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Gigantic 'Blinking' Star Presents a Cosmic Mystery

For a period of several months, a huge star located more than 25,000 light-years from Earth got increasingly dimmer before eventually returning to its usual brightness. An obstruction of some kind likely caused this strange effect, but astronomers aren’t exactly sure what it is.Read more...
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Video: "Ring of fire" solar eclipse

There are stunning pictures and video of the morning solar eclipse that took place in the northern hemisphere Thursday. Unfortunately, for most Americans the "ring of fire" effect, when the moon blocks the sun but for an outer illuminated ring, was only visible in Ontario, Canada. — Read the rest
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Star Wars' Test Tube History With Force-Sensitive Clones

Star Wars loves few things more than it loves clones. From grand armies to wars and a certain scrupulous senator from Naboo, cloning is as intrinsic to the saga as X-Wings, blaster pistols, and even the Force itself. But as we’ve delved further and further into the franchise, the mixing of this fascination with the…Read more...
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The 9 Best Photos of This Morning's Sunrise Eclipse

Full disclosure: I slept through this morning’s solar eclipse, which is a real shame because watching the Sun rise over the horizon while being partially blotted out by the Moon is objectively one of the coolest things anyone is likely to see this year. I mean, I paid actual money to see Cruella, but I couldn’t get…Read more...
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Stunning images show the rare solar eclipse that just partially obscured the sun across the Northern Hemisphere

A composite image showing a solar eclipse from three vantage points on June 10, 2021. Left is Long Island, New York, top-right is Avon, New Jersey, and bottom-right is Baltimore, Maryland Insider/AP News/Brandon Berkoff/Collin Gross There was a partial solar eclipse on Thursday morning over much of the Northern Hemisphere. Those in the Northern US got one of the best views of the eclipse, and woke up early to see it. Here are some pictures showing the phenomenon in action. See more stori...
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13 Spectacular Pics of the 'Super Blood Moon' Eclipse From Around the World

In the wee hours of Wednesday morning on the East Coast of the United States, Earth’s shadow enveloped the Moon in darkness, marking the first lunar eclipse since January 2019 and one of two lunar eclipses we’ll witness in 2021. Not only that, but this eclipse took place during a “Super Blood Moon”—making it…Read more...
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How to Watch Tomorrow's ‘Super Blood Moon’ Eclipse

On Wednesday, May 26, the Moon will move into Earth’s shadow, resulting in the first total lunar eclipse in nearly two and a half years. Here’s how to see it, regardless of where you live in the world.Read more...
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When to See This Month's 'Super Flower Blood Moon'

The next celestial event to light up the sky across the Northern Hemisphere has a name befitting its red-tinted hue: The Super Flower Blood Moon. No, that mouthful of a name isn’t a purely scientific term, but as far as full moons go, this month’s is definitely worth the space on your calendar. It’s the product of a…Read more...
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When to Catch This Month's 'Worm Moon' at Its Peak Brilliance

This year’s celestial calendar is in full swing, with the next visual treat primed to appear in the night sky on Sunday, March 28: the Worm Moon. This particular moon will be large and easy to spot as it hangs high above the Earth, as it always does during its annual March appearance. Here’s more background on the…Read more...
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Bedding Industries of America to open manufacturing facility in Rialto

Scores of U.S. companies have seen business erode in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, but Bedding Industries of America is preparing to open a manufacturing, showroom and distribution center in Rialto. A flagship licensee of Eclipse International, Bedding Industries’ 80,000-square-foot facility at 1798 Linden Ave is scheduled to open April 1. Dubbed BIA West, it will employ 120 workers when fully operational, serving retailers in California, Nevada, and part of Arizona. Hiring to ramp up “We...
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Eclipse the Magazine #1 - 1st Foozle (key) + Marshall Rogers, Jim Starlin art

Eclipse the Magazine #1 Eclipse the Magazine v1 #1, 1981 - Set in a future metropolis, the bird-like Klonsbon the Foozle makes his key first appearance by Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers. The complex plot and wide array of strange characters are echoed by the intricately detailed artwork. Rogers expends much effort but the results are mixed. Interestingly, the visuals become a bit [Author: Ted Ignacio]
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Eclipse the Magazine #2 - 1st Coyote (key) + Marshall Rogers art

