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EC Sees Role For ‘Stable Nuclear’ In 2050 Electricity Mix, Commissioner Tells Conference

21 Feb (NucNet): The European Commission expects a “stable share of nuclear” in what would be a renewables-dominated European electricity mix by 2050, EU climate action and energy commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete told a conference in Brussels this week. [Author: [email protected]]
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Blockchain is solid, in that there is no liquidity

The quality of a financial market is driven by liquidity. Companies want to list on the NYSE, because that’s where the most financial investors in the world are located, and the thicker the market for investors, the better the valuations for companies. The NYSE has “problems” though — its closed most hours of the week, for instance, because humans are lazy, and it has a bunch of rules on what can be listed and how. So blockchain! Blockchain solves this liquidity problem by allowing traders to op...
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‘God’s Man’

The Executive Committee Presidential Search Team announced Tuesday that they have found “God’s candidate” to lead the Southern Baptist Convention’s administrative entity. The announcement comes nearly eleven months after the position of EC President was vacated by Frank Page. I have no doubt that the search team has rightly prayed and sought God’s guidance throughout the process. They are, therefore, convinced that they have found the right person to lead the EC. EC Chairman Mike Stone said, “Go...
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Timing and why we’re all VCs

Timing is the single most valuable skill of the modern economy, but I would argue its’s the least understood and also the least practiced. Capitalism is fundamentally about timing, since market competition is about finding opportunities before others. When should you start a company? What company should you start? When should a VC invest? When should you join a company? When should you switch industries? When should you back a candidate for public office? Every single one of our professional dec...
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SBC Executive Committee Recommends Bylaw Change, Disfellowshipping on Basis of Racism or Indifference to Sexual Abuse

More big news out of this week’s SBC Executive Committee meeting. The EC is recommending changes to article 3 of the SBC Constitution, which would add racism or indifference to sexual abuse to the list of circumstances which would call for a church to be deemed out of cooperation with the convention, and therefore no longer a part of the SBC. You can see the language below from the photo in Phillip Bethancourt’s tweet. This change will need to be approved by the messengers of the SBC to become o...
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A Word of Appreciation to J.D. Greear

I imagine there were some gasps last night among those in the Executive Committee meeting room when J.D. Greear laid out his plan for responding to the current abuse scandal which we’ve known about for a while and has been made national news by the Houston Chronicle. We are not used to this kind of bold and forceful leadership in response to charges of sexual abuse in the SBC. There was also anger directed at J.D. among some who thought he went too far when he named several churches – churches t...
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Why can’t we build anything?

Last week, California governor Gavin Newsom announced that he was intending to aggressively scale back plans for the state’s high-speed rail system, which in its most ambitious routing would have connected Sacramento to San Diego. The immediate cause was ballooning costs, which have risen from $33 billion to $77 billion and looked likely to exceed 1.6 Zuckerbergs within a couple of years (the local CA currency, otherwise known as $100 billion). Unlike other megaprojects, Newsom — and California ...
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Introducing the Verified Experts of Extra Crunch

TechCrunch is launching something a little different today. We’re going to help startup founders find the best outside experts to work with — so you can build a better company, faster. From lawyers to accountants to executive coaches and a dozen more categories, the mesh network of service providers in Silicon Valley and other startup ecosystems is a vital part of how companies succeed. But many early-stage founders don’t even know that this sort of help exists. Or maybe, you think you don’t nee...
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UK: Court Of Appeal Confirms That Air Traffic Control Decisions Amount To "Extraordinary Circumstances" - Clyde & Co

The Court of Appeal has confirmed in a strong judgment that an air traffic management decision amounts to an extraordinary circumstance within the meaning of Regulation (EC) No.261/2004.
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Get a First Look at The Creep from the Creepshow TV Series!

Get a first look at The Creep from the Creepshow TV series! Legendary special effects producer and director Greg Nicotero took to Instagram this morning to reveal that the first episode of the upcoming horror anthology series Creepshow has finished production, and in doing so revealed the new version of The Creep from the series! The hooded figure appeared on the poster and throughout the original film as he revealed the many twisted tales of the movie. Check him out below! ...
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Urban unicorn renewal

