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Kraken Sanctions Hearing Devolves Into Screaming Sh*tshow Debacle

Who could have predicted this shocking turn of events?
Tags: Law, Government, Donald Trump, Legal Ethics, Sidney Powell, Election Law, Lin Wood, Kraken Sanctions Hearing Devolves

Justice Alito Eviscerates Voting Rights Act With Masterclass Of Sophistry

Want to completely rewrite a statute? Here you go!
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Courts, Alito, Elena Kagan, Sam Alito, Election Law, Voting Rights Act, Brnovich

Michigan Republicans Fry Up Last Kraken Tentacle

That should put the matter to rest, right?
Tags: Law, Government, Michigan, Election Law

Rep. Jim Jordan Outraged About DOJ Refusal To Investigate Italian Space Laser Election Fraud

Well, it's less stupid than 2020, but 2021 is stilly pretty ridiculous.
Tags: Law, Government, Donald Trump, Jim Jordan, Election Law

Arizona Dead Enders Demand Court Hand State Government Over To Them

Can we all chip in to buy Arizona a calendar?
Tags: Law, Government, Arizona, Election Law, Arizona Dead Enders Demand Court Hand State

40-Plus Measures To Expand Poll Watchers’ Power Have Been Introduced In The Wake Of The ‘Big Lie’

Former President Trump was an expert at sowing the doubt that's now made it into proposals of at least 40 measures aimed at expanding the power of poll watchers -- largely seen as an attempt to give legislative weight to former president's false claims of widespread voter fraud and a stolen 2020 election. [Author: Zoë Richards]
Tags: Texas, News, Donald Trump, Trump, Election Law, Zoë Richards, Poll Watchers

Biglaw And GCs Join Forces And Speak Out Against Attempts To Suppress The Vote

It's time for America's business leaders to stand up and denounce actions like this.
Tags: Law, America, Biglaw, Quote Of The Day, In-House Counsel, Election Law

Sidney Powell Played Herself With Bold Claim No One Should Believe Her

Navigating the Scylla and Charybdis of defamation and sanctions.
Tags: Law, Courts, Michigan, Sanctions, Legal Ethics, Sidney Powell, Dana Nessel, Election Law, Jocelyn Benson, Gretchen Whitmer, Heather S. Meingast

Intel Agencies Call Out Superlawyer Rudy Giuliani For Laundering Russian Propaganda

How does this guy still have a license to practice law?
Tags: Law, Government, Intel, Fbi, Cia, Department Of Justice, Rudy Giuliani, Election Law

MyPillow Guy Suing Dominion For THE RICO

And he's bringing Dershowitz along for the ride.
Tags: Law, Government, Alan Dershowitz, Dershowitz, Election Law, Mike Lindell, Dominion Voting Systems

Kraken Cracks Up At SCOTUS

Justices Will Pass On The Rancid Calamari.
Tags: Supreme Court, Law, Government, Courts, Sidney Powell, Election Law

Greenberg Traurig Wants Absolutely Nothing To Do With Rudy Giuliani

This isn't the first time the firm has tried to distance itself from Rudy.
Tags: Law, Government, Rudy Giuliani, Biglaw, Quote Of The Day, Greenberg Traurig, Election Law

It’s Time For Sidney Powell To Start Worrying About Her Law License

The Kraken's legal credentials need to be released.
Tags: Law, Government, Legal Ethics, Quote Of The Day, Kraken, Sidney Powell, Election Law, Disbarment

Rudy Giuliani Sued By Dominion Voting Systems For Aggravated Libelslander

Nice of Rudy to post all the evidence on YouTube!
Tags: Law, Government, Rudy, Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Defamation, Dominion, Election Law

Trump Lawyers Say They Can’t Be Sanctioned Because They Didn’t Sign Anything (P.S. They Totally Signed Things)

Let's face it, it's not the dumbest legal argument we've seen in the last few months.
Tags: Law, Government, Legal Ethics, Trump, Sidney Powell, Election Law, Lin Wood, Rule 11

Turns Out There’s No Voter Fraud In Georgia After All. Surprise!

Trump's handpicked US Attorney confirms there's "no there, there."
Tags: Law, Government, US, Georgia, Donald Trump, Trump, Election Law, Bobby Christine, Byung Pak