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Hi, I have just installed Calibre with the DeDRM tools v6.8.0. The program works fine and I was able to import the EPUB file. Next I wanted to convert the EPUB version to a PDF version. BUT that didn't worked. I changed in "Convert" the output format to PDF and clicked the "OK" button. For a few seconds it looked as all is working correctly but than the progress bar stopped at 47% and nothing happened any longer. After around 10 minutes I clicked the "Stop selected job" button. No PDF file was...
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Edit book (not responding)

I am not able to use the book editor anymore. It was working but after auto fixing erros from a lot of epub books it now hangs with a blank screen when starting. Re-installing Calibre (4.23) doesn't solve the issue. Calibre itself seems to work normally. I am running it on Windows 10 2004 x64... Is this a known issue and is there something i can do to solve this?
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Calibre Editor: return not to make new paragraph?

Sorry for the clunky title. What I was trying to say: In the Editor, I hit Beautify so I can see the code of course. Epub file generated from Apple Pages. But now it adds paragraphs every time there's a return. It's taking me forever to delete all of those unwanted blank paragraphs and I have to do it to 2 more books. Yes, I added a blank paragraph in Pages to separate the paragraphs with white space. So is there a setting in the Calibre Editor preferences or something that says "Return makes...
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About selecting and highlighting

Hi Forgive me if there is a plain way of doing it. I did not find it... Sometimes, when proofreading, we wish to highlight words, or punctuation signs scattered along the text files. It can be a list of suspicious (in the OCR sense) words, it can be anything. For example, my last book had to be checked because I realized that after a poor scan, there were too many dots and not enough comas. If you are unable to highlight them, you'll lose both your sight and sanity trying to check every d.....
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Tag browser (dt. Schlagwortbrowser)

In Calibre 4.23 I use the tag browser when completing the content for new books. It is possible to save these rules and give the rules a name when saving. I created about 50 different rules. These rules can be stored only intern? How to export them to the file system - to use them in a friend's PC without transferring the complete settings ? Thanks for answers.
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Fixed aspect ratio of Edit TOC in Calibre 4.23

I've encountered an issue while trying to edit the table of contents in ebooks. The edit TOC window extends below the taskbar and I'm not able to see the save and cancel options. It's not possible to scroll down or resize the dialog box. I have to choose the automatically hide taskbar option in the syatem taskbar settings to be able to see or click on the cancel or save options. Is there a way to resize this window? Attached Thumbnails      
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Calibre/Sigil ePub edit

3. quick questions. 1. how exactly do I remove a html file from an ebook exactly. basically the cover has repeated itself by default. 2. I also want to move the contents page to just before the Foreword in the book? Or if moved to the back of the book if the author decides. 3. Is sufficient if I want a blank line space after a paragraph? Hopefully its a straightforward 10min amendments!! Help David Note I'm using Sigil preferably or Calibre.
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Remove blank page added after image page

I have 12 full-page images scattered in the book; and after 3 of the images, a blank page is inserted by the editor. I can't figure out what is causing this. Is there a way to remove the blank pages?
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fixing embedded links in EPUB

I have new to mobilread posting and creating EPUBs so apologises if this post is in wrong spot. I have created an EPUB from several web page(s), all good except the 500+ embedded links all need to fixed. The text is heavily referenced to footnotes, end notes, and cross reference within title. It is a technical text. Currently, if I click on the link, it forces me to relogin to where I obtained the chapter, sign-in, then takes me to online reference. Rather I want it to take me to the reference...
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Is there a way to update a TOC that's inserted inline?

I like having inline TOCs on my ePubs. However if I make an edit to the TOC after inserting it, I have to delete and then re-insert it. Is there some trick that I missed to update it? :thanks:
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searching and finding suggestion for editor

I would like to offer an idea for changes to the calibre Editor. There are 3 ways to search/find text: Ctrl-F is (1) in the editing panel, (2) not on/off toggle, (3) not dockable, (4) not resizable below minimum width, (5) its internal components do not reflow, (6) not tabable. Super-Alt-S (text search) (1) is intended for the viewer panel (2) is on/off toggle, (3) is dockable above, below, or to the side of the viewing panel, (4) is not resizable below minimum width, (5) its internal compon...
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Where is my edited EPUB file?

I have converted my book from pdf to EPUb in Calibre, and made lots of formatting changes it erased during the conversion. It's now looking good when I view in Edit Calibre. I've saved the file. But when I go to the Calibre Library, there's a EPUB file there with my updated time, but without my edits. Where is the file with all my edits? I'm on a desktop Mac. Please help!
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calibre_bookmarks encoding=json/base64

hi everybody, Someone knows how remove encoding=json/base64 in file calibre_bookmarks.txt, become posible read in plai text bookmarks? by leopoldo
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Editing Calibre ePub files so each letter has an unique colour?

