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Iguanas reintroduced to island after 200 years

In 1835, Charles Darwin was the last person to officially see a land iguana on Santiago Island in the Galapagos. After that encounter, predators like the feral pig wiped the lizard population out of that location. Now — nearly two centuries later —  an initiative by the Galapagos National Park authority has reintroduced more than 1,400 land iguanas (Conolophus subcristatus) back to Santiago Island. Authorities said in a recent statement that on January 3 and 4, the land iguanas were taken from ...
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10 surrealistic South American travel hotspots

Even after journeying to more than 110 countries, I continue to find that nothing has the potential to be as life-altering as a remarkable travel experience. Though we all learn and grow on every trip we take, occasionally there’s a truly unique moment, a special circumstance or a distinctive sight that changes a seemingly simple […] The post 10 surrealistic South American travel hotspots appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Police seize cocaine worth more than $1 billion in Latvia

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Authorities in Latvia have confiscated two tons of cocaine with a street value of a billion euros ($1.15 billion), the largest seizure ever in the Baltic country. Criminal Police Chief Andrejs Grisins told the Baltic News Agency that the drug, which originated from Ecuador, was hidden in 42 cardboard boxes in […]
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Ecuador: Limitaciones prácticas en la obligación del empleador de contar con el servicio de guarderías - Noboa, Peña & Torres Abogados

La obligación de los empleadores con más de cincuenta trabajadores de implementar en sus instalaciones el servicio de guardería, ya sea de manera individual o en unión con otros empleadores,
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How to Find a Safe Place to Smoke Weed During Your Travels

Without a doubt, weed is the most popular drug in the world after caffeine and alcohol. When you’re at home, you know where to get your marijuana. But, what about if you’re an avid traveler? How can you find a place to smoke weed legally when you’re traveling abroad? There are numerous countries with decriminalized marijuana use and legalized weed sales. Check out our list of safe places to smoke pot when you’re abroad. Let’s go! 1. Canada On October 17, 2018, Canada announced the legalizatio...
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7 reasons for extending your stay in Quito

Quito is well known as a heritage city that offers a variety of cultural activities and sightseeing. Nevertheless, most of the travelers use Quito as a stopover before or after their trip to the amazing Galapagos Islands. There is plenty to explore for the most avid traveler to plan to spend a few nights in […] The post 7 reasons for extending your stay in Quito appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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An adaptable timber house celebrates recycling in Ecuador

Ecuadorian architecture firm Natura Futura Arquitectura has teamed up with Frontera Sur Arquitectura to develop an inspiring example of social architecture in the town of Huaquillas, Ecuador. Dubbed La Comuna, the project is a double-story timber structure that not only provides a local family a place to live but also a safer work environment for them to continue their recycling business. The building was constructed with six easily replicable modules that take inspiration from the local vernac...
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Legal aid fund launched for WikiLeaks founder Assange

A British charity helping whistleblowers around the world on Thursday launched a legal aid fund for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, warning his expulsion from Ecuador's embassy in London "may be imminent". The Courage Foundation said Assange's position in the embassy, where he has been living since seeking refuge there in 2012, was "under increasingly serious threat". Ecuador's President Lenin Moreno last month said that "the way has been cleared for Mr Assange to take the decision to leave ...
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534 Flying the DC-8 for Emergency Relief

Guest George Kalbfleisch is the Deputy Director of DC-8 Flight Operations for the Samaritan’s Purse  emergency relief organization. In the news, we discuss the Twin Mustang Prototype unexpected flight, the Chinese soft landing on the back side of the moon, commercial flights that get diverted due to rocket launches, the worsening controller shortage, and paying tips to Frontier cabin crew. Samaritans Purse DC-8. Guest George Kalbfleisch George Kalbfleisch is Deputy Director of DC-8 Fl...
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Please don’t repeat these things WikiLeaks says you can’t say about Assange (ars technica)

Enlarge / You absolutely cannot say these 140 things about Julian Assange, according to bastion of the free press WikiLeaks. (credit: Jack Taylor / Stringer, Getty Images) A representative of WikiLeaks has sent a "confidential" memo to news outlets including an updated "defamation list," advising reporters not to mention or publish it. The memo was promptly leaked anonymously online. Here, without further comment or editing, and in its entirety, is the WikiLeaks advisory. CONFIDENTIAL LEGAL C...
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Photographing storms from the best seat in the sky

Ecuador-based Santiago Borja is known as "The Storm Pilot" because of this amazing pictures of violent weather he's taken from the cockpit.
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Iguanas Are Being Reintroduced to a Galapagos Island Two Centuries After They Disappeared

Feral pigs wiped out the iguana population on Santiago Island 200 years ago
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Galapagos island gets its first iguanas since Darwin after mass-release

Land iguanas wiped out by feral pigs have been reintroduced to Santiago Island A group of more than 1,400 iguanas have been reintroduced to an island in the Galapagos archipelago nearly two centuries after they disappeared from there, authorities said on Monday.The Galapagos land iguanas from North Seymour Island were freed onto Santiago Island as part of an ecological restoration program, the National Galapagos park authority said in a statement. Continue reading...
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2018: 6 Countries, 32k Miles, And Some BIG Changes

This post 2018: 6 Countries, 32k Miles, And Some BIG Changes appeared first on The Professional Hobo. While spending December 2018 at a friend’s place in Florida, I was trying to remember when I did “that crazy detox retreat” in Thailand. Looking back, it felt like it was at least a year prior. When I realized it was actually only earlier the same year, I was floored. For some reason I thought 2018 had been more sedentary than it was; I couldn’t possibly have visited six countries – including si...
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Ecuador: El Servicio Nacional de Derechos Intelectuales SENADI aceptó la desmaterialización notarial como prueba en una Oposición Andina - Corral Rosales

