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Africa Roundup: DHL invests in MallforAfrica, Zipline launches in US, Novastar raises $200M

Events in May offered support to the thesis that Africa can incubate tech with global application. Two startups that developed their business models on the continent — MallforAfrica and Zipline — were tapped by international interests. DHL acquired a minority stake in Link Commerce, a turn-key e-commerce company that grew out of — a Nigerian digital-retail startup. Link Commerce offers a white-label solution for doing online-sales in emerging markets. Retailers can p...
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Decrypted: No warrants for web data, UK grid cyberattack, CyberArk buys Idaptive

One vote. That’s all it needed for a bipartisan Senate amendment to pass that would have stopped federal authorities from further accessing millions of Americans’ browsing records. But it didn’t. One Republican was in quarantine, another was AWOL. Two Democratic senators — including former presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders — were nowhere to be seen and neither returned a request for comment. It was one of several amendments offered up in the effort to reform and reauthorize the Foreign Intelli...
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Kicking coal can improve our water supply to all

South Africa’s dependence on the fossil fuel and burning it in power stations uses 5% of water and pollutes even more The post Kicking coal can improve our water supply to all appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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COVID-19 shows we need Universal Basic Internet now

Kevin Frazier Contributor Share on Twitter Kevin Frazier, a Masters of Public Policy student at the Harvard Kennedy School and JD candidate at the UC Berkeley School of Law, uses his spare time to advocate for better government. There’s a lot of chatter around what kind of stimulus is needed to save the economy and ensure financially vulnerable Americans can retain some degree of stability. Talks have included everything from...
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How to Keep Your Energy Bill Low While Working From Home

Since you are spending a lot more time at home, your electric bill is probably through the roof. So here are some easy ways to keep energy costs down while keeping your comfort level up. Read more...
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Save Electricity by Building Your Home Office Around Natural Light

My home office is tucked into the corner of my studio apartment that’s farthest away from my west-facing windows—but as the coronavirus quarantine has progressed, I have found myself less and less interested in sitting down at my tax-deductible desk and more and more interested in completing my work while standing at…Read more...
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Amperon raises $2 million for its predictive software for energy grids

Energy demand has fallen globally. Oil prices are plummeting. Everywhere in the energy world things look fairly grim, but keeping the lights on and electrons moving remains critical to keeping even the hobbled economies of the world humming. That’s why startups like Amperon, which use data analysis to provide predictive tools for energy retailers and grid operators, are still relevant — and still raising money. The company raised $2 million in a round that closed in February before the pandemic ...
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Energy-harvesting design aims to turn Wi-Fi signals into usable power

Any device that sends out a Wi-Fi signal also emits terahertz waves — electromagnetic waves with a frequency somewhere between microwaves and infrared light. These high-frequency radiation waves, known as "T-rays," are also produced by almost anything that registers a temperature, including our own bodies and the inanimate objects around us.Terahertz waves are pervasive in our daily lives, and if harnessed, their concentrated power could potentially serve as an alternate energy source. Imagine, ...
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Ford, GE Healthcare to produce 50,000 ventilators by July using this tiny company’s design

Ford and GE Healthcare have licensed a ventilator design from Airon Corp and plan to produce as many as 50,000 of them at a Michigan factory by July as part of a broader effort to provide a critical medical device used to treat people with COVID-19. Ford will initially send a team of engineers to help boost production at Airon’s Florida facility, where it produces just three of its Airon Model A ventilators per day. Ford will also begin to ready its own Rawsonville Components Plant in Ypsilanti...
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Why Soweto residents do not owe Eskom R18-billion

This debt should be deemed a subsidy, an external cost that the government must bear for inadequate service delivery. The post Why Soweto residents do not owe Eskom R18-billion appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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A very different, very clean energy source: thin air

Hidden in the mud along the banks of Washington D.C.'s Potomac River may be a profound new source of electricity.The microbe makes nanowires that produce a charge from water vapor in ordinary air.Already capable of powering small electronics, it appears that larger-scale power generation is within reach. The mad rush is on for discovering clean and renewable forms of energy before it's too late. Turns out, researchers may have unknowingly had it in hand for decades. It's a sediment organism fir...
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Volocopter and Grab to study the feasibility of deploying air taxi services in Southeast Asia

