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Topouzian Brings Economic Development Perspective to New MVCA Role

Ara Topouzian is a longtime Oakland County economic development official and a 2012 Kresge Artist Fellow recognized for his work playing a 76-string kanun harp in Armenian and world music bands. As of March 25, he’ll also be the new director of the Michigan Venture Capital Association, which works to advance the state’s VC ecosystem.Topouzian comes to the MVCA after six years of heading up the 700-member Troy Chamber of Commerce, where he says he worked to reinvent the organization and create p...
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Urban unicorn renewal

Three cities, three dead urban unicorn renewal projects. In just the past few days, we’ve had Foxconn renege on Wisconsin, Amazon renege on NYC, and . Each followed the Anna Karenina principle that every unhappy economic development deal is unhappy in its own way: for Foxconn, it was trade tariffs and slowing iPhone sales; for Amazon, it was populist protests plus the usual NYC corruption; for GE, it was the reality of looking at a mirror and finding that you’re staring at a dumpster fire. Yet,...
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Slimmed-Down GE to Repay $87M as it Scales Back Boston HQ Plans

General Electric is backing out of its glitzy Boston ambitions, selling the land it planned to hold a new 12-story headquarters for 800 employees and instead retreating into the two brick buildings on the same site that can hold 250 workers, the company says.The industrial conglomerate and the state economic development authority, MassDevelopment, have agreed to put for sale the whole 2.7-acre GE-owned site located in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood. Proceeds from the property sale will reimbu...
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Want Better Tech Employees? Give Students More Data, Educators Say

San Antonio—Developers, analysts, and data scientists: Every tech company needs them, particularly in hot areas like cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. The U.S. Department of Labor projects that computer and IT jobs would grow 13 percent by 2026 from 2016, which is faster than the average of all occupations.Even though there’s demand for workers, educators say the companies that need them are holding back something that would help universities and coding schools train potential employee...
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HQ2 fight continues as New York City and Seattle officials hold anti-Amazon summit

The heated debate around Amazon’s recently announced Long Island City “HQ2” is showing no signs of cooling down. On Monday morning, the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU) hosted a briefing in which labor officials, economic development analysts, Amazon employees and elected New York State and City representatives further underlined concerns around the HQ2 process, the awarded incentives, and the potential impacts Amazon’s presence would have on city workers and residents. ...
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Teach a Woman to Fish & Go Global, and You’ll Feed Her & Her Business for a Lifetime

Everyone knows the classic adage, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” But wegg® knows, “Give a woman a fish, and you feed her for a day. Teach a woman to fish and go global, and you feed […]
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Robots and Tax Breaks: How Plus One Robotics Started in San Antonio

San Antonio—Toyota opened a large-scale manufacturing plant in San Antonio, TX, in 2006, where both humans and computer-controlled Yaskawa robots began to build Tundra and Tacoma trucks.Erik Nieves moved to San Antonio because someone had to install, program, and maintain those robots. Nieves was the man for the job: Not only was he originally from San Antonio and looking to return, he had worked for Yaskawa Motoman, the U.S. subsidiary of the Japanese robotics company, since he graduated from ...
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No HQ2? No Problem, Say Leaders in TX Cities Passed Over by Amazon

As word trickled out that North Texas was likely one of three finalists for Amazon’s “HQ2,” Chris Wallace felt optimistic about the region’s prospects.After all, the tech giant had said its priorities included a skilled workforce, logistics infrastructure, and a competitive cost of living. Wallace, who is the president and CEO of the North Texas Commission, believes the region has those characteristics in spades. Instead, this week Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) confirmed rumors that the company would a...
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Amazon did exactly what it should have with its HQ2 process

I love my colleague Jon Shieber, he’s a great guy. But his arguments against Amazon’s HQ2 process are just wrong, and are part of an increasingly poisonous atmosphere around employment growth and prosperity in America. Our normally-scheduled analysis of AI and semiconductors will (hopefully) restart tomorrow. We are experimenting with new content forms at TechCrunch. This is a rough draft of something new – provide your feedback directly to the author at [email protected] if you like or hate ...
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Amazon Ends “HQ” Search, Pledges to Spend $5B on New Sites in NY, VA

The wait is finally over.Amazon said Tuesday it plans to significantly expand its presence in the New York City and Washington, DC, metropolitan areas beginning next year. The announcement was widely expected following news reports identifying the locales as likely winners of Amazon’s lengthy search process for an additional “headquarters,” as the company is calling the two new sites.Seattle-based Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) said it expects to create 50,000 jobs over the next decade-plus at its two n...
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Amazon Reportedly Picks HQ2 City—and, in Surprise, Another for HQ3

Amazon is reportedly choosing two cities, not one, for its second headquarters, according to sources cited by The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) is working on a deal to move into both the Long Island City neighborhood of Queens in New York City and the Crystal City neighborhood of Arlington, VA, according to a report from The New York Times, which cited two unnamed people it says are familiar with the discussions. The e-commerce giant has been on a road show fo...
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TVA announces solar installations being built for Facebook

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Tennessee and Alabama will get their largest solar power projects yet, to supply a Facebook data center with 100 percent renewable energy. Officials with the Tennessee Valley Authority announced an agreement with two developers to build the electricity providers. John Bradley, TVA’s senior vice president of Economic Development, said Friday that […]
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Did Britain Impoverish India?