Eclipse the Magazine #2 Eclipse the Magazine v1 #2, 1981 - Two men dig up a package in the Nevada desert, only to be attacked by a ferocious half-man, half-animal. Created by writer Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers, the Coyote makes his key first appearance. Within the first few pages, an explosive two-page spread sets the frenetic pace of the rest of the tale. As the setting moves from [Author: Ted Ignacio]
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How to Watch the Penumbral Eclipse on July 4

If you’re not a fan of fireworks (or the ones in your area have been cancelled), there’s something going on in the night sky on the 4th of July: a penumbral lunar eclipse. No, it’s not as flashy or loud as fireworks, but it probably also won’t cause your dog to shake and hide under the couch. Here’s how to watch the…Read more...
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How to see Buck Moon eclipse

Instead of getting yourself into an ill-advised crowd to see this year’s fireworks, stay at home and look at the moon — the spectacle will be just as good. This month’s full moon is happening on July 4, and is known as the “Buck Moon.” The name is derived from the natural phenomenon that typically occurs in July, wherein a male deer grows its new antlers. Deer shed their antlers after mating season, and then grow new ones when warmer weather comes. But there’s more to this full moon than it...
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'Ring of fire' solar eclipse will occur this weekend. Here's how to watch.

An annular eclipse is a type of solar eclipse where the edge of the Sun remains visible around the Moon.The June 21 annular eclipse will occur when the Moon is nearly at its apogee, the point in the lunar orbit when the Moon is farthest away from Earth.Only some countries will be able to see the eclipse in person, but several organizations plan to livestream the event. The Moon will briefly block out most of the Sun this weekend, offering people in Asia and Africa a chance to see a "ring of fir...
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Episode 28 | Eclipses and Nodes: Why be Mean when you can be True?

028 | Eclipses and Nodes: Why be Mean when you can be True? April and Jen bring you the scoop on this week’s Venus/Mars showdown, its Sun/Mars showdown, and the first of three eclipses over what promises to be one heck of a 6-week eclipse season. Also: A mini-lesson on Mean vs. True Lunar Nodes. Plus: a celebration of two dazzling, Gemini-kissed individuals who help us bring you the BSA Podcast each week! Or listen here Order a personalized Followed by a Moonshadow eclipse report! To join th...
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Luxury solar eclipse cruises

The next couple of Decembers offer some pretty fantastic travel-bucket-list two-for-ones. Though you won’t find any BOGOs here, what you will find is the rare opportunity to see both a total solar eclipse and visit Antarctica in the same stellar vacation. As December 14, 2020, and December 4, 2021, both bring the lines of totality to the oceans near the white continent, a number of cruise lines are scheduling cruises to sail right into daytime darkness, then on into Antarctica. Though those ...
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How Joshua Cripps shot his “ring of fire” solar eclipse in a desert

In late December 2019, people in some parts of the world had the opportunity to see a total annular solar eclipse. Photographer Joshua Cripps found himself in the Middle East around that time, and he decided to extend his trip so he could shoot the eclipse in the Dubai desert. And I’m glad he did, […] The post How Joshua Cripps shot his “ring of fire” solar eclipse in a desert appeared first on DIY Photography.
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How to Watch Today's Wolf Moon Eclipse From Your Desk

The first full moon of the year rises today, January 10th, which also brings the first lunar eclipse of the year.Read more...
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Sinister Sunrise Captured By Photographer Elias Chasiotis During An Eclipse In Qatar

Athens-based photographer Elias Chasiotis was visiting Qatar in late December 2019 when he captured a photo of an annular eclipse that has since gone viral. Taken at sunrise as a part of a series, the image shows the moon covering the center of a red sun. The timing of the photograph turns the crimson star into curved horns emerging from the horizon. More: Flickr, Facebook h/t: Source
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December 26, 2019 solar eclipse

If you happened to be traveling in the Middle East and Asia yesterday, you might have been fortunate enough to glimpse a beautiful celestial spectacle. Visible in Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia, an annular solar eclipse graced the sky, with the sun forming a ring of fire around the moon. Annular solar eclipses occur when the moon covers the sun’s center, but leaves the outer edges exposed, which then appear to form a bright ring. During total solar eclipses, the moon covers...
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Watch an Annular Solar Eclipse on the Other Side of the World Tonight