Air mobility startup Volocopter will be working together with on-demand transportation, food delivery and payments company Grab on a feasibility study around air mobility in Southeast Asia. The joint study is part of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by the two companies that covers exploration of the potential deployment of air taxi services in some of the cities in the region. This is the first step in a partnership that could eventually result in actually running test flights and ...
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PG&E: Wind Gusts Will Continue, Prolonging Threat Of Power Outages

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Thousands of PG&E customers have been left without power, and the utility warns more power outages could result from high winds that are expected to persist overnight. The National Weather Service has issued a wind advisory through early Monday for the Bay Area and a wind advisory for the interior valleys, Sierra and some northern mountain areas. Notable higher-terrain wind gusts today have occurred across northern California. Winds will decrease late this afternoon and even...
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Watch Adam Savage get zapped by electricity

A fun video from 2011 Maker Faire. After his talk, Adam Savage (back when Mythbusters was still on the air) performs the Doctor Who theme song with ArcAttack. We do love Adam Savage around here at Boing Boing. Subscribe to ADAM SAVAGE'S TESTED, his great new YouTube channel. [via IMGUR, congrats, Kristen Lomasney!] Adam Savage does ArcAttack
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This tech subscription box can rewire your brain for the better

Creation Crate is a tech subscription box that sends monthly projects, with all the components, right to your door. Each project in the curriculum teaches new lessons in electronics and C++ programming. The projects get more challenging as you learn. Working with your hands changes your brain's neurochemistry to reduce stress and increase learning. It's also a great way to prepare kids for a STEM future. With the subscription box market on the rise, just about anything you could po...
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With Tony Fadell’s help, Advano is building battery components to power an electric future

Using scrap silicon as its feedstock, a New Orleans-based company called Advano has raised $18.5 million to manufacture battery components to enable more powerful, smaller, and longer lasting batteries. The technology was innovative enough to earn the Lousiana-based startup a place in Y Combinator’s famed accelerator and has now attracted the attention of Mitsui Kinzoku, which is investing in the company as a strategic partner, and Tony Fadell, the famous product designer known as ‘the fat...
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NASA reveals the payloads for the first commercial Moon cargo deliveries

NASA has finalized the payloads for its first cargo deliveries scheduled to be carried by commercial lunar landers, vehicles created by companies the agency selected to take part in its Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program. In total, there are 16 different payloads, which consist of a number of difference science experiments and technology experiments, that will be carried by landers built by Astrobotic and Intuitive Machines. Both of these landers are scheduled to launch next year, ...
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Artificial photosynthesis produces 'green methane'

Artificial photosynthesis devices have long been touted as a way to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and turn it into useful products.New research describes a highly efficient and cheap device that could be used to turn waste carbon dioxide into methane.Natural gas, which mainly consists of methane, is a cleaner fuel than coal and has been characterized as a "bridge fuel" prior to transitioning to renewable energy sources, but not everyone thinks it's a good idea to burn yet more hydroc...
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At CES, Schneider Electric unveils its own upgrade to the traditional fusebox

As renewable energy and energy efficiency continue to make gains among cost-conscious consumers, more companies are looking at ways to give customers better ways to manage the electricity coming into their homes. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Schneider Electric unveiled its pitch to homeowners looking for a better power management system with the company’s Energy Center product. Think of it as a competitor to products from startups like Span, which are attempting to offer homeow...
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Excellent 1990 electrical safety video for kids starring VOLTON and hallucinatory CGI

Edison Electric Institute created this fantastic public safety video in 1990 with CGI that's been aged to perfection for today's vaporwave music videos. (via r/ObscureMedia)
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New membrane enables us to harvest 'osmotic' energy from water

Osmotic power plants harvest energy from the difference in pressure or salinity between salt and freshwater using a semi-permeable membrane.One of the major challenges for this kind of renewable energy, however, has been developing effective and durable membranes. Now, new research demonstrates a durable and effective membrane that could significantly improve osmotic energy collection. None By now, everybody has heard of solar and wind energy. You're probably familiar with hydroelectric energy...
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Rolls-Royce to launch all-electric plane in 2020