Asking “Did Britain impoverish India?” is like asking “Is water wet?” Of course, Britain impoverished India during their rule as the colonial masters of India. To extract wealth from a colony and exploit its people is the primary motivation for colonization. Expecting the colonial masters to be a benign, self-sacrificing force is delusional. Colonization is not … Continue reading Did Britain Impoverish India?
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Alitalia relaunch to include Italian state ownership

MILAN (AP) — The Italian populist government's relaunch of the struggling Alitalia airline includes plans to take a 15-percent share and the inclusion of the state railway company as a strategic partner, says Economic Development... [Author: [email protected]]
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'The city knows our core is rotten': Some Washington, DC residents are 'losing their minds' over Amazon's possible arrival

Experts predict that Amazon will locate its second headquarters somewhere in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. As cities await the company's announcement, DC residents are bracing for the potential negative impacts on their communities. Many neighborhoods are up in arms over Amazon's lack of transparency and questionable labor practices. Others are fearful that the new headquarters will exacerbate congestion and the lack of affordable housing in DC. As Amazon grows closer to announcing t...
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In Boston’s Shadow, Rhode Island Fights for Life Science Jobs, Respect

Tiny Rhode Island and its capital city Providence have always punched above their weight, for better or for worse.Better: Little Rhody’s founder Roger Williams, fleeing religious persecution in 17th-century puritanical Massachusetts, was one of America’s first abolitionists and created the concept of the separation of church and state.Worse: After World War II, one Providence neighborhood became the nerve center of New England organized crime and one of its mayors the ne plus ultra of civic cor...
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Top jobs filled at new Waikato economic development agency

Economic development specialist Michael Bassett-Foss has been appointed chief executive of the fledgling Waikato economic development agency, Te Waka.Bassett-Foss was raised in Hamilton and is a former chairman of the Economic Development... [Author: [email protected]]
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Wealthy Waikato has a neglected side: Shane Jones

The Waikato has great wealth and economic power but also communities in dire need of focus and fiscal attention, said Economic Development Minister Shane Jones, launching a business summit in the region.The two-day summit at Lake... [Author: [email protected]]
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Russia to slam retaliatory tariffs on US imports

MOSCOW (AP) — Russia has announced retaliatory measures in response to the U.S. move to impose tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum.Economic Development Minister Maxim Oreshkin said a statement on Tuesday that Moscow has decided... [Author: [email protected]]
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Is this really all there is to Economic Development? I'm not sure if this link will show, but this clip by John Oliver scares me. I was really hoping that the Economic Development profession would be able to help me help communities for the better -- not hurt them! So I guess my question becomes, is this standard operating procedure in the day-to-day of the average economic developer or is this (hopefully) rather atypical? I'm still an undergrad charting out my path so forgive me for my question as I...
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Yes, cities should indeed fight for tech jobs

 Few events have jolted the urban planning crowd quite like Amazon’s process for selecting the company’s new second headquarters (dubbed HQ2). The company put up a massive carrot of 50,000 jobs and $5 billion in investment, and then proceeded to demand proposals from cities across North America (lovingly written up by Clickhole). Perhaps unsurprisingly, Amazon received 238… Read More
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Absences, Surprises in Amazon’s Final List of 20 Cities for HQ2

And then there were 20. Amazon has winnowed down the field of 238 submissions from communities around North America vying to host a second headquarters (HQ2) of the Seattle-based tech giant Most large cities with existing or emerging tech hubs appear on the list, from Austin, TX, and Boston, MA, to Washington, DC, and Toronto, Canada—the only non-U.S. city to make the finals. There were a few notable absences from the list, released early today. Detroit, MI, which had high expectations as...
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GIS and Economic Development

Some articles are cleverly calling it a Street Fight. Others are wittily asking Are you going to map that? or even Who's using GIS? Discuss.
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Chicago wants to give over $1 billion in taxes from workers at Amazon's new headquarters back to Amazon

Chicago, Illinois wants Amazon to build its second headquarters in the city. The city's official bid states that Amazon would be able to keep $1.32 billion of the personal income taxes paid by its workers annually. Critics of the proposal say that Amazon would profit from tax money that would normally go toward investment in civic services and infrastructure, like schools and roads.   In the battle over Amazon's second headquarters, some North American cities are going to extreme lengths to ...
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John Oliver Blames Economic Development Zones for the Entourage Movie

State tax incentives don't always create jobs, but they can create things like the Entourage movie
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Pepperoni Bubble | Monthly Notes Archives

Archives of my subscription-only monthly notes. The blog is more searchable. Interested in not waiting a few months to read it? Learn more here.   For these posts, I don’t do much formatting/changing as I’m more concerned about simply having the content here forever (because I own the blog, and I don’t own Tinyletter)     March 2017. Discussed: Charlottesville Market, Pepperoni (and community), Nest Presents, lessons and bicycling. Market Update I’m not looking at prices this month. Not th...
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With Pitches for HQ2 Made, Cities Wait on Amazon’s 2018 Decision

From Portland to Pittsburgh, it’s likely that every city in the U.S. with more than 1 million people has made its case to Amazon to locate the company’s second headquarters there. At least, hopefully they have already, because today—if you haven’t heard—was the deadline to apply. Amazon sent North America into a frenzy after announcing plans to build a second headquarters (which it calls HQ2) outside of Seattle, bringing with it tens of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in economi...
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Saints game in London spawns business recruitment trip

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Top officials in Gov. John Bel Edwards’ administration have traveled to London for a business recruitment trip timed to coincide with this weekend’s New Orleans Saints game in the city. Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne and Economic Development Secretary Don Pierson are among the nine-person state delegation. The London visit […]
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Five Regions That Could Draw Amazon’s Next Headquarters

[Updated 4:26 p.m. See below.] Amazon sent cities across North America into a frenzy Thursday after announcing plans to build a second headquarters outside of Seattle, bringing with it tens of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in economic development benefits. The tech and commerce giant says it wants cities and states to apply to be a candidate for its so-called HQ2 by Oct. 19. Amazon will pick the city in 2018. Notably, the (currently) Seattle-based company says its second headq...
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