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Explore Ed Ruscha's shots of every building on Sunset Strip since 1966

The Getty has digitized 60,000 Ed Ruscha photos as 12 Sunsets, a 35-year exploration of Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. In 1966, decades before the origins of Google Street View, artist Ed Ruscha published a photobook called Every Building on the Sunset Strip. — Read the rest
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Inside wealthy kids' weird, pricey pandemic purchases, from $1,000 Patagonia fleeces to a $31.8 million T. rex

A wealthy person at the airport wearing Chanel pearls, of course. Matthew Sperzel/Getty Images Wealthy people snatched up bizarre items during the coronavirus pandemic — take, for example, this $31.8 million T. rex, or this $1.9 million pigeon. Many millennials and Gen Zers have also leaned into nostalgia-tinged purchases, stocking up on Patagonia vests that cost up to $1,000 and trading $1 million worth of Pokemon cards. Auction houses and online high-end marketplaces are seeing a recor...
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An Interface for Exploring Ed Ruscha’s Sunset Boulevard Street Views

Since 1965, American artist Ed Ruscha has been taking photos all along the length of Sunset Boulevard in LA. The Getty has made those photos available on the Getty Research Institute website and Stamen Design built this fantastic interface called 12 Sunsets for virtually cruising up and down the street. This is so much fun to play with! You can use the mouse or arrow keys to drive, the spacebar to flip to the other side of the street, and you can change or add years to the display. It’s reall...
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Take a Digital Drive Along Ed Ruscha’s Sunset Boulevard, the Famous Strip That the Artist Photographed from 1965 to 2007

Ed Ruscha has lived nearly 65 years in Los Angeles, but he insists that he has no particular fascination with the place. Not everyone believes him: is disinterest among the many possible feelings that could motivate a painting like The Los Angeles County Museum on Fire? Nevertheless, the plainspoken Oklahoma-born artist has long stuck to his story, perhaps in order to let his often cryptic work speak for itself. Originally trained in commercial art, Ruscha has painted, printed, drawn, an...
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Artists Give Advice to the Young: Words of Wisdom from Andrei Tarkovsky, Patti Smith, Laurie Anderson, John Cleese & Many More

When Rainer Maria Rilke began corresponding with a poetically inclined 19-year-old military-academy cadet named Franz Xaver Kappus, he inadvertently founded a genre. After Rilke's death, Kappus published the missives the two had exchanged in the 1900s as the book Letters to a Young Poet, a title to which established older artists giving advice to aspiring younger ones have paid homage ever since. Here in the 21st century, of course, their words of advice don't usually come written in let...
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Jeff Bezos sets record with $165 million Beverly Hills home splurge

By Spencer Soper and Sophie Alexander, Bloomberg Jeff Bezos is on a shopping spree befitting the world’s richest man. The founder agreed to pay $165 million for a Beverly Hills mansion on nine acres, according to a person with knowledge of the matter, setting a record for a Los Angeles-area home. The property designed for Hollywood film titan Jack Warner in the 1930s was described by Architectural Digest in 1992 as the “archetypal studio mogul’s estate,” built in Georgian style with e...
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Ed Ruscha: He Up and Went Home

The artist on the Oklahoma roots of his new show, that $52.5 million painting, and meeting Walt Disney.
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Artist Ed Ruscha Reads From Jack Kerouac’s On the Road in a Short Film Celebrating His 1966 Photos of the Sunset Strip

In 1956, the Pop artist Ed Ruscha left Oklahoma City for Los Angeles. “I could see I was just born for the job” of an artist, he would later say, “born to watch paint dry.” The comment encapsulates Ruscha’s ironic use of cliché as a centerpiece of his work. He called himself an “abstract artist… who deals with subject matter.” Much of his subject matter has been commonplace words and phrases—decontextualized and foregrounded in paintings and prints made with careful deliberation, against th...
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A Brief History of John Baldessari (RIP) Narrated by Tom Waits: A Tribute to the Late “Godfather of Conceptual Art”

All modern art is conceptual in some way, bound to aesthetic theories and combative manifestoes against complacency. But only in the movement known as capital “C” Conceptual Art do the ideas become more important than the objects. Conceptual Art traces its history to Marcel Duchamp and the Surrealists who declared war on the bourgeois cultural status quo. Later experimental artists did the same by elevating mass culture to the status of high art: advertising, comic books, Hollywood spect...
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AO Auction Recap – New York: Post-War and Contemporary Evening Sales, November 13th – 14th, 2019

