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Area Ex-President Still Yelling About How Wind Turbines Will Kill Us All

What’s a failed fascist to do after a disastrous pandemic, a failed insurrection, and two impeachment trials? Settle down in self-imposed exile and continue festering a gruesome index case of Wind Turbine Brain.Read more...
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OtterBox's New Rechargeable Controller Batteries Are Hot Swappable So You'll Never Need to Stop Playing

Swappable batteries mean your rechargeable gaming controller isn’t knocked out of commission for a few hours when the battery dies, but that also means you’ll have to disconnect from a console for a few moments to pop in a fresh one. Or does it? OtterBox’s new Power Swap Controller Batteries can be swapped in and out…Read more...
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Sony's Launching Four Speakers Just in Time for Hot Vax Summer

More and more Americans are fully vaxxed and ready to party, so it’s good timing for Sony’s four new Bluetooth speakers. Read more...
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Adding Wireless Charging to a 46-Year-Old Calculator Shows Off Incredible Devotion to a Gadget

Even if you’re obsessed with owning the latest and greatest tech, there’s probably still an older gadget you still have a soft spot for. Maybe it’s the original Game Boy, or a classic PDA? For Jan Rychter, it’s a Hewlett-Packard HP-25 calculator, which they recently upgraded so it was compatible with at least one …Read more...
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President Joe Biden Approves Nation's First Major Offshore Wind Farm

On Tuesday, the Biden administration officially green-lit the country’s largest offshore wind farm. It’s slated to be installed off the coast of Massachusetts and is the first step in President Joe Biden’s ambitious push to finally get the U.S. in the offshore wind game.Read more...
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Sennheiser’s New $1,300 Earbuds Are the Best I’ve Ever Tried

It seems like every month companies announce new wireless earbud options that offer improved battery life, better sound, and noise cancellation upgrades that help block out more of the world around you. In just a few short years, Bluetooth earbuds have gone from being bulky and not completely wireless to completely…Read more...
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Leaked Photos Give Us a Peek at the Next Generation of Sony's Excellent Noise-Cancelling Earbuds

Sony’s WF-1000XM3 earbuds were one of the first pairs of wireless in-ears to include noise-canceling that was nearly as good as what you’ll find in full-size headphones. But they’re now two years old and in desperate need of an update, which, according to new leaked photos and details, could arrive as soon as next…Read more...
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How and Why to Test Your Vehicle's Spark Plugs

When most drivers turn the key or press a button to start their vehicle, they’re probably not mentally going through everything that needs to happen in order for their engine to start. And while the process appears so simple to us today (especially when it’s literally the push of a button), there are so many things…Read more...
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Charles Steinmetz's Predictions About 2021 From the Year 1921 Were Amazingly Accurate

Back in 1921, Dr. Charles P. Steinmetz, the pioneering inventor and mathematician, was published in a Massachusetts newspaper predicting what the fantastical world of 2021 would look like. Steinmetz made some amazingly accurate predictions about things like air conditioning, cooking, electric bicycles, and home…Read more...
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ChargeLab raises seed capital to be the software provider powering EV charging infrastructure

As money floods into the electric vehicle market a number of small companies are trying to stake their claim as the go-to provider of charging infrastructure. These companies are developing proprietary ecosystems that work for their own equipment but don’t interoperate. ChargeLab, which has raised $4.3 million in seed financing led by Construct Capital and Root Ventures, is looking to be the software provider providing the chargers built by everyone else. “You’ll find everyone in every niche and...
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Please, Never Use a Portable Generator Indoors

Historic snowfall and frigid temperatures have left millions of Texans without power, and when you’re forced to your own devices to heat your home, using a generator is a common alternative in lieu of your local electrical grid. But while gas-powered portable generators are a viable alternative source of energy when…Read more...
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These 'Invisible Headphones' Promise to Beam Audio Into Your Ears

Open-ear audio is having a moment. JLab and Bose both have sunglasses that double as discreet headphones, but perhaps the most intriguing open-ear technology I’ve seen so far is the SoundBeamer, a device that can supposedly beam sound directly into your ears and your ears alone.Read more...
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How to Work Out Quietly So Your Neighbors Won't Want to Kill You

Home workouts are convenient, but they sure can be loud. You can jump and stomp as much as you want in a fitness dance class, or even drop barbells if you’re in the right kind of gym. But at home, your downstairs neighbors or sleeping toddler might not approve. Instead, tailor your workout to your environment.Read more...
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These Cheap Noise-Canceling Earbuds Give AirPods Pro a Run for Their Money

In a world in which Apple is now selling $549 headphones, and the major players like Bose are sure to follow suit with equally pricey devices, it’s refreshing to find a pair of earbuds that offer solid noise cancellation, excellent design, and a great price.Read more...
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Wireless charging tech developer Powermat pivots to industrial applications with Jetsons Robotics partnerhsip

When the two year-old Indian company Jetsons Robotics began searching for a partner to help design charging stations for their autonomous rooftop solar installation cleaning robots, the Israeli company Powermat was an obvious choice. While the company had made its name as the designer for wireless charging technologies for consumer electronics, over the past two years the company was shifting its focus to more industrial applications. So it made sense to work with the Indian company on new form ...
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Ad-supported EV charging network developer Volta raises $125 million

Volta , the developer of a network of electric vehicle charging stations that monetize using advertising, has raised $125 million in new funding in a process managed by Goldman Sachs. Volta builds and operates a network of electric vehicle charging stations that are sited in parking lots around grocery stores, pharmacy chains, banks and hospitals. The company has placed its charging stations, with their 55-inch digital displays in locations at 200 cities across 23 states, according to a stateme...
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Fluence, the energy storage systems developer, is now worth over $1 billion after QIA investment

The Qatar Investment Authority is investing $125 million into energy storage systems integrator and power management tech developer, Fluence, in a deal that will value the company at over $1 billion. The joint venture between the American independent power producer, AES Corp. and the German industrial conglomerate Siemens, was already worth $900 million prior to the transaction, according to Marek Wolek, the vice president of strategy and partnerships at Fluence. With the new cash, Fluence...
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IBM finally apologized for 1968 firing of noted transgender scientist

Fifty-two years after engineer Lynn Conway was fired by IBM for being transgender, the company has apologized for the decision. After the setback, Conway went on to make many key innovations in computer chip design. Via New York Times: Fifty-two years later, Ms. — Read the rest
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Edwardian home electrical wiring was scary stuff

The advent of electrical lighting and appliances came with a lot of trial and error, meaning a lot of injuries, destruction, and death before things got standardized and safety-tested. In Edwardian times, for instance, each electricity producer chose their own voltage and method of delivery, among other unnerving practices. — Read the rest
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