A very special type of solar eclipse is happening tonight, but it will be on the other side of the world from the US, visible in the morning in Saudi Arabia, India, and Malaysia. Fortunately it will be livestreamed, so you can catch it from home at around 10:30 EST tonight. Read more...
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Don’t forget to shoot “the ring of fire” of this year’s last solar eclipse

The total solar eclipse from July this year gave us some spectacular photos and videos. The year is coming to its end, but if you want to shoot a solar eclipse, you’ll have another chance before 2019 is over. On 26 December, a total solar eclipse will be visible in India, Singapore, the Philippines, Saudi […] The post Don’t forget to shoot “the ring of fire” of this year’s last solar eclipse appeared first on DIY Photography.
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The eclipse that proved Einstein’s theories

“Lights all askew in the heavens,” read the New York Times front page, “Men [sic] of science more or less agog.” The Times of London was more decorous: “Revolution in science. Newtonian ideas overthrown.”The confirmation of Albert Einstein’s new general theory of relativity on the 29th of May 1919 made headlines around the world. Arthur Stanley Eddington‘s measurement of the gravitational deflection of starlight by the Sun was a triumph of experimental and theoretical physics. Scientists are goo...
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Where to see the next 10 eclipses

Unless you’re from the Arctic Circle, it’s not often you get to stare up at a dark-as-night sky in the middle of the day. This is what makes total solar eclipses so special — and worth planning an astronomy-themed trip to see in person. A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon travels between Earth and the sun, fully blocking out the sunlight for a short span of time. In 2017, the US saw its first total solar eclipse in almost 40 years, wowing spectators from Tennessee to Oregon. If you mis...
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Eclipse by Rosetti guitar strings review

We recently got our hands on some of Rosetti’s Eclipse strings to see how these slinky strings measure up. Spoiler alert: They’re pretty good. The nice people at Rosetti were kind enough to send us a set of their Eclipse strings for electric and acoustic guitars. We tested them out to see how they feel and what they sound like. I tried their 9-42 thickness, nickel roundwound electric guitar strings. The strings are incredibly slick to the touch with a slinkiness that makes playing on th...
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Eclipse Ventures adds two general partners

Eclipse Ventures has named Mike McNamara and Sanjay Jha as general partners. Previously, McNamara was CEO of Flex while Jha led Global Foundries and Motorola Mobility. PRESS RELEASE PALO ALTO, Calif.– February 6, 2019 — Eclipse Ventures, the firm focused on full-stack companies, announced today the addition of two new general partners. Mike McNamara comes to Eclipse from Flex (NASDAQ: FLEX), where he served as CEO. Sanjay Jha previously led Global Foundries and Motorola Mobility. The technology ...
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Watch a meteor crash into the Moon during the recent lunar eclipse

In case you hadn’t seen the onslaught of photographs on social media over the past couple of days, we recently experienced a blood moon lunar eclipse. The total eclipse was visible from North and South America, Europe and western Africa. Central and eastern Africa, as well as Asia, got to see a partial eclipse. But one […] The post Watch a meteor crash into the Moon during the recent lunar eclipse appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Total lunar eclipse Sunday January 20 will be 'Super Blood Wolf Moon'

Starting Sunday evening, Jan. 20, 2019, North and South America will have a chance at seeing 2019's only total lunar eclipse, from start to finish. Our Earth, Moon and Sun line up on Sunday night for the only total lunar eclipse of of the year. Catch it if you can. And especially because it's a “supermoon.” That's when the moon is closer to Earth, and therefore looks larger and more bright than it normally does. Weather in much of the United States during the eclipse is expected to make fo...
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Total lunar eclipse coming

The name of the unique celestial phenomenon might sound a bit dramatic, but then again, so is the phenomenon itself. On January 21, at around 12:12 AM EST, a total lunar eclipse called “super blood wolf moon” will be visible in the night sky. The name describes a total lunar eclipse that makes the moon appear larger and red to people on Earth. Total lunar eclipses only happen when the sun, Earth, and moon reach perfect alignment, causing the Earth’s shadow to hide the moon from view. By contr...
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