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With budget woes, public schools need a focus on outcomes

In light of an expected $54 billion budget deficit following the COVID-19 economic shutdown, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced budget cuts including a reduction of $7 billion to local school districts. The cutbacks may be deeper than those made during the last decade’s recession, which has led California school officials to sound the alarms. “We believe our school districts can’t reopen safely if they have to implement these kinds of cuts,” California Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond...
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Gavin Newsom’s cynical budget ploy

This editorial page warned in April that local governments might play their usual games and try to “fire the firemen first” in an effort to stave off budget cuts made necessary by plunging revenues. It turns out that Gov. Gavin Newsom has decided to play the game on their behalf. Newsom’s May budget revision proposed $14 billion in cuts to schools and essential services with a promise that the cuts would go away if Senate Republicans and President Donald Trump would agree to a $3 trillion relief...
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Gas War: Senator Asks EPA Watchdog to Investigate New Fuel Efficiency Rules

Every time we think the United States’ fueling fracas had concluded, something new emerges to remind us that we’re utter morons. Despite the Trump administration finally wrapping up the fuel rollback of Obama-era emission standards on March 31st, Senator Tom Carper (D-DE) has sent another letter asking Environmental Protection Agency Inspector General Sean O’Donnell to look into the new […] The post Gas War: Senator Asks EPA Watchdog to Investigate New Fuel Efficiency Rules appeared first on The...
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Senate kills limits on secret searches

The timing for the United States Senate’s vote last week to reauthorize the so-called USA Freedom Act, originally passed in 2013 to put some limits on Patriot Act-related searches, was impeccable. The nation’s capital had just been rocked by yet another federal law-enforcement scandal — this one involving the Justice Department’s decision to drop “lying to the FBI” charges against President Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn. The Flynn case is a complicated and partisan mess ...
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Newsom, Legislature should prepare to downsize state government further

In light of the deep and long-term projected impacts of the coronavirus pandemic and government-ordered lockdowns, Gov. Gavin Newsom’s May Revise budget proposal predictably calls for significant spending cuts while also holding out hopes for a federal bailout. As much as it goes against their instincts, Newsom and the Democratic supermajority in the Legislature must prepare to downsize state government further and maybe even work with Republicans in the Legislature to figure out how to do that....
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AB5 relief bills voted down in committee

Assembly Bill 5 is one of the worst pieces of legislation to make it out of Sacramento in recent years, a distinction that is no small feat. The law, authored by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, D-San Diego, restricts the circumstances under which workers can work as independent contractors. Ostensibly done in the name of workers, but mainly about making it easier to unionize workers and give the state further control over the gig economy, the law has deprived countless numbers of Californians of ...
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Killing of Ahmaud Arbery demands answers

In a news cycle dominated by the coronavirus, it’s rare for other events to gain attention. Yet the February shooting death of a young, unarmed African-American man in Georgia has sparked anger across the country after a video of the event recently went viral. Such reactions are understandable because Ahmaud Arbery’s death raises fundamental questions about race and the fairness of the justice system. As with all high-profile incidents, we should guard against rushing to judgment and let more de...
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Kamala Harris’ perpetual campaigning

Most politicians are endlessly campaigning. For two-year members of the House of Representatives, the reelection campaign starts the morning after the last victory. Four-year executives such as presidents and governors get a short break of maybe a year before they have to ratchet up the campaign. In Congress’ upper chamber, United States senators, with their six-year terms, usually enjoy the longest break of a few years before the serious politicking resumes. And then there’s California’s Sen. K...
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California steps up the fight over gig work

California has stepped up the politically contentious and economically consequential fight over the gig economy. Last week, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced the state, joined by the city attorneys of Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, filed a lawsuit against rideshare companies Lyft and Uber “for misclassifying their drivers as independent contractors in violation of the law.” Ever since Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 5, which restricted the conditions by which...
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Airlines Leading the Way in the Age of COVID

This is the Age of COVID.  This will be a new phrase in our lexicon for some time to come. In order to restore the greatest economy in the world, we must be prudent, measured, and compassionate in our recovery from this crisis. I believe our national airlines can lead the way in jump starting the economy and showing people that we can continue our lives as close to normal as possible…… the age of COVID.  First, masks are going to be a necessity for air travel for the near, if not, distant...
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ASRock Z490 PG Velocita Motherboard Technical Preview