The electric aircraft industry is just starting to get off the ground, with Siemens breaking the world record for the fastest electric aircraft in 2017.With ACCEL (Accelerating the Electrification of Flight), Rolls-Royce intends to beat that record in the spring of 2020.While these are existing developments, the field of electric aviation has significant challenges to face before we can expect to see electric long-distance passenger planes. None Rolls-Royce has announced that its zero-emission...
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Nigeria’s Rensource raises $20M to power African markets by solar

Nigerian startup Rensource Energy has raised a $20 million Series A round co-led by CRE Venture Capital and the Omidyar network. The renewable energy company builds and operates solar powered micro-utilities that provide electricity to commercial community structures, such as open-air trading bazaars. Launched in 2016, the startup has shifted its operating strategy. “We’ve pivoted away from a residential focus…and we’re building much larger systems to become essentially the utility for these lar...
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Thousands Of SMUD Customers Lose Power

11:06 a.m. UPDATE: SMUD reports that only 5 customers are now without power. 10:48 a.m. UPDATE: Power is out to 5,800 customers. For the latest SMUD updates, click/tap here. ————– Power is out to thousands of SMUD customers in the Sacramento area. According to SMUD’s outage map, at 9:30 a.m. over 16,000 customers were without power. The cause of the outage is unknown. @SMUDUpdates SMUD personnel responding to reported outage in south Sac/south county area. that affects ~16k customers. Cause TBD...
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Debris In Power Lines Knocks Out Power To Thousands Of SMUD Customers In Sacramento County

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A massive power outage in parts of Sacramento and Sacramento County that left thousands in the dark Monday has been fixed. At one point, over 16,000 customers had been without power during the unplanned outage, according to SMUD’s outage website. The cause of the outage was attributed to debris blown by the wind into high-voltage power lines. @SMUDUpdates SMUD personnel have restored all customers affected by outage in south Sac/south county. Cause was debris blown by wind ...
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Power Out For Over 16,000 SMUD Customers

Power is out to thousands of SMUD customers in the Sacramento area. According to SMUD’s outage map, at 9:30 a.m. over 16,000 customers were without power. The cause of the outage is unknown. @SMUDUpdates SMUD personnel responding to reported outage in south Sac/south county area. that affects ~16k customers. Cause TBD. ETR TBD. for info. — SMUD (@SMUDUpdates) November 25, 2019 For the latest SMUD updates, click/tap here.
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Let There Be Light – the Primary Function of AI in Legal Research

Imagine a library that tried to save money by relying on candles instead of electricity. Any dollars saved come at the expense of knowledge lost. Without adequate light, the contents of a library are as inaccessible as if the doors were closed. In the world of legal information, light comes to the “library” through indices, key number systems, topic digests, abridgments, and more. Digitization, electronic access, multi-field search, hyperlinks and boolean logic add more light, but are still mere...
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Startup backed by billionaires creates superhot solar power

Heliogen, a startup backed by Bill Gates and Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, announces a solar energy breakthrough.The company's array of mirrors generated heat of 1,000 degrees Celsius, nearly twice as much as before.The startup aims to utilize the technology in industrial processes, significantly reducing gas emissions. None Heliogen, a solar-energy company backed by the the world's richest man, Bill Gates, claims to have made a renewable energy breakthrough. The company's array of mirrors generate...
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Heliogen’s new tech could unlock renewable energy for industrial manufacturing

Last Monday a group of millionaires and billionaires took a trip to an industrial site in Lancaster, Calif. to witness the achievement of what could represent a giant leap forward in the effort to decarbonize some of the world’s most carbon intensive industries. For Bill Gross, the founder of Idealab and brains behind the excursion, the unveiling was simply the latest in a string of demonstrations for new technologies commercialized by his nearly three-decade old startup company incubator. Ho...
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Scientists want to use mountains like batteries to store energy

A new paper outlines using the the Mountain Gravity Energy Storage (or MGES) for long-term energy storage.This approach can be particularly useful in remote, rural and island areas.Gravity and hydropower can make this method a successful storage solution. None Can we use mountains as gigantic batteries for long-term energy storage? Such is the premise of new research published in the journal Energy.The particular focus of the study by Julian Hunt of IIASA (Austria-based International Institut...
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