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This Is the First Known Pregnant Mummy

A radiological examination of a 2,000-year-old mummy presumed to be a male priest shows it’s actually the preserved remains of a woman—and a pregnant one at that.Read more...
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Researchers ‘shocked’ to find Egyptian mummy was a pregnant woman

Archaeologists studying Warsaw’s national collection of mummies expected to uncover a male priestPolish researchers examining an ancient Egyptian mummy that they expected to be a male priest were surprised when X-rays and computer tests revealed instead it was a mummy of a woman who had been seven months pregnant.The researchers said on Thursday it was the world’s first known case of such a well-preserved ancient mummy of a pregnant woman. Continue reading...
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Archaeologists found the oldest mass-production brewery in ancient Egyptian ruins

From the BBC: A joint Egyptian-American team discovered the brewery in Abydos, an ancient burial ground in the desert. They found a number of units containing about 40 pots used to heat a mixture of grain and water to make beer.  — Read the rest
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Golden-Tongued Mummies Found in Egyptian Tomb

Archaeologists investigating burial shafts near Alexandria, Egypt have discovered over a dozen interred individuals, two of whom still feature golden tongues that were carefully placed inside their mouths.Read more...
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Analysis of Ancient Egyptian Mummy Reveals Unusual Mud Ritual

The discovery of a hardened mud carapace wrapped around a 3,200-year-old mummy has brought a previously unknown ancient Egyptian burial practice to light.Read more...
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Revealed: Isaac Newton’s attempts to unlock secret code of pyramids

Unpublished notes show he believed ancient structures held key to the apocalypseHe is the mathematician who laid the foundations of classical physics, formulated the laws of motion and the law of gravity, and remains the epitome of the age of reason.But Isaac Newton’s secret obsessions with alchemy and obscure branches of theology, which only came to light 200 years after his death, reveal another side to the man who helped shape the modern world. Continue reading...
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Nearly 100 coffins buried over 2,500 years ago found in Egypt

Mummies and up to 40 gilded statues found in a vast Pharaonic necropolis south of Cairo Egyptian antiquities officials have announced the discovery of at least 100 ancient coffins, some with mummies inside, and around 40 gilded statues in a vast Pharaonic necropolis south of Cairo.Sealed sarcophagi and statues that were buried more than 2,500 years ago were displayed in a makeshift exhibit at the feet of the famed Step Pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara. Continue reading...
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Secrets of the Saqqara Tomb review – hidden depths in ancient Egypt

This fascinating documentary about extraordinary finds makes a clear statement about the reclamation of Egypt’s heritageThe “secrets” here are in fact well known, having made headline news across the world in 2019: the discovery in the Saqqara necropolis, just outside Cairo, of scores of mummified animals, including a lion cub, and an untouched tomb from the 25th century BC. But what makes this an exceptional documentary is the focus on the entirely Egyptian archaeological team, doing their bit ...
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27 sealed sarcophogi unearthed in a newly excavated Egyptian tomb

This is either really cool; or a terrible omen that 2020's about to get even worse; or both. From Smithsonian Magazine: On Saturday, Egypt's Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities announced the discovery of another 14 sealed sarcophagi at the Saqqara necropolis. — Read the rest
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Fabricius, a free machine learning-based Egyptian hieroglyphs translator

Google's Arts & Culture division has a promising new app, called Fabricius, that uses machine learning to decode Egyptian hieroglyphics. The free app allows you to learn more about hieroglyphics, write them, and to decode them. Besides being a fun educational tool (and a way of sending coded love letters and hate mail), the program holds great promise for the study and instant translation of dead languages. — Read the rest
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Pet Monkeys Brought to Ancient Egypt Were Buried With Sea Shells and Other Trinkets

Monkeys recovered from an ancient Egyptian pet cemetery have been traced back to India. The compassionate burials, in which the monkeys were laid down in the fetal position and surrounded with grave goods, suggests the primates were kept as pets, in what is a unique archaeological discovery.Read more...
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Mummified Kitten, Snake, and Bird Are 'Unwrapped' in New X-Ray Study

Using high-resolution, 3D X-ray scans, a team of researchers has digitally unwrapped and analyzed three mummified animals from ancient Egypt.Read more...
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How Did This 'Screaming Mummy' Really Die?

Her unsettling, seemingly agonized facial expression gave this ancient Egyptian mummy the nickname “screaming woman.” A new analysis claims that this shocking pose is actually related to the woman’s cause of death, an apparent heart attack. But other scientists are skeptical, saying the open-mouthed scream likely only…Read more...
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'Screaming Mummy' Heart Attack Study Questioned by Scientists

Her unsettling, seemingly agonized facial expression gave this ancient Egyptian mummy the nickname “screaming woman.” A new analysis claims that this shocking pose is actually related to the woman’s cause of death, an apparent heart attack. But other scientists are skeptical, saying the open-mouthed scream likely only…Read more...
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Five-thousand-year-old Egyptian tomb opens for virtual tour

Egypt’s classical wonders are off limits but a royal tomb is one of four sites where 3D modelling gives us a fascinating glimpse of antiquitySay what you like about lockdown, it encourages exploration. This week the Egyptian Tourist Board invited the world into the 5,000-year-old tomb of Queen Meresankh III: free entry instead of the usual charge of 50 Egyptian pounds (around £2.50) and not a single tour group jostling for space.The tour is one of four virtual trips of historic Egyptian sites be...
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Egypt reopens Djoser pyramid – in pictures

