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Mailchimp and Shopify break up

Shopify today announced that the Mailchimp app, which let its users use their Shopify data to create targeted email campaigns, for example, is no longer available in its marketplace. The reason for this, Shopify says, is that it “had growing concerns about Mailchimp’s app because of the poor merchant experience and their refusal to respect our Partner Program Agreement.” Clearly, this isn’t the most amicable divorce. “It’s critical for our merchants to have accurate, complete insight into th...
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Fake goods trading on the rise; footwear & clothing most counterfeited: report

The  Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the European Union’s intellectual property office (EUIPO) have released a report titled Trends in Trade in Counterfeit and Pirated Goods which outlines that fake and pirated goods accounted for 3.3% of the global trade in the... ...
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Gig workers need health & benefits — Catch is their safety net

One of the hottest Y Combinator startups just raised a big seed round to clean up the mess created by Uber, Postmates, and the gig economy. Catch sells health insurance, retirement savings plans, and tax withholding directly to freelancers, contractors, or anyone uncovered. By building and curating simplified benefits services, Catch can offer a safety net for the future of work. “I n order to stay competitive as a society, we need to address inequality and volatility. We think Catch is th...
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How To Integrate Social Media With eCommerce in 2019

Both eCommerce and social media have enjoyed meteoric rises in the last few years. Facebook and Instagram have over a billion active users each month, while the eCommerce sector is positively booming. But while... The post How To Integrate... [This is a content summary, continue reading on our website!]
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Slowdown or not, China’s luxury goods still seeing high-end growth

Despite well-documented concerns over an economic slowdown in China, the country’s luxury goods market is still seeing opulent growth according to a new study. Behind secular and demographic tailwinds, the luxury sector is set to continue its torrid expansion in the face of volatility as it’s quickly becoming a defensive economic crown jewel. Using proprietary analysis, company data, primary source interviews, and third-party research, Bain & Company dug into the ongoing expansion of China’s hig...
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How To Build A Better (Digital) Mousetrap

“Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.” While Ralph Waldo Emerson may not have said these exact words, the principles remain as true as ever today. Going Beyond Improving Today’s Customer Experience If you’ve been following my blog, you may remember a post from 2016, where I introduced […]
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Instagram Launches In-App Shopping Experiment

Instagram has introduced Checkout on Instagram -- an in-app purchasing tool -- as a closed beta for consumers in the United States. Among the 20 participating brands are Adidas, Nike, Burberry, Dior, Huda Beauty, Prada and Michael Kors. "Users in the U.S. can buy from a majority of these brands starting today, with all of them coming on board over the coming weeks," said Instagram spokesperson Paige Cohen. Instagram will continue adding brands to the closed beta, and it plans to expand Check...
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Happy Agents Deliver Great Customer Service — Here’s How To Do It

Happy customer service agents mean happy customers — and happy shareholders. Engaged agents also have better job performance, are more productive, and stay in their jobs longer — which is one of the costlier factors in managing customer service operations. Customer service leaders have to balance their job demands with technology and training. They also […]
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Amazon Pay inks Worldpay integration as it branches out in the wider world of e-commerce

Amazon rules the roost when it comes to e-commerce marketplaces in countries like the US, but today it’s announcing a deal that it hopes will be a start its plan to have that same kind of ubiquity outside of its walled garden. The company has inked a deal with Worldpay for the latter to become its first acquirer. This means that Worldpay — one of the more ubiquitous providers of payment technologies, processing 40 billion transactions worth some $1.7 trillion annually through 300+ payment ...
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FORRward: A quick weekly read for tech and marketing execs

It’s Time To Start Talking About Professional Licensing For Software Engineers It wasn’t until enough boilers blew up that mechanical engineers had to get licensed. It wasn’t until bridges and buildings started collapsing that civil engineers and architects had to get licensed. Now that airplanes are falling out of the sky due to automation (aka, […]
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Accessible Pizza And Other Highlights From CSUN 2019

Domino’s Pizza suffered a major blow recently: A federal appeals court reversed a lower court ruling* and affirmed that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) does cover the Domino’s websites and mobile apps — and yours, too. The lower court will now examine the extent to which the pizza maker’s digital properties are inaccessible and […]
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A finger in too many pies – India’s draft ecommerce policy barely scrapes the surface of any of the issues it raises

By Divij Joshi The Draft National E-Commerce Policy is an ambitious document – in the course of 42 pages, it aims to guide not only the future of India’s e-commerce sector, but the entirety of its digital economy. Unfortunately, this ambition is also its downfall – the policy’s articulation of... ...
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Pine Labs acquires Amazon-backed Qwikcilver for $110 million

Pine Labs, a merchant platform based in Singapore, announced on Tuesday that it has acquired Bengaluru-based gift card solutions provider Qwikcilver – which counts Amazon among its investors – for $110 million (approx Rs758 crore). It claims to manage an annualised gross transaction... ...
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Instagram marks e-commerce debut with new ‘checkout’ button for US users

Instagram on Tuesday debuted a new ‘checkout’ button that will let users buy products tagged for sale without leaving the platform. It is the photo and video sharing platform’s first foray into e-commerce. For now, the feature is limited to users in the US who use the beta version of the app, and... ...
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Enforcement Directorate probing Flipkart and Amazon for forex violations

The Enforcement Directorate is investigating Flipkart and Amazon for alleged violation of foreign exchange law, it has informed the Delhi High Court, per Business Standard. A case under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) has been registered against the two companies, the ED told the court,... ...
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These ad execs have a venture fund they’d like to sell you