Three cities, three dead urban unicorn renewal projects. In just the past few days, we’ve had Foxconn renege on Wisconsin, Amazon renege on NYC, and . Each followed the Anna Karenina principle that every unhappy economic development deal is unhappy in its own way: for Foxconn, it was trade tariffs and slowing iPhone sales; for Amazon, it was populist protests plus the usual NYC corruption; for GE, it was the reality of looking at a mirror and finding that you’re staring at a dumpster fire. Yet,...
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United States: Privacy & Information Security Law Blog: EU Recalls Children's Smartwatch Over Security Concerns - Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP

The EC has issued an EU-wide recall of the Safe-KID-One children's smartwatch marketed by ENOX Group over concerns that the device leaves data such as location history, phone and serial numbers vulnerable to hacking
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Europe agrees platform rules to tackle unfair business practices

The European Union’s political institutions have reached agreement over new rules designed to boost transparency around online platform businesses and curb unfair practices to support traders and other businesses that rely on digital intermediaries for discovery and sales. The European Commission proposed a regulation for fairness and transparency in online platform trading last April. And late yesterday the European Parliament, Council of the EU and Commission reached a political deal on ...
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Structural insight into nucleosome transcription by RNA polymerase II with elongation factors

RNA polymerase II (RNAPII) transcribes chromosomal DNA that contains multiple nucleosomes. The nucleosome forms transcriptional barriers, and nucleosomal transcription requires several additional factors in vivo. We demonstrate that the transcription elongation factors Elf1 and Spt4/5 cooperatively lower the barriers and increase the RNAPII processivity in the nucleosome. The cryo–electron microscopy structures of the nucleosome-transcribing RNAPII elongation complexes (ECs) reveal that Elf1 and...
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The Patreon EC-1

TechCrunch is launching a new format for Extra Crunch members, called the EC-1. Modeled after the Form S-1 filing that late-stage startups submit to the SEC as part of the IPO process, EC-1s are authoritative, deep analyses into growth-stage startups. Through extensive interviews and research, an EC-1 acts as a case study for entrepreneurs and startup executives to learn from a company’s journey as well as a thorough analysis for industry observers and public market investors eager to understand...
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The thesis of Patreon

Can Patreon become a powerful, multi-billion-dollar company at the heart of the global media and entertainment industry? It’s founders and investors certainly believe so. In this Extra Crunch EC-1, I dove into Patreon’s founding story, product, business model, and competition. Now I want to dissect the foundational thesis of where Patreon could unlock massive economic value. If it turns out they got the thesis wrong, tactical and product details won’t save it. As I see it, Patreon’s thesis in...
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The definitive Patreon reading guide

At nearly six years old, Patreon has gone from startup to king of membership. Now an established leader in an industry that’s been flipped on its head, Patreon’s path has been anything but predictable — peppered with its share of milestones, mishaps, pivots, champions, and critics — and offers invaluable insights for founders, investors, creatives, or those looking to make sense of the new media landscape. Since we’ve probably read almost every word written on Patreon as part for our “unde...
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The business of Patreon

Patreon provides business infrastructure to independent content creators: people making videos, music, podcasts, paintings, comics, games, magazines and other forms of media for fans online. It helps them turn the small subset of superfans within their broader fan base into paying monthly patrons and manage relationships with those patrons across the web. Patreon is angling to become the dominant platform for creators to build these membership businesses, a position from which it could expand...
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Amazon Canada Deals of the Day: Save 47% Off Tile Sport 2 Pack + More

Amazon Canada has released their new deals for today, February 12 2019. Today’s Deals at Amazon include: 47% off Tile EC-09002 Tile Sport – Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder (Graphite) – 2-Pack Scotch PRO Thermal Laminator (TL1306-C) with Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches, 8.97-Inch x 11.45-Inch (Per Pouch), 5-Mil Thickness, 100 Pouches Per Pack for $149.99 23% off ValourGo Leak Proof Silicone Travel Bottles Set/BPA Free TSA Approved Squeezable 3 OZ Travel Containers only until 12pm ET ...
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Greg Nicotero’s Creepshow Anthology Starts Production

Greg Nicotero’s Creepshow anthology starts production Effects artist Greg Nicotero, whose work has most famously appeared on AMC’s The Walking Dead, is finally getting his Creepshow series off the ground. The six-episode season, which will eventually air on Shudder, has kicked off production in Atlanta, Georgia. One episode will be based on a Stephen King story, with other episodes penned by King’s fellow acclaimed horror writers including: PB = PB || {}; PB...
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Tesla Model 3 Becomes Best Selling Electric Car In World

Jose Pontes of EV Volumes and CleanTechnica has crunched some numbers and found that the Tesla Model 3 is now the best selling plug-in vehicle in the world. "In fact, the Model 3 was approximately 55,000 sales above the #2 BAIC EC-Series, an extremely popular Chinese model," CleanTechnica reports. "The Model 3 gobbled 7% of the plug-in vehicle market, while the #2 EC-Series and #3 Nissan LEAF each had 4%." From the report: After those top three, as the chart shows, the Tesla Model S and Model X ...
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Is Europe closing in on an antitrust fix for surveillance technologists?