Ed Ruscha, Hurting the Word Radio #2 (1964), final price: $52,485,000, via Christie’s With the closing of sales last night in New York, the major auction houses have drawn the curtain on a busy year on the secondary market, capping a trio of strong outings for Post-War and Contemporary Art that have once again underscored the state of the […]
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Desert X Loses Early Donor Over Saudi Arabian Edition

Following Desert X’s partnership with Saudi Arabia on its next exhibition, an early donor for the project, The MaddocksBrown Foundation will withdraw funding.  “It’s like inviting Hitler to a tea party in 1943 — I see a simile here,” says artist Ed Ruscha. “I see Saudi Arabia as being in desperate need of cultural legitimacy, and this is […]
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Coachella’s Desert X Partners With Saudi Arabia (And Three Artist/Board Members Resign In Protest)

Although the Saudi exhibition signals growing international interest in Desert X, three of 14 members on the organization’s board of directors resigned over the decision to work with a government responsible for human rights abuses and the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The three are artist Ed Ruscha, art historian and curator Yael Lipschutz and philanthropist and former fashion stylist Tristan Milanovich. – Los Angeles Times
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Christie’s to Sell $30m Ruscha in New York This Fall

Christie’s will lead its November 13th Sale in New York with Ed Ruscha’s Hurting the Word Radio #2, which carries a presale estimate of $30 to $40 million, and which could shift the artist towards market leadership. Read more at Art Market Monitor  
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Taking inspiration from the big screen to update your office

Making an office look pleasant can be difficult, as a lot of workplaces prefer plain and simple to keep the place looking tidy and professional. More often than not, bosses will ask for the office to look spotless and with this means a very dull and boring workspace. Office furniture experts have created some floor plans based on offices from the big screen and ask what inspiration can be taken away from these fictional workplaces. Take a look at the list below to ...
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Changin' Times

I'd like to thank everyone who commented on Thursday's question (if you could recommend one book, what would it be?). I was a bit surprised the post didn't get more comments (xx so far—I'll fill in the "xx" in a few minutes) and I admit I was hoping for a few more recommendations of more recent, digital-photography-related books. In part to educate myself. I chewed on that for a while this morning, and I guess the bottom line is that I have to accept that photo culture is changing. A long time a...
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Somewhere over the rebar rainbow, Desert X brings a splash of color to Coachella Valley

Desert X, a collection of public art so ambitious it crosses an international border, has returned to the Coachella Valley. This is the second edition of an event that launched in 2017 with the intention of returning every other year. The 2019 edition has “expanded in lots of ways,” according to artistic director Neville Wakefield, with more art in more places separated by more miles. Although headquartered in Palm Springs, this year’s collection has several works at the Salton Sea, a dying lake...
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Ed Ruscha, Lorna Simpson Win J. Paul Getty Medal

The Getty Trust has named artists Ed Ruscha and Lorna Simpson among this year’s recipients of its J. Paul Getty Medal, recognizing significant contributions to the arts.  “We are honored to present the medal this year to three leaders who have helped transform and deepen our understanding and appreciation of the visual arts and the humanities,” Maria Hummer-Tuttle, […]
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OY/YO Necklace

Based on the OY/YO series of artworks by celebrated artist Deborah Kass, this 18k gold-plated necklace is playfully luxurious. Combining riffs on Ed Ruscha’s text-based works, Robert Indiana’s “LOVE” pieces, classic nameplate necklaces, and her own identity and as a “total, absolute, 100 percent provincial New Yorker,” the piece is a glorious play on language. Reading the Yiddish exclamation “OY” or “YO,” depending on the wearer’s mood.
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Books: 11 books perfect for Southern California readers and the holidays

Iceland has a national tradition called Jolabokaflod, or the “Christmas Book Flood,” and I picture it every year as a giant blue wave of books flowing into Christmas Eve when Icelanders exchange books and chocolate. Iceland is my kind of place. My chocolate recommendations could fill their own column, so for now let’s focus on books and this season’s wave of Southern California’s best. The Books of Earthsea: The Complete Illustrated Edition by Ursula K. Le Guin, illustrated by Charles Vess Calif...
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36 Artists Give Advice to Young Creators: Wim Wenders, Jonathan Franzen, Lydia Davis, Patti Smith, David Byrne, Umberto Eco & More

"Whatever you do, nobody else can do that better than you. You have to find what you can do better than anyone else, what you have in yourself that nobody else has in them. Don't do anything that you know, deep in your heart, that somebody else can do better, but do what nobody else can do except for you." That sounds like fine advice, but when receiving advice we should always consider the source. In this case we could hardly do better: the source is Wim Wenders, director of Alice in th...
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Music from the Balconies – Ed Ruscha and Los Angeles

