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With new features on the block, WhatsApp Business will begin charging for some services

Facebook will now start charging users of WhatsApp for Business for some features, in line with its other services on offer. Facebook is making two other additions to WhatsApp Business including adding a Shopping button which will enable people to add items to a card and check out without leaving the app. These features are going live globally today but will come to India later, as per a statement from WhatsApp. Facebook has also launched Facebook Hosting Services to host businesses’ inventory ...
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Instacart, in partnership with ALDI, will support SNAP EBT for online groceries

Instacart is making its grocery delivery and pickup services more accessible to lower-income customers by offering customers the ability to pay for groceries using their SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits. This is the first time Instacart shoppers have been able to use government assistance programs when paying for groceries, and follows earlier moves by larger retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, and others in extending SNAP EBT to online grocery. In Instacart’s case,...
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What Challenges Can You Face When Starting Out In eCommerce? Advice From Custom Plugs, A Multi-Million Pound Startup Company

Life in business is never just plain sailing. Challenges are an inevitable part of any startup journey, but how you deal with and overcome them will determine your fate. Matthew and Chris from Custom Plugs set up their business from scratch in 2011, selling plugs for ears, ear gauges, body jewelry, accessories, and alternative clothing. They are now one of the top companies in the world selling these products across the globe. In their own words, here are some of the key challenges they’ve over...
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With the Pandemic Behind It, China Prepares for a $40 Billion+ Singles Day

Key Insights: Expect to see Alibaba easily break its 2019 sales record. More than 2 million products will launch on Tmall as brands try to capitalize on revenge shopping. For the first time in its 12-year history, ecommerce giant Alibaba is extending the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival--the single-biggest retail event on the planet--by breaking it...
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Instagram Lets Brands Create Ads With Product Tags From Scratch

Saying that a recent study by research arm Facebook IQ found that 78% of online purchases are occurring n mobile, Facebook detailed two feature aimed at enabling retailers to capitalize on that trend during the upcoming holiday shopping season. Businesses can now create Instagram ads with product tags from scratch in Ads Manager, enabling them...
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Amazon launches a program to pay consumers for their data on non-Amazon purchases

Amazon has launched a new program that directly pays consumers for information about what they’re purchasing outside of and for responding to short surveys. The program, Amazon Shopper Panel, asks users to send in 10 receipts per month for any purchases made at non-Amazon retailers, including grocery stores, department stores, drug stores and entertainment outlets (if open), like movie theaters, theme parks, and restaurants. Amazon’s own stores, like Whole Foods, Amazon Go, Amazon ...
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Amazon: The Wal-Mart of the Internet [Infographic]

Amazon continues to gain in power. Did you know they’re big into supplements, too? See the full infographic at the bottom of this post.  To truly understand the future we’ll end up with if consumers keep doing most of their online shopping at Amazon, watch this: NEW: 50 Amazon Statistics That Show Their Market Crushing Dominance (Feb 20, 2020) NEW: Why Amazon Knows So Much About You (Feb 21, 2020) NEW: Panorama – Amazon: What They Know About Us (Feb 17, 2020) Amazon’s Ring is a Perfect Stor...
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Shapewear Marketplace Shapermint Harnesses the Power of Television to Boost Traffic

Shapewear marketplace Shapermint, like a number of direct-to-consumer brands such as Mack Weldon, recently expanded its presence on television, taking advantage of lower pricing during the pandemic, even though spending by the category has fallen this year. During the second week of August, the brand began airing its "Feel Like the Masterpiece You Are" ad...
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Mucinex to Debut Sickwear Apparel Line in YouTube Livestream

Mentions of Mucinex prompt thoughts of liquids and pills to help people feel better when they are suffering from colds, but after tonight, the Reckitt Benckiser brand hopes hoodies and jumpsuits will come to mind as well. "People at home, especially through Covid, want to feel comfortable," RB general manager of marketing and chief marketing...
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Perch raises $123.5M to grow its stable of D2C brands that sell on Amazon

While Amazon gradually builds out its own-branded line of products, third-party sellers continue to account for a significant part of the transaction volume and growth on its marketplace — by one estimate, accounting for $200 billion of the $335 billion in gross merchandise value sold on Amazon in 2019. Today, in a twist on the economies of scale that has propelled much of Amazon’s growth, a Boston startup that has built a tech platform that it uses both to buy up and then run D2C brands sold on...
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ShopUp raises $22.5 million to digitize millions of mom-and-pop shops in Bangladesh