Would i have to put it in every html file of the public domain book? I have the hex colors for the 26 letters of the alphabet sorted out. However, obviously i don't have the know how to do it. Thanks for any help.
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Problem editing images in Calibre 4

I have used Calibre 3 to edit ebooks on a Windows 10 desktop PC for years with no problems. When upgrading to Calibre 4 the image editor does not seem to work any more, giving the message 'Not a valid image' when attempting to edit an image. The 'Reports' function lists the images correctly and they show up in the live preview pane correctly when editing pages. Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong?
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Scroll bars with higher contrast

Hi, Kovid. Would it be possible to increase the scroll bars contrast in the Editor? The one in Preview window has a great contrast, but all the others has low contrast.
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Please revert change to 4.21's editor

Edit book: In dark mode, make the preview panel also dark. Closes tickets: 1888071 Please revert this. The white background for the preview is better as it's more like what we'll see. I don't read in night mode so being able to see the preview with a white background make it show up as it will when actually reading. An option to change it to dark is OK as long as the default is white.
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Replace truncating found text

Using this search: ([A-Z]+\s[A-Z]+)+ the following string was found and the entire string was highlighted MEDICATIONS THAT CAUSE WEIGHT GAIN but applying this replace: \1 I got the following truncated result T GAIN What I was hoping to do was to find all occurrences of ONLY WORDS IN CAPS, regardless of the number of words and replace it with ONLY WORDS IN CAPS. Looking to capture strings of two or more words.
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Editor now sometimes hangs when asked to find/replace

Hi! Two days ago I updated to Calibre 4.21, and since then twice the built in editor has hung when I've been doing a find/replace command. It just sits there, doing nothing until I kill the process and restart the editing session. It doesn't seem to matter what I'm searching and replacing, it just hangs. I've looked at a task manager, its using about 27-34% of the CPU, the numbers fluctuate. This hasn't happened before on the previous builds, Windows 10 and drivers are supposed to be up to dat...
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Calibre ePub Editor question

I have converted my book into an ePub file with Calibre, but now find I need too add more pages at the end. I have skimmed the manual, but cannot find how to add extra pages and new content to the file I converted. Any suggestions? Thanks
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deleting info from xhtml -> catalogue

I'll tell you what : I get sick and tired of this tool that is basically accessible to VERY computer-literate persons. What I want to do : create catalogues WITHOUT the "published date", that happens NEVER to be the correct published date in the first place and i should know, because books I certainly do know far better than computers). So I look everywhere, it takes me a full 3 hours, I reach the point where I have dug out the "catalogue" in Windows, transferred it in Calibre itself, and then...
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Hi, Gizmodo

It’s good to be back.
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Some css are automatically removed by Editor

Dear Kovid, The Editor seems to remove all css items related to :root Let's say I have this: Code: :root {   --margin-top: 0.5em;   --magin-bottom: 8em; } div.x {  margin-top: var(--margin-top); } div.y {   margin-bottom: var(--margin-bottom); } they are all removed upon Editor opening the epub.
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View Text Larger

When editing an ebook, I have difficulty seeing the small text on the screen. I have been looking for a setting to zoom in, or make the text look larger, but I can't find one. I looked in the manual, but either it's not there or I just can't find it. Is there a way to change the size that text appears on the screen? Thank you for your help.
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How can I sort CSS properties alphabetically?

I can see that sorting style rules is possible but what about sorting the properties inside a block, particularly a lengthy one. I know, it may break the priority of properties inside the block but this can be prevented by a user warning same as the existing sorting option. e.g. from this: Code: img {   width: 20%;   max-width: 30%;   padding-top: 40px;   max-height: 30%; } to this: Code: img {   max-height: 30%;   max-width: 30%;   padding-top: 40px;   width: 20%; } Thanks! ...
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What is the best way to do the same search & replace on multiple ePubs?

According to this thread from 2016, it's only possible to search & replace a single book at a time. If it's changed since, I've not found the option for it. I used Agent Ransack and DSR to select all the books in my Calibre library with the text string I want to replace. Now I'm not sure of the best way to go about doing this. The search box clears itself when opening a new file. What other options are there? (Including third-party programs, if one exists. :)) :thanks:
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Make File Preview have a dark background on night mode

Even on dark mode the file preview has an eye-searing white background, even though there is no CSS setting any background color. Is there a way to change this behaviour to get something like the e-book viewer dark mode instead? Much like Sigil does. Attached Thumbnails    
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Setting itemref to linear=no

Hi All, Not sure if this is a bug or something I'm doing wrong. The epub file I am preparing has an endnotes file that I'd rather hide from the contents. I found that you can do this by editing the section of the contents.opf file, and adding "linear=no" to the itemref in question. I know many apps ignore the "linear=no" setting, I don't care too much. If it works it works, if not the reader will just see a list of endnotes. So I edit that file and type: I save it, and when I open i...
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Splitting text within an table

I am editing a bilingual text written in tables to keep the parallel view (side by side view) on one page. I'm trying to split some sections of the document. But I receive an error message that the split within table doesn't work. However if I remove the table command, my text (in two languages) merges. Is there a way to solve that issue and keep the parallel structure on the page?:blink: :thanks:
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