The Music from the Balconies – Ed Ruscha and Los Angeles exhibition runs until 29 April 2018 in Modern One at the Scottish National Gallery for Modern Art in Edinburgh. Below are photos of some pieces featured in the show. It’s free to enter the Music from the Balconies – Ed Ruscha and Los Angeles exhibition. […]
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Your holiday gift book guide for every kind of reader: mystery, history, sci-fi and more

So many books, so little column space! Here’s a speed round of SoCal literary holiday gifts for everyone on your list. THE AMATEUR DETECTIVE Two Kinds of Truth by Michael Connelly: The writer’s fans must have been nice this year. Santa brought us a new Harry Bosch crime novel from the New York Times-bestselling author and honorary Angeleno. Black Dahlia, Red Rose: The Crime, Corruption, and Cover-Up of America’s Greatest Unsolved Murder by Piu Eatwell. Hollywood’s most famous cold case gets revi...
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Watch Randy Newman’s Tour of Los Angeles’ Sunset Boulevard, and You’ll Love L.A. Too

"The longer I live here," a Los Angeles-based friend recently said, "the more 'I Love L.A.' sounds like an unironic tribute to this city." That hit single by Randy Newman, a singer-songwriter not known for his simple earnestness, has produced a multiplicity of interpretations since it came out in 1983, the year before Los Angeles presented a sunny, colorful, forward-looking image to the world as the host of the Summer Olympic Games. Listeners still wonder now what they wondered back then: when N...
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Typewriters, Bombs, Jellyfish

I presume y'all are all over this, but if not: Tom McCarthy's essay collection Typewriters, Bombs, Jellyfish is out now from NYRB. Fifteen brilliant essays written over as many years provide a map of the sensibility and critical intelligence of Tom McCarthy, one of the most original and challenging novelists at work today. Typewriters, Bombs, Jellyfish explores a wide range of subjects, from the weather considered as a form of media, to the paintings of Gerhard Richter and the movies of David ...
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David Lynch's Festival of Disruption returns (2017 lineup)

The music lineup includes Bon Iver, The Kills, TV on the Radio, Sharon Van Etten, Laura Marling, and Reggie Watts. Continue reading… [Author: Andrew Sacher]
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This Week In Photography Books: John MacLean

by Jonathan Blaustein It’s Monday morning, and the sky is gray. (It can be confusing, I know, as you’re likely reading on a Friday, when the weekend is at hand.) Everybody loves the weekend, but gray Mondays are about as fun as being the guy who has to wash Donald Trump’s underwear. Think about that guy the next time you get a case of the Mondays. (Uh, Mr. President, it’s kind of hard for me to say this, but there was a strange stain on your boxers that I just couldn’t get out. I’m really, reall...
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Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison, First of May, 2015, Precipice series, Pigment print, Total edition of 7, 30 x 40 in., 40 x 53 in. Courtesy of Catherine Edelman Gallery. ParkeHarrisons' remarkable pigment print is a quintessential surrealist/dada/performance photographic document in which a man receives information over the airwaves and transcribes it at the same time. Downtown West Palm Beach is a stone's throw from the tropical island of Palm Beach on the east coast of Florida, close to where t...
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Fantasy and Memory in Bordeaux

At this, the darkest moment of the year, when the forces of political darkness appear to be entrapping the last fragments of civil expression in ever-tightening cyber cages, what can an art museum possibly offer but idle distraction? If you're lucky enough to pass through the temperate clime of Bordeaux, do not fail to drop into the CAPC, the city's museum of contemporary art, an entrepot that once housed tons of African coffee beans alongside legions of African slaves chained to its walls as t...
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Los Angeles – Ed Ruscha: “Books and Co.” and “Prints and Photographs” at Gagosian Gallery Through September 9th, 2016

Ed Ruscha at Gagosian Gallery, via Art Observed Few artists have left the sort of impact Ed Ruscha has left on the field of small-press and art book publishing over the course of their career.  Ruscha, whose almost constant output of small books of photography, prints and other printed matter, has consistently redefined both the […]
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Owen Wilson Narrates Documentary on Ed Ruscha

Ed Ruscha is the subject of a short documentary created by MoCA TV and narrated by Owen Wilson, exploring the artist’s body of work and ongoing engagement with Los Angeles, in conversation with commentary from a group of the artist’s contemporaries.  “He looks out directly, without any beauty or mystery, although the paintings are great to look […]
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