A startup that is aiming to digitize millions of neighborhood stores in Bangladesh just raised the country’s largest Series A financing round. Dhaka-headquartered ShopUp said on Tuesday it has raised $22.5 million in a round co-led by Sequoia Capital India and Flourish Ventures. For both the venture firms, this is the first time they are backing a Bangladeshi startup. Veon Ventures, Speedinvest, and Lonsdale Capital also participated in the four-year-old ShopUp’s Series A financing round. Sho...
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Small business payments and marketing startup Fivestars raises $52.5M

It’s a difficult time for small businesses — to put it mildly. And Fivestars CEO Victor Ho said that many of the big digital platforms aren’t really helping. Ho argued that those platforms — whether they offer delivery services, user reviews or marketing tools — all have the same underlying model: “They seek to take over a small business’ customer base and then charge them a tax to start reaching those customers.” Superficially, a company like Fivestars, which has created software to support ...
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France and the Netherlands signal support for EU body to clip the wings of big tech

The French and Dutch governments have signalled support for EU rules that can proactively intervene against so-called gatekeepers, aka “structuring platforms” or “large digital platforms with significant network effects acting as gatekeepers” — or, more colloquially, ‘big tech’. They have also called for a single European body with enforcement powers over such platforms — and the ability to audit their algorithms. “ Pre-emptive action should intervene prior to the stage where damage become...
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Alibaba-affiliated marketplace to leave Taiwan, again

Separated by a strait, the internet in Taiwan and mainland China are two different worlds. Even mainland tech giants Alibaba and Tencent have had little success entering the island, often running into regulatory hurdles. Less than a year after Taobao launched on the island through an Alibaba-backed joint venture, the marketplace announced it will cease operations by the end of this year, the platform said in a notice to customers on Thursday. The decision came two months after the Investment ...
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Female-Founded Figs Faces Heat Over a Sexist Video

DTC scrubs brand Figs is facing backlash over a video some viewers say is sexist, as well as demeaning to doctors of osteopathic medicine, or DOs. The video, which has since been pulled, but was saved by some Twitter users, depicts a bespectacled woman in pink scrubs reading the book Medical Terminology for Dummies upside...
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Customer Retention: 5 Powerful Strategies That Guarantee Growth

What’s a good customer retention rate in the eCommerce space?  In an ideal world, it’s 100%.  But ours is not an ideal world, so a 100% retention rate is difficult to achieve.  We live in a world... Please click on the title to read the full article!
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Google Analytics update uses machine learning to surface more critical customer data

If you ever doubted the hunger brands have for more and better information about consumers, you only need to look at Twilio buying customer data startup Segment this week for $3.2 billion. Google sees this the same thing as everyone else, and today it introduced updates to Google Analytics to help companies understand their customers better (especially in conjunction with related Google tools). Vidhya Srinivasan vice president of measurement, analytics and buying platforms at Google wrote in a c...
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At-home kits, online classes, and buzzy campaigns are affordable ways to improve your business' online shopping experience this year

Shayanne Gal/Business Insider Experts say the key to improving your business' online presence is to keep your information up to date and create a strong web presence. eclipse_images/Getty The holidays are quickly approaching and many entrepreneurs are creating new ecommerce strategies and online shopping experiences as shutdowns and social distancing measures prevent in-person sales. Meanwhile, consumers increased their weekly online shopping during the pandemic, according to...
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How DTC Brand Cuts Clothing Became the Breakout Hit for Players in the NBA ‘Bubble’

For Cuts Clothing--a maker of T-shirts, polos and sweatshirts--the bubble created by the National Basketball Association in Orlando for the league's playoffs proved to be the ideal environment for the brand to spread the gospel about the quality of its clothing. Heading into the tournament, the likes of Pat Connaughton of the Milwaukee Bucks and...
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EBay takes a bite at StockX and GOAT with sneaker authentication for sales $100+ in the US

EBay is announcing today that it’s going to start authenticating sneaker sales over $100 in the U.S. This is a clear bite into the dominance of StockX and GOAT in the limited sneaker universe. The authentication will be done by Sneaker Con, the company that runs, well, Sneaker Con. Founded by Yu-Ming Wu and Hayden Sharitt, Sneaker Con was infused with cash by Visionary Private Equity Group in 2018. They provide a well known and influential backer in the sneakerhead community that should provide ...
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Quince launches out of beta with new ‘manufacturer-to-customer’ model

