel’s owner chatted lazily with us as we noshed. He had been a manager of Woolworth's department stores, from Toronto, Ontario to Terrence, British Columbia. He served the chain loyally for decades of his life, never questioning when they sent him north, east or west. They fired him after 27 years of service. He’d become redundant. I told him that I remembered eating grilled cheese sandwiches at...
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Episode 14: Psychological Tricks To Make Your Cooking Taste Better

Our presenter Ginny Smith hears about the importance of food presentation, pairing and sequencing, and how our perception of food is a multi-sensory experience.
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And other bears. [Author: Doug]
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Can attachment theory help explain the relationship some people have with their “anorexia voice”?

By Alex Fradera. The results shed light on why people can be appear to be so wholly in the grasp of an eating disorder.
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Try This Ritual for More Self-Control When You Eat

Rituals can help us feel more in control of our lives, and more comfortable in situations that would otherwise bother us. One group of researchers now says they have found that a weird, meaningless food ritual might help us eat fewer calories.Read more...
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Edible wrapper / Une coincidence un peu difficile à avaler?

THE ORIGINAL? Bob’s Burger – Edible wrapper –  2011 “Don’t control yourself, eat this with the wrapper” Source : Agency : NBS/Dentsu, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) LESS ORIGINAL KFC – Edible wrapper –   2018 “Finger lickin’ wrapper” Source : ADC Silver Cube Agency : Ogilvy & Mather H-K (China) [Author: Joe La Pompe]
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Paris: 50 Do’s and Don’ts guaranteed to improve your trip

Looking for advice about how to act or what to do during your upcoming trip to Paris? The amount of “advice” online can be daunting, with endless lists about how to act like a “real” Parisian (whoever they are!). The truth is, there isn’t just one type of Parisian, nor is there one way to act when visiting the city. But you know us — we couldn’t resist creating a jumbo list of our own. However, we’re listing only friendly do’s and don’ts that will help you make the most of your trip and your bud...
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God Delights in Our Pleasure

For the first time in my life, I lost my sense of smell and taste. It was the strangest thing not to be able to taste my morning coffee and bacon or smell my children’s heads. At one point I tried to eat a banana — one of my favorite foods — only to be disgusted because apparently no taste and all texture make bananas unbearable. Food became pleasureless. I had no desire to eat anymore except for the pure necessity of surviving. The silver lining, of course, was that since I couldn’t taste, I di...
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New Nutella cafe in New York City

You did not need another excuse to eat Nutella, but you’ve got one. A Nutella cafe is set to open this year in New York City. Created in post-WWII Italy as an affordable alternative to chocolate, Nutella is now popular worldwide, even inspiring riots in France. Nutella’s parent company, Ferrero International S.A., is capitalizing on the fervor by opening a Nutella Cafe in New York City’s Lower East Side. While the city has had its share of Nutella-themed pop-up experiences, this will be its f...
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Where to Eat

You can never run out of places to eat in Paris. Many are good but, just because you are in Paris, the culinary capital of the world, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a bad meal. You can get Mexican food like these two. In this case they are having chips and guacamole with drinks. I saw this pretty bike outside a cafe. I haven’t seen white walled tired on a bike before. I passed this bar in the Marais and was taken by the colours. The chairs are cute but I would probably need help getting up as...
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The definitive guide to the best street food in Thailand (and where to find it)

Thailand is synonymous with street food for good reason: it’s everywhere. From outdoor markets to roadside carts, there’s no escaping street food no matter where you go, especially in major cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Too many tourists skip out on street food for fear of food poisoning, but you’d be a fool to follow their paranoid lead. Street food is an integral part of Thai culture, and if it’s good enough for millions of locals, it’s good enough for you. Just be smart in your decision...
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Japanese people try American style sushi. Not impressed.

Asian Boss asked Japanese people on the streets in Tokyo to try American style sushi. "I can see that they try to hide the fish flavor by using mayonnaise and adding a bunch of avocado." Indeed.
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9 white-hot restaurants in Ireland

T he food scene in Ireland is full of excitement these days, with new restaurants seemingly opening in the big cities every other week, and pockets of dynamism popping up all across the island. Prepare to leave your preconceptions about Irish food behind. Nope, it’s not all bacon and cabbage anymore. Come, and you’ll be immersing yourself in a food culture that’s found its feet and is celebrating the magnificence of ingredients from the Irish land and sea with a newfound confidence. 1. Miyazak...
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Food Glorious Food – Delectable Picture Books

Food glorious food – I cannot get enough of it. Nor picture books that feature it. It’s hard not to over-indulge on food-inspired stories. Fill up on these satisfying little morsels. Food is Fun My Magnificent Jelly Bean Tree by Maura Finn and Aura Parker After a small boy’s imagination takes root, a magical tree … Continue reading Food Glorious Food – Delectable Picture Books The post Food Glorious Food – Delectable Picture Books appeared first on The Boomerang Books Blog.
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Link About It: This Week's Picks: NASA's long-lost spacecraft reappears, ice that's solid and liquid, diamond phone screens and more

1. Silent for 13 Years, a NASA Spacecraft Makes Communication The IMAGE spacecraft, an acronym of Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration, launched back in March 2000 to observe activity in the Earth's magnetosphere. It ceased communication...... Continue Reading...
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Snakes Could Be Spreading Flowers By Pooping Mice

You probably have this image of the circle of life in your head where a zebra eats a plant, a lion eats the zebra, the lion dies and fertilizes the soil, and then new plants grow. I mean, that sort of happens, but have you considered where snakes fit into all of this?Read more...
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Meals of the Day

Brunkfast: the most important meal of the day. Here’s more food. [Author: Doug]
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Bremen’s Delectable Delights

When the folks at the German Tourism authority reached out and invited me to explore Bremen as their guest as part of the #citybreakgermany campaign I found my curiosity piqued.  This post and the two that follow are done in partnership with Bremen Tourism who suggested my itinerary and arranged/provided all lodging, accommodation and a suggested itinerary.  The premise for the visit? Get an overview of what Bremen has on offer over a three day weekend (arriving Saturday AM, departing Monday eve...
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CH Omakase 2017: Port of Mokha Coffee Beans and Dandelion Collaboration: High-quality products with a rich history in a tasty sampler set that will feed more than your mouth

Port of Mokha makes some of the most extraordinary coffee we've tasted—grown in Yemen, and roasted in Oakland. Beginning in the 16th century, for some 150 years, Yemen was the exclusive coffee supplier to the rest of the world. This incredibly rich...... Continue Reading...
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Can You Eat So Much That You Die?

Can you eat yourself to death on one occasion of very excessive eating? We know that America’s eating problem is bad, albeit gradual: No one’s ever died from eating three Big Macs, but plenty of people may have died from eating three Big Macs twice a week for thirty years (some, miraculously, have managed to avoid…Read more...
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