Mike Duda comes from the world of advertising. In fact, he spent 13 years at the renowned ad agency Deutsch, becoming the youngest partner in the company’s history until another creative, Brent Vartan, came along and stole the title. Little wonder that in 2010, when Duda struck out on his own to create Bullish (formerly known as Consigliere Brand Capital), he stole Vartan, later making him the firm’s second managing partner. It isn’t that the two wanted to outgun their former employer exactly. I...
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Shopping on Instagram

I've been telling people for ages that we'll soon be able to buy directly from Instagram, and today they announced an initial trial in the US. The friction involved in shopping from social platforms has always seemed a bit artificial - why can't it be as easy as on Amazon?  Now Instagram is making it much easier, letting people shop within the app by putting in payment and delivery details.  This video shows how it will work:  [Author: Dan]
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Twitter cracks down on API abuse, will charge B2B devs

To prevent its own Cambridge Analytica and make sure it’s getting paid for its data, Twitter will audit developers using its APIs. Starting June 19th, Twitter will require any app that calls a recent tweets from or mentions of a user more than 100,000 times per day to submit their app for review. If a developer proves they have a legitimate consumer use case, like running a third-party Twitter client or doing research, they’ll be granted free access to the API at the same rate they have to...
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Instagram launches shopping checkout, charging sellers a fee

Instagram is opening a whole new revenue stream. Now the 130 million people who tap Instagram’s product tags on shopping posts will be able to buy those items without leaving the app thanks to stored payment info. “Checkout with Instagram” launches today in the US with more than 20 top brands including Adidas, Kylie Cosmetics, and Warby Parker who’ll no longer have to direct customers to their website to make a purchase.. An Instagram spokesperson confirms to TechCrunch “We will introduce a s...
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Custom framing startup Framebridge is opening two retail stores

For a long while, you couldn’t swing a bag of cats around without hitting a retailer looking to create a digital presence. Now, the inverse is growing in popularity, with many digital-first retail brands looking to set up a brick-and-mortar shop. The latest is Framebridge, a custom framing startup that has raised more than $67 million. The company is launching two new retail stores in the D.C. area, one downtown and one in Bethesda. “We’ve tested a number of pop-ups, and there were people that h...
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What’s Going On With Online Grocery

Last week, IRI hosted its fourth annual Growth Summit in Denver (where some hapless attendees were snowed in by an unfortunate blizzard on the second day). For anyone not familiar with IRI, it is one of the world’s largest analytics firms. Among a slew of other assets, it has proprietary data from checkout registers, which […]
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NAMA Digest: Developments at Oyo, Ola, Network 18, Truecaller, MobiKwik, Naspers and more

A quick roundup of the developments in the Indian and international digital, tech and business ecosystem. Developments in the digital ecosystem Naspers wants to invest $1 billion in India, which could see it increasing its presence in food delivery, reports Mint. Former Paytm VP Sonia Dhawan was... ...
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Shapeshift Your Retail Offer With Software-Defined Stores

We’ve all learned about the advantages of software-defined infrastructure. We don’t think twice about network or desktop virtualization. But what about using software to define and remotely manage store infrastructure and applications? Think about the rise of pop-up stores or the rapid proliferation of store banners as retailers shapeshift in anticipation of customer trends. The […]
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Whatsapp: tips and what you need to know

WhatsApp is used by one billion people and the app is also extremely popular all over the world. Arabcrunch lists everything you need to know about WhatsApp. Who is behind WhatsApp? WhatsApp started as a startup with Jan Koum behind the helm. The... visit ArabCrunch website for more details.
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Boosting E-Commerce Sales Through Storytelling

Storytelling is a central part of e-commerce marketing, and it's vital that brands both know their own stories and understand how to tell them. Everything from brand loyalty to purchasing decisions relies on a company having an engaging and well-told story. "Facts tell, but stories sell," remarked Samantha Reynolds, president of Echo Storytelling Agency. "We decide what to buy based on emotion, and then we use logic and data to reassure ourselves that we made the 'right' decision." A good st...
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How to Bring Relationships Back to CRM

Customer relationship management is a term you've likely heard if you have ever worked in the tech space. CRM software solutions have not always been as far-reaching as they are today. Over the last 40 years, CRM has evolved from a range of disparate business solutions developed for various customer needs. The earliest CRM tools were devices like Rolodexes. True CRM didn't exist in earnest until the '90s when innovators like Brock Control Systems began to explore the automation possibilities...
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Data Management Platform Coverage Takes On A New Look

When I started my career in marketing analytics almost 20 years ago, the biggest challenge was wrangling first- and third-party data, joining them together, and analyzing customer patterns. It was like mining for gold; we wanted to discover something unique about our customers, a nugget that our marketing counterparts could use to craft customized messages […]
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The French And UK Customer Experience Index Results Are In!

Each year, based on a survey of your customers, Forrester releases results of its Customer Experience Index (CX Index™). The methodology measures how well a brand’s customer experience strengthens the loyalty of its customers and ultimately drives business growth. The French CX Index and UK Retail CX Index results are in! Key highlights from the […]
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51% of ad fraud came through e-commerce in 2018: TechARC digital report

TechARC’s report titled “India digital ad-fraud market” states that in 2018, ad fraud cost a total of $1.63 billion, contributing to 8.7% of the global fraud. Ecommerce contributed to over 51% of the total ad fraud in India, via customer acquisition, engagement and retention. Web platforms were... ...
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#NAMApolicy on the E-Commerce Policy: Is Data a resource? Must it be shared?

“One fundamental thing is that there is a belief now: data is the new oil. We’ve heard it two or three times even within the Policy.” The #NAMApolicy discussion on the draft Policy on E-Commerce brought the focus towards breaking down the intent of the Government with the release... ...
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