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Tech Visionary and Entrepreneur Einar Rosenberg Talks About Critical Must-Have Hotel Solutions for a Post-Pandemic World | By Alan Young

The term 'visionary' is hardly a novel concept, especially in an age so defined by digital expertise and thought leadership. But, what exactly defines a visionary? Is it an exceptional idea? A desire for continued innovation? Or, perhaps, foresight for what is to come in any given industry space? In the case of Einar Rosenberg, it is all of the above.
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The So-Called Minimum Legal Requirements for Panic Button Mandates | By Einar Rosenberg

On August 1st, the city of Miami Beach, Florida will require all hotels to implement "Employee Safety Devices, AKA Panic Buttons, AKA Staff Alert" in their properties. Miami Beach is important because it will induce a 12-month domino effect, in which all hotels across the USA will be required to implement Employee Safety Devices.
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