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In a First, People Had Their Brain Activity Tracked Remotely During Everyday Life

In a new study out Monday, scientists say they can now record people’s brain activity wirelessly throughout the day—a feat that could allow for better research into the brain’s inner workings. They then used that data to adjust the treatment of people with Parkinson’s disease through deep brain stimulation. It’s an…Read more...
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The Encephalophone lets users create music just by thinking about it

Neurologists at the University of Washington have developed a hands-free, thought-controlled musical instrument. The technology could help empower and rehab patients with motor disabilities. The post The Encephalophone lets users create music just by thinking about it appeared first on Digital Trends.
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This Brain Scanning Technique Can Measure Your Baby's Pain

Babies can’t tell us how much pain they’re in, which poses a problem for healthcare practitioners who are trying to manage their care. A new technique that uses non-invasive brain scans overcomes this frustrating limitation by providing what may be the first objective measure of infant pain.Read more...
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Can you learn while you sleep?

We will all spend about one third of our lifetime asleep, deprived of this precious ability to act and to react. During these long idle hours, little is perceived from the external world and little is remembered. For some, sleep is a refuge. For others, it is just a saddening waste. Yet, all animals, from fruit flies to humans, need to sleep and scientists have proven, time and time again, the variety of benefits that sleep has on the body and most importantly, on the mind. In parallel, many hav...
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Japanese researchers claim they can read your thoughts before you speak

A Japanese researcher claims he has figured out how to read minds. Sort of. A new study shows it’s possible to identify what word a person is thinking about by looking at their brainwaves. So far, the study has only mapped waveforms for three words, but the ability to ‘read’ a person’s thoughts in this way marks a breakthrough that could lead to more exciting developments in medical technology down the road. Read the rest of Japanese researchers claim they can read your thoughts before you sp...
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