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Random Excellence: Giants?

Might call this "random interest" rather than excellence, but it's curious. You might want to look at the picture carefully before reading on. We were talking about the novel Giants in the Earth the other day, and I ran across the old snapshot above on a site called Ipernity. The original poster, Alan Mays, was given it as a Christmas present. A few different elements conspire to create a visual illusion. The small size of the tractor and the boy driving it, the looming hill in the background, ...
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Open Mike: Who Can Do the Biggest Favor for Nikon?

I'm not an industry watcher like Eamon Hickey or Thom of, but I do have my ear to the ground, always straining to detect the distant hoofbeats. If I can offer my impression from here, it does seem to me that a) Nikon has been too conservative and unimaginative in recent years and b) its leadership too cautious. The best of the pundits and prognosticators have divined Nikon's financial position to be quite sound and strong; but the rumors that "Nikon is in trouble" are swirling in the ...
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Sunday Open Mike: Less Than Zero (and Other News Blips)

Winter's here! Lovely Winter has finally (finally) arrived in Western New York. It's a crispy –9°F (–23°C) this morning, cold enough to make short-coated Lulu want to stay indoors. I'm wearing a base layer (formerly known as long underwear) and flannel-lined jeans, and I've got my HeatHolders TM on! Took long enough. I enjoy a good crispy cold—it's bracing. It's that wet, chilly, hovering-around-thirty-degrees cold that feels unpleasant to me. Went outside five times yesterday. Just not for ...
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