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Saturday Links

Curated links for your weekend reading: 3 Practical Steps for Reaching the Mission Field in Your Neighborhood Three practical steps will help you reach the mission field in your backyard. 6 Lessons for Tending Your Time What can us schedulers learn from farmers and gardeners? Yes, You Need to Talk to the Manager When strivings for justice lose hope, they become weaker, not stronger. How Charles Spurgeon Promoted Meaningful Membership How did Spurgeon practice meaningful m...
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Michael Flynn is wrong, Christian's shouldn't mandate one religion for everyone in America

Ed Stetzer, executive director of the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College, writes that forcing one religion in America on everyone isn't the calling of Christians.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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Child Discipleship Forum: Summer Discount Ends Soon

As children’s ministry leaders, you’ve been called to child discipleship. Every week you fill the critical need for a loving, caring adult to pass on a legacy of faith to the incoming generation of children. Hundreds of thousands of leaders around the world commit themselves to this high calling. Time only reveals more clearly that, now more than ever, we must come together for a strategic conversation about child discipleship to shape the future of the Church and commitment to the Gospel! ...
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Podcastalooza: Three podcasts I can recommend today

Steve Hassan – Freedom of Mind First, let me introduce Steve Hassan’s interview with me regarding Christian nationalism, mind control groups, the Trump years, and, at the end, The Trinity Church in Phoenix. Hassan crafted a blog around the interview which you can read here. A warning to my readers who support Donald Trump, Steve wrote a book called the Cult of Trump about QAnon and Trump’s followers who can see no wrong in anything Trump does. By discussing people who can’t see Trump critically...
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Building Better Baptists: SBC Decline is Older than I Am

It is no secret that we Southern Baptists are in a bit of a statistical funk and since we venerate statistics as we do, our numerical decline has been the source of great weeping and wailing, and of course, finger-pointing. Every year, the ACP statistics drop shortly before the SBC annual meeting and we don sackcloth and ashes to bemoan the slide. The idealism of the Conservative Resurgence has not panned out. We believed that when we turned our convention “Back to the Bible” and grounded it onc...
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Pray for Church Plants

I’ve written about how I worry for pastors during this COVID-19 crisis. The truth is that I’m also worried about a particular kind of pastor: church planters. And I’m concerned for their new churches. Church planting is a fragile thing. You move in to an area as a missionary and try to evangelize a church into existence. It’s hard and risky. Not everyone survives at the best of times. I’ve heard Ed Stetzer say that a third of churches thrive; a third survive; a third fail. But we’re not in...
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My 5,000th Post is a Lament: Trump Used Force on Peaceful Protestors to Clear Way for Bible Photo Op

This month marks 15 years of blogging and this is my 5,000th post. I always thought it might be fun and light but this one is not. It is a lament. Yesterday evening in Washington, D.C., Donald Trump told a Rose Garden audience that he had deployed the National Guard to disperse crowds and stop violence. It wasn’t clear at that moment but his order was being carried out as he spoke. Not far away in Lafayette square near St. John’s Episcopal Church, peaceful protestors populated the area. Around 6...
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Eric Metaxas Goes Twitter Blackface

Let me just get to the point. Here Eric Metaxas’ most recent contribution to his Christian witness. Metaxas was reacting to Joe Biden’s comments about conservative African-Americans not being black. Biden’s point was not well stated and he apologized for it today. The fact that Biden was out of line with his comment is no reason for Metaxas to engage in what has been called by Christian professor Karen Prior the “Twitter equivalent of Blackface.” Eric, this isn’t funny. This is the Twitter equ...
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Eric Metaxas Goes Twitter Blackface (UPDATED)

Let me just get to the point. Here Eric Metaxas’ most recent contribution to his Christian witness. Metaxas was reacting to Joe Biden’s comments about conservative African-Americans not being black. Biden’s point was not well stated and he apologized for it today. The fact that Biden was out of line with his comment is no reason for Metaxas to engage in what has been called by Christian professor Karen Prior the “Twitter equivalent of Blackface.” Eric, this isn’t funny. This is the Twitter equ...
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Church is Different Than Shopping

Around the country, pastors and people want to go back to church. Some are suing to overcome prohibitions and some are trying to convince elected leaders to loosen restrictions. Just today, Ed Stetzer posted an article on RNS titled: If Costco can reopen safely, why not Illinois churches, Gov. Pritzker? In his article, Stetzer proclaims: “If Costco can make it work, so can the churches.” Maybe they can. However, I want to point out that church is different than shopping at Costco. Stetzer calls ...
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Darrin Patrick, R.I.P. (Updated with Seacoast Church Statement)

I have sad news to report: Pastor Darrin Patrick died yesterday. Multiple sources have provided conflicting reports about the cause of death. Patrick currently was a teaching pastor at Seacoast Church in Charleston, SC. He founded megachurch The Journey in St. Louis, MO and was former Vice President of the Acts 29 Network. He leaves a wife and four children. In 2016, Patrick was removed as pastor from The Journey for pastoral misconduct and recently was the subject of an article by Ed Stetzer in...
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Why Is It Harder to Evangelize?

