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This Is Not A President Who Values The First Amendment

There are many contemporary threats to First Amendment values, the most alarming being the current president.
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First Monday Musings By Dean Vik Amar: Sensitivity To The Possibility Of Long-Term Podium Pullback By Universities

The concern about the heckler’s veto is real, and important. But so too are universities’ concerns about safety and cost.
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Non Sequiturs: 03.24.19

* In the wake of Justice Anthony M. Kennedy's retirement, I predicted that Chief Justice John Roberts, a staunch institutionalist when it comes to the Supreme Court, would serve as a moderating influence at SCOTUS -- and so far that seems to be the case, with Adam Feldman noting a "a mild liberalizing over time" in JGR's jurisprudence. [Empirical SCOTUS] * Speaking of SCOTUS, it's high time for the Court to resolve the messy circuit split on email privacy under the Stored Communications Act, ac...
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How Will The ‘Access To Education’ Scandal Impact Access To Justice?

Kids who might have gone to elite undergrad institutions and would have had a chance at law school may be overlooked in the law school application process.
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The College Admissions Scandal Shows How Broken The System Is And Why No One Is Willing To Make Changes

Is anyone willing to fix this? Or will the status quo remain the same forever?
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Non Sequiturs: 03.17.19

* With Justice Anthony M. Kennedy off the Supreme Court, who has replaced him as the justice most often in the majority? The answer might surprise you (but note that this is based on only part of the Term). [Empirical SCOTUS] * Speaking of SCOTUS, what does its recent copyright ruling in Fourth Estate v. mean for creators? Here's a clear and concise breakdown. [All Rights Reserved] * In the wake of the giant college admissions scandal, is it time to rethink how elite institutio...
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Can We Now Address Legacy Admissions? Or Will We Keep Focusing On Affirmative Action In A Silo?

Inequality begets inequality. And we are only becoming more unequal.
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Respect For Due Process Can Be Brutally Tough, But Always Necessary

In cases of rape, due process is traumatic, and it makes the constitutional right often difficult to accept.
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Et Tu, John Jay?

Is the College for Criminal Justice part of the patriarchy?
Tags: Law, Women's Issues, Sexual Harassment, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Education / Schools, MeToo, Evan J. Mandery, Tu John Jay, College for Criminal Justice

First Edward Blum Came For The Voting Rights Act, Now He Aims To Gut Affirmative Action With The Help Of Asian Americans

Blum’s organizations attempt to choke our country’s educational institutions’ ability to take race into account in their admissions policies.
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Non-Sequiturs: 09.23.18

* In case you missed it amidst all the craziness of last week, Monday was Constitution Day -- and as Judge Don Willett reminds us, it's up to us to keep our constitutional republic strong. [Wall Street Journal] * The Supreme Court clerk class of October Term 2008: where are they now? Derek Muller has tracked them down. [Excess of Democracy] * Senator Dianne Feinstein is under fire, and not just for her handling of the Kavanaugh nomination -- but she's still likely to emerge victorious in Novem...
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If U.S. News Really Wants To Improve Social Mobility, They Need To Include Tuition In Their Rankings

Including tuition in the rankings would incentivize college administrators to cut costs.
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To Ma’am, With Love: Teacher Leaves Million-Dollar Bequest To School District For Establishment Of Scholarships

Her gift will establish scholarships for special education students seeking post-high-school educations.
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Morning Docket: 08.27.18

* Ken Starr has a new workplace to disgrace! [] * One of the lawyers who spoke at a recent Nazi rally has been disbarred. [Daily Beast] * Verizon is now apologizing for its decision to throttle the data of firefighters battling Western blazes, claiming it should not have throttled their data. The company should be apologizing for having a system that automatically artificially caps data in an effort to bleed money out of consumers, but they're not going to be doing that. [Courthouse New...
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Morning Docket: 08.21.18

* Michael Cohen is talking to John Dean because 2018 is the new 1973. [WTOP] * Shocking no one, John Dowd doesn't understand basic laws. [Washington Post] * Andrew Cuomo signed a bill cracking down on bad prosecutors. He's been in office for 7 years but he finally got around to this because Cynthia Nixon said something about criminal justice reform. [Law360] * UNC students toppled a confederate statute because the school wasn't doing anything about it. [Huffington Post] * Will elite Biglaw f...
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Morning Docket: 07.27.18

* Papa John has filed suit against his former company in a bid to protect his legacy as America's foremost "racist guy who makes bad pizza." [Wall Street Journal] * While everyone prattles on about Trump's tapes, the government just blew another deadline to reunite the children they kidnapped with their parents. [Courthouse News Service] * Troubled law school Arizona Summit trying to get ASU to take its students if or when it loses accreditation. By the way, if you want to hear an in-depth dis...
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Majority Of Undegraduate Students Will Never Apply To Law School

Here's a new study that'll squash deans' hopes and dreams of overflowing classrooms and burgeoning budgets.
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How Do You Eliminate Affirmative Action In Higher Education? By Improving The Quality Of All Schools

Unfortunately, that solution costs money and will likely result in more nondischargeable student loans for students.
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Morning Docket: 06.12.18

* Proskauer tells the EEOC that there's nothing "sinister" about employers demanding that sexual harassment victims sign away their legal rights to be railroaded through employer-chosen kangaroo courts and then forcibly silenced. Welcome to 2018. [National Law Journal] * In emoluments news, Judge Peter Messitte asked the Justice Department if, based on their chosen defense, "Wouldn't that be bribery?" which he seemed to think would be a bad thing as if the Supreme Court hadn't legalized bribery...
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Best Hate Mail Of The Spring

We get hate mail all the time here, but this one is special.
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Morning Docket: 05.22.18

* A full 85 percent of companies aren't ready for the GDPR implementation deadline later this week, meaning... well probably nothing, but let's freak out about it anyway. [Corporate Counsel] * Jones Day's Dana Baiocco tabbed by Trump administration to the Consumer Product Safety Commission to end Democratic leadership on that board. So get ready for exploding bottles and nails just sticking out of stuffed animals... because "freedom." [National Law Journal] * DOJ tests new investigative tactic...
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16 Colleges Decide To Share A Law Firm To Cut Costs, But Will Other Schools Follow?

The law school tuition bubble gets the most attention because this is a legal audience and there are also real access to justice issues involved in pricing students out of pursuing public interest and other lower paying roles. But we’ve all gone to college too and the undergraduate tuition bubble is just as real and […]
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UC Berkeley’s Chief Counsel Killed In Hit-And-Run Crash

Terrible news. We hope that his killer is swiftly brought to justice.
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UNC Says Law Is ‘Unclear’ About Removal Of Confederate Statues

Is Now The Time For Some Old School Civil Disobedience?
Tags: Justice, Law, Racism, University Of North Carolina, Education / Schools, Confederate monuments, Confederates, UNC-Chapel Hill