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Wapta Falls Hike or Snowshoe in Winter

In the winter a Wapta Falls hike or snowshoe makes for a delightful half day outing. It’s a longer hike in the winter since you basically start from the Trans-Canada Highway, so you must add a few kilometres to reach the summer trailhead. If you’re staying in the Field – Golden corridor, or you have a few hours to spare while you’re driving between Golden and Calgary, I would encourage you to do the hike.  We opted for snowshoes on the Wapta Falls hike but even with as much snow as you see in th...
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10 of the Best Yoho National Park Hikes

Yoho National Park in British Columbia isn’t very big compared to its next-door neighbour – Banff National Park. But the park is one I’d highly recommend visiting if you’re doing any kind of cross-Canada road trip or even the popular Vancouver to Calgary drive because what it lacks in size, it makes up for in mountain splendour! It’s also accessible as a day trip from Calgary, Banff, Lake Louise and Golden. Yoho National Park is one of four Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks known for their inc...
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The Burgess Shale Hike in Yoho National Park

The Burgess Shale hike in Yoho National Park has been on my radar for years. Most of the appeal – before I actually did it, was the fact that the Walcott Quarry where the Burgess Shale fossils are located, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and I love checking out UNESCO sites. However, despite the fact that I have a degree in geology, I confess that I am not overly interested in fossils, mildly interested would be a better description. My husband John, is a whole other matter. He is a geologis...
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Summer Alternatives to Banff National Park

If you haven’t heard already, admission to national parks in Canada is free to everyone in 2017 to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. As much as I love Banff National Park I know that the town of Banff and many of the campsites are going to be crazy busy this summer. Fortunately there are excellent alternatives to Banff National Park. Try some of the following. Kootenay National Park If you’re driving to Kootenay National Park from Calgary you’ll still end up going through the gates of B...
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Memorable Travels of 2016 That Will Stand the Test of Time

I didn’t plan to have a crazy year of travel. But that’s how 2016 stacked up for me. At last count I made over 30 trips – with the majority of the trips four days or longer. Most were work related but I get no sympathy from my family when I complain about being busy and traveling too much. I’ve been home since mid-November, enjoying the routine of everyday life and vowing not to travel so much in 2017. I don’t think I learn. Already I’ve got 10 trips booked – and nine of those are in January a...
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Winter elopement at Emerald Lake Lodge

Being based in SoCal, it’s kinda hard to imagine pulling off wedding portraits surrounded by snow-covered mountains. First, there’s getting to the location: Alicia + Kinsey hiked up to this spot at Emerald Lake Lodge in British Columbia all dressed up for I Do. Then, there’s capturing all these photos while out in the winter elements. Such a feat! Kudos to Guenard Photography for making magic happen for A + K’s elopement photos. See them all + hear their story below! The bride and groom are ...
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‘Macx The Man’ Davies Dives into Season with Big Aspirations

Biathlon Canada’s Macx Davies racing to 10th in the IBU World Cup 10 k sprint in Östersund, Sweden, last December. It was his career-best result by 30 places. (Photo: Biathlon Canada/NordicFocus) In one of the first races of the 2015/2016 season, Canadian biathlete Macx Davies scored his first World Cup top-10 finish, besting his previous top result by more than 30 places. It was a bit of a game-changer for the Calgary native, then just 22 years old. “Normally I don’t hit my stride till after C...
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Canada in Winter: 87 Fabulous Things to Do

Some Canadians live for winter. Others merely endure it – or leave the country for warmer pastures. Don’t. Invest in warm clothing and learn to embrace winter. Have fun with it. Get outside. You’ll feel better for it. Here’s hoping at least one of these 87 fabulous ideas of things to do in Canada will strike a chord with you. The beauty of winter in Canada British Columbia in Winter Head to Tofino when the weather turns ugly for some storm watching. Nothing beats walking on a beach in Ja...
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We woke up early yesterday at Emerald Lake Lodge and decided to head down to the lake to get some photos. The weather was better and the lake was more still. We wandered down to the bridge that leads to the lodges from the tourist car park. There were very
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The Best Hotels For Sleep In Canada

For some people, spending a night in a hotel makes them feel as though they slept way better than they ever do at home. For others, a hotel is synonymous with a dissatisfying night's sleep. No matter which way you fall, finding a hotel that's specifically designed for guests to sleep well is a no-brainer. Between curated pillow menus to designer mattresses and innovative blackout curtains, the hotels below take sleep to a whole new level.  While the purpose of your trip may not be to rack up on ...
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3 Amazing Rocky Mountain Lodges You’ll Want to Visit

Are you looking for a winter getaway – one that offers three different lodge experiences – all set against a Rocky Mountain backdrop? Last weekend I had such a getaway. My only complaint – especially with all the great snow in the mountains – is that I wish it was longer. Two nights in each lodge would be ideal – or a couple of three night stays would be even better so you could really relax. But who’s complaining? Three nights in the mountains at beautiful lodges is definitely a treat. John an...
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