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Celebrate Passover With THE PRINCE OF EGYPT Virtual Listening Party

Ghostlight Records will host a special online aoeListening Partya to celebrate Passover tomorrow a Thursday, April 9 at 400 PM Eastern a for THE PRINCE OF EGYPT Original Cast Recording. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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It’s time for Seder, which is Zeder, in our modern-day-plague ravaged Passover

Last week I received a very long email with instructions for Zeder. This year millions of Jews around the world will log into Zoom, and try to continue a 2000-year tradition of not changing the tradition. We will recall plagues of past like infestation of locusts and raining frogs and we’ll silently scoff that Egypt didn’t even have to shut down the schools. Also, I expect that like teachers who can’t believe how quickly a full day of lesson plans zip by on Zoom, we will be shocked that a dinne...
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OPEC, Energy News: #Saudi Crude Oil Armada Heads for U.S. - Bloomberg

:On the final day of March, the supertanker Newton, loaded with crude from Saudi Arabia, did something rarely seen in the world of oil trading: it abruptly diverted from its original destination, Egypt, setting sail for the U.S. Gulf Coast instead.The Newton is just part of a flood of Saudi crude that’s headed for the U.S., with oil prices near the lowest levels in almost two decades. And it occurs as President Trump’s administration considers tariffs on imports of oil from OPEC’s largest produc...
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This Passover, the seders are virtual

Each year, millions of Jews gather at Passover to remember their Hebrew forbears' exodus from Egypt, where they escaped thanks to 10 divinely sent plagues.
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'Seder in a Box' nourishes Jewish tradition during COVID-19 Crisis

Passover, or Peschah, is one of the most significant holidays in the Jewish calendar.It's a time for families and communities to come together to share traditions, including a Seder feast, to mark Jewish liberation from slavery in ancient Egypt.But the COVID-19 outbreak means Passover celebrations will be very different this year, with physical distancing  separating families and friends. Seniors in particular find themselves alone as they try to protect their health.Traditions in a boxCong...
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Qatar Cites Covid-19 in Bid to Regain Access to Neighbors’ Skies

(Bloomberg) -- Qatar is renewing its push to regain access to the airspace of Gulf neighbors by invoking the coronavirus.Assistant Foreign Minister Lolwah Al Khater said the government refiled on March 29 a complaint with the United Nations civil aviation agency over a ban on Qatar-registered aircraft in airspace controlled by Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt.Reopening the airspace would “avoid further derailing of these humanitarian efforts and medical assistance,” Al K...
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Virtual celebrations mark Passover, Easter, Ramadan during coronavirus pandemic

Three sacred religious holidays — for Jews, Christians and Muslims — arrive this month in the thick of a global pandemic that has shuttered synagogues, churches and mosques, upending traditionally large, communal celebrations. The Jewish festival of Passover begins at sundown Wednesday, April 8, and will be celebrated through April 16. Christians are observing Holy Week to culminate in Easter Sunday on April 12. Muslims will observe the holy month of Ramadan from April 23 to May 23, when they wi...
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Egypt reports 149 new virus cases – as it happened

New toll comes as UK prime minister, who has coronavirus, has been moved into hospital intensive care Coronavirus: latest updates 12.29am BST We are going to close this live blog. But you can stay up to date on all the latest developments on our new blog here.In the mean time, you can find all the latest developments below in our At A Glance summary: Related: Coronavirus latest: at a glance 12.16am BST Just back to Donald Trump’s marathon press conference and he is fielding questions ...
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Middle East and Africa: Coronavirus (COVID-19) impact on business aviation

Africa & Middle East Algeria March 19, 2020 All passenger flights into and out of Algeria are suspended from Mar 18 and until further notice due to COVID-19. Angola March 19, 2020 Angola closed its borders through April 3 for now Only exceptions are cargo, humanitarian and state flights. Bahrain March 18, 2020 The Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain announces that all international arrivals will be subject to the enhanced border control measures outlined below with effect fr...
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Coronavirus: UK prime minister Boris Johnson taken into intensive care – live updates

