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Bernie’s ‘corporate accountability’ plan antithetical to a free society

Sen. Bernie Sanders released what he calls his Corporate Accountability and Democracy Plan, a document that could be taught in schools as a lesson in how to destroy a free country. “As president, Bernie will share corporate wealth with workers,” the Sanders plan promises. It would be a mistake to dismiss such rhetoric as routine pandering to that segment of Democratic Party primary voters too young to remember the Soviet Union and too ill-educated to observe what has happened to once-prosperous ...
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The Times recommends: Advisory votes offer insight into legislative session

Regardless of whether voters choose to repeal or maintain measures, the legislation has been approved.
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Public banking law sets a bad precedent

California lawmakers love to be on the cusp of progressive political fads, so it’s no surprise that Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a new law that allows local governments to form government-run banks to compete with private banks and credit unions. Supporters point to past scandals at big banks to justify the measure, but it stems more from these advocates’ inexhaustible disdain toward the market economy. Assembly Bill 857 allows California governments to open as many as 10 public banks over the next ...
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The Times recommends: Approve Referendum 88

Our public institutions should reflect the communities they serve, but the ban on affirmative action has limited state and local efforts to this end.
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The Times recommends: Approve Resolution 8200 for emergency response

State law specifically excludes events resulting from people exercising their rights to freedom of speech and peaceable assembly.
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The Times recommends: Claudia Balducci for King County Council, District 6

Claudia Balducci, a former attorney, jail director and Bellevue mayor, is the best choice to represent District 6 on the Metropolitan King County Council. Voters should elect her for a second term.
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The Times recommends: Vanessa Kritzer for Redmond City Council, Position 5

Elect Vanessa Kritzer to Redmond City Council Position 5.
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The Times recommends: David Carson for Redmond City Council, Position 7

Carson's council experience makes him the better candidate.
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A cheat sheet for the Nov. 5 general election: The Seattle Times editorial board’s endorsements

The Seattle Times editorial board has been interviewing dozens of candidates for select races throughout King County — as well as advocating for and against statewide ballot measures. Here are the board's endorsements.
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The Times recommends: Hank Margeson for Redmond City Council, Position 3

Reelect Hank Margeson to Redmond City Council.
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The Times recommends: Hank Myers for Redmond City Council, Position 1

Reelect Hank Myers to the Redmond City Council.
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Tapping Into Technology: Congress Considers Terrifying New Solutions for Drunk Driving

U.S. Senators Tom Udall (D-NM) and Rick Scott (R-FL) plan to introduce new legislation forcing automakers to install hardware that would effectively stop intoxicated individuals from operating motor vehicles by the middle of the next decade. The stated goal is to prevent the thousands of fatal crashes stemming from drunk driving each year. It’s similar to […] The post Tapping Into Technology: Congress Considers Terrifying New Solutions for Drunk Driving appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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The Times recommends: Ann Davison Sattler for Seattle City Council, District 5

Editor’s note: This endorsement was updated after the Aug. 6 primary election. Seattle’s civic engagement is at a high point this year. Many residents, fed up with the City Council’s poor handling of challenges like growth and homelessness, are demanding change and more responsive leadership. They are engaging through campaign donations, forums and numerous political-action groups, […]
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The Times recommends: Jim Pugel for Seattle City Council, District 7

Editor’s note: This endorsement was updated after the Aug. 6 primary election. Seattle City Council District 7 is fired up over the council’s poor performance on public safety, transportation and growth planning — with good reason. Robberies and assaults have doubled over the past five years in Magnolia. City Hall is dragging its feet on replacement […]
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The hollow symbolism of banning private prisons in California

For decades, California’s prison system has been plagued with serious problems. From the overuse of solitary confinement to inadequate medical and mental health treatment to high levels of prison suicides, California’s prison system has long been an example of how not to run a prison system. Things got so bad the United States Supreme Court had to intervene and order a cap on the prison population relative to the state’s prison design capacity in 2011. California’s prison system remains under fe...
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The Times recommends: Phillip Tavel for Seattle Council, District 1

Editor’s note: This endorsement was updated after the primary election. As Seattle grapples with homelessness, pockets of increased crime and other ongoing problems, voters must elect City Council members with fresh perspective and expertise. In District 1, the city’s southwest corner including West Seattle, Delridge and South Park, defense attorney Phillip Tavel is the clear […]
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The Times recommends: James Alberson for Renton City Council, Position 3