Today we will be taking a look at the ASRock Z490 PG Velocita Motherboard. While we are not allowed to tell you about performance of these parts, we are able to give you a technical preview. The post ASRock Z490 PG Velocita Motherboard Technical Preview appeared first on
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Hand-waving and litigation distracts from real driver of gas prices

Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced this week that he has filed a lawsuit against two multinational gasoline trading firms for participating in a “scheme to drive up and manipulate the spot market price for gasoline so that they could realize windfall profits.” Becerra says the alleged unfair competition practices may have resulted in an increase in the price of gas of about 1 cent per gallon. This is the last act of a show commissioned by Gov. Gavin Newsom in April 2019, when he asked the...
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If Assembly pursues Prop. 54 tweaks, restraint is needed

A powerful lawmaker is considering changes to the state Constitution that at their best could help lawmakers safely conduct legislative business in times of crises, like future pandemics. But at their worst, the changes could return Sacramento to the days of last-minute, sweeping new laws made in the middle of the night. We urge Assemblyman Kevin Mullin, D-San Mateo, to pursue the former and not use the crisis as a backdoor to the latter. As the state has observed shelter-in-place orders, lawmak...
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Curtailing the reckless California bullet train plan

In an encouraging development, the Assembly Transportation Committee returned from lockdown exile and immediately advanced two bills to curtail a reckless plan by the California High-Speed Rail Authority. This editorial board has urged lawmakers to heed the warning from the Legislative Analyst’s Office to move quickly if it wants to make changes to the rail authority’s current plans, which call for signing 30 contracts this year to commit the project to costly and inflexible electrification plan...
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EV Offensive Looking More and More Like a Decoy Attack

Mercedes-Benz is nixing its all-electric EQ hatchback, according to R&D boss Markus Schäfer. Instead, it’s going to play a GLA-sized EQA crossover as its next hand. Speaking with Autocar, Schäfer basically said it was a question of market demand. The EQC has already been delayed until at least 2021 for U.S. customers, though we’ve heard talk that […] The post EV Offensive Looking More and More Like a Decoy Attack appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Newsom rightly begins reopening California

In downplaying the likelihood that rights-based lawsuits against the state’s shutdown orders will succeed, former federal judge Oliver Wanger told the Fresno Bee that “the Constitution is subordinated to the need to protect the public.” Fortunately, many Californians — including some local officials — aren’t quite ready to subordinate the protections enumerated in our nation’s founding document. Most Americans have been willing to grant their governments additional latitude during an unusual pub...
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Tough choices await returning lawmakers

As California lawmakers prepare for a return to session, they’ll face an unusual set of COVID-related restrictions. As KCRA reported, legislators may only be accompanied by one staff member.  In-person meetings are forbidden. The state Constitution requires that the public be allowed to attend hearings, but attendees must first have their temperature taken and remain separated from others. Such common-sense annoyances are the least of returning lawmakers’ woes. Before the shutdowns, California’s...
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Preparedness matters more than density

Los Angeles County passed the painful milestone of 1,000 deaths from the novel coronavirus on Wednesday. With only about 25 percent of California’s population, residents here have made up more than half of the deaths statewide during the global pandemic. Yes, much of our county is not exactly the wide-open spaces of the Wild West (though some of it very much is). But some parts of the city of Los Angeles are as dense as much of Manhattan. Still, if density alone is what drives the spread of the ...
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Senate Bill 990 a sensible bill to halt the damage of AB5

“Assembly Bill 5 is landmark legislation for workers and our economy,” wrote Gov. Gavin Newsom in his Sept. 18, 2019 signing statement for AB5. Indeed it is. AB5 embodies the willingness of California politicians to deprive workers of their livelihoods, disregard the free choice of adults to enter into voluntary working arrangements and do so in the name of helping out working Californians. By narrowing opportunities for contract work, AB5 threatened entire fields of work, from journalism to tru...
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Policymakers must resist price controls on pharmaceutical drugs

Over the past few years, concerns about the prices of prescription drugs have risen along with calls for the government to contain prices through aggressive action. We understand this populist fury, based on fears that people in need are priced out of the market for life-saving medications. But we should be careful not to paint the entire industry with such a broad brush, as pharmaceutical companies have saved countless lives through many of the greatest advancements in medicine. As the pharmace...
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Hey, big spenders — oversight is needed