The German Federal Cartel Office’s decision to order Facebook to change how it processes users’ personal data this week is a sign the antitrust tide could at last be turning against platform power. One European Commission source we spoke to, who was commenting in a personal capacity, described it as “clearly pioneering” and “a big deal”, even without Facebook being fined a dime. The FCO’s decision instead bans the social network from linking user data across different platforms it owns, unles...
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EC Comics and Hivemind Team Up for New Film & TV Partnership

EC Comics and Hivemind team up for new film & TV partnership Hivemind today announced a new partnership with William M. Gaines Agent, Inc., the proprietors of EC Comics, for a number of film and television projects based on the tremendously influential, often controversial, comic book publisher William M. Gaines. One of the partnership’s first endeavors will be Weird Fantasy, a new television show inspired by the shocking and subversive sci-fi/fantasy series that mixed together genre storyte...
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Eric Conway: Korean Music delegation and Morgan State University Fine Arts Dept.

Dr. Eric Conway writes: Hello Morgan Fine Arts Community, On last Tuesday, February 5, 2019, Morgan’s Fine and Performing Arts Department hosted a delegation from Sungkyul University, Republic of Korea.   Three singers, two pianists, and three professors spent the day with our music students performing in master classes and attending some of our MSU classes/rehearsals. More importantly, the Korean students had a chance to interact with our MSU music students, creat...
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How can I back up my bookmarks and access them online?

Jenifer wants a backup while EC wants a replacement for Google+, which is shutting downI have a lot of bookmarked sites for medieval manuscripts on my laptop, which it took a long time to collect. How can I back them up in case the laptop dies? JeniferAs you know, Google is closing Google+ in April. I currently use the site as my online bookmarking tool. Can you suggest something that is easy to use both online and on mobile? ECFirst things first, Jenifer. You should have a backup of your whole ...
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Weird Science v2 #19 - Wally Wood art & cover, Al Williamson art

Wally Wood Weird Science v2 #19, 1953 - Two surprisingly sophisticated tales are beautiful drawn by two of EC's best artists. Wally Wood chronicles the problems of a 500 year old man who still appears youthful. The artist takes care in the many fine details of the story, similar to his shocking yet unrelated cover design. Al Williamson's story of the discovery of an ancient well on Mars is [Author: Ted Ignacio]
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Making the Most of Microdialysis for Neurotransmitter Analysis

Martin Eysberg provides an introduction to the ALEXYS Neurotransmitter Analyzer, an extremely precise UHPLC-EC detector for neurotransmitter analysis.
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Online platforms still not clear enough about hate speech takedowns: EC

In its latest monitoring report of a voluntary Code of Conduct on illegal hate speech, which platforms including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube signed up to in Europe back in 2016, the European Commission has said progress is being made on speeding up takedowns but tech firms are still lagging when it comes to providing feedback and transparency around their decisions. Tech companies are now assessing 89% of flagged content within 24 hours, with 72% of content deemed to be illegal hate speech bei...
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Eric Conway: Eric Briscoe Artwork: NonToxic Masculinity Exhibition - Feb. 7- Mar. 31

Dr. Eric Conway writes: H ello Morgan Fine Arts Community, Allow me to share with you an upcoming exhibition featuring the artworks of Eric Briscoe, Coordinator of the Visual Arts Major at Morgan State University.  The title of the exhibition is: Nontoxic Masculinity.  The exhibit will be shown from February 7- March 31, 2019 at the Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Museum in the Bearman Gallery at 1417 Thames Street in Fells Point.  If you get a chance, try to make it out ...
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Growing Concern over Search Committees and Minorities

The Biblical Recorder has an article that was just published concerning a letter by pastors James Merritt, Vance Pitman, and Bryant Wright, written to the Search Committee for the EC, expressing concerns about the perceived lack of minority involvement in the hiring process. The article is entitled Diversity in focus as Baptists await EC announcement. The article says that many expect an announcement of the candidate for president of the EC at the February 18-19 EC meeting. The three pastors are...
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