The retail landscape is shifting rapidly. While D2C brands have changed the way we shop, Quince is looking to change retail even more dramatically. The brand, which raised $8.5 million in seed funding last year (and only revealed as much today), is looking to rethink the supply chain with its own line of 700 items including men’s and women’s apparel, accessories, jewelry and home goods. After beta testing for a year as ‘Last Brand,’ Quince is launching with a new model called ‘M2C,’ or manufa...
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E-commerce is here to stay, as long as retailers connect with consumers at the right time

This is a guest post by Tasha Reasor, VP of Demand Generation & Customer Marketing at Iterable. As we close out one of the most turbulent […] The post E-commerce is here to stay, as long as retailers connect with consumers at the right time first appeared on Adrian Swinscoe.
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Thailand’s logistics startup Flash Express raises $200 million

Flash Express, a two-year-old logistics startup that works with e-commerce firms in Thailand, said on Monday it has raised $200 million in a new financing round as it looks to double down on a rapidly growing market spurred by demand due to the coronavirus pandemic. The funding, a Series D, was led by PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company Limited, the marquee oil and retail businesses of Thai state-run conglomerate PTT. Durbell and Krungsri Finnovate, two other top conglomerates in the Sout...
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Millennial Media’s Paul Palmieri launches Tradeswell, a startup promising to fix e-commerce margins

A new startup called Tradeswell said it’s using artificial intelligence to help direct-to-consumer and e-commerce brands build healthier businesses. The company is led by Paul Palmieri, who previously took mobile advertising company Millennial Media public and then sold it to TechCrunch’s corporate parent AOL (now Verizon Media). Afterwards, Palmieri founded Grit Capital Partners, but he told me he decided to join Tradeswell as a co-founder and CEO because he was so excited about the vision. Pal...
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Delivery startup goPuff raises $380M at a $3.9B valuation

GoPuff is a Philadelphia-headquartered startup that delivers products like over-the-counter medicine, baby food and alcohol (basically, the stuff you’d buy at a convenience store) in 30 minutes or less. Yakir Gola, who serves as co-CEO with his co-founder Rafael Ilishayev, told me that their goal is to create “the go-to platform for over-the-counter medicine or household products or baby food or ice cream or even alcohol — goPuff will deliver all these products in under 30 minutes, 24/7.” While ...
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The 5 Best Amazon FBA Courses (Six-Figure Blueprint?)

Welcome to my best Amazon FBA course review, where I thoroughly break down the top performing FBA training courses based on quality, production value, reputation, and student performance. I’ve been in the online business... The post The 5... [This is a content summary, continue reading on our website!]
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Abandoned Cart Emails: Using Psychological Principles To Influence Customers’ Decisions

How much do you hate seeing abandoned carts?  I don’t like them either.  But they are inevitable…just like bounce rates.  When we conducted a research study on Shopping Cart Abandonment... Please click on the title to read the full article!
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DoorDash introduces a new corporate product, DoorDash for Work

Delivery service DoorDash is giving employers a way to feed their remote employees through a new suite of products called DoorDash for Work. There are four main products, starting with DashPass for Work, where employers can fund employee memberships to DashPass, a program that eliminates delivery fees on orders from thousands of restaurants. In fact, DoorDash says it already worked with Mt. Sinai to offer free DashPass subscriptions to 42,000 healthcare employees, and that other DashPass for ...
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Shogun raises $35M to help brands take on Amazon with faster and better sites of their own

E-commerce has boomed this year, with more businesses and shoppers than ever before turning to websites and apps as a safer, socially distanced alternative during the current global health pandemic. Today, a startup that has built a platform to help individual companies and brands design better websites is announcing a round of growth funding to help them step up to that challenge with faster and better designed interfaces. Shogun, which lets companies build sites that sit on top of e-commerce b...
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Big tech blows a collective raspberry at the House’s antitrust report

Big tech has responded to the mammoth antitrust report put out by the U.S. House Judiciary Committee yesterday with blanket denials there’s any monopolistic behaviour or competitive imbalances to see here. Here’s a quick run down of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google’s rebuttals. Amazon In a lengthy but punchy blog post the ecommerce giant brands the committee’s views on antitrust “fringe notions” and “regulatory spitballing” — lathering on dire predictions of doom for small business and ho...
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