It’s extraordinary — and for the fiscal long run, more than a little unsettling — how quickly American politicians across the political spectrum have come together to provide massive financial relief packages for individuals and businesses during the novel coronavirus pandemic. But since, whatever the future consequences, these trillions in dollars in payouts to compensate for the virtual shutdown of sectors of the economy have been made, with no doubt more to come, shouldn’t the federal governm...
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California’s reopening plan still lacks specifics

Californians are anxious about this ongoing statewide shutdown that has ground normal life to a halt, added 3 million people to the unemployment rolls, and undermined the economy and local government finances. Officials have done a reasonable job limiting the health effects of coronavirus, but it’s time for them to provide specifics about when they will ease their rules. On April 14, Gov. Gavin Newsom was ahead of the curve when he announced a six-point roadmap for relaxing these grueling stay-a...
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California teachers unions fight to preserve flawed, costly status quo

Teachers unions in California are vowing to fight any cuts to education funding during the recession caused by the open-ended coronavirus lockdown. For example, United Teachers Los Angeles President Alex Caputo-Pearl told members, “we cannot go back” to the type of cuts school districts experienced during the 2008 recession, when class sizes were increased, campuses were closed and teachers with less seniority were laid off. But he’s wrong. Not only can we go back, we likely will have to. It’s s...
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State budget sinking and big cuts coming

The news from last week’s budget hearing was highly expected, but grim nonetheless. “It’s very likely that the state has gone from an anticipated surplus and is now likely facing a budget problem and potentially a significant one,” said Legislative Analyst Gabe Petek. He said it would take months simply to “get a clear idea of the budget situation.” It could take years before the state emerges from the downturn, caused by the ongoing economic shutdown and exploding unemployment rates. The $15.3 ...
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Repeal, don’t just defer, Trump-imposed tariffs

Tariffs and protectionist trade policies in general yield more economic harm than good. It is therefore a positive development that the Trump administration will allow businesses harmed by the current pandemic to defer payments on import tariffs. While the better policy would be the repeal of all tariffs imposed by the administration in the first place, this is a welcome reprieve. On Saturday, President Trump signed an executive order giving Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin the authority to prov...
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ICE agents shouldn’t present themselves as police officers

These isolating days, there’s hardly ever a knock on the door. But visitors used to be common enough, and one day they will again be. So if after that knock, you heard someone call out, “We’re police investigating a crime and just want to ask a few questions. Can we come in?,” you’d likely comply with the request, even if no warrant were produced. Or how about: “We’re police and there is an issue with your car. Can you come outside?” Your likely reply as you stepped out the door: “Sure, officers...
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Rent-reduction bill a vast abuse of power

We’ve all accepted the need for some unusual public-policy measures to deal with coronavirus, but we should always look askance at proposals that are unnecessary, counterproductive and abusive of our rights. Sadly, some legislators seem to be using the crisis to push the types of far-reaching legislation that could never get approved during normal times. Assemblyman Phil Ting, D-San Francisco, recently introduced the most striking example of this phenomenon. Assembly Bill 828 purports to protect...
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Will China Help Volkswagen Out of This Hole?

Volkswagen Group has announced that its sales declined 23 percent against the previous year, to 2 million deliveries, from January through March of this year. Based upon last week’s assessment of the ailing European market, the region seems to have contributed quite a bit to VW’s downfall. However, the company said it is optimistic that […] The post Will China Help Volkswagen Out of This Hole? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Assembly Bill 5 and Sacramento arrogance

The coronavirus pandemic has brought into clearer focus the flaws and failures of existing laws in California and across the country. Assembly Bill 5, already an evidently flawed and counterproductive law, has and will continue to hinder economic opportunities for workers across California who want the flexibility of gig work. We continue to call on Sacramento to repeal this onerous law. The law, introduced by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, D-San Diego, and signed into law in September 2019, res...
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Newsom should deliver results, not chase headlines

Throughout his career, Gov. Gavin Newsom has relied on audacious statements and actions. When he’s at his best, they work. His decision to order the state to shelter-at-home has curbed the spread of COVID-19 and saved lives in the process. California’s lower rate of COVID-19 cases relative to the national average is a clear benefit of this action. But too often, his “bold” gestures unravel under scrutiny and he comes off as chasing national headlines before he actually accomplishes his objective...
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