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Jozef Van Wissem and Jim Jarmusch Continue their Unlikely Collaboration with the Dark, Droning 'An Attempt to Draw Aside the Veil'

None Famed independent film director Jim Jarmusch never really gained notoriety for his musical exploits, and Dutch experimental lute player Jozef Van Wissem isn't exactly a household name, so it may not be a surprise that a musical collaboration between the two artists would fly under the radar.But the truth is, they've worked together frequently over the past few years. Beginning with a chance meeting in New York City in 2006, Jarmusch and Van Wissem have since collaborated on three studio al...
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Free Audiobook – Spiritual Classics

Spiritual Classics, a collection of excerpts by spiritual leaders and various religious texts, is this month’s free audiobook from (DRM-Free). Book Description is pleased to present our production of Spiritual Classics. With this series we have carefully chosen excerpts from key religious thinkers, as well as extracts from sacred texts. Collecting the cornerstone concepts that have contributed to the world’s most prominent faiths, it is our hope that it provid...
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