James Alberson's leadership in Renton's business community indicates he is the best choice for Renton City Council position 3.
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The Times recommends: Angela Birney for Redmond mayor

Elect Angela Birney mayor of Redmond.
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California continues leftward trend with Newsom’s legislative actions

Gov. Gavin Newsom has been acting on bills in dribs and drabs over the past month, giving plenty of insight into the direction of his new administration. After the final count following Sunday’s deadline, the new governor had vetoed the same percentage of bills (16.5 percent) as former Gov. Jerry Brown had vetoed in his final year, but it’s clearer than ever that Newsom has a far more progressive agenda than his predecessor. We’ve written repeatedly about the two most troubling signings. By forb...
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Why Were Phil Campbell & Mikey Dee Not Included in MOTORHEAD's Rock Hall Nomination?

Leave it to the Rock Hall to mess this one up. The post appeared first on Metal Injection.
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CalChamber files sensible challenge to acrylamide signs

The California Chamber of Commerce has filed a federal lawsuit to challenge California’s Proposition 65 requirement for warnings that food containing the chemical acrylamide may cause cancer. The business group is right. Acrylamide is not an additive chemical, it occurs naturally in some foods during cooking or processing. Sources of acrylamide include coffee, baked goods, roasted nuts, toasted bread, grilled asparagus and French fries. As the American Cancer Society states on its website, “So f...
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Protect democracy against social-media manipulation

Many recommendations require action from the White House — an unworkable prospect, given the current administration's casual relationship with facts.
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Powell should reflect on his responsibility for US foreign policy being in shambles

A lot of people don’t like President Trump, and some of them are part of the reason he was elected in the first place. Take Colin Powell, for example. Last Sunday the former secretary of state told CNN that U.S. foreign policy is “in shambles right now, in my humble judgment.” To quote Winston Churchill, he has much to be humble about. As secretary of state in 2003, Powell was in a position to prevent what turned out to be one of the worst foreign policy disasters in U.S. history, the invasion o...
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Pension obligation bonds are a poor fix for pension debts

Let’s say a family has overstretched its budget and is having trouble paying the mortgage, credit-card bills and other expenses. What if it takes out a consolidation loan to help meet ongoing expenses? It’s better than going belly up, of course, but the family avoids the real solution of fixing its overspending. That’s similar to what an increasing number of California municipalities are doing. They are facing soaring bills to the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS), thanks ...
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New I-5 bridge over Columbia River is long overdue

With wiser decisions in the past, a new Interstate 5 bridge over the Columbia could be near completion today. Instead, Washington and Oregon must take a cue from the federal rejection of both states’ requested ten-year extension and expedite the project.
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What Will Happen If a GM Employee Criticizes China?

The issue of China’s totalitarian government intimidating American businesses into silence over protests in Hong Kong and human rights violations in China has come to the fore, with three nearly simultaneous incidents. The National Basketball Association didn’t quite censure the Houston Rockets’ general manager Daryl Morey for tweeting “fight for Freedom” and “stand with Hong […] The post What Will Happen If a GM Employee Criticizes China? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Microsoft’s housing pledge shows welcome innovation

Creativity is shown not just in financing, but in opting to preserve older structures that are naturally more affordable and cost much less than developing new units.
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Compromise law will slowly gut charter schools in California

At a bill-signing ceremony on Thursday, Gov. Gavin Newsom was flanked by leaders of the state’s powerful teachers’ union, the California Teachers Association, and the influential charter school advocacy group, the California Charter Schools Association. Both groups touted the passage of Assembly Bill 1505 as a triumph of compromise. But despite the “Kumbaya” photo op, this new law will turn the charter-school movement into a shell of its former self. On the issue of charter schools, the unions a...
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Prohibition and nanny-statism the wrong approach to black market vaping problems

Over the past month, a vaping panic has swept the nation. While the facts underlying what happened are still emerging, one thing is clear: the proposed remedies of prohibition and restriction are probably the exact opposite of what’s needed. Over the past 15 years, millions of Americans and people around the world have turned to vaping as a means of ingesting nicotine, THC and, more recently, CBD. The growing consensus has been that vaping is safer than smoking. While the American Cancer Society...
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Where Your Author Seeks a Green Wagon Replacement

TTAC’s a great place to share car search stories (particularly for used cars), and I’ve taken advantage of this soapbox on a couple of distinct occasions when looking to replace one of my close personal rides with something else. I’ve gathered you all here today because that time has come once again. The Subaru Outback […] The post Where Your Author Seeks a Green Wagon Replacement appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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