In recent years our SBC evangelism statistics have declined significantly. Dr. Jeff Iorg, the President of Gateway Seminary (formerly Golden Gate Baptist Seminary) spoke about this in his convocation message in the fall semester of 2019: “Southern Baptists have a declining effectiveness in sharing the Gospel with non-Christians and leading them to profess faith in Jesus,” he said. “Since baptism is the first act of public obedience for a new believer, baptismal rates are one important measure of...
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Announcing a Life and Career Transition for Ron and Cheryl Edmondson

A Life Transition for The Edmondsons I recently resigned my position as CEO of Leadership Network. Although my tenure is much shorter than I had anticipated when I arrived almost 18 months ago, I feel it has been a productive time for me and the organization. Leadership Network has a long, great history of helping the Church accelerate growth and innovation. I spent my time restructuring the organization and the team; hopefully positioning it for the future. At times it felt as though I was b...
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Saturday Links

Curated links for your weekend reading: Go Home We are not called to fame and fortune – and no one else is either. We are called to serve and worship Christ where we are right now and not wait until we get bigger, smarter, richer, or more influential. 8 Ways Expository Preaching Changed Our Church People needed to hear from God. Our young church plant needed to hear from God. So, that’s what we did. And, expository preaching changed our church. Church Planting in Canada In Epis...
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Church Mergers – Episode 89 | The Unstuck Church Podcast

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them If you enjoy this episode, subscribe on your device for more:iTunes   RSS   Google Play  Stitcher   Spotify Jim Tomberlin called it “a dance.” In church mergers, someone has to lead, and someone has to follow. And for it to be successful, the declining church needs to let the healthy church lead, to join them in their mission. It’s my suspicion that when one church is struggling, and considering a merger, they’re not usual...
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James MacDonald Used Nonprofit Funds for That Perfect Gift (Updated)

On the heels of Harvest Bible Chapel’s loss of membership in the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, check this out. Former HBC pastor James MacDonald gave Ed Stetzer a vintage 1971 Volkswagon Beetle. Then, Ed Stetzer found out the money for the gift came from MacDonald’s non-profit Walk in the Word. Stetzer did the honorable thing and reimbursed the ministry. Joe Thorn is a minister friend of Stetzer’s. You have to click on Stetzer’s note twice to read the whole story. How were W...
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Bylaws Committee Statement: Update and Where Things Stand

Last week we saw a considerable outcry against the statement issued by the Executive Committee’s Bylaw Workgroup. Several of our writers took issue with the statement, as well as other notable voices like Rachael Denhollander and Ed Stetzer. We’ve seen responses from a number of people involved, and here are some of the notable developments. First the good and then the ones that aren’t so… Several Executive Committee members have responded with support for Greear’s 10 Calls to Action and other ...
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Learning to Be Content

I’ll admit it: I sometimes struggle with discontentment. It’s why I include a prayer for contentment in my prayer list. I could be more gifted. My church could be more successful. I could have more money. We — especially those who are leaders — live in the land of more. There’s never enough. But I recently heard Ed Stetzer say that he sometimes wished he was a simple church planter. Ed Stetzer, the Billy Graham Chair of Evangelism at Wheaton, a sought-after speaker, author, and pastor, sometimes...
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Trump's Stance On Migrant Caravan Energizes White Evangelical Voters

Steve Inskeep talks to Ed Stetzer, who directs the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College in Illinois, about how Evangelicals voted in midterms. In 2016, they helped turn the tide for Donald Trump.
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How to be a good Christian, even on Twitter

Ed Stetzer has been blocked by his own Twitter account.
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What’s in a Name [Mark Terry]