UK prime minister, who has coronavirus, has been moved into hospital intensive careUS coronavirus - latestSee all of our coronavirus coverage 10.18pm BST Egypt has reported 149 new cases; its highest daily toll since confirming the first infection in February.The North African country, which also reported seven new fatalities on Monday, has recorded 1,322 cases including 85 deaths so far. A total of 259 people had recovered and been released from hospitals, the country’s health ministry adde...
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Egypt: Employment Law In Egypt 2020 - Maher Milad Iskander

With a population of over 100 million and a work force of 31.2 million, it comes as no surprise that the vast majority of the legal inquiries that we receive are concerned with Egyptian Labour Law.
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Autocrats’ Quandary: You Can’t Arrest a Virus

The world’s strongmen are reverting to their standard playbook to project an aura of control. It’s a risky strategy for a chaotic crisis.
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Autocrats’ Dilemma: You Can’t Arrest a Virus

The world’s strongmen are reverting to their standard playbook to project an aura of control. It’s a risky strategy for a chaotic crisis.
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When Coronavirus Is Over, Middle East Chaos Will Only Be Worse

For a time the Middle East seemed like it just froze, the conflicts of yesterday put in quarantine—as so many of us have been—while various countries strive to contain an epidemic of biblical scale. Don’t expect that to last. The coronavirus outbreak is not the great equalizer, nor is it the crisis in which past rivalries will be forgotten.Trump’s Most Vital Mideast Allies Are Trending Fast Toward TyrannyLike an earthquake, the coronavirus is magnifying the foundational weaknesses of the least p...
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Trump Warns of ‘Toughest Week’ and ‘Lots of Death’: Virus Update

(Bloomberg) -- President Donald Trump said the week ahead will be “probably the toughest” for the U.S. with “a lot of death, unfortunately.” New York recorded the most deaths for one day.U.S. deaths rose to more than 8,100. Dubai halted metro services and expanded limits on movement. A quarter of French workers now get jobless benefits.New York City pleaded for more doctors and nurses. The big question remains: When, and how, will this end?Key Developments:Global cases near 1.2 million; deaths t...
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China-to-NY ventilator shipment shows coronavirus supply scramble

By JENNIFER PELTZ, AMY FORLITI and DAVID RISING NEW YORK — New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Saturday the Chinese government was facilitating a shipment of 1,000 donated ventilators to his state, highlighting the extreme measures leaders are taking in what has become a cutthroat scramble to independently secure enough lifesaving devices during the coronavirus pandemic. In a sign of the disorganized response to the global crisis, Cuomo went out of his way to praise the collaboration of the Chinese ...
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N.Y. Has Most Deaths in a Day; Italy Has Fewer: Virus Update

(Bloomberg) -- New York State reported the most deaths in a single day while Italy, the nation with the most fatalities in the world, had the fewest since March 26. Spain plans to extend its lockdown.U.S. deaths rose to more than 7,500 and the global tally exceeds 62,000. At least a half-dozen cruise ships remain at sea with passengers and crew as companies navigate long trips and struggle to find ports willing to let them dock. The big question remains: When, and how, will this end?Key Developm...
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Coronavirus hits Egypt's administrative capital and grand museum

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Saturday postponed‮ ‬moving civil servants to a planned new administrative capital city to 2021 from 2020 due to the coronavirus epidemic, a blow to a flagship project for Sisi that has already faced delays.
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Death Toll Passes 60,000; N.Y. Has Deadliest Day: Virus Update

(Bloomberg) -- The death toll from the coronavirus pandemic exceeded 60,000 worldwide and New York State reported its deadliest day. Spain will extend its state of emergency after cases surpassed those in Italy.U.S. deaths rose to more than 7,000 as health officials recommended wearing cloth masks to prevent the virus’s spread. At least a half-dozen cruise ships remain at sea with passengers and crew as companies navigate long trips and struggle to find ports willing to let them dock.Key Develop...
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12 fascinating works of LGBTQ nonfiction to help pass the time