King Djoser’s step pyramid is the main attraction at the Saqqara necropolis. A restoration project that began in 2006 and was paused between 2011 and 2013 worked on the outer facades, internal corridors leading to the burial well, the stone sarcophagus and stairs at two entrances Continue reading...
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Talk like an Egyptian: mummy's voice heard 3,000 years after death

Researchers in UK recreate Nesyamun’s sound using 3D version of his vocal tractThe “voice” of an ancient Egyptian priest has been heard for the first time since he died and was mummified 3,000 years ago, researchers have said.Nesyamun lived under the pharaoh Rameses XI, who reigned around the beginning of the 11th century BC. Continue reading...
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Scientists Just Made a 3,000-Year-Old Mummy 'Speak'

Have you ever wondered what an ancient Egyptian mummy would sound like if it could talk? A wild new scientific experiment has finally answered this burning question, but the result is perhaps less impressive (and certainly less ominous) than you might think.Read more...
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Archaeologists in Egypt discovered one of the first illustrated books in history

Archaeologists have found the remnants of a 4,000-year-old "book" in a burial shaft in Dayr al-Barsha, Egypt. The oldest known copy of The Book of Two Ways, the story is related to Osiris, the Egyptian lord of the underworld. From The Brussels Times: (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven archaeologist) Harco Willems describes the document as a collection of sparse incantations and legendary drawings... Two curved sinuous lines run through the book. They are interpreted by some researchers as a re...
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Tutankhamun review – thrills and fun as King Tut gets the Hollywood treatment

Saatchi Gallery, LondonThis magnificent piece of pop archaeology is full of songs, statues, gems, gods and gold – reminding us that this pharaoh was no warrior king, just a frail boy who loved his boomerangsIt is not the gold that takes your breath away, it’s the craft. More than 3,300 years ago, Egypt’s top artists – we don’t know their names – were summoned to create all the equipment their young pharaoh Tutankhamun would need in the afterlife. Their creations are some of the most graceful and...
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Oxford professor accused of selling ancient Bible fragments

Dirk Obbink allegedly sold artefacts to US chain Hobby Lobby without permissionAn Oxford University professor has been accused of selling ancient Bible fragments to a controversial US company that has been involved in several high-profile scandals related to its aggressive purchases of biblical artefacts.Dirk Obbink, one of the world’s most celebrated classics professors, has been named after an investigation by staff associated with Oxford’s Oxyrhynchus Papyri project. Continue reading...
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Ancient Egyptian ‘Industrial Zone’ Uncovered in Luxor’s Valley of the Monkeys

The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities has announced new archaeological discoveries in Luxor, highlighted by a remarkable “industrial zone” in which workers manufactured items for royal tombs.Read more...
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Into the pharaoh's chamber: how I fell in love with ancient Egypt

Amid the convulsions in the years following the Arab Spring, Peter Hessler went to the ancient city of Amarna, site of another short-lived attempt to remake a nationThey say there is something special about buying your first brand-new car, and this is particularly true if it happens in Egypt during a revolution. By the spring of 2014, my wife, Leslie, and I had lived in Cairo for more than two years, as American foreign correspondents, and we had reached a point of decision. The previous summer,...
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See Inside the Newly Renovated King Tut's Tomb

Years of steadily accumulating dust and grime had taken a toll on King Tut’s tomb, but a recently completed restoration project has revitalized the historic chamber, while making much-needed infrastructure improvements to prevent ongoing decay.Read more...
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Ancient Cat Mummies and More Discovered in Egyptian Tombs

Archaeologists working at a pyramid complex south of Cairo have discovered dozens of cat mummies, along with troves of wooden statues and a rare collection of mummified scarab beetles.Read more...
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Scientists Can Now Peek Inside Mummies in a Whole New Way

A revved-up version of traditional CT scanning shows it’s possible to acquire microscopic-scale images of ancient Egyptian mummies, revealing previously unseen features such as blood vessels and nerves.Read more...
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We’re Learning More About the Contents of that Mysterious Egyptian Sarcophagus

Back in July, Egyptian archaeologists dared to open a strange granite sarcophagus, finding three skeletons soaking in an unsightly reddish-brown liquid. Scientists have now completed a preliminary analysis of the coffin’s contents, offering new insights into the tomb’s 2,000-year-old occupants.Read more...
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World's Oldest Cheese, Found in Ancient Tomb, Was Also Very Dangerous

Humans have been producing and consuming cheese for a very long time, as the recent discovery of 3,200-year-old cheese in an ancient Egyptian tomb attests. Delicious though this cheese may have been, it was also a potential source of disease.Read more...
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Ancient Egyptians Mastered Mummification Long Before the Time of Pharaohs

The earliest mummies are typically associated with the Old Kingdom of ancient Egypt, but as an intensive examination of a 5,600-year-old mummy confirms, the methods used for this iconic funeral practice date back to well before the age of pharaohs.Read more...
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'A goldmine': mummies' secrets uncovered in Egypt

Archaeologists find mummification workshop in the Saqqara necropolisDeep below the sands of the Saqqara necropolis, archaeologists have uncovered a unique discovery they say reveals the secrets of the ancient Egyptian mummies. A mummification workshop and adjoining burial shaft as well as five mummies, their bejewelled sarcophagi, figurines, and a gilded silver and onyx mummy mask were all unearthed at the site, which archeologists say provides a wealth of new knowledge about the mummification p...
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