I’ve always been interested in church names. Some churches are named for a place, like Fisherville Baptist Church in Kentucky. Others are named for a road, like Fielder Road Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas. Some are named for people, like Wallace Memorial Baptist Church in Knoxville, which is named for the Southern Baptist missionary martyr, Bill Wallace. There is a Mabel White Baptist Church in Macon, Georgia. I don’t know how the church got its name. Some churches have spiritual names lik...
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The Tim Clinton Saga: Twitter Plagiarism is Still Plagiarism

I’ll just get right into this. Here is a tweet from American Association of Christian Counselors president and Trump evangelical advisor Tim Clinton (I have screen caps of all of these): Forgiveness is the centerpiece of Christianity – and of effective Christian counseling. – @DrTimClinton — Family Talk (@DrJamesDobsonFT) May 31, 2017 Who do you think came up with this pithy quote? Doesn’t it look like Tim Clinton who is now affiliated with James Dobson’s Family Ta...
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Saturday Links

Links for your weekend reading: Pastors & Suicide: What Pastors and Congregations Need to Know How could a pastor commit suicide? Why are pastors committing suicide at increasing rates? What can you do if you are a pastor to help yourself? What can you do as a congregation to help your pastor? Can Someone Be Spiritually Healthy and Still Experience Mental Health Challenges? We should expect to find the same variance in mental health expressions amongst Christians that we find in physical health ...
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Thom Rainer Has Announced His Retirement at LifeWay

Thom Rainer surprised the SBC by announcing his pending retirement from LifeWay. He will retire when he his replacement is found or in one year, whichever comes first. In an article entitled, “Why I Am Retiring from LifeWay” Dr. Rainer explains his reasons for the move. He is leaving on his own terms, in his own time. Dr. Rainer has been a man of honor, integrity, and decency. There has never been a hint of any kind of scandal of any sort at LifeWay under his watch – though there was a constant...
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Reflections the Day After Patterson’s Removal

Last night Southwestern Seminary released a statement that caught most of us completely off guard. The Executive Committee of the trustee board, a smaller group of the trustees, unanimously decided to terminate Dr. Paige Patterson effective immediately. Only a week ago the full trustee board had met in a long, likely contentious meeting that resulted in his removal from the role of president of the seminary, but with a visible continuing role on campus as President Emeritus, Theologian in Reside...
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What Is Happening in the SBC: Helpful Thoughts & Reflections

It’s been a little quiet around here since Tuesday evening. We closed comments temporarily and thought it was best to allow things to settle some before jumping back into the conversation. A lot has happened on social media and these articles have been widely shared. I think all three are really helpful in thinking through and absorbing what has transpired over the last month and especially this week. Each one is well worth your time. The Wrath of God Poured Out — The Humiliation of the Southern...
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A Concern with Paige Patterson’s Apology

Editor: This article was originally posted at Mike’s website, Borrowed Light, on Friday, May 11. I really don’t want to write this. It is going to be seen as dog piling or as harboring bitterness and unforgiveness. I pray if those charges are leveled that they don’t have truth in them. I pray that my motives here are completely pure. Yesterday Paige Patterson issued an apology to God’s people. And it’s not sitting well with me. And, honestly, I feel it puts into a precarious position the women w...
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God Save the SBC – a Plea to Fervent Prayer

My heart has been heavy since I read something Ed Stetzer tweeted. Having been in a plethora of denominations he observed that (I paraphrase) the dysfunction in the SBC is not normal. Our anger and in-fighting is more than just a family fracas. A sense of call, a burden has been growing within me to do what I do today. I realize that many will call me a fool. Many willl dismiss it. Some will even be angered. But I believe this is what I must do. Anyone who has been around a while has to realize...
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A Few Words about the Patterson Saga

A good friend suggested that my surgery and hospitalization was suspiciously well-timed to avoid having to take any kind of position on the Patterson brouhaha that has raged this week. While that is not true, I can admit that I appreciated the excuse not to opine. I am waiting on the final orders to be released from the hospital and am feeling much better, so I thought I would commit the utter folly of entering that fray. I have friends who are supporters of Dr. Patterson and friends who are not...
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GoFundMe Available for SWBTS Student Fired for Tweet

Nathan Montgomery is the SWBTS seminary student & former employee who was fired this week for tweeting Ed Stetzer’s article critical of Paige Patterson. According to media reports, Montgomery will lose $40,000 in salary and $7,000 in tuition benefits per year as a result of not longer being employed as catering manager. Sarah Pulliam Bailey at the Washington Post has the background and latest. One of the points of Stetzer’s article was that the slightest expression of criticism of Patterson bri...
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