Para que se admita la presentación de una oposición andina, se deben cumplir dos requisitos: el legítimo interés y el interés real en el mercado.
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Ecuador: Ecuadorian IP Office Accepts Notarial Verification Of A Webpage As Evidence Within An Andean Opposition - Corral Rosales

The Ecuadorian authorities went on to deny the registration of AQUAVI.
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Ecuador president demands probe into predecessor's oil projects

Ecuador's President Lenin Moreno on Thursday asked the country's prosecutor to probe $4.9 billion of oil-related infrastructure projects, alleging that the OPEC nation's money was looted during the decade-long tenure of his leftist predecessor.
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Ecuador president demands probe into predecessor's oil projects

Ecuador's President Lenin Moreno on Thursday asked the country's prosecutor to probe $4.9 billion of oil-related infrastructure projects, alleging that the OPEC nation's money was looted during the decade-long tenure of his leftist predecessor. Moreno said there were massive cost overruns, operational failings and non-transparent bidding processes at the five projects built during Rafael Correa's presidency, including a $2.2 billion upgrade to the Esmeraldas refinery. "Nearly $5 billion of Ecu...
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Charming, Newly Discovered Treefrog Has a Mysterious Claw

Introducing Hyloscirtus hillisi, a species of treefrog recently discovered in the eastern Andes of Ecuador. Among its many distinguishing features is an enlarged claw, the purpose of which isn’t immediately clear. Read more...
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Extraordinary treefrog discovered in the Andes of Ecuador

A dazzling new species of treefrog was discovered at a remote tabletop mountain in the Ecuadorian Andes. The new species has an extraordinary characteristic, the presence of claw-like appendages at the base of the thumbs. The new species is described in the open-access journal ZooKeys by a team of scientists from Catholic University of Ecuador.
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Eating guinea pig in Peru

The bright red and green signboard on the cobblestone sidewalk in front of La Casita de Victoria read ”cuy al palo”. My Spanish may be rudimentary, but the object speared on a wooden stick and suspended over an open fire looked like a plump, toothy rat with no tail. At this roadside food stand and many others like it in rural Peru, the house specialty is roasted guinea pig to go. It’s estimated that indigenous people in the Andes Mountains have been eating domesticated cuy (pronounced “kwee”...
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Smallest wild cats in the world

Everybody knows about lions, tigers, and jaguars, but most of the wild felines out there are small cats. They may be little — often smaller than the domestic cat — but what the small wild cats may lack in stature they make up for with daring attitudes and good looks. Like their big cousins, the small cats are threatened with habitat loss, poaching, and conflict with humans and livestock. But because they don’t have high profiles in the media, the small cats receive less than one percent of th...
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Blackstone-backed Phoenix Tower buys Syscom Telecom

Phoenix Tower International, which is backed by Blackstone Group and John Hancock, said Dec. 28 that it acquired Syscom Telecom LLC. Financial terms weren’t announced. Syscom Telecom manages and markets more than 80,000 sites for small cell and macro cell deployments in the U.S. PRESS RELEASE BOCA RATON, Fla., Dec. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Phoenix Tower International (PTI) announces its acquisition of Syscom Telecom, LLC, thereby adding over 80,000 marketable sites to PTI’s US portfolio. Syscom T...
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New beetle species named after 'Game of Thrones' characters

Sadly, Game of Thrones isn't returning until April 2019, but if you're in the mood for some show- related news to hold you over, we've got you covered. Brett Ratcliffe, a University of Nebraska entomologist and professor, decided to name three of his eight newly discovered beetle species after Game of Thrones characters. How fun! According to The Omaha World-Herald, Ratcliffe named the three species of beetles — each from the Gymnetis genus — after Daenerys Targaryen’s three dr...
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Fireworks banned on the Galapagos to protect wildlife

Authorities in Ecuador say animals suffered elevated heart rates and anxiety after pyrotechnic shows.
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It Doesn’t Matter if Ecuador Can Afford This Dam. China Still Gets Paid.

A giant dam was supposed to help lift Ecuador out of poverty. Instead, it’s part of a national scandal, and a future tethered to China.
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Guacho: Dissident Colombian leader killed by security forces

Colombian President Ivan Duque announces death of Guacho, a rebel being hunted for Ecuador murders.
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Colombian Farc dissident, who shot dead three Ecuadoreans, killed

Walter Arizala, aka Guacho, killed in a police and military operation near border with EcuadorColombian armed forces have killed a Marxist insurgent commander in an operation aimed at ending his attacks on civilians after he kidnapped and shot dead three Ecuadorean media workers earlier this year, president Ivan Duque said on Friday.Walter Arizala, known by his war alias Guacho, was killed in a police and military operation near the border with Ecuador, Duque said in a televised statement. Cont...
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Developers around the world are uniting for a cause that could save lives — here's how IBM is helping

By Bob Lord, Chief Digital Officer, IBM With all of the wildfires that have raged through California, including the largest and deadliest in the state's recorded history, it would be easy to lose faith in our ability to limit the damage caused by natural disasters. I reflected on this as teams gathered in Puerto Rico in August, almost one year since Hurricane Maria tore through the islands and as the inhabitants braced themselves for the 2018 hurricane season. Led by IBM's Dr. Angel Diaz, a nati...
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Ecuadane Review #ChristmasWishes

The story behind Ecuadane is just one of the many reasons I fell in love with the brand. After visiting the village of Otavalo in Ecuador where they and their three daughters were, they became spellbound by the delectable textiles made by the local Otavaleños. They decided to found the company Ecuadane. The name symbolizes their Ecuadorian (Catalina) and Danish (Nicolai) backgrounds. There is so much more to the story and the evolution behind Ecuadane’s “Everywhere Blanket“.  A dream...
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