For the past few weeks, people from around the country have been practicing social distancing by hunkering down at home. Many have found alternative ways of getting physical exercise while cooped up at home, whether it’s through doing exercise videos or practicing yoga in their living rooms. But it’s important to exercise your brain as well, which is where books come in handy. Not only do they provide calisthenics for the imagination, but they can open your mind and teach you all sorts of new a...
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Twitter Removes 9,000 Accounts Pushing Coronavirus Propaganda Praising the United Arab Emirates

An anonymous reader quotes a report from BuzzFeed News: On April 2, Twitter took down a pro-United Arab Emirates network of accounts that was pushing propaganda about the coronavirus pandemic and criticizing Turkey's military intervention in Libya. Previously tied to marketing firms in the region, parts of this network were removed by Facebook and Twitter last year. The network was made up of roughly 9,000 accounts, according to disinformation research firm DFRLab and independent researcher Josh...
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Pickled, cured, and fermented foods

It’s easy to take refrigeration for granted. But far before these nifty gadgets arrived in our kitchens, humans had to be a little more creative when it came to keeping their food edible for longer. Averse to wasting nutrient-rich ingredients, our ancestors turned to pickling, fermenting, drying, and curing our food to avoid starvation — and many dishes created using these techniques remain centerpieces of cuisines across the globe today. Korean people have been pickling cabbage to make kimch...
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Twitter Details Several Networks of Accounts Removed for Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior

Twitter provided details on a host of networks of accounts that were removed from its platform for distinct coordinated inauthentic behavior associated with five countries: Egypt, Honduras, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Serbia. The social network shared the information in a series of tweets. Twitter removed 2,541 accounts in Egypt-based network El Fagr for amplifying messaging...
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THE PRINCE OF EGYPT Original Cast Recording Released Today

THE PRINCE OF EGYPT, the new musical based on the acclaimed DreamWorks Animation film, has announced that Ghostlight Records has released its original cast recording on digital and streaming formats today, Friday, April 3. A physical CD will be available later this year. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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11 of Our Best Weekend Reads

E.M.T.s under siege. A submerged forest. Egypt’s female lion tamers. 36 hours wherever you are. Alison Roman’s Seder table. Jared Kushner. And more.
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Titans Season 3 Will Finally Introduce Barbara Gordon

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Titans Season 3 will finally introduced Barbara Gordon In a live-stream Q&A session on Facebook Live, Titans director and cinematographer Boris Mojovski had addressed the rumors about a new character that will be introduced in the upcoming third season of DC Universe’s superhero series. Mojovski has officially confirmed the rumor, revealing that fan-favorite DC character Barbara Gordon a.k.a Batgirl/Oracle will indeed be making her debut in the first episode of Titans Se...
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Passover on Zoom: Jewish leaders split on digital Seders

The Jewish holiday of Passover has long inspired intense debate, with favourite topics including whether Moses actually parted the Red Sea or if the Ten Plagues were an ethical response to enslavement. The videoconferencing application has emerged as an essential tool during a crisis that has confined people across the globe in their homes. Passover, an eight-day holiday that marks the Jewish people's biblical exodus from Egypt, begins Wednesday evening with a Seder, one of the most important ...
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Twitter deletes 20,000 fake accounts linked to Saudi, Serbian and Egyptian governments

Accounts also linked to Honduras and Indonesia violated policy and were ‘targeted attempt to undermine the public conversation’Twitter has deleted 20,000 fake accounts linked to the governments of Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Honduras and Indonesia, saying they violated company policy and were a “targeted attempt to undermine the public conversation”.Yoel Roth, the head of site integrity, said the removal of the accounts was part of the company’s ongoing “work to detect and investigate state-bac...
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VIDEO: Watch the 'Simcha' Scene From THE PRINCE OF EGYPT

A new video has been released of the 'Simcha' scene from the new West End musical, The Prince of Egypt. [Author: Stage Tube]
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New Book and Music Releases For the Week of March 30 - PRINCE OF EGYPT; ALMOST, MAINE; and More!

Need something new to listen to or read Check out this week's list of new and upcoming releases [Author